Dwight Howard Signing With Los Angeles Lakers - Joining LeBron James & Anthony Davis

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • With the Los Angeles Lakers making some of the biggest moves this offseason & Free Agency, trading for Anthony Davis, signing players like Danny Green, DeMarcus Cousins, Avery Bradley & more, Dwight Howard talks returning to the team and pairing alongside LeBron James while also offering up advice to AD coming to LA.
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  • ted loyd
    ted loyd 8 days ago

    La lgbs

  • Jeyden For the one times

    He’s back a laker

  • Mohamad Jebra Esmail

    John wick signing contract in l.a

  • Mickey S.
    Mickey S. Month ago +2

    Magic signed with the Lakers as a player. Will be the sixth man.

    TRINI CUSTOMZ Month ago

    If Dwight join lakers that's a bomb squad

  • james T
    james T Month ago +1

    Oprah Winfrey Joining the Lakers

  • Dawi Barredo
    Dawi Barredo Month ago

    Why does the highlights show Dwight blocking 5foot guys?

  • AKUMU drcxx
    AKUMU drcxx Month ago +2

    Larry Bird going to the Lakers 23 year contract.

  • AKUMU drcxx
    AKUMU drcxx Month ago

    Nahhhhh they got Cousins and McGee lol they don't need him.

  • Shayeb Rashid
    Shayeb Rashid Month ago

    hes goin to the Warriors lol Dubs

  • Freddie Dinglasan
    Freddie Dinglasan Month ago

    to much center overload

  • Antonio Watts
    Antonio Watts Month ago +2

    Dmx just singed with the Lakers a one year deal for three g's of hard 😂😂

  • Eiri Batizek
    Eiri Batizek Month ago

    Ayo ! Earl Boykins is backing up Lebron @ PG 😁

  • Randy Fleetwood
    Randy Fleetwood Month ago

    Share that crack your smoking bro jangles

  • Michael O
    Michael O Month ago +1

    Captain America joining the Lakers

  • rambo 24
    rambo 24 Month ago +1

    Woj: Ray Allen will sign with the lakers hopes to be the closer

  • Young Ray Ray Miles

    Go listen to Young Ray Ray Miles

  • Michael Krieg
    Michael Krieg Month ago +2

    Trump 2020

  • Mario K
    Mario K Month ago

    Many Pacquiao buys the Lakers 😂😂😂

  • Reggie Rustia
    Reggie Rustia Month ago +2

    charles barkley signing with the lakers... lol😂😂😂

  • O Kidd
    O Kidd Month ago

    Dwyane Wade to the Lakers

  • jorge vazquez
    jorge vazquez Month ago

    Kobe Bryant Lakers coach..phill Jackson general manager..

  • romeo decena
    romeo decena Month ago +5

    manny paquiao after the fight with thurman, he will sign to the lakers. remember he played in pba.

  • Karee Collins
    Karee Collins Month ago +1

    La trying to get ever one well ever good player

  • Denis Shillingford
    Denis Shillingford Month ago


  • Robert Magat
    Robert Magat Month ago

    Lotta dudes are panicking and in quandary....and turning GREEN🤢🤮LMAO

  • Elijah Hotep
    Elijah Hotep Month ago +1

    Superman and green lantern just sign a super max $231 mill for 3 years with the lakers

    AMAZING 2 months ago

    The Minneapolis lakers

  • Łpb šuavvo
    Łpb šuavvo 2 months ago +1

    nice pickup hes still a good player now that hes more in shape 😂😂😂 as if he wasnt before

  • Jonah Marquis
    Jonah Marquis 2 months ago +1

    Jordan and Kobe joining the Lakers.

  • Carl CJ Johnson
    Carl CJ Johnson 2 months ago

    Dennis Rodman joining the Spurs again

  • Kenyatta Shakur
    Kenyatta Shakur 2 months ago

    sporthub are idiots

  • Lil B
    Lil B 2 months ago +2

    Riff Raff just joined The Lakers 1yr deal for 4gallons of that purple and yellow codeine!!

  • Akio Martinson
    Akio Martinson 2 months ago

    Michael Jordan next?

  • Chris Chisholm
    Chris Chisholm 2 months ago +2

    Wow Oscar Robertson is going to the bulls😂 dont u get tired of day dreaming these things

  • Sewon Security
    Sewon Security 2 months ago

    Micheal Jordan signs with the Lakers.

  • chris p. bacon
    chris p. bacon 2 months ago +1

    Lebron james family will be joining the lakers this season.

  • Arjay Torres
    Arjay Torres 2 months ago

    Dwight don’t have that killer mentality his just a big kid..Shaq is a big bully kid

  • Robert Camber
    Robert Camber 2 months ago +3

    Yo luc longley and Dennis rodman Chris Mullins just signed to the Detroit Pistons they are playing next year let's get it

  • Angel Marte
    Angel Marte 2 months ago

    Michael Jordan will be signing with The Lakers tonight!....

  • Dewrell Peeler
    Dewrell Peeler 2 months ago

    This fool is crazy

  • Rodolfo Salazar
    Rodolfo Salazar 2 months ago

    A lot of explanation non sense

  • Gregory Robinson
    Gregory Robinson 2 months ago

    Michael Jordan & Patrick Ewing exiting retirement to join the Lakers.

  • madafaka rap
    madafaka rap 2 months ago +2

    Tom Brady joining to the Lakers on a 3 years contract :D

  • Don Book
    Don Book 2 months ago +1

    Dwight Howard should have went to the San Antonio Spurs or Golden State Warriors instead of the Lakers.

  • IFitHadtobetoldRight
    IFitHadtobetoldRight 2 months ago

    He's a bum

  • Rolando Roxas
    Rolando Roxas 2 months ago +1

    clippers joining the lakers

  • Idol Ko Isko Moreno
    Idol Ko Isko Moreno 2 months ago

    MJ is now signing with Laker for 4 yr contract, while D.Wade will join with LJ again for two year contract.

  • George Paredes
    George Paredes 2 months ago


  • MoWork
    MoWork 2 months ago +9

    Phil Jackson back to the Lakers
    at Small Forward!!!

    • MoWork
      MoWork 2 months ago +2

      @Herman Earl Doug Collins will the referee lmao

    • Herman Earl
      Herman Earl 2 months ago +1

      Michael Jordan just signed a 2year deal with the Lakers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bryan Washington
    Bryan Washington 2 months ago

    Should have went to Portland would have been a perfect place for him. And would have solved Portland big man problem

  • Mark Estes
    Mark Estes 2 months ago

    Trae Young traded for 'Nique!

  • emmz tiangsingg
    emmz tiangsingg 2 months ago

    To many center in la

  • livin good Taylor
    livin good Taylor 2 months ago +1

    Shaq just signed a max 4yr 200mill legend contract with Lakers

  • Neri Meneses
    Neri Meneses 2 months ago

    He is bumb!!!!

  • Michael Felon_323
    Michael Felon_323 2 months ago +1

    Westbrook gets traded to Lakers

  • Medic Z
    Medic Z 2 months ago +17

    Floyd Mayweather retired in boxing to join with Lakers

  • fly prolific
    fly prolific 2 months ago

    Tom Sheppard signs wit da Lakers

  • Princeton Alexander
    Princeton Alexander 2 months ago +1

    Larry bird signs with Lakers but a bench warmer cause his bones weak

  • Manu Ginobili
    Manu Ginobili 2 months ago +3

    I sign with lakers for 5 years contract