10 Easy Ways to Be a Responsible Consumer While Traveling

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
  • To protect the planet and other humans, these are simple ways to be a more responsible consumer while you travel so that you reduce your impact on the planet. Every little bit counts, seriously.
    For Google's LittlexLittle campaign, I'm championing Goal 12: Responsible production and consumption. You don't need to do major things to be a more responsible consumer, and it's even more important to be wary of how your purchases and actions affect the planet while you're traveling the world.
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  • angelicaazn
    angelicaazn 9 months ago

    Me, my family and friends always put on the Do not disturb card in hotels so that they don't change sheets and towels daily. Once every 3 days is enough for us. Thanks for this video, great tips!

  • Jwb52z
    Jwb52z 10 months ago +1

    I wish America would do more to help the environment. I do have to say, though, that the idea of infrequently washed sheets is unappealing considering all the gross things that have been found in hotel rooms by scientific analysis.

  • downthehighwaymyway

    I love to bring along a reusable shopping bag from home because you can use it so many different ways! I actually started doing this when I came back from visiting London, because I noticed that most places charge you for plastic bags at shops and markets...and it made me so much more aware!

  • kalpesh patel
    kalpesh patel Year ago

    Great advice and really helpful tips Jess! I'm with you! Keep this up! Thanks so much for your help with this global effort. Love and cheers!

  • Jan Stickles
    Jan Stickles Year ago

    Great tips for anyone to reduce , recycle and re-use.

  • keawarren
    keawarren Year ago

    Great video, thanks for championing this cause. When traveling in the U.S., look for "LEED" (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) qualified accommodation. There are four levels: certified, silver, gold and platinum. I have started to notice some chains indicating which of their overseas locations meet LEED standards. I work in the first building to obtain LEED platinum status and this organization is incredibly stringent in their criteria! It was my first introduction to LEED and now I look for this ranking whenever I spend my travel dollars

  • Arbitrary Exploration

    Great tips! Thank you for sharing!

  • teknekon
    teknekon Year ago +1

    Great advice and really helpful tips Jess! I'm with you! Keep this up! Thanks so much for your help with this global effort. Love and cheers! 👍💗😘🌐🇬🇧

  • Aggiedad13
    Aggiedad13 Year ago


  • Wayne Hagler
    Wayne Hagler Year ago

    Digital plane and train tickets and receipts vs. paper. Preloaded transit cards (i.e. Oyster in London or Pop in Newcastle cards when we go to the UK) vs. paper tickets. Saves a ton of money too!

  • Gilbert French Deutschland

    Great video

  • Boat Lover
    Boat Lover Year ago +1

    You have great videos. I, am by no means, a Greenpeace member. Having said that, there are so many things that can be done by simply not being lazy. My recycle bin always has about 3 times more in it than my refuse. It's not any harder to throw recyclable trash in one bin as another and everyone wins. I do look for such bins when traveling but they are some times hard to find. I do recycle my travel books when done, they do work better for me than digital, maybe I'm just old!

    • Love and London
      Love and London  Year ago

      Well said! It definitely is hard to find recycling bins when you're out and about but you're doing the best you can and that's all we can all do :)

  • Tali Travels
    Tali Travels Year ago +1

    LOVE this! I recently watched a video that made me realize and question how often I use straws when I don’t need them... it’s so easy to tell a waiter “no straw please”
    And I’m all for reusable water bottles (I mean they’re just so convenient!). In Seattle, we have recycle bins everywhere, but abroad I rarely see any recycling bins, so I’m extra aware of the extra waste I produce because I can’t recycle

    • Love and London
      Love and London  Year ago +1

      Well said Tali. It's crazy how simple a big change can be. Thanks for watching!