Glenn Kirschner: It Looks Like Cohen Has Continued To Fudge His Story | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
  • President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen has delayed the start of his prison sentence, in part by continuing to work with Congress - but did he exaggerate the truth and jeopardize his case? Stephanie Ruhle is joined by University of Baltimore Law Professor Kim Wehle, former Federal Prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, and former U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton to break down the latest on Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.
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    Glenn Kirschner: It Looks Like Cohen Has Continued To Fudge His Story | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Comments • 197

  • imiss toronto
    imiss toronto 8 months ago

    michael looks a little like droopy dawg

  • Greg M
    Greg M 9 months ago

    Who cares what Cohen said or didn't say. The evidence shows that Individual-1 and his mob family have and are committing crimes. The Emoluments clause has been violated multiple times. It is time to impeach Individual-1 and his mob family.

  • Vijay Jagpaul
    Vijay Jagpaul 9 months ago

    But Trump is a reproach to America.

  • Donald Swamp
    Donald Swamp 9 months ago

    Well. Day later...Someone got to the judge ellis. Manafort skates.

  • micheal conley
    micheal conley 9 months ago

    The checks don't forget that.

  • Maynard Johnson
    Maynard Johnson 9 months ago

    Love the sinner, hate the sin. But the sin is watching MSNBC, so they can't stand to be around either the sin or the sinner even if he choses to try to find common ground with them.

  • Maynard Johnson
    Maynard Johnson 9 months ago

    These staunch grammas get their marching orders from the grampas and faux news playing in the living room.

  • Maynard Johnson
    Maynard Johnson 9 months ago

    I gotta say, baptist church goin grammas are the worst, most ensconced liars that there are. If a regular guy joins church he is told by the church goers that they are commanded by God to love everyone.
    Then over time he will discover that he has joined a country club. That the other regulars all have shunned him and that he is moving further away every day.
    Soon they will all hate and mistrust him. They will welcome the day when they can have their church back.

  • Akon Fenty
    Akon Fenty 9 months ago

    It's hard for MSNBC to tell the truth. Let's start with Russia collusion which we have seen no evidence yet MSNBC still touts that narrative. Covington High School students, another lie told by MSNBC. The buzzfeed story which was a lie and MSNBC ran with it. There's plenty of lies told by MSNC I can go on and on.

  • Mike Cziraky
    Mike Cziraky 9 months ago

    A convicted liar is the democrats star witness. Hilarious. Zero credibility. Good grief

  • abu hudhayfah edwards
    abu hudhayfah edwards 9 months ago

    Today proves that President could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get 47mo 🤷‍♂️

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis 9 months ago

    Cohen may have said he was open to the idea of being pardoned, rather than directly asking for a pardon. After all, he understands and spoke, Chumpanese for ten years as he explained in his hearings.

  • dick12 lauj
    dick12 lauj 9 months ago

    Manafort- 20 years- Damned. He's 71 already...He's going to die in prison. LOL

  • Ansell Ortell
    Ansell Ortell 9 months ago

    Glenn wrong on both fronts abt Cohen and Manafort, who got ONLY 4yrs...go figure.

  • Vivian Wang
    Vivian Wang 9 months ago

    Delusional idiots.

  • joseph
    joseph 9 months ago

    Stephanie Ruhle RULES! She consistently adds clarity, common sense and humor to every interview.

  • ari1234a
    ari1234a 9 months ago

    Mueller knows, but being tight lipped as he is he wont say that the next Trump orbit personnel who get indicted are Rudy Giuliani and Sean Hannity.

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans 9 months ago

    Ah, so this is one of the establishment oriented segments.

  • Wado Waleli
    Wado Waleli 9 months ago

    Yes, Cohen did dirty work for a decade-- and got caught, arrested, tried and sentenced. So now we don't think he's repentant after going through the legal process and sentenced? What possibly might he gain by "fudging" now, when he knows so much more information will be coming out? I don't buy at all that Cohen is fudging on anything. He has everything to gain by cooperating and telling the truth. I agree with the argument that seeking and getting as much corroborating evidence. Let the evidence flow like living streams of water!

  • joker2258
    joker2258 9 months ago

    if fox was liberal, they would burry this story and act like cohen definitely didnt commit purgery. Im really happy to see that msnbc has improved in their reporting since the 2016 election. unbiased.

  • Mcfishy First
    Mcfishy First 9 months ago

    #republicansareterrorist #mobties

  • Ken Jackson
    Ken Jackson 9 months ago

    Glenn, why can't you cite any "fudging" by Cohen? Point out where Cohen lied in his current testimony or STFU...

  • Norma De Hoag
    Norma De Hoag 9 months ago

    You are the crop man and you are also

  • Blake still in the game

    Nobody who associate with Trump have any Credibility including Michael Cohen. But Michael Cohen bringing physical evidence. So trump need to bring physical evidence because his a serial LiAR hands down!

  • sharon olsen
    sharon olsen 9 months ago +1

    What the F is wrong with you people .. Cohen does not claim to be a choir boy... The documented evidence speaks for itself ! Who cares about if he wanted a pardon .. ! At the time this occurred it would have been expected.. It was BEFORE he decided to cooperate... It was BEFORE and is not material to the evidence he has to submit !! Ms. Ruhle .. you need to dial it back a bit ...

  • madboyreadynow28
    madboyreadynow28 9 months ago

    Know this if Michael sought out a Pardon we would have that evidence right now today. Republicans have been the ones putting this out there from before the testimony that Michael was a liar and can’t be trusted and now they’re trying to find anything to say he perjured himself which is stupid. The media reports it as fact but we know who’s putting that lie out there. Michael showed up with evidence period. We all saw the check.

  • S Peterson
    S Peterson 9 months ago

    F that he provided evidence. Enough said.

  • Yes I’m Blessed
    Yes I’m Blessed 9 months ago

    Okay, this is stupid. Cohen is smarter than this. Do you think he would lie about something like asking for a pardon? Sheesh. I don't like this show. It started when they trashed Amazon for picking NYC.

  • Stephen Long
    Stephen Long 9 months ago

    Hey, Glenn Trump, is a bigger liar get walking to church.

  • SkyeRangerNick
    SkyeRangerNick 9 months ago

    What did he fudge?

  • ScytheNoire
    ScytheNoire 9 months ago +3

    Glenn sounds like those whining Republicans.

  • ramos1258
    ramos1258 9 months ago

    But but but but but didn’t Hillary order pizza with email ?

  • Mary Miller
    Mary Miller 9 months ago

    Quit the misinformation. really.. smh.. trying to discredit cohen to the detriment of the country.. this was already explained.. the pardon was previous to his lying.. came clean with Manny.. has been ever since and denounced any possible pardon.. smh..

  • Dennis Lee
    Dennis Lee 9 months ago

    This is a waste of time wondering how Cohen's character comes across because he might have lied. Where is the evidence, what are the verifiable facts, is trump guilty of crimes or not? That you can believe he is or is not guilty of something or other doesn't matter unless you are a member of a jury at a trial where trump is the defendant.

  • Junior Harry
    Junior Harry 9 months ago

    Hi Steph🐞.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Steph.👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Steph.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  • BeachBum
    BeachBum 9 months ago +4

    Cohen may still be pushing the envelope semantically, but as long as he has docs, who cares. I'm grateful because the sooner the traitor is fully exposed, the sooner the global nitemare he's created will end.

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 9 months ago +3

    Yes, Michael Cohen is a completely unreliable character.
    But, that's not OUR fault!
    We're the people on the outside of Trump's insane entangle of lies, attempting to get to the truth.
    WE have to deal with what Trump has given us, and he has surrounded himself with liars.
    He's a liar, his kids are liars, everyone around him are liars.
    The Trump campaign organization is full of on-the-record liars, who have all since been indicted or have pled guilty to lying.
    President Trump does NOT get to defend himself by saying, "Everyone around me is an unrepentant liar!"
    Yes! THAT'S the problem!
    And amidst this miasma of lies, WE'RE the ones left trying to figure out the facts.
    What did he do? What does he know? What crimes has he possibly committed, or not committed? What exactly happened with the Russians, or didn't happen?
    I don't care what the facts are, they could be exculpatory, (like the fact that Michael Cohen apparently did not go to Prague, he says he was never there, in contravention of the infamous, "dossier.") I just want to know them!
    But we CANNOT know them because the President, and everyone around him LIE CONSTANTLY.
    It would be nice if there was ONE reliable person in Trump's organization, but there's not.
    And, the thing is, now his, "organization," is OUR government.
    OURS lol it represents US.
    The Republicans are going HARD at Michael Cohen because, "he's a liar!"
    But EVERYONE who worked for Trump is a liar; Paul Manafort is a liar, Rick Gates is a liar, George Papadopoulos is a liar, Michael Flynn is a liar, Jared Kushner is a liar, Don Jr. is a liar, Ivanka is a liar!
    EVERY one of them is a liar.
    John Kelly, got up and lied.
    Kirstjen Neilsen, got up and lied.
    Mike Pompeo, LIED.
    Sean Spicer, Lied publicly nearly every time he opened his mouth.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders has done exactly the same thing.
    They all lied, they all lie, they lie about big things, and they lie about small things.
    They lie about consequential things, and they lie about trivial nonsense.
    And then, when they get caught lying, they don't even admit it!
    The best example is that Trump lied for YEARS about the Trump Tower Moscow deal, and whether he was working on it during the campaign.
    His personal lawyer Pleaded Guilty to Congress about it and then, the President, who had lied about it over and over and over again comes out and he's like, "Yeah. Yep. We wanted to build a Tower in Moscow and pursued it throughout the campaign. So what?!"
    Today they did the SAME exact thing!
    About Jared Kushner's Security clearance.
    Kellyanne Conway said today, "The President has the absolute right to grant clearance." And that's absolutely TRUE!
    So WHY did the President and his senior advisors LIE about it SO MANY TIMES?!
    Clearly, the strategy is to have everyone chasing and trying to carve a path through their jungle of Lies, so that we're all so focused on the next bush, thicket, and tree, that it's impossible for anyone to climb out and get a clear view of the forest!
    The deception is so overwhelming, it even becomes a strenuous exercise to try convincing someone you know, who still supports Trump, that they've been victimized by this EPIC historical CON MAN.
    You want to get through to them, Because you know they're smarter than that, and you love them, but you just end up looking like a, "Bleeding Heart Liberal," or you're accused of bias because you just hate Trump and you're bitter because he won.
    I'm biased against Trump!
    But not because I wanted Hillary to win.
    I'm biased against ANY President who can't meet the most fundamental and basic requirements of human honesty and decency!
    I prefer my elected Representatives to NOT be pathological liars.

    • Mark Tito
      Mark Tito 9 months ago

      TWSTF 8 nice copy paste weirdo

    • Peter Barber
      Peter Barber 9 months ago +1

      The Republican Party are culpable.

  • Richard Christie
    Richard Christie 9 months ago

    0:34 if he thinks churchgoing grandmothers are the epitome of the most reliable type of witnesses then he's got an uninformed view of reliability.

  • Slick Rock
    Slick Rock 9 months ago

    Lol.....only a moron would believe Cohen. Well, a Democrat too.

  • ruth depew
    ruth depew 9 months ago

    Quit looking for lies. Cohen is a moving man, carting evidence from his basement locker to the Capital. Use whatever he says when it pans out. We the people are not his rabbi, psychiatrist, or judge. Just lean back and enjoy the show.

  • Ray Lewis
    Ray Lewis 9 months ago

    How did he lie? It's all explained and factually accurate. Stop giving GOP talking points. You make it appear that he's lying.

  • eliotno3
    eliotno3 9 months ago

    What a tangled web we weave when a POTUS pardon becomes obstruction of justice.

  • Marky E
    Marky E 9 months ago +10

    Makes Trumpski look more credible? Are you freaking kidding us? !! Cohen could be sitting there in a clown wig and a T-Shirt with "I'm a Liar!" On it and STILL be several billion times more credible than Stable Genius and his GOP Cronies.

  • A Cool Million
    A Cool Million 9 months ago

    On what basis would Americans believe ANY lawyer who spins the trump propaganda? Is media carrying trump's water here, spreading that propaganda? A trump denial, whether by him or by his minions, is worthless. And, LITERALLY, the words "I never asked for or would accept a pardon by trump" means DIRECTLY, not via intermediaries/lawyers.

  • cmactoronto
    cmactoronto 9 months ago +3

    Cohen's credibility is a side show. Nobody on either side is taking him at his word, that would be ridiculous. He's providing physical evidence and his testimony requires corroboration. Find the facts, and if he lied again charge him and sentence him, it's irrelevant to the issues he's raised.

  • Maria Blackwell
    Maria Blackwell 9 months ago +5

    I believe the documents!

  • Trevor Handberry
    Trevor Handberry 9 months ago

    Perjury WHERE?! The fact that this even has a SEGMENT is ridiculous. The guy is as credible as one can get in THIS situation.

  • Laurie Rose Jones
    Laurie Rose Jones 9 months ago

    Glen, your Hindenburg is in the hangar. Refused to take to air over your comment. Trial balloon fail.

  • Tal Moore
    Tal Moore 9 months ago

    Cohen hasn't hurt the government's case. Cohen says he didn't want a pardon. The prosecutors say he did. Cohen says he didn't want to work in the WH. The prosecutors say he did. You know what all these "discrepancies" have in common? They all require the ability to read Michael Cohen's mind. Seriously, they're all minor discrepancies.

  • Steve Valk
    Steve Valk 9 months ago

    Cohen should only get probation. He has paid the price, and then Trump and his Fox&Idiots would go bollistic. In 1947 someone should have given Fred Trump a condom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tommy Hudson
    Tommy Hudson 9 months ago

    It is time for the centerists of both parties to reach across the aisle. And demonstrate Constructive Communication and Compromise. Which benifits the greater majority of all Americans.
    And sets a postive of an example how goverment should work to our younger generations, the future politicans. Who will need the three mentioned skill set above. For our younger generations, we have left them with a economical and a environmental mess. Shame on us and God help them for the inheritance we have left them!

  • Steve Valk
    Steve Valk 9 months ago

    The only Qualified person Trump ever hired was Stormy Daniels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eddie Guerrero
    Eddie Guerrero 9 months ago

    Here is Some EXCELLENT Advice For MSNBC, CNN, Democrat Voters #WALKAWAY !!!!

  • kulhuk 7
    kulhuk 7 9 months ago

    Manafort - 20 years plus time served.

  • 000i 0006
    000i 0006 9 months ago +1

    Can a 5 stars president just happens to be surrounded by proven crooks ? Really ? Really ????

  • Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!

    He didn't ask, but if his lawyers did in a wide reaching back & forth, so what? I don't have a problem with that. He's cooperating now & giving lots of evidence & solid intel, good on ya Cohen! Keep it coming!

  • angel rain
    angel rain 9 months ago

    Fack your fake news

  • Rob M
    Rob M 9 months ago +1

    I thought it was reported that he brought multiple large suitcases and briefcases worth of documents to back up his story. I'm not sure why the panelists are throwing so much shade at him for being cooperative. If he lies he dies... simple fact. That 3 year sentence could easily become 10 if he messes up and you know that Mueller and the SDNY are watching EVERYTHING.

  • Leslie Udvardi
    Leslie Udvardi 9 months ago

    MSNBC failed to prove that any documents proved any exaggeration from Cohen. I could believe that there was but MSNBC fails miserably to prove it.

  • whiteaxxxe
    whiteaxxxe 9 months ago +2

    Its not about Cohens credibility. Its about the evidence. Are you nuts to throw out everything because of one maybe false claim? Do you do it the other way round too??