How To Train Your Dog To STOP SNAPPING at People (Stop Aggressive/Reactive Behavior)

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  • Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    Hey guys! If you want more dog training content, and live shows, see me over on instagram: @zakgeorge

    • Pugile MoltoBene
      Pugile MoltoBene 7 months ago +1

      Hey, Zak! I have a question: I have a 120lb intact male boxer, 2yrs old - another year he’ll probably be 135-140 once the neck shoulders and haunches fully are fully filled out. He is not aggressive or verbal whatsoever. He is extremely playful and curious. He has never snapped at another dog before. However, other dogs snap at him - A LOT of other dogs, when he is not displaying any sign of aggression, mere proximity often sets it off. It’s nuts! I am just curious if you have encountered this. He plays well in large groups with ALL sizes of dogs, but eventually gets snapped at just being near to or sniffing, not even touching the other animal. Is it merely that they sense the significantly higher levels of testosterone? More energy? The perception that he is simply a very large dog? Have you seen this before? Thank you.

    • David Eades
      David Eades 9 months ago

      @Elena Bronson he doesnt work with dogs with actual problems...I thought you knew that

    • Elena Bronson
      Elena Bronson 10 months ago +1

      Hi Zac! Can you please do a video with tips to prevent dog snapping at other dogs? My 11 year old chihuahua barks and try to attack every dog she sees when we walk her on a leash, while in a doggy park without the leash she behaves normally, not super friendly with other dogs but at least not barking. She doesn’t bark at people on our walks. I would appreciate any advice! Thank you!

    • Steven j.
      Steven j. 10 months ago

      Hi Zak love your videos. I’m wondering if you have one that might pertain to a problem that I’m having. Im an uncle to a two-year-old 110 pound Bernese Mountain dog, yes as you can imagine he’s the sweetest thing ever. The problem is when I go to pick him He gets so excited when he sees me he literally can pull his owner off of his feet in his excitement to get to me. The same thing happens to me when it’s time to return Dexter back to his owner after a few days. He’s very sweet but he’s a very strong dog, is there anyway to keep him from pulling the leash so strongly that I lose my balance? He does not pull on the leash when walking or when he sees a rabbit or another dog etc. only when we trade him off.

    • Mark John Aghon-Cañete
      Mark John Aghon-Cañete 10 months ago

      what food did you give to dogs during training sir?

  • Amber the Corporate Cutie

    I just adopted a boxer/pit mix and he’s very aggressive. He’s been adopted and returned twice, I’m getting very frustrated with him, he tried to bite my other dog(a frenchie) and when I tried to separate the two he bit me so hard he punctured my skin and it was so bad I had to go to the ER. I don’t want to put him down or send him back to the pound but if we can’t change his behavior and quickly, that may have to be an option. I gave him CBD oil to calm him while he’s in the crate but right now I don’t trust him enough to allow him to roam the house without being on a leash and I am thinking about muzzling him as well...he’s definitely not like the sweet pittie I had before...this one is like the dog from hell and I’ve only had him for 3 days.

  • -Just Manda
    -Just Manda 4 days ago

    Hi! I have a golden retriever puppy and he is really sweet, until I bring him outside into the backyard. He does mouth a lot and nip, but everytime we tell him “NO” he thinks we are playing with him and gets all hyped up. Like I said before, when I took him into the backyard he keeps going into one corner and biting on one of my bushes and the wood chips on the ground. I would pick him up and make him spit it out, but as I am doing this, he would snarl and growl at me. He once snapped at me when I was taking something he shouldn’t eat away from him. All these problems come from the backyard and once he is inside, he becomes way more comfortable and he doesn’t growl or snap. He enjoys going in the backyard though, but every time he starts to chew something and I take it away or pick him up, he becomes very aggressive. I don’t know what to do and I need help! If anyone knows, pls leave a reply! Anything helps! 😔

  • shortzz
    shortzz 5 days ago

    My 3 month old puppy growls and snaps at us when we pick him up....please help me train him or else we'll have to get rid of him😭

  • Kay Best
    Kay Best 6 days ago

    As a human this is universal

  • Abigail Annon
    Abigail Annon 7 days ago

    We can't have anyone over without our youngest dog going berserk! He almost attacked a child unprovoked once! Everytime he goes crazy/aggressive it's completely unprovoked! He's just so scared of everything & I've been looking everywhere at how I can help him... I hope this works...

  • KigerMustangLuver94
    KigerMustangLuver94 12 days ago

    That muzzle is way too small

  • Phablo Phablo
    Phablo Phablo 13 days ago

    I have a 1 year old pitbull boxer. Got it from a shelter 2 months ago.
    He is bitting and nipping a lot. Even when he is tired and eat he does biting to get my attention.
    He is doing much better than I I got him, but sometimes he get my arms or legs just like he does with his toys.
    Can anybody help me please ???

  • nekorin
    nekorin 16 days ago

    Hey zak! Question, do you reckon that's the perfect size muzzle for her?
    I have a dog about the same size but i bought a size up on the muzzle for her... Would that be too big?
    She's a 30kg (66lb) dog.

  • 日光ѕayυrι-cнan
    日光ѕayυrι-cнan 17 days ago

    My dog is a german shepherd mix, and she's very similar to Delta. This video is very helpful, thank you so much for going deep into this :))

  • FazeRider30
    FazeRider30 19 days ago

    I cant get my dog to stop being aggressive toward other dogs. Especially puppies!

  • FazeRider30
    FazeRider30 19 days ago

    I cant get my dog to stop being aggressive toward other dogs. Especially puppies!

  • Sasquatch Models
    Sasquatch Models 21 day ago

    Thank you for wasting my damn time. That's worse than the time my girlfriend told me we were gonna see a dead body and all it was, was a fucking mausoleum.

  • Cory Stone
    Cory Stone 26 days ago

    My dogs an angel with strangers. But the little shit gets snappy with me. Usually when my husbands leaves. The other night was bed time and apparently she didn’t want to go to bed so she growled... ummm wtf.. she’s come along way with behavior as far as destroying things. And this growling hardly ever happens. It’s like she think I’m a pushover??

  • souha 234
    souha 234 27 days ago

    My dog barks at everyone

  • Candice W.
    Candice W. 27 days ago


  • Trazim Posao
    Trazim Posao 27 days ago

    I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover puppy training tips try Alkarno Puppy Alchemist ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my colleague got cool success with it.

  • H͛o͛l͛o͛ - S͛t͛a͛r͛

    My dog, as a puppy, was attacked by a pitbull and now hes very agressive and scared of dogs / strangers.

  • Himanshu Yadav
    Himanshu Yadav Month ago

    Hi I am big fan of your videos. I have a 2 year old doberman, he is good dog kearns very fast but i am facing agression issues with him. He all of a sudden snaps even when i am petting him. We are having hard time predicting his behavior. He is 9nly happy when we are playing physical straining ex like running etc and i am giving him minimum 3 hrs ex daily . Can you help how should we go about him.

  • Lina Official
    Lina Official Month ago

    Hey, I have a question..I have a 2 and a half year old Doberman, all his life he was fine with other people in public. But recently he is acting weird, he lunges, barks at people in public and it looks like if I won’t hold him tightly than he might bite someone....I can’t afford a dog trainer so I’m trying to do research at home and teach him but I can’t really find anything to help solve the you have any advice that can help me?

  • anthony reynoza
    anthony reynoza Month ago

    My dog just snaps randomly and tries biting people he never does with me though. He has bitten my girlfriend a few times for no reason just her walking by him or trying to pet him. I don't know why or what to do hes 2 years old and we had him since a puppy. We just had a baby so I'm worried. With me I can literally do anything to him with out him being aggressive but anyone else out of nowhere he bites even after he goes up to them happy playing with them.

  • Casey Schmidt
    Casey Schmidt Month ago +3

    Halfway into the video and literally NOTHING. Has happened yet. Goodbye.

  • Mann SixOneSeven
    Mann SixOneSeven Month ago +1

    My moms terrier snaps at me and her but not her husband. I think hes secretly training him to do so. He bite me from under my moms couch as i was fixing the pillows. The tip of my foot went under the couch a little and he bite and snagged my sock. He growls at us (me and moms). My kids come over sometimes and my mom has to put him in the room. My moms husbands a real lazy bumb that stays home all day and does nothing so he has enough time to train him the way he wants him. I see it but my mom makes excuses about hes mixed and all that crap. But i know the truth ive had 2 pit bulls, rotty and a smaller mixed dog in my life time. I know how to recondition him i just dont have the time whwn i see her, and my mom had a few surgeries so shes in recovery. Im 2 seconds away from knocking her husband out im just waiting for right time. But anywho what should she do???

  • Brad Ross
    Brad Ross Month ago

    My dog is 7 so it may be too late to fix her, but everytime I’m walking her and we walk by someone she’ll lunge at them and try to bite them, she’s bitten a few of my friends and even me at times, she barks at anyone who comes in the door until she sniffs them and gets pat by them she’ll keep barking at them, also she hates watching 2 people shake hands, any tips would be helpful, thanks

  • frostandfreckles
    frostandfreckles Month ago

    Hey thank you for this video. My dog barks + lunges at strangers on the street, how can I best apply this method there? I've been practicing a lot of look at me + reward (so now she even offers eye-contact automatically sometimes) but I feel like it didn't help much with her being more comfortable + less stressed in these situations. What else can I do?

  • Christina B
    Christina B Month ago

    Please tell me the brand of muzzle you bought

  • Valentina B
    Valentina B Month ago

    my dog snaps at anyone who tries to come near her except me and my family, she barks at everyone who comes inside the house and cries when we put her somewhere alone. I’m scared to take her to vet because she’ll try and bite the veterinarians. couldn’t even take her to get her nails trimmed without trying to bite.

  • Raspberry
    Raspberry Month ago

    My dog had a short period of time when he was more nervous arpund strange men. Just avoiding them and barking quietly at them.
    So for every strange man we would meet, I would ask them to kneel down and give him a treat.
    It works extremely well and he is very comfortable with strange men! His favorite are still kids though LOL! He always goes gently towards kids and asks them to pet him. I can really trust him with strangers now.

  • Emily Gleaton
    Emily Gleaton Month ago

    Do you think this would be applicable to dogs that do this to other dogs?

  • Jackie is happy yolo
    Jackie is happy yolo 2 months ago

    nigga stop talking so much and get to the fucking point

  • Jonath Simon
    Jonath Simon 2 months ago

    What if my 2 month old puppy is agressive and snaps like this

  • You Army?
    You Army? 2 months ago

    Inconvenient man untrains dogs

  • JB 02
    JB 02 2 months ago +1

    My dog just snapped at my own little sister today while I was with him. I'm so sad and angry now, I feel hopeless

    • Arne Benowitz
      Arne Benowitz Month ago

      JB 02 May I suggest looking up Solid K9 Training videos on RU-clip.Jeff Gellman is a different trainer than Zak George. More importantly, his training methods work more quickly than years or lifelong.

    • JB 02
      JB 02 2 months ago

      @Rubi Olvera Also, thank you for commenting! :)

    • JB 02
      JB 02 2 months ago

      @Rubi Olvera Thanks but how can I not? I love him and it sucks seeing him like this. Also, I'm so stressed, from everything like school, life, and my dog. I cant be there as much as I'd like, training is super expensive, and then the way our house is built idk what would be a good way to have him (since they dont let him be an inside dog). So my choices are just keep going with him and eventually be able to get a trainer or give him to a shelter where he could potentially be better off 😞😞... Such a bad situation

    • Rubi Olvera
      Rubi Olvera 2 months ago +1

      JB 02 yes and please don’t hate yourself. mistakes happen and you were young when you got him and probably weren’t even told how to properly raise a dog at the time but you’re here watching videos and it’s opening your eyes now and it’s not too late to start training. definitely getting a trainer is good because if he bites it would be safer having a professional guide you to make sure there’s no fatalities in the process. there’s hope and always keep looking for that hope. you got this!

    • JB 02
      JB 02 2 months ago

      @Rubi Olvera Thank you! And I know it's my fault because I didnt socialize him when I got him (I was 15, now 17) and I honestly hate myself... :/ So now I think I will work and save up to get him a trainer..

  • Alyssa Nicole
    Alyssa Nicole 2 months ago

    Wish you would do more videos like this Zak

  • Karen Lantto
    Karen Lantto 2 months ago

    Hi Zak, I could really use your help, my dog takes things off the table and counter and when i try to take them away he bites me, badly, I have been bit 3 times , 2 times bad enough to need stitches. My husband wants to shoot him, I love him, he is my dog, I have tried to train him, My husband does not help. acturally we got our dog when he was to young, the breader lied to us on how old he was. My husband to try and teach him when he was a put was very violent and mean. he slammed his head on the corner of a coffee table once and on the floor very hard. so he learned to protect himself when he is scared or threatened. Please help!!!!

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous 2 months ago

    That is a really pretty dog

  • Vegan GSD koko Koko
    Vegan GSD koko Koko 2 months ago

    I am vegan..can't use non veg for training..any suggestion..?

    • DarthBoer
      DarthBoer 2 months ago

      Your dog is not vegan. Dogs need meat. Not giving your dog meat is abusive because it is unhealthy for them.

  • Ben Provost
    Ben Provost 2 months ago

    @ Zak So if my dog (husky) gets aggressive towards the delivery people (amazon, fedex, etc) how exactly do I perform this positive reinforcement like your doing with delta? Hes never been truly aggressive towards them, but he bit one yesterday... Or should I just prevent delivery drivers from coming on my property at all now? Also, I feel I should mention when other people come over, friends, family, whatever, he's always been friendly with them.

  • Sade Khyrose
    Sade Khyrose 2 months ago

    Nice video.... My dog just bit someone. Dickhead

  • Manuel Ventura
    Manuel Ventura 2 months ago

    can you please help I have 2 year old beagle that’s very a aggressive.He has send me to the hospital once and I’m worried that he will send me a again,I really want to train him but I can’t please contact me on 8185640555 or _15ventura on instagram please help

  • floakie
    floakie 2 months ago

    If you are so sure at this method why didnt you show the full result of this method? Why you gave us a 5 minute look instead of showing the entire posses? Why wont you show me the part of the process where you can feed him without the basket on the mouth?

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 2 months ago

    Our Shepard wants to kill everyone no matter what age. I hate it so bad. I doubt this would work with him.

  • Mariana Alanis Salinas
    Mariana Alanis Salinas 2 months ago

    Zak can you make a video on how to stop my dog to be aggressive to other dogs please??

  • DaT bOi
    DaT bOi 2 months ago

    My dog is in the middle

  • Sisi Willi
    Sisi Willi 2 months ago +1

    Delta is so pretty omgggg 💕💞

  • uwu owo
    uwu owo 2 months ago +5

    starts at 5:00 :)

  • Andrew Ostertag
    Andrew Ostertag 3 months ago

    My 35 lb aussie shepherd [Red] with a confident leader mentality is a tale of two cities. Sweet disciplined little thing for walks in neutral territory, ignoring passers by, bikers, other dogs etc.., but at home and the car...very territorial aggressiveness to the point of barking, longeing and just plain wanting meat to eat. Back ground; took him in at just over a yearish old from a desperate owner way over her head, and he bit me 4x the first 24 hrs.. FF two years, and just turned 3 last Oct and it's all sweet, respect and manners until a visitor comes, or people approach the car. Have a 60lb Rott/Shep [Sarge] sweet heart with a follower mentality as his step bro buddy, but when Red pulls the trigger, Sarge feeds off his energy in pack mode but settles much easier.. Thank you for this direction with visitors.. it has given me great ideas and avenues to try for our progress toward contentment in his mind and trust toward visitors. Anxious to try it out, already have the identical basket muzzle and he's very food orientated

  • Bearoh
    Bearoh 3 months ago

    My dog keeps jumping on me aggressively and biting. I tried putting him on a leash and come closer and back up whenever he jumps so he learns that it’s not okay to jump but he never stopped. He doesn’t bite because of fear but rather excitement. Help?

  • Ben Trumbull
    Ben Trumbull 3 months ago +4

    Is there anyway you could help me train our dog who has the same snappy problem as this dog We will have to put him down if we can’t stop him from snapping at people he’s five years old

    • Ana Johnson
      Ana Johnson Month ago

      I have a dog similar to this he's only 10 months though. Try clicker training, it can be very time consuming and your hands will be full but it's very worth it. I buy my dog hot dogs and cut them into small slices (its his favorite and they're inexpensive) before you do anything get your dog and the treats and the clicker and make him sit and just give him the treats (they should be high value) and every time he eats it click him, right as he eats it. Do it over and over again maybe 10ish times so he gets the idea. I take my dog everyday into Home Depot since they're dog friendly (you should get a muzzle to be responsible) you can help your dog adjust to that buy putting a high value treat into the end of so they willing put their face into it. Praise hi heavily while its on and then take it off and ignore him, Do that about five times in a row. When you bring him to whatever place you choose let someone stick their closed fist out to him not staring him in the eyes but being relaxed and as soon as he starts to smell them treat him immediately and give him a click and some praise. DON'T let it go on long enough for him to aggress, i've always heard the more times they get the chance to do so the harder it is to train it out. Do this as much as you can without overwhelming or exhausting you dog. we typically just try to meet about 6/7 people a day. I hope he improves!:)

    • m a g o t c h i
      m a g o t c h i 2 months ago

      Oh no.... I hope you really find a solution 😞

  • lagottessa
    lagottessa 3 months ago

    The dog snapped at Zak, because he was petting her and then she started saying - in BOLD letters if you know anything about dog behaviour - "hey, I don't feel comfortable with you petting my head". It is super clear in the video. But he kept on and did not listen or understand what she was saying. The dog then just went to the next level and said "I told you, but you wouldn't listen, so this is all I know how to do, when people don't understand me". I'm sorry, Zak may be a great dog trainer, but a behaviorist he is not.

    • Lu Lu
      Lu Lu Month ago

      you don't need to be a behaviourist to understand the CLEAR message this dog was giving to Zak before snapping. I agree with you, I was quite surprised he didn't picked up the signs... and that he actually pet this dog, especially in the head. Zak is a good trainer for dogs with no behaviour issues, but I would not listen to anything he says about reactivity and aggression and the clear body language these dogs show

  • Sumathi G
    Sumathi G 3 months ago

    My dog is more agressive during noon time sir ( 11am to 3pm).. remaining time he is good sir.. he is biting me and my home members also sir.. please help me.. what can i do for him..

  • Maddog0084
    Maddog0084 3 months ago

    Good god, I have to comment again. Never once in this video did you actually address the behaviors that were concerning. This is not real world applicable. This dog will have to live a life of mitigation and will not get the greatest gift for any dog INCLUSION. Please, please seek out a professional trainers who specializes in Behavior modification.

  • Maddog0084
    Maddog0084 3 months ago

    It so glaringly obvious that you have no idea what you are doing. Your communication with the dog upon meeting it told me everything I needed to know about you. You are not equipped to deal with these dogs and you are going to get someone bit. "may take a lifetime" c'mon dude, I know several trainers here on youtube that have hundreds of before and after videos of them fixing cases like this and much worse in as short as a couple sessions. PEOPLE, please do your research and find yourself a balanced trainer or atleast watch video of balanced trainers if you are dealing with unwanted or "aggressive behaviors"

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago

    Follow up? Still have the muzzle?

  • Clara Chao Bierhaus
    Clara Chao Bierhaus 3 months ago

    This is a really helpful video. This really helped me understand and figure out how to help with a dog at my shelter. Her name is Teyla and she is a Beagle Mix who is very reactive towards other dogs, and she is an active and playful dog who is always ready to "go, go, go". When she sees another dog, she would lunge at the dog, barking a lot, sometimes her barks are accompanied by growling. She even exhibits these behaviors when she is inside her kennel at the shelter, when she sees another dog pass by. She has a blanket covering most of her view of the outside due to her reactiveness towards other dogs. Is this a helpful thing for dog reactivity?

  • Raza Rameez
    Raza Rameez 3 months ago

    I just bought a dog but the problem is his fear of people and wrost aggression whenever he sees anyone including me he just start growling and attacking what should i do

  • Hannah Coward
    Hannah Coward 3 months ago +1

    Thanks Zak. You not only saved me from losing my ear and two fingers from my dog biting me, but you stopped my little lad from getting put down. ;)

  • MariModoAvión
    MariModoAvión 3 months ago

    I'm desperate, my dog snaps at other dogs and at men. I wish I was closer, but if you ever need a place to stay in Costa Rica...

  • MissGabriellaMya
    MissGabriellaMya 3 months ago

    i have a very aggressive chihuahua mix and idk what to do about it. she'll bark and attack anyone that comes into our house or anyone she sees on the street outside the window or walking around. does anyone have any advice? she's not aggressive towards any of her family humans or dog siblings, only new people and new dogs.

  • Mostly Murphy
    Mostly Murphy 4 months ago

    I can’t express how much of a relief it was to come upon this video.

  • Jenay Simpson
    Jenay Simpson 4 months ago +2

    so you telling me, every stranger he meets has to have a treat in their hand? 🥴

    • Andrew Ostertag
      Andrew Ostertag 3 months ago

      Just to get him past the instant negative association with visitors. And you can just supply the visitors w/ some kibble of their current dog food. [Dish by the door with some previous conversation explaining the session etc.]

    • urban cosmet
      urban cosmet 3 months ago

      Same thinking

  • Merkii Wolf
    Merkii Wolf 4 months ago

    My dog bit my face and broke the skin so yeeee

  • dino59mob
    dino59mob 4 months ago +1

    What was i suppose to get out this, again? Treat and reward anxious/nervous behavior while reinforcing clingy behaviors with petting?

  • Toni Moore
    Toni Moore 4 months ago +8

    I just got my dog a few weeks ago. She’s ok with people that are in the house usually but outside of the house strangers and dogs are a problem so these videos are really helping

  • iLoveYour sacredCow
    iLoveYour sacredCow 4 months ago

    My dog acts up at first then calms down. Once calmed down, he will accept treats and do tricks for the strangers. Even then, after being calm and even lying down near a stranger for over 10 mins or so, he’ll instantly jump up, bark, and nip - it’s not triggered by any noise or sudden movements. It terrifies people. Stranger still, when we are on walks outside of the home he’s extremely nice to most strangers.
    I’ve never seen anything like it before. Most dogs I’ve met in the past keep their distance or never relax. I can only assume it’s due to some past trauma or something.

  • Chaim Szlaf
    Chaim Szlaf 4 months ago

    Though I gave you a "like"
    This dog has no problem to begin with!

  • E Gagnon
    E Gagnon 4 months ago +1

    We tried the "cookies" trick with my best friend's Husky for weeks until one day he managed to escape from his fenced in backyard and got a hold of her neighbour's cat who ended up at the vet for emergency care which costed my friend 3 700 $ of vet bills… He started behaving when we started to make it really unpleasant for him to fixate on cats and go into predator mode... THEN, the discomfort wasn't worth the hunting and the killing!... It's been two years now and he lives the cats alone when on walks...
    The daughter of an acquaintance also had a Husky that was raised with cats from puppyhood… Everything was fine until he reached maturity… Then he killed one of my acquaintance's cat then her daughter's cat in three months... They ended up giving the dog to a musher they knew… Now the dog is perfectly fine being in a pack and doing what he was created for, running and pulling every day..
    There are certain dogs, certain breeds that will always find it more interesting and entertaining to satisfy their primal predator instincts!... Huskies, Malamutes, Akita Inus, Jack Russel Terriers to name only a few...

  • Melon Milk
    Melon Milk 4 months ago

    Does anyone have a link to a good desensitization video? One of the dogs we rescued is scared of just about everythinng, and two things i rlly want her to get used to are touching her paws and putting on a coat.. it’s too cold for her in winter and most ppls salt hurts their paws, so i want her to be able to wear boots on walks.

    • JJ Bowman
      JJ Bowman 4 months ago

      Melon Milk, he has a good puppies harness and kennel video, it’s the same thing just a different object.

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega 4 months ago

    If youre reading this and you raised your dog from a puppy and now your dog has a snapping problem, you should probably own a cat instead... or maybe a lizard or a frog from right outside your house somewhere...

  • abhishek jaiswal
    abhishek jaiswal 5 months ago +8

    My dog only snaps children . He plays with everyone but when he sees a child he barks and tries to attack

  • Cécile Ho
    Cécile Ho 5 months ago +1

    I'm confused, did I miss something or is this video just about preventing Delta to snap at Zak?

  • Ray L
    Ray L 5 months ago +1

    I found this video while looking for ideas for how to work with my dog. My dog looks similar to delta, has the same reaction, and has the same lick marks on his paws. Could this be brought on by general stress?

  • isabella unbankes
    isabella unbankes 5 months ago

    I have a puppy, she will try to bite me when she doesn't get her way. I don't know what is going wrong. Also bite me and run away trying to get my attention but I'll bring her a toy but she will try to go after my hands.

    • CinnaBun
      CinnaBun 5 months ago +1

      Happenes to me too, I avoid it by standing up putting my arms in the cross position (like youre angry) and then turn my back. It works for me, she's slowly stopping to do it.

  • elisa Tigon
    elisa Tigon 5 months ago +4

    I think you are making a de-service to some people, to actually be ok with dogs that can be reactive on a HARNESS. Powerful large dogs (that can display real aggression) shouldn't be in a harness.
    Delta didn't seem so reactive aside the usual and very common snapping for not having her body and space respected.
    Try training a guarding type dog on a harness and you are doomed. Would be good to not reinforce the idea that any type of dog can make a good pet dog. And showing their differences would make your training and knowledge more creditable and less hazardous.

  • Salma Bhandari
    Salma Bhandari 5 months ago

    My dog really loves people and is not intimidated very often however he tends to bite when we walk by very close to him or wear slipper if it’s next to him. And sometimes just while playing he’ll get aggressive all of a sudden and bite. And it’s not little nibble, it leaves bruises. So any idea how to tame those behavior down?

  • Three Dogs Running
    Three Dogs Running 5 months ago

    Great video, you make it seems so easy.

  • jhoohnan
    jhoohnan 5 months ago

    what about our dog..he already biten me twice and even my husband and brother and niece..he is very reactive without warning even if we are just touching him or moving him though not all the time..he just snap us out like we are strangers to him..

  • Mark Solheim
    Mark Solheim 6 months ago

    Skip the first two minuted to get beyond the jerk selling stuff.

  • Edwin Ramos
    Edwin Ramos 6 months ago +1

    My dog is calm when it gets pet by people she never met before because I’m right next to her telling her it’s ok telling her to be calm and all but she ended up running away from home and she bit a stranger only because she was excited not mad or anything she gave him a nibble not a hard bite but only because he came up to my dog with his hands up and screaming

  • Brie B
    Brie B 6 months ago

    Hello, Zak! Your videos are great, and all the advice has been really insightful for my family and our wonderful 14-year-old Bichon mix, AJ. We've had him since puppyhood, and he's grown into a calm, mellow dog, who is mostly non-reactive. (I have complete trust in him for most situations). He's an amazing dog, intuitive, and has never given us serious issues.
    Unfortunately, though he wasn't properly socialized as a pup, and while he's very fine with people, he doesn't like interacting too much with other dogs. He's had numerous experiences with dogs staying in the house, but has jealousy issues when I give too much affection to one.
    For example, I'm playing with one for about six minutes. The visiting dog happily licks, rolls over and plays with me. Around the 11 minute mark of play, Aj then starts to growl and bark excessively, then come over and sniff them.
    We know not to make it a big deal when a new dog comes to stay, and always make an effort make sure Aj still feels respected in his space. And this behaviour generally gets better after a week. But this is still Aj's expected reaction when a dog does something he doesn't like in our home. It never progresses farther than that, but it's definitely a behavior I went to address.
    Especially since we really want to add a new puppy addition to the family and have our hearts set on finding a Chow mix early next year.

    Do you have any advice on how to handle this situation?