The Secret Alyx Vance Wink - EasterEgg Half Life 2

  • Published on Sep 24, 2009
  • Here's a video that shows you how to get a Wink
    from Alyx in the game Half Life 2 (episode two)
    Have fun! ;)
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  • DoratTheKiller
    DoratTheKiller 5 days ago

    She predicted Half-Life: Alyx back then :O (it's a joke)

  • justaYTaccount
    justaYTaccount 15 days ago +3

    Half-Life: Alyx

  • Jmayk
    Jmayk 15 days ago +4

    who is back after the reveal of Half life alyx ?

  • Kassu
    Kassu 17 days ago +7

    *She knew*

  • Rokas K
    Rokas K 17 days ago +3

    Whos from HlVR ?

  • C Porter
    C Porter 3 months ago +1

    Video: "Step 1, Buy this game"

    Me: *Shit*

  • Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz
    Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz 4 months ago +1

    She’s been flirting with us the whole time being just the two of us alone in the forest and we did nothing? What’s wrong with Gordon!?!?

    • chango vato
      chango vato 4 days ago

      Gordon's heart belongs to G-man

  • Syntek
    Syntek 5 months ago

    1:00 Oh shit

  • Exodus N
    Exodus N 6 months ago

    “Step 1: Buy this game” That got me for some reason lol

  • ThePixelPyro
    ThePixelPyro 7 months ago

    *Bruh she winked I'm screaming, shidding, pissing, cumming, bruhing, peeing,*

  • Carlo isokessu
    Carlo isokessu 8 months ago

    at HL2 she's like doctor freeman I presume? and the next episode she's in big trouble with you while escaping the city 17, in this episode she starts to like you and your fancy car. What happens next!

  • small_lad_wako
    small_lad_wako 9 months ago


  • Maxxwell
    Maxxwell Year ago +1

    The fucking music is what made this funny, it's like some mission impossible shit. He presents this 'wink' as if he's about to save the world lmao.

  • tinymanthebeast
    tinymanthebeast Year ago

    That's sopsed to be a secret???

  • Dr.Magnusson
    Dr.Magnusson Year ago +1

    How do we buy it

  • Something Clever
    Something Clever Year ago +2

    Instructions unclear, dick caught in blender

  • fausimomo
    fausimomo Year ago

    I saw this like 2 years ago

  • Nik Muhammad Daud 'Uzair Nik Yaacob

    old youtube

  • the destroyer 106

    I don't get it

  • D-RiuZ
    D-RiuZ Year ago +76

    she winked with her LEFT eye
    L-E-F-T contains 4 letters
    this happens in episode 2
    first game by valve was half life 1

    • Emilis101
      Emilis101 4 months ago

      Fucking genius

    • L3møn Guy
      L3møn Guy 4 months ago

      @Анатолий Бронштейн lol

    • Анатолий Бронштейн
      Анатолий Бронштейн Year ago +7

      Winking is a universal language used when you cannot say something outright. It employs number based system of responses. The conventional practice is to encode the affirmative answer with one (1) and the negative with two (2). She winks only once (1) in the entire game, so it's a definite "yes". She winks only when she is in the car. The car is an acknowledged symbol of motion (+1). This scene takes place in the episode two (2) and means that the motion will continue (2+1=3). Also the car is Gordon's third (3) vehicle after the boat and the baggy.
      Alyx's confirmation of Half-Life 3 confirmed.

  • Lucien
    Lucien 2 years ago +3

    *puts very dramatic music over a casual tutorial*

    • SirGuinea351
      SirGuinea351 Year ago

      this is a brand new horror game m8 you cant be serious

  • ScopeDog
    ScopeDog 2 years ago +4

    1:25 Damn it, don't blow it too soon!


  • Resident Evil 667
    Resident Evil 667 2 years ago +1

    I only got it when I played the cinematic mod :P

  • Dankest Memes
    Dankest Memes 2 years ago +22

    If Half Life 3 comes out after I die, I'm gonna kill myself.

  • leoric21
    leoric21 3 years ago

    Silent but deadly confirmed!!!!
    by a wink.

  • vintprox
    vintprox 3 years ago +6

    Looks like advertising of Alyx winking xD

  • Gyarik
    Gyarik 3 years ago +5

    Am I forced to have the game? XD

    • Gyarik
      Gyarik 2 years ago

      @Devyat nine I've already done it :v

  • vkorchnoifan
    vkorchnoifan 3 years ago +6

    She has purple panties on.

  • bearsemen
    bearsemen 3 years ago +24

    this made my dick hard, alyx is hot

  • DobrixSquirrel49 Gaming

    holi fuk it workz. I think, she want xxXDickSuckXxx

  • Redekgames66
    Redekgames66 4 years ago +1


  • TheMCJarhead
    TheMCJarhead 4 years ago +1

    This happened to me before while driving around and I saw it out of he corner of my eye and I was like wait what did she just wink and I couldn't figure out how to trigger it again. XD

  • Grant Lillie
    Grant Lillie 4 years ago +220

    She wants the 3

  • Jomar Angeles
    Jomar Angeles 4 years ago +65

    Stop killing things and make a baby with her!!!!!!!!!

    • Toga Himiko
      Toga Himiko 11 months ago +2

      @Santa Clawz actually gordon is 28

    • The Zacharoni
      The Zacharoni Year ago +1

      @SuperX _ Beni *get not got

    • Made In U.S.A
      Made In U.S.A Year ago +1

      Lance Raymond Rebosa Actually it was. So you know.........

    • Lance Raymond Rebosa
      Lance Raymond Rebosa Year ago +2


    • Lance Raymond Rebosa
      Lance Raymond Rebosa Year ago +2

      clawz irony Well technically while Gordon was in stasis he never aged and he was 27 in hl1

  • Sam
    Sam 4 years ago


  • i dont care
    i dont care 4 years ago +32

    Oh man I can't wait for half life 3. The graphics will be out of its world, just think about it, in 2004 they did unthinkable things with their engine and graphics that was near impossible in other games, imagine what it's going to be like in the next game! There is one thing I do know about it though, the world will surely implode in awe when it does finally come out.

    • the metapod
      the metapod 5 days ago

      @mäff steam IS the platform

    • Flyde
      Flyde 10 days ago +1

      @mäff it's a prequel to hl2 bud not hl3

    • mäff
      mäff 15 days ago

      Today it happened Bru they worked to the perfection on a new vr engine they are full into high end vr experience and I think they will build a vr platform for games and developers just like steam

    • Rokas K
      Rokas K 17 days ago

      Its annouced lad

    • Terrorists Win
      Terrorists Win 2 months ago

      Let it go man.

  • 90AlmostFamous
    90AlmostFamous 4 years ago +36

    what if i didnt buy this game and just borrowed this from my friend ? would it still work ?

    • agbrenv
      agbrenv Year ago +5

      nope, and she even comments "sorry bro, wrong game"

    • Gyarik
      Gyarik 3 years ago +1


  • RED Fem Sniper
    RED Fem Sniper 4 years ago

    01:00 ;)

  • Madeline Sensei
    Madeline Sensei 4 years ago +36


  • Nines
    Nines 4 years ago +35

    i think Gordon is getting laid tonight well maybe in 999999999 Years when λ³ comes out good on ya

  • edward72399
    edward72399 4 years ago +95

    She winked because she's into you

    • pateu
      pateu 6 months ago +1

      She winked because gordon looks cool

    • Gregory Gold
      Gregory Gold 2 years ago +4

      I now think both Alyx and Judith are attracted to Gordon

    • Kitterkins
      Kitterkins 2 years ago +3

      (@Gregory gold) Uh, you think?

    • Blobfish
      Blobfish 3 years ago +6

      +Gregory Gold more than that :O

    • Gregory Gold
      Gregory Gold 4 years ago +10

      +EdwardOfTheAwesome I think she cares about Gordon

  • c
    c 5 years ago +3

    She did that because she wanted to have sex with you

    • SuperX _ Beni
      SuperX _ Beni Year ago +1

      BloggingLP Valve announced L4D3 a few days ago

    • Ax Boi
      Ax Boi 3 years ago +3

      Look Tails, I know you're this genius and all, but we're not all _that_ stupid.

    • BloggingLP
      BloggingLP 5 years ago +2

      @r atkinson
      They are changing the engine for Dota 2 into the Source 2 engine at the moment anad probably the other games too. When the engine is complete the main developement for games like HL3 and L4D3 should start. Just keep patient. I am pretty sure these games are in developement ;)

  • John Trollson
    John Trollson 5 years ago +5

    In HL2 E1 Kleiner on the TV tells everyone that they need to procreate due to something about the Combine. So Gordon does everything, yet doesn't even get a kiss from Alyx.

  • HazyMan
    HazyMan 5 years ago +24

    Well,on Half-Life 2 Alyx just knows you and you will be almost alone the most times but,on HL2 EP1 and EP2 you understand that Alyx is inlove with you!

  • ilita
    ilita 5 years ago

    о чем оно?

    • Korol Criteelov
      Korol Criteelov 4 years ago +1

      Как сделать, чтобы Аликс Вэнс подмигнула тебе

  • Bayo Radi Man
    Bayo Radi Man 5 years ago +4

    To nie easter egg. Zawsze nawet na pobranej wersji z neta Half-Life 2 Ep 1 gdy jedziesz z Alyx i będziesz spoglądał w jej stronę to ona będzie mrugać

  • Santiago Gagliano
    Santiago Gagliano 5 years ago +1

    omg this night i fuck!

  • Anything2bCool
    Anything2bCool 5 years ago +47

    She winks (especially when you shoot her) because she knows that you know that you both know that she is secretly invincible, and shotgun fire is therefore amusing.

  • pochtli
    pochtli 5 years ago +3

    This was awesome, you just cleared the jump, you got the pretty girl, look over to her for confirmation and she ACTUALLY GIVES IT TO YOU!
    You bet i floored it through the tunnel.

    • Wood Man
      Wood Man Year ago

      More like floored it through her tunnel *wink*

      1M0RTAL_CH1CKEN 2 years ago

      pochtli Gordon is getting some action *hint hint wink wink*

  • Oleg Tolkovskij
    Oleg Tolkovskij 5 years ago +8

    HL ep3 confirmed!!!

  • Fulcrum 4.0
    Fulcrum 4.0 5 years ago


  • SuperJackman117
    SuperJackman117 5 years ago +226

    alyx winked because......

    she knows half life 3 is coming out

    • Finkster5
      Finkster5 2 days ago

      I'm here from the future. You guys aren't gonna get Half Life just yet, but there is gonna be Half Life: Alyx ;)

    • Aleix
      Aleix 12 days ago

      I hope y’all are alive to play half life alyx

    • Bob the chicken nugget Hi
      Bob the chicken nugget Hi 13 days ago

      And now it’s out

    • DrifterMW
      DrifterMW 13 days ago +1

      Finally arrived!

    • Dusty 44
      Dusty 44 15 days ago +2

      Rise and shine SuperJackman, rise and shine.

  • Mikey1da
    Mikey1da 6 years ago +51

    she wants the d

  • jeonjk
    jeonjk 6 years ago +5

    I like Barney more than Gordon

    • Cathnir
      Cathnir 5 years ago +6


    • jeonjk
      jeonjk 5 years ago


    • TheNewRetroGamer
      TheNewRetroGamer 5 years ago

      ok thx

    • TheNewRetroGamer
      TheNewRetroGamer 5 years ago

      are you the real alyx vance ? plzz reply... and you love eli more that gordon

  • jeonjk
    jeonjk 6 years ago

    Yea I winked

  • lyingpancake95
    lyingpancake95 6 years ago

    Wow now I'm all freaked out by her winks :/

  • WhiVe87
    WhiVe87 6 years ago +3

    Are you jealous Barney?

  • Discardedwand82
    Discardedwand82 6 years ago +1

    A wink. You could say things are getting serious.

  • Helumi
    Helumi 6 years ago

    but he can type duh

  • grove4mylife
    grove4mylife 6 years ago

    I think gordon needs more than that...