My Boyfriend Bringing Me Tea for 3 Years Straight (for you, Ben)

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • Happy Valentine's Day to my loyal, dedicated, patient, caring, charming, intelligent, understanding, and ONLY Drink Slave BEYYYN😘❤️
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Comments • 9 002

  • Bailey L
    Bailey L Hour ago

    Absolutely no one
    The cats:
    Cristine: BeYn

  • Gwen_ boop
    Gwen_ boop 2 hours ago

    The most interesting part of the video is the faces (and noises) she makes once she gets her tea.

  • Mikayla Sheppard
    Mikayla Sheppard 3 hours ago

    What kind of tea is the iced one

  • Neha Maria
    Neha Maria 12 hours ago

    5:07 THEY SPELLED YO NAME RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marce 4412
    marce 4412 13 hours ago

    I love how surprised she is every time AAHHH IT's so cuteeeee we really love yoy beeyn

  • strawberry shortcake
    strawberry shortcake 17 hours ago

    This IS TRUE LOVE❤

  • Esl Dmd
    Esl Dmd 20 hours ago

    I want a Ben in my life

  • Yuii Mizu
    Yuii Mizu 21 hour ago

    Half way through tje vid I was like "did Ben die or something? Yet you had a funeral for your nail. Just a video of him bringing you tea."

  • laney sierka
    laney sierka 22 hours ago

    I need to find me a Ben
    Who else does too

  • michel piotrowski

    Get yourself a Ben.

  • Sarah Winchester

    What kind of tea did she drinks?

  • •s u n s h i n e c i n d y•

    if you 2 break up any time soon.....

    I’m gonna lose hope in love xd

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time Day ago

    It always upsets me that it’s not Tim Horton’s so when it was I was happy

  • Sarah the YouTuber
    Sarah the YouTuber Day ago +1

    Thanks sorry theirs a kid in the car

  • m o c h a マールト

    Ben should have a tea channel

  • Taylor Valentine

    My favorite part about this is that Cristine gets just as excited every time she gets her tea as the very first time, and honestly this is relationship goals.

  • White rabbit
    White rabbit Day ago

    * whispers * I think Ben likes you 😉

  • Dem Milovanovic
    Dem Milovanovic Day ago

    The 341 people who dislike this video doesn't know what having a real Ben aka drink slave is like.

  • Sophia Christopoulos

    I feel like she lost weight a little bit

  • - FishDaFish -
    - FishDaFish - Day ago

    We don't have Starbucks in Australia and I'm sad

  • Typh 96
    Typh 96 Day ago

    Cristine you lost so much weight in between May and June 2016 wow

  • Ania the Kim
    Ania the Kim Day ago

    I don't even need to hear Cristine saying anything, I just look at her mouth and I can freaking hear her.

  • Mentally Hilarious Fangirl

    I'm surprised this was only 7 minutes.

  • GachaGummyXD
    GachaGummyXD 2 days ago

    I can’t believe ben, I mean BEEYYYYNN can be made into a 7 minute video lol

  • abigail
    abigail 2 days ago

    1:11 little did cristine know that she would

  • Cool Beans
    Cool Beans 2 days ago

    You should make your own teabag flavor 😂☕️

  • Mia Hayes
    Mia Hayes 2 days ago

    Omg soooo cute!

  • MUA Mandy Schultz
    MUA Mandy Schultz 2 days ago

    Truth is, he probably loves tea or Starbucks too. Hahaha, little do we know... 🤣🤷‍♀️

  • MUA Mandy Schultz
    MUA Mandy Schultz 2 days ago

    Awh, I love this. ❤

  • Emilly Farias Baranauskas


  • Olivia Burmeister
    Olivia Burmeister 2 days ago +2

    "It's ok, no one has to get hurt, here's your tea"
    "See that's how you train your drink slave"


    shes so cute

  • Felicity Yong
    Felicity Yong 2 days ago

    4:39 HAHAH
    “iT wAs OnLy A dOLLaR sIxTy NiNe”

  • valerie seraphina
    valerie seraphina 2 days ago

    Ohmygod i've been watching cristine for 4 years. That's a whole degree

  • Theresa Kim
    Theresa Kim 2 days ago

    Acts of Service and Quality Time.

  • krazykris
    krazykris 2 days ago

    ok Ben is so sweet and it goes both ways. she always thanks him so sincerely, even though he does it so often. this is cute

    • krazykris
      krazykris 2 days ago

      i’m seeing this so late how embarrassing it showed up in my recommended

  • Max
    Max 2 days ago

    ㅇㅇㅋ ㅜㅌㅂ

  • louiseee
    louiseee 2 days ago

    he got you a bentea

  • Swoopy Joey
    Swoopy Joey 2 days ago +3

    When she says “BEYYN” it sounds like jurrasic world raptor calls xD

  • primroseoak44
    primroseoak44 3 days ago

    Cristine's only love language is tea

  • Heather Mitchell
    Heather Mitchell 3 days ago

    awwwwww you guys are so cute also can you back to polish mountain

  • Mb4ne
    Mb4ne 3 days ago

    Not to be that person but with the amount of Starbucks you get - you couldn’t start using a reusable cup?

  • Puddle
    Puddle 3 days ago

    5:05 Aww he put a heart next to her name

  • Marian Romero
    Marian Romero 3 days ago

    And when are you getting married?

  • MargoTriesToYouTube 96
    MargoTriesToYouTube 96 3 days ago +1

    0:16 lol I thought that was cristine as a sock swinging in the background 😂

  • Amanda Roth
    Amanda Roth 3 days ago

    This is true romance and no one can convince me otherwise

  • DawnViper
    DawnViper 3 days ago

    Imagine how many years all these disposable cups will be buried in the earth after we are dead. That's the true TEA!

  • Joann Hewett
    Joann Hewett 3 days ago

    I laughed so hard when cristine spat out the tea omg

  • Dessy Johanna
    Dessy Johanna 3 days ago

    He loves you cris

  • Mimi Z
    Mimi Z 3 days ago

    I thought this is a video of things you don't like.. The tiny little bit of sorry in his voice when she spat it out.

  • Kathlyn Estrella
    Kathlyn Estrella 3 days ago

    watching this now that im single😭

  • Cupcake Vloger299
    Cupcake Vloger299 3 days ago

    2:04 her sister said thx bae

  • It’s Ebony
    It’s Ebony 3 days ago

    Ben said sorry there's a kid in the car and then u realise she's acting childish basically the whole video 😂😂

  • Romina Lopez
    Romina Lopez 4 days ago

    LMAO at 6:30 u can see the cup says Cris-tea-n 😂😂

  • Leah DelPezzo
    Leah DelPezzo 4 days ago +2

    Oh my god. I’m like tearing up right now. Ben is such a great boyfriend

  • Unique Ye
    Unique Ye 4 days ago +1

    The way her face lights up every time he gets her tea. 😭🖤

  • Charm Blackwell
    Charm Blackwell 4 days ago

    I thought he died when the music started

  • Madahi Khan
    Madahi Khan 4 days ago


  • Lynne Rowley
    Lynne Rowley 4 days ago

    Do every time you said beyyyyynnnnn

  • Little Turtle
    Little Turtle 4 days ago +1

    This is so cute. ❤❤❤

  • euphoric tear
    euphoric tear 4 days ago

    The fact that she has 7 minutes worth of "BEEeeeEeEeNNNNnNnN" and him bringing Tea is amazing

  • Bobbie Mason
    Bobbie Mason 4 days ago

    While ordering a drink, when asked for your name, no matter what your name is, you must say Ben.
    That is all.

  • Daniel Kurniawan
    Daniel Kurniawan 4 days ago

    Am i the only that searches for the "the turtles are dying" or "save the turtles" comments?

  • Valerica Milly
    Valerica Milly 4 days ago

    ThAts aLoT oF tEa

  • Viv Wang
    Viv Wang 4 days ago

    omg cristine you should get a reusable cup!!!!!!

  • Fatima Iskandarli
    Fatima Iskandarli 4 days ago +1


  • BrownHairBarbie 〈3

    Have you lost weight? You looked a little bit cute and chubby in the first video from 2016 and now you're slaying it!

  • Miyuri Miyazaki
    Miyuri Miyazaki 4 days ago

    Petition for Christine getting a metal straw

  • Pana Florin
    Pana Florin 4 days ago

    First vid with ben:ben!
    13th vid:beeeen!
    40th time:beeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

  • Liliac almars
    Liliac almars 4 days ago


  • Wolves802 AJ
    Wolves802 AJ 4 days ago

    6:02 killed me for some reason 🤣

  • TrinityTheMLG Of Minecraft

    I love how she never gets less excited

  • Erika Ortiz
    Erika Ortiz 4 days ago

    I'm really wondering what kind of tea does she drink? or whats her favorite?

  • Lauren Yonemori
    Lauren Yonemori 4 days ago

    Love at its finest 😍🤗❤️

  • KittenQueen 123
    KittenQueen 123 5 days ago

    This was in the nail art section. I'm shook

  • jbfansa
    jbfansa 5 days ago

    Tea spill...pfffttt.
    Ben, bringing the tea since 2016

  • Jelli Bean
    Jelli Bean 5 days ago +3

    Beyn only screwed up 5 times in THREE years

  • Shyanne Fare
    Shyanne Fare 5 days ago

    It just reminds me of Richard Castle from CASTLE.

  • Auddog
    Auddog 5 days ago

    Sorry there’s a kid in the car

  • Diana Cordero
    Diana Cordero 5 days ago

    I shall remain lonely forever...

  • pam pam
    pam pam 5 days ago

    Why can't I have a man who brings me tea everyday.

  • Jasshie A
    Jasshie A 5 days ago

    when ben gave her coffee 😂😂😂

  • kmyhapiness
    kmyhapiness 5 days ago

    I cant believe I watched this video NOW and not when it came out! This made my day btw!

  • Melissa Campbell
    Melissa Campbell 5 days ago

    What is the red iced tea ben gets her from Starbucks

    • Melissa Campbell
      Melissa Campbell 5 days ago

      Eimear Fitzpatrick thanks youu ☺️☺️

    • Eimear Fitzpatrick
      Eimear Fitzpatrick 5 days ago

      She said it on Twitter, it's an Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade 😊

  • Sweet Peach World
    Sweet Peach World 5 days ago +1


  • Doaa Maskaoui
    Doaa Maskaoui 6 days ago

    How cute you guys are 😍😍

  • ᴀʟɪᴠɪᴀ sᴏᴍ


  • Sofia Kha
    Sofia Kha 6 days ago

    Couple of the century, you are my favorite couple. The most important and exciting part of your videos (the part I look forward to) is when Beyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyn brings you the tea.

  • Evie Heart
    Evie Heart 6 days ago +1

    Wow she really loves tea WOOW I NEED TO GET ON HER LEVEL

  • SmasherMania
    SmasherMania 6 days ago

    I love when ppl make these kind of videos and dedicate it to their loved ones its so sweet

  • Araceli Rizo
    Araceli Rizo 6 days ago

    How did I watch all of this

  • Kin Li
    Kin Li 6 days ago

    I’m slowly realizing cristine is an addict

  • Rina Yani
    Rina Yani 6 days ago

    This video was on my recommendation section of the RU-clip.. and it’s good to find out that you have a second channel!! Just subscribed!! And I *THOUGHT* you made this video because Ben was.. gone.. BUT NOPE HE IS STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE

  • ravenclaw queen
    ravenclaw queen 6 days ago

    Sometimes it seems like you guys are best friends…😂

  • -Ella Sud-
    -Ella Sud- 6 days ago

    “I’m sorry there’s a kid in the car”

  • KittyCatGirl 435
    KittyCatGirl 435 6 days ago +10

    This is how many times Chrintine says BEYYYYYN in her videos

  • Nellie Lapiak
    Nellie Lapiak 6 days ago

    I think that I cried 😭( holo tears of course )

  • Isabella Goldleaf
    Isabella Goldleaf 6 days ago

    Never gonna pronounce the name Ben correctly now

  • Maja Bentinger
    Maja Bentinger 7 days ago +1

    what's the tea sis?

    DELETE CHANNEL 7 days ago

    A true love story