Bernie Sanders: Medicare For All Isn't A Fringe Idea Anymore

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018
  • 'Where We Go From Here' author and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has been accused of being 'fringe,' but his once-crazy ideas like Medicare for All have become mainstream.
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Comments • 3 431

  • Spiral Records
    Spiral Records 10 days ago


  • Ada
    Ada 27 days ago

    and then there is drumpf who doesn't know the difference between weather and climate....what a shame!

  • Tubhmoob Lauj
    Tubhmoob Lauj Month ago

    We now have the technology to fight global warming and that technology is carbon credits...🤦‍♂️. I wont be responsible myself, but instead pay a company to be responsible for me...right...😅🤦‍♂️.

  • Yiwan Ye
    Yiwan Ye Month ago

    Bernie Sanders is really going to make America great *not again* but better

  • Arthur Trauer
    Arthur Trauer Month ago

    I’m very sick and living on a shoestring. I just got a letter increasing my deductible to $750.00. I don’t have it. When I’m vomiting blood and bile, feeling dizzy and can hardly breath, I can’t go to the doctor. I live in constant pain. They want me to just die and get out of the way. My redneck landlord treats me like a worthless piece of shit because I can barely walk. What a country huh?
    I worked my ass off for forty years and served in the military. Don’t get sick and don’t die too late. Welcome to America.

  • James Lade
    James Lade Month ago +1

    America’s politics explained... Democrats care about people and want them to have good health care and education and affordable housing. Republicans are heartless and want to make rich people richer

  • lasse reden
    lasse reden Month ago

    From a european perspective this whole medical insurance for everybody debate is just rediculous. We have it (in germany) Since 1883 along with accident insurance (1884), pension insurance (1889), unemployment insurance (1927), care insurance (1995) and we crazy hippies even got a artis social insurance (1983) :D and you americans are still arguing about the most important one? Free medical health care for everybody....why arguing. I seriously don´t get it. Let me tell you something stop arguing and start lifting up your fucked up society.
    I would never say that our systems are perfect but at least when I am seriously ill or wounded I never have to think about whether I go to hospital or not, wheter I can affort it or not.

  • miyagi ryota
    miyagi ryota Month ago

    Increasing minimum wage is a sham. Why? Look how much more expensive all the products you used to buy. There is no increase in salary if prices of goods increased as well.

  • Rebekka Garza
    Rebekka Garza Month ago

    Bernie commy scum....

  • Shanna Sweger
    Shanna Sweger Month ago +1

    I can't wait to see this man sitting in the oval office

  • James Mullen
    James Mullen Month ago

    And he doesn’t mention nuclear....

  • Pyles Tin
    Pyles Tin Month ago +1

    Bernie 2020 ✔

  • Piano Sequenza
    Piano Sequenza Month ago +1

    Save us, vote for Bernie!

  • Raeleigh
    Raeleigh Month ago +1

    BERNIN!!! 💖 💖 💖 👓

  • richard ramfire
    richard ramfire 2 months ago +1

    Bernie is a warrior.

  • gula-gula getah sabah
    gula-gula getah sabah 2 months ago

    Oh shit, it is Blanka's theme song

  • Kaffekaffe Kaffe
    Kaffekaffe Kaffe 2 months ago +2

    Put Bernie in the Oval Office, please America 🙏🏼

  • eyedownloader
    eyedownloader 2 months ago +3

    Bernie you are gold.

  • xzentric
    xzentric 2 months ago +2

    Hope Bernie gets made President very soon. The guy is brilliant!

  • Mona Moore
    Mona Moore 2 months ago +2

    Americans you are stupid why this man not your president?!!!

  • Allen Gigika
    Allen Gigika 2 months ago +1

    Bernie 2020.

  • Lee Cobb
    Lee Cobb 2 months ago

    Let's just remember to push for nuclear. The biggest problem in the green new deal is that it excludes nuclear power. It is by and large way more efficient and useful than solar and wind. As an electrical engineer, I can confirm that the plans in the green new deal is damaging to our environment and ecosystems than nuclear. We need nuclear!!

  • Johnny
    Johnny 2 months ago +1

    Now whole Finland Govt is shut down because of healthcare for all and you want to implement this failed system in USA

  • peacock trader
    peacock trader 2 months ago

    Will womens have more the eight to establish buisneess becomes trilioniers and zilioniers

  • Ginsengpills
    Ginsengpills 2 months ago +4

    The DNC actually admitted to robbing the election and now you have former clinton staffers on msnbc and cnn, the smear campaigns against Bernie are already in effect, so sad level of corporate corruption.

  • Bob Gear
    Bob Gear 2 months ago +1

    I think Bernie should be president even though hes a socialist he has a lot of ideas for the country like Obama did

  • Masterofall
    Masterofall 2 months ago +1

    Biden dont run 2020. We want Bernie

  • JC Williams
    JC Williams 2 months ago

    I never hear China, India, the EU, or other industrial countries talking about going to green energy, is it jus people like Bernie who is so concerned at playing on the fears of people in order to get their vote.

  • JC Williams
    JC Williams 2 months ago

    Remember uncle Bernie we were born free and we will die free, we will never be a socialist country. These two idiots forgot to say that they added seats to the senate.

  • Arved Ludwig
    Arved Ludwig 2 months ago

    Invest in infrastructure. Good point. Build a frickin' Autobahn and get rid of potholes.

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong 2 months ago +1

    I like him. but he should refresh his talking points. Saying the same things verbatim feels old after a while and makes it feel like he’s speeching rather than speaking.

  • Maanya Shukla
    Maanya Shukla 2 months ago

    The greatest thing that the American Nation has, as a people, is a conscience that will never let them give in to immoral ways. This is the same nation that gave the world the first ideals to live by, the oldest democracy. America stands, not only as a dream, but as an ideal that the world races behind.
    And I say this as an Indian, who lives in India, that, though I have my differences with America, its people will always have my respect. Growing up, you can see how everyone in my nation used to use America as a synonym for everything that a good nation should have.
    Reclaim yourself, you wonderful people.

  • Jake Holtz
    Jake Holtz 2 months ago

    What Bernie says makes so much sense and making sense is republican kryptonite.

  • Argy Gianni
    Argy Gianni 2 months ago +1

    Come on 2020

  • Mr. Ubiboy
    Mr. Ubiboy 2 months ago

    As a quote by Vladimir Lenin, the whole goal of socialism is communism.
    Democrats don't look up their history, it angers me and it's very very degrading

    • Mr. Ubiboy
      Mr. Ubiboy 2 months ago

      +Kaffekaffe Kaffe well Steven Crowder on prageru actually explains that he did because taxes were exorbitantly high so he decided to move here and start his business.
      Quit trying to glorify socialism as a great paradisiacal thing

    • Kaffekaffe Kaffe
      Kaffekaffe Kaffe 2 months ago +1

      Mr. Ubiboy actually he was Swedish, and no it was not for that reason

    • Safir
      Safir 2 months ago

      Mr. Ubiboy
      Once you earn any money over the welfare here in the US, the welfare is taken out. This traps people, because maybe the job they’re working at is less than the welfare provides.
      Something like a UBI would be better for here

    • Mr. Ubiboy
      Mr. Ubiboy 2 months ago

      If you have wants, you have to do work. They don't say those who don't work don't eat for nothing and you should know those who are looking for an easy way out and Pinocchio don't have a happy ending in it.
      Wake up because you're in reality

    • Mr. Ubiboy
      Mr. Ubiboy 2 months ago

      +Safir you know what???
      You go to Venezuela or Denmark for Socialism or go to Canada for its "free healthcare" and you tell me if you're happier over there in those countries than what we have here because you sound like someone who doesn't want to work and reach for something higher than where you're at now.

  • Sabrina x/
    Sabrina x/ 2 months ago


  • Tara S
    Tara S 2 months ago +1

    We love you, Bernie!

  • Adrian W.
    Adrian W. 2 months ago +1

    He should be our President! For the people, not for the interest groups or lobbyists!

  • crap moris
    crap moris 2 months ago

    America, have sense of humour. And this is another clown, witch wants to candidates for presidents.

  • Shahnaz Shamim
    Shahnaz Shamim 2 months ago +5

    Being an Indian, I am jealous we don't have presidential candidates like this.

  • Rusty yB
    Rusty yB 2 months ago

    What I'd wish for is for full income tax deductibility of my personally paid for health care & insurance expenses. No politician will consider this though there's been so much attention given to reforming U.S. healthcare for the last 25 years.

  • Tio Nino
    Tio Nino 2 months ago

    Mmm Obama did broke the law when he ignored the congress and allowed DACA, they have to mention the whole truth not just one side. I get that Bernie cares about the healthcare but HOW are we going to pay for it? We are short trillions of dollars. They always evading the answer. We want it but no answer how to pay for it. Many business are closing down due to rising wages, McDonalds are introducing kiosk to make up the difference of no paying those wages. Canada has this mode and you have to wait for a long time to get a doctor.

  • Remmark Sunga
    Remmark Sunga 2 months ago

    Medicare for all sounds great but its impossible even when you tax the richest in America by a 100% they can only keep the system alive for 3 years at most and when that money runs out, where will the Democrats look to find the money? The middle class. And when we run out than just look at Venezuela and I am pretty sure my private healthcare provides better service than government health care, so no thanks

  • Eddie Schantz
    Eddie Schantz 2 months ago

    Bernie is the poster child for lunacy.

  • Nu Nguyen
    Nu Nguyen 3 months ago

    Omg that Street fighter theme at the beginning 😂🙌🏻 #feelthebern

  • InfinityDrawings
    InfinityDrawings 3 months ago

    Now this man makes me PROUD to be an American.🇺🇸

  • Sabrina Lee
    Sabrina Lee 3 months ago

    the fact that he talks about Yemen (in another clip) is already making him more amazing than people like Trump. He has a moral compass and cares about the planet. I am not American but I wish Americans would vote for him.

  • Why am I so old
    Why am I so old 3 months ago

    Bernie 2020!!

  • Thunderbird Messenger
    Thunderbird Messenger 3 months ago

    Anyone who thinks all his agenda can be accomplished in one election is
    suspect for maintaining this white-right-wing stranglehold. He'll burn out before 2020

  • Alexis Verday
    Alexis Verday 3 months ago +1

    aw man, Bernie.
    What a lovely and brave soul.

  • Resource Collector
    Resource Collector 3 months ago

    Keep in mind we’d all be taxed a boatload. Current budget is like 4.2 trillion, just for Medicare it needs to be 20 trillion.

  • Doctor F
    Doctor F 3 months ago +1

    I love Bernie even more than I despise Trump if that’s even possible

  • Bolle Geit
    Bolle Geit 3 months ago +1

    Bernie is my dad

  • Steve Wayne
    Steve Wayne 3 months ago

    Stop saying "Medicare for all" is the answer. US citizens deserve universal, full coverage health care. Medicare is basically bottom of the barrel minimal coverage with 20%+ co-pays and deductibles. It's actually so bad, recipients (if they can afford it) are compelled to purchase additional insurance sold as Medi-Gap coverage to help alleviate just some of the holes (gaps) with Medicare's glaring inadequacies. The insurance corporations of course absolutely love this fact, and do not want it to change.
    Medicare recipients are also required to purchase a private, for-profit insurance policy for prescription drug coverage from one of these capitalistic corporations. Even with these expensive add-on polices, patients still have large deductibles, co-pays, restrictive coverage limits, "doughnut holes" and wide open areas of zero coverage. Also, you're not going to find coverage in Medicare for dental, vision, mental health, chiropractic or alternative medicine.
    If you're rich, don’t worry, you'll still be able to buy luxury medical plans from your favorite profit driven insurance corporation. Wake up Americans! It's time to get into the civilized world with universal, full coverage health care for all. When the rich start paying their fair share of taxes (which is far more than what the average citizen should pay), there will be plenty of revenue to cover it.

  • PRODAt3
    PRODAt3 3 months ago

    How could no one notice that Sanders was introduced by Blanka's theme from Street Fighter 2?
    Does this mean that they expect him to run a campaign based on Rolling around and discharging electricity during debates?
    (I would really like that).

  • Asskick
    Asskick 3 months ago +1

    Its time for bernie to push all his policy positions further to the left and make unmistakeably clear that he is the demsocialist not the socialdem (warren) candidate.
    1. NHS instead of med4all
    2. Social security for all instead of just expasion
    3. Estate tax of 100%
    4. Wealth tax
    5. Maximum wage
    6. Exclusive public (no more private) banking, finance, insurance, energy, telecoms, mining, raw materials
    7. Replace all corporate interests at the fed with public and working class.
    8. Replace all govbonds with savings bonds for the people
    9. Increase nasa funding by tenfold to colonize mars
    10. Amnesty for all undocumented to forever politically kill the white supremacist part of the GOP
    11. Election, voting rights and campaign finance reform to get much more poor and working class people into highest offices
    12. Reform the military to be more efficient and effective
    13. Take away some foreign policy and war powers of the president to make corruption and ego driven escalations less likely
    14. Implement more tools for direct democracy
    15. Expand the country by inviting and adding new states to really share us citizenship rights and prosperity
    16. Form a counterweight to the globalising rightwing and never shy away from being called a globalist or internationalist. The nationalist left will always loose against a globalist right

  • Michael Zinns
    Michael Zinns 3 months ago

    Bernie 2020!

  • Chuck Father of Rock
    Chuck Father of Rock 3 months ago

    I swear to god, if this dude stood in front of a crowd and fucking sneezed, he’d get a standing ovation.

  • Omari Wilks
    Omari Wilks 3 months ago

    Bernie-Warren | 2020.

  • Jacob Villar
    Jacob Villar 3 months ago

    He is just like Mexican president andres manuel

  • TheSebastian5978
    TheSebastian5978 3 months ago

    How is this communist even able to run for president?! Oh yeah that’s right; histrionic, false altruistic, delusional children, that’s why.

  • MrSchweppes
    MrSchweppes 3 months ago

    #Bernie2020 #RunBernieRun

  • Parafangs P
    Parafangs P 3 months ago

    Australia introduced its version of Medicare in 1984 which derived from Medibank established in 1972. It is still going strong but significant taxes are used to fund it. Those earning a salary that is over the Medicare threshold must pay an extra levy every year unless they are a member of a private health fund.

  • Mia Lovely
    Mia Lovely 3 months ago +1

    Bernie is the cutest old man ever. I love him!

  • ClumsyVash
    ClumsyVash 4 months ago


  • ClumsyVash
    ClumsyVash 4 months ago


  • Piero DiMartinofficial
    Piero DiMartinofficial 4 months ago +1


  • mrfuzztone
    mrfuzztone 4 months ago +1

    Go Bernie! People don't realize what a mess the current health care insurance system is until they have a medical condition that is very expensive..
    Most people just focus on monthly premium costs. Since most people have low yearly incomes, even that is a problem and what they complain about the most.
    We need Medicare for All so that the cost of health care is spread across the entire population. Who will get sick is a lottery you don't want to win.

  • Peter Michael
    Peter Michael 4 months ago

    I was told when I went to school that in the future we will be driving electric cars, have mobile phones,clean water and air, blind will see the deaf will hear the cripple will walk unadded but they said you had to get rid of old technology and that's the problem will coporations with all the money change

  • Marcy Clay
    Marcy Clay 4 months ago +1

    Bernie is the one to beat Trump in 2020. We need you Bernie!!!! For the love of GOD I am Republican and am going to vote for this man if the establishment doesn't rig it again, They already have started smearing him...

  • The Elephant
    The Elephant 4 months ago

    But how will you pay for all of those utopian ideas?

  • Mark Dowse
    Mark Dowse 4 months ago

    Gerrymandering is "electoral fraud". You guys MUST get rid of it ASAP.

  • Thomas MacKelly
    Thomas MacKelly 4 months ago

    I bet that truly upsets you stephen.

  • Piyush Bhuva
    Piyush Bhuva 4 months ago +2

    Just think Americans what this man can do for you. Just have a thought.

  • SicariiD
    SicariiD 4 months ago +1

    Electing this man president might even restore my faith in the muricans

  • Richard
    Richard 4 months ago +2

    Closing in on 1M views and look at that like/dislike ratio!

  • shayna gonzales
    shayna gonzales 4 months ago +1

    My favorite politican. More like a humanitarian. And our only hope in this country currently. I FUCKING LOVE THIS MAN!! BERNIE 2020!!!

  • Annie S.
    Annie S. 4 months ago +1

    It's funny people call him a socialist. Technically everything he is proposing will benefit the economy so it's really capitalism, the way it was meant to like in the FDR saga, that he is proposing. Without a strong middle class we can never grow the economy.

  • Robert Mayer
    Robert Mayer 4 months ago +2

    President Sanders
    That's all. I just like saying it.

  • VeganApostate
    VeganApostate 4 months ago

    Help the planet and yourself even more and go vegan 2019 !!!!!!

  • J S
    J S 4 months ago

    Global warming for idiots: ever been in a small room with a bunch of mouth breathers? It gets hot quickly. Too many states and countries are over populated, people have to move, space out and stop having litters of kids.

  • Burner2k3 TFW
    Burner2k3 TFW 4 months ago

    And who is going to be reelected in 2020? Trump of course! Guys.... pls it's fucking Amercia, it's all buisness and not a country, sadly.......

  • Lune
    Lune 4 months ago

    Bernie-Biden 2020!!!

  • Random Entertainment
    Random Entertainment 4 months ago

    Anyone notice that the theme song played as Bernie's intro music was from a variant of Blanka's music from Street Fighter II😁😁

  • C Edmundson
    C Edmundson 4 months ago

    This man is a maverick. Bernie 2020, a true man of the people. He hits the nails on the head.

  • MiguelitoGrajimez
    MiguelitoGrajimez 4 months ago

    You know , im a union carpenter, mainly concrete(building,climbing and stripping forms) FUUCCKK ALLL THAT!!!! IM WILLING TO FORFIT OVER HALF MY CHECK FOR HEALTH CARE FOR ALL BC IF I WORK A HOUR UNDER OR 2,3 W/E ; I LOSE MY BENIS , AND SOME FAT SHIT EATS BC HE TWISTED HIS ANKLED ON COMPANY TIME ..THEN COMPANIES PACK UP, GO NON UNION. BC OF 1 TOO MANY CRYBABIES!!! I WORKED FOR THE FIRST company i worked for on and off 7 years , fell 25Ft , chrismas eve, week later , laid off ...didnt fo shit bout it bc if i did , i wouldnt work for em again
    ..guess what pussys i never worked for again?!?!?

  • Charlie Kelly
    Charlie Kelly 4 months ago

    Lol you’re harping on Trump talking points now. I like how none of your clueless fan boys and girls understand what is actually going on right now. Criminal justice reform, drug costs, lower taxes, ect. THAT IS TRUMP. This guy is a fool.

  • Liz Keith
    Liz Keith 4 months ago


  • buttafan
    buttafan 4 months ago

    Medicare and Full Dental For All! The US is the only modern industrialized country in which half the citizens over 65 have lost their teeth. Dental pain is the torture of austerity.

  • Stephanie Yeminez
    Stephanie Yeminez 4 months ago +1

    Bernie Bernie Bernie #FEELTHEBERN

  • Wayan and the Turtle King
    Wayan and the Turtle King 4 months ago +1

    I love this guy speaking the truth. CNN and the rest of the world's governments and media are held hostage by the oil industry while the earth chokes.

  • IPCC SaysLessThan12Years
    IPCC SaysLessThan12Years 4 months ago +1


  • John Tucker
    John Tucker 4 months ago

    Bernie Sanders will ruin this country by having the federal government run what private industry should. Feds suck at running businesses

  • John Tucker
    John Tucker 4 months ago

    Let’s find out in 12 years if he is right.

  • 47imagine
    47imagine 5 months ago

    Hey look, it's Ralph Nader 2.0. Thanks for temporarily joining and f**king up the Democratic Party in 2016. We sure missed a bullet by not having Hillary's Wall Street speeches destroying America.

  • jiorts
    jiorts 5 months ago

    AS long as a-holes Sponsor themselves to keep up their greedy lifestyles nothing will change....people who want change dont belong on the streets to demontrate...they belong in the offices and chairs so they get an actual saying

  • William
    William 5 months ago

    It's not even a left idea, it's populist.

  • Batzarro (Froko_One)
    Batzarro (Froko_One) 5 months ago

    Blanka's SFII theme? XD

  • Real Tech
    Real Tech 5 months ago

    Not a leader at ransom to oligarchs. A leader that would put his people before wars abroad.

  • siestam44
    siestam44 5 months ago +1

    We want Bernie for president, period.