Trick Questions In Jamaica Episode 20 [ University Of Technology\UTECH] @JnelComedy

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019

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    • dwayne blake
      dwayne blake 5 months ago

      You need to let them know kids watching it to

    • krazii k
      krazii k 8 months ago +1

      Lol Video bad u fuck, anytime mi boring or upset and waa laugh here so mi com ...continue dont stop and I want u all to check out my comedy video channel lots of videos and jokes here is the link

    • Pierre Henry
      Pierre Henry 9 months ago

      Your outros are too long. by the time it ends people will have clicked off the video before watching the ad thus losing out on precious revenue. Maybe try putting an advert in the middle or at the beginning.

    • Football is life /Barcelona fans
      Football is life /Barcelona fans 9 months ago

      Just answer me will you come

    • Football is life /Barcelona fans
      Football is life /Barcelona fans 9 months ago +1

      Will you come to titchfeild high school on Thursday 3 o clock

  • MoWithGrowth
    MoWithGrowth 15 days ago

    Fart shoulda get it

  • Barrington Spencer
    Barrington Spencer Month ago

    Come to yallahs bay is st Thomas

  • Kerrian Case
    Kerrian Case Month ago

    What's the name of that intro music

  • Yolanda Palmer
    Yolanda Palmer Month ago

    The boy in the red top about him broke nuff girl heart....yes him di....the girl heart them broke when them see him little

  • Asif Mohammed
    Asif Mohammed 2 months ago

    What have a face, 2 hands & no feet
    Answer: a fish

  • geekelly000
    geekelly000 3 months ago

    How bout trust? (Open heart surgery?)

  • Christian Reynaldo
    Christian Reynaldo 3 months ago +1

    You could see you doing anything. But cant see you blowing air softly so you cant see somone taking oxygen only breathing( on land)

  • Dahriel Boothe
    Dahriel Boothe 4 months ago


    RGOx GAMING 4 months ago

    Every time I watch I pause the video and guess

  • FLiPP sYde musiq
    FLiPP sYde musiq 4 months ago

    The youth weh Name gas them. He shouldn't get the fart question wrong. Lol

  • Tony Starks
    Tony Starks 4 months ago


  • Pretty Latty
    Pretty Latty 5 months ago

    Utech students bright!!! Big up unno self di future look bright :)

  • Pearl Dempster
    Pearl Dempster 5 months ago

    Come to Daytona please

    QUAN MUZIQ 6 months ago

    Fawud a yallahs bredda

  • via coat
    via coat 6 months ago

    I was thinking mermaid

  • Miighty Shaq
    Miighty Shaq 6 months ago

    Funniest thing a two man weh have on watch get it wrong 😂

  • Řóÿãł Jämåîçąñ
    Řóÿãł Jämåîçąñ 6 months ago +1

    Uh need fhii come a CMU

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo 7 months ago

    But doesn't a clock have three hands? 😂

  • nick kayla
    nick kayla 7 months ago

    Where is jnel

  • pareece spencer
    pareece spencer 7 months ago

    Come a Santa Cruz plz

  • 91'TillInfinity The MusicGroup


  • Twin TNT
    Twin TNT 7 months ago

    How you nah fi see when a girl cum ? That just show seh you nah get no pussy

  • Twin TNT
    Twin TNT 7 months ago

    The likkle fat fuck a try hard bout a him bruck then heart

    RUNUPJACK Jack 7 months ago

    *Mi mek a girl cum* mi dun wit dis

  • makayla thompson
    makayla thompson 7 months ago

    his braids bother me its not even 1:30

  • Don YEA
    Don YEA 7 months ago

    Lool come to CMU

  • brianna sterling
    brianna sterling 7 months ago

    Fart a the right answer dwl..

  • brianna sterling
    brianna sterling 7 months ago

    Ohh my an them say man nuh have no heart the girl just prove say Oman a demom😃😃😃💴

  • Chalky_White 1
    Chalky_White 1 8 months ago

    We're jnel!!!!

  • sudene m
    sudene m 8 months ago


  • Kshaquor
    Kshaquor 8 months ago

    Easy questions for university students.... smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Sherion Hamilton
    Sherion Hamilton 8 months ago

    A Me One Realise Twani Inna The Video

  • Famously Shaa
    Famously Shaa 8 months ago

    My went to Utec

  • dedan thomas
    dedan thomas 8 months ago


  • krazii k
    krazii k 8 months ago

    Lol Video bad u fuck, anytime mi boring or upset and waa laugh here so mi com ...continue dont stop and I want u all to check out my comedy video channel lots of videos and jokes here is the link

  • Renz_HD
    Renz_HD 8 months ago

    Fully Dunce.

  • Omar Henry
    Omar Henry 8 months ago

    Him ask the worst and the easiest question

  • Ray of Sunshine
    Ray of Sunshine 8 months ago

    Aww Buhn Buhn. Love you

  • Shantay Watson
    Shantay Watson 8 months ago

    Mi know the first on by heart

  • Willi Wonker
    Willi Wonker 8 months ago

    Air is right. Because we all fart

  • Romario Watson
    Romario Watson 8 months ago

    bredda guh to di high schools inna de corporate area

  • Ine Burke
    Ine Burke 8 months ago

    Mi like ur hair buhn😊😊😊😊

  • Shayan Hyatt
    Shayan Hyatt 8 months ago

    Come to lauriston

  • Shavea Blake
    Shavea Blake 8 months ago

    Lol my nigga say fish😂😂😂😂

  • Aisha Adebayo
    Aisha Adebayo 8 months ago

    A me alone see twani price

  • unruly gyal
    unruly gyal 8 months ago +1

    Awah Do Humpty Dumpty Inna Di Red Shirt, Bout Me Break Nuff Heart Go Wull A Seat Yah Shorty!!.

  • Annie Chance
    Annie Chance 8 months ago

    Little man in the red shirt ya errrkkk mi soul 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂

  • Rae Illest
    Rae Illest 8 months ago

    How can you not see when she cum....a style she pull pon yuh dawg,she neva cum

  • Dervaine Mclean
    Dervaine Mclean 8 months ago

    Yo unu go westmoreland next

  • The Viper
    The Viper 8 months ago

    Need fi go uwi that's where the dunces are

  • Dianne Heywood
    Dianne Heywood 8 months ago

    Westmoreland Savanna la mar

  • I'sha LOVE MaxwellLLC
    I'sha LOVE MaxwellLLC 8 months ago

    The girl dem who???? Lololol 😂😂🤣🤣 that's cute

  • Just Zae Zae
    Just Zae Zae 8 months ago +1

    I see twanii😂😂

  • kamaiyah love
    kamaiyah love 8 months ago

    I swear twani is bae 😍

  • Karen Hall
    Karen Hall 8 months ago

    That girl is dunse

  • A_H
    A_H 8 months ago

    Short boss mek mi skin up my face so quick bruh😂

  • Stacey Louise Miller
    Stacey Louise Miller 8 months ago

    Wait why is fart wrong??

  • Street Breed
    Street Breed 8 months ago

    Come on man. Question dem too easy. A University pickney these enu

  • Rajay Braham
    Rajay Braham 8 months ago

    Come to port maria