It's Trump's Party & He'll Cancel If He Wants To

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • James Corden looks at the news of the day, including President Donald Trump canceling the annual White House Christmas party for the press corps and federal investigators cutting a deal with AMI and David Pecker, the group that protected Trump's most personal secrets and helped pay hush money to cover up his affairs.
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Comments • 190

  • mountain boy
    mountain boy 5 months ago

    I can't believe national Inquirer covered up that bat boy/giuliani story

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson 5 months ago

    What Shall i do
    Boo F###en Who

  • Suzanne Hall
    Suzanne Hall 5 months ago

    He's way past my bedtime, but I'd sure like to watch him!

  • brenda north
    brenda north 5 months ago

    Circle/Slash cheesy laugh tracks.

  • Maria Aquos
    Maria Aquos 5 months ago

    The press have been quite naughty, so Santa Claus Trump didn't give them any gift. LOL. Trump did the right thing. We Americans love our President Trump.

  • Todd Beaulieu
    Todd Beaulieu 6 months ago

    Just imagine him, naked, hovering over you. And then, remember ... He’s the fucking president.

  • Joanne Mercader
    Joanne Mercader 6 months ago

    Saving money? Good!

  • Joanne Mercader
    Joanne Mercader 6 months ago


  • A. Maag
    A. Maag 6 months ago

    Russian winspector

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett
    Shawn&Inna Barrett 6 months ago
    a couple of issues above?
    Calgary had reduced homeless to zero ? how did thy do it?
    there is nice model there for homeless reduction
    band aids used 3 band aids&piece of cotton
    reference to environmentalists building walls? fro immigration
    shizo me
    the Gimp GUMP tR
    money nights

    • Shawn&Inna Barrett
      Shawn&Inna Barrett 6 months ago

      why trump not divorce Melania- if he is not happy with her? it shovel be ok - why we have expectation that president stay in not a happy marriage?

  • TakeTheRedOne1st
    TakeTheRedOne1st 6 months ago +7

    He just cancelled it b/c he knew he’d get stood up if he didn’t 😂

  • ROG 860
    ROG 860 6 months ago

    James Cordon can get lost. He just another person being paid to be anti-Trump.

  • Dab Is Dead
    Dab Is Dead 6 months ago

    “It’s my party I’ll cry if I want to”
    -Lesley Gore

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law 6 months ago

    I'm sure the media has a better time planned, even alone.
    How much does this event cost ? I suggest the money not spent on this has been filtered into his campaign, hush money .
    We like to feel that Trump is a meanie -perhaps in part; Fact is- he needs the money.
    Mr. Meulker, let's audit where this money went . Those Russian um red trees ( propaganda?)

  • In4cer in4cer
    In4cer in4cer 6 months ago

    He is so dumb right. I'm sick of iTunes upgrades!!!!

  • echiang68
    echiang68 6 months ago

    U’re so damn right about Apple updates! Apple disappointed their clients more than enough! LOL

  • Fraser Ellen
    Fraser Ellen 6 months ago

    Will he ever make an original monologue?

  • Woman of Substance
    Woman of Substance 6 months ago

    How about they tax junk/spam emailers and robo-callers and telemarketers? Yeah!

    • Peter Taylor
      Peter Taylor 6 months ago

      How often do turkeys vote for Christmas?

  • JWKnapp Piano Progression


  • RSPainter
    RSPainter 6 months ago

    Donald is such a baby.

  • chip block
    chip block 6 months ago +1

    The real reason why the party was cancelled was that the devil doesn't like Christmas time!

    LOUISE CHACON 6 months ago

    Had an idiot Republican in NV wanting us to pay a separate tax for using the Internet. Anybody look at their bill? There's several taxes on it! Somebody smartened up and told this guy, NO!

  • Nicole Henri
    Nicole Henri 6 months ago

    ok stick to karaoke your not funny

  • Cyclops Was Right
    Cyclops Was Right 6 months ago

    Scrooge jokes have bugged me since I was like 6 years old and got to the END of the story. I mean, it's like using The Titanic as an example for a really good ship, because you have no idea what happens to it at the end.

  • Walt F.
    Walt F. 6 months ago

    Wow, Old Bug Eyes is even scarier that Batboy! LOL

  • Sam Ashkenazy
    Sam Ashkenazy 6 months ago

    This guy is so funny it's disgusting

  • blueckaym
    blueckaym 6 months ago

    Or hopefully Apply will find someone to solve the impossible challenge of reading a flash drive thru a usb port (on iPad) ;)

  • Stormy
    Stormy 6 months ago

    Another alleged comedian just making sure he attacks Trump and signals his virtue to the Hollywood elites....

  • Eileen Farrar
    Eileen Farrar 6 months ago +4

    Russians just excel at one thing--FAKE NEWS!

  • Mark Gigiel
    Mark Gigiel 6 months ago

    Stop using a laugh track in between the good jokes.

  • Rosita A. Huff
    Rosita A. Huff 6 months ago

    He is right...for no amount of money would I lie down with the stable genius.....

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 months ago +1

    SATANISTS 👌👌👌👌

  • Terri Kukla
    Terri Kukla 6 months ago +1


  • Nor adrenaline
    Nor adrenaline 6 months ago

    Respected sir did you correct the mistake in ur last episode about Nepal ?
    We will appreciate that..

  • Christian Kalt
    Christian Kalt 6 months ago

    you confuse funny with angry

  • Brain
    Brain 6 months ago +2

    Bat Boy - Rudy Giuliani 😂

  • Rich Beatty
    Rich Beatty 6 months ago

    Calling Trump a man is an insult to humanity.

  • Ford LTD
    Ford LTD 6 months ago


  • Diego Silerio
    Diego Silerio 6 months ago

    1:36, 3:52-4:00

  • Claudio Michel
    Claudio Michel 6 months ago

    Russia is so pathetic...

  • MrHan
    MrHan 6 months ago +30

    He canceled the Christmas party but hosted a Muslim Ramadan Ifta. Lol wut?

    • Pradyumn Pathak
      Pradyumn Pathak 5 months ago

      brother, he sold weapons to the Saudis "biggest arms deal in american history" - with a country proven to be involved in 9/11) - he doesn't believe in religion, only big cheques; and as an Indian who has attended both multiple times. I swear by all gods that an Iftar dinner has much better food than a Christmas Dinner. It's not a commentary on superiority of religion or celebrations - just that them Muslims are much better cooks (They can cook the hell out of a goat) and that DJ Trump is a gluttonous fatass.

    • finris1
      finris1 6 months ago +4

      He still is going to have a small party for the press. But only for handpicked press, like Fox News.

    • Najlaa Osman
      Najlaa Osman 6 months ago +7

      He tried hard to hide it but Trump is obviously an orange Muslim.

  • mridul bapary
    mridul bapary 6 months ago

    You should take video about that robot there is the real robot

  • hobbicles28
    hobbicles28 6 months ago +3

    Now, Russia is using plot points from South Park in their technological advancements.
    Notice the similarities betwixt their "robot" and Eric Cartmen as AwesomO.
    Shite they really do use ideas from our tv and movies as possible weapons.

  • hobbicles28
    hobbicles28 6 months ago +5

    Remember when the National Enquirer did a catch an kill of the story about a coke inspired orgy in LA?
    The orgy had Trump, Ted Cruz, Bat Boy, Jeb Bush, Bigfoot, grey aliens, the dolphin with human arms, a woman with a chimps head surgically attached and the pope with a miniature pope underneath his hat.
    A half man half dog was filming the orgy when he noticed the orgy had caused a quake in LA which subsequently opened the gates of hell.
    Funny the biggest pathological liar is friends with a magazine that prints only lies. Now Who taught who?
    By the way over the years some of the above was actually printed in the national enquirer.
    Funny that.

  • Kevin Denning
    Kevin Denning 6 months ago +20

    I wouldn't go to trump party even if there were free beer and blow jobs

    • Erin Thorkildsen
      Erin Thorkildsen 6 months ago +1

      Oh PLEASE! I’d go in a New York second to catch Trump on his knees again!

    • L Chapo
      L Chapo 6 months ago +1

      And hoes & cocaine--oh, wait 💃👃

    • Hemnarayan Sah
      Hemnarayan Sah 6 months ago +4

      It whould have been the party where Trump talk about all his accomplishment, ellection win bff putin, less bff kim jung un , a tariff, and common between Trump and ivanka which is sex but he can't say that, lock her up, and by the way no collusion

    • 69LOLIN
      69LOLIN 6 months ago

      You can change your mind!
      No problem!

  • Marie Apple
    Marie Apple 6 months ago +5

    I'm sure no one wanted to attend his party! Reporters are definitely going to report on the party that Bubba and his friends will have in the federal pen when Trump and family are registered tenants! Going to have a lot of orange fat to enjoy!

  • Captain Poopy Pants
    Captain Poopy Pants 6 months ago +2

    I don’t even like Donald Trump and I’m sick to death of these jokes.
    It’s not even original.
    It’s not even edgy humour.
    It’s lazy and unimaginative.
    It’s like constantly making the joke about Bill Cli Tom getting a blow job in the Oval Office for 20 years every weekend.
    Come up with something new!!!

    • L Chapo
      L Chapo 6 months ago +1

      Jokes about this joke will never get old🇷🇺

    • monokhem
      monokhem 6 months ago

      @duchesswannabe No shit. I watch British politics. It never occurred to me while watching the BBC that I should complain about them covering their own country.

    • duchesswannabe
      duchesswannabe 6 months ago +2

      Well, if you aren't an American your feedback doesn't really matter. You have to remember that this is primarily a TV show. It runs on an American TV channel and hence has to talk about issues the Americans are facing (and Trump is being the mother of all issues right now).
      I'm not an American either by the way. The fact that you and I watch these RU-clip clips doesn't give us any say in the matter. We're not the target audience, so just zip it and watch what you get.

    • Nestor Gonzalez
      Nestor Gonzalez 6 months ago +4

      Trump keeps giving them material everyday. What are they going to do. Not make fun of the dumbest president in U.S history.?

    • monokhem
      monokhem 6 months ago +3

      @Captain Poopy Pants That's fucking stupid.
      First of all insisting that you have to pretend fascists are reasonable to be reasonable is about as unreasonable as you can get.
      Second of all not a single trump voter has to change their mind to get rid of him in 2020.
      Thanks this stupid shit through the next time you want to pretend to be more reasonable than your betters.

  • Topher TheTenth
    Topher TheTenth 6 months ago +1

    I can hammer in a nail with a robotic device that I can control with my hand. There is of course an interface between the robotic hammer and my hand, which takes input from my hand and translates it to direct the motion of the robotic hammer. That interface is called "the hammer's handle".

    • FabDiva
      FabDiva 6 months ago

      I'm glad. So, know any Robotics Law?

  • A.J. Bensinger
    A.J. Bensinger 6 months ago +2

    If i'm president I expect less jokes...

  • tam noe
    tam noe 6 months ago +15

    so much for saying Christmas again

    • GDI
      GDI 6 months ago

      Its only christmas for some people, the holidays have different names for different ppl

  • Trini Reader
    Trini Reader 6 months ago

    Corden you really are not funny trashing the President of United States you should reconsider

    • monokhem
      monokhem 6 months ago +1

      Get literate.

    • stormwatcher59
      stormwatcher59 6 months ago +3

      and you should get back under your bridge

  • Richard Braakman
    Richard Braakman 6 months ago +44

    When I saw the title I thought you meant the Republican Party

  • Wayne Black
    Wayne Black 6 months ago +2

    It must be embarrassing for Russia and China, who lack advanced technology like the U.S. and Europe.
    Both are constantly doing it the easy way and hacking into companies to steal the tech.
    Copycats at best.

    • Br Ramesh
      Br Ramesh 5 months ago

      No I think they keep their actual advanced technology strictly under wraps. They only do this fakery with the kind of technology that has cheap cachet in the market like AI currently so they can market it to "the decadent west" Their military and spy technology is likely to be frighteningly advanced. The mere fact that they seem to be able to hack into anything should tip us off to that. There just isn't the emphasis on creating great technology for individual human use in such cultures because there isn't much emphasis on the individual to begin with.

  • Ernest Scribbler
    Ernest Scribbler 6 months ago +1

    Russians did not suspect anything even after the robot have stollen money from the old lady and cursed her out.

  • John Dunn
    John Dunn 6 months ago +28

    It's Trump's Party & He'll Cancel If He Wants To, you would have too if you try to collude.

    • John Dunn
      John Dunn 6 months ago +2

      @Dawn Adriana that's what i'm here for...
      kinda catchy, needs work.

    • Tavonga Goto
      Tavonga Goto 6 months ago +1

      Read this to Lesley Gore's "it's my party and l'll cry if l want to"; perfect fit. Witty👏👏

    • Dawn Adriana
      Dawn Adriana 6 months ago

      John you and Rich should collaborate! Not only clever and amusing, but it gets the trolls so pissed. It's a win-win!

  • jay hathaway
    jay hathaway 6 months ago

    kill me

  • Tom Crookes
    Tom Crookes 6 months ago

    God how do people find this shit funny

  • NinJane
    NinJane 6 months ago +2


  • Aymo Gamer
    Aymo Gamer 6 months ago

    Can I get some subscribers please ? Appreciate it

  • snagh
    snagh 6 months ago +45

    Trump will host a private party with Fox and friends

    • Yellowwood
      Yellowwood 6 months ago

      Yeah I'm sure he will fly the whole Fox staff to Mara Lago. He'll take pictures with everybody to try and rub it in the faces of every one who was not invited. When will the people at FOX realize that trump is using them?

    • Tracey Benna
      Tracey Benna 6 months ago

      I would not go to a party of someone l want to destroy! I think he will have a party for the people that respect him !

    • 69LOLIN
      69LOLIN 6 months ago

      I heard that. He is only excluding DJT bad news!

    • stormwatcher59
      stormwatcher59 6 months ago +2


  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader 6 months ago +1


    • Serienjunkie 007
      Serienjunkie 007 6 months ago +1

      @Supreme Leader I know a way how to make Libtards very angry and sad... You just have to take a gun and point it at your head and then you pull the trigger! If you do that, they'll be apoplectic with rage, believe me! You should try it!

    • monokhem
      monokhem 6 months ago +4

      What passes for right wing wit hard at work ladies and gentlemen.

    • Supreme Leader
      Supreme Leader 6 months ago

      @Vino sitas fck off bitch

    • Vino sitas
      Vino sitas 6 months ago +4

      @Supreme Leader Just like the GOP.

    • Supreme Leader
      Supreme Leader 6 months ago +1

      @Vino sitas lame

  • byron p
    byron p 6 months ago +13

    Actually, everyone at that tech conference knew that that was a fake robot. They weren't trying to pull a fast one. It was the state run TV that presented it, for some odd reason, as the real deal.

  • DarkSchneider
    DarkSchneider 6 months ago +150

    Wait, so if the Russians don't actually have advanced AI robots, that means Mike Pence is really human!?

    • Shuizid
      Shuizid 6 months ago

      @monokhem I don't know his reputation, but wasn't he a pretty high ranked republican politician even before getting into the WH? I thought Trump only went ahead hiring people without any expirierence, he saw on TV after a year or so in office, when even most of ruthless Reps did notice the guy is batshit crazy and impossible to work with.

    • monokhem
      monokhem 6 months ago

      @Shuizid Well he only has a job right now because of Russia.

    • Eileen Farrar
      Eileen Farrar 6 months ago

      @Supreme Leader --ConservaNAZIS don't make ANY kind of jokes---you asshats are about as funny as a heart attack!

    • Shuizid
      Shuizid 6 months ago +1

      Pence has nothing to do with russia. He is good old homemade in the USA crazy.

    • Danny McKenna
      Danny McKenna 6 months ago

  • john clhugyugihjbvgbkj
    john clhugyugihjbvgbkj 6 months ago +32

    Well, it's not FOR him. 😂

    • Erin Thorkildsen
      Erin Thorkildsen 6 months ago

      PERFECT POINT! Trump is just pissed at some dead guy getting all the attention. LMAO! Love it!

    • Marcin Kiersnowski
      Marcin Kiersnowski 6 months ago +1

      He doesn’t understand that.

    • stormwatcher59
      stormwatcher59 6 months ago +4

      BINGO! You nailed it!

  • Ceco Elvisa
    Ceco Elvisa 6 months ago +44

    Trump can be openly corrupt , pay off porn stars , collude with Russia , not pay taxes or release his tax records- doesn't matter - his supporters will still vote for him in 2020 . It's not a political movement - it's a cult of personality like in an arab dictatorship or a communist country . It's a cult. No sane person who cares about ethics or decency and is capable of critical thinking would still support this morally bankrupt sack of shit

    • Serienjunkie 007
      Serienjunkie 007 6 months ago

      @Supreme Leader Hey Trumptard,
      you still want a red wave? Just cut your throat and you'll have your own red wave!

    • 69LOLIN
      69LOLIN 6 months ago

      yeah! A cult! 😨😨😨

    • D Me
      D Me 6 months ago +1

      Their heads are so far up his bloated ass, they see no evil & hear no evil. And, they're morons.

    • Danny McKenna
      Danny McKenna 6 months ago

    • D Me
      D Me 6 months ago +1

      Orange Boy Bone Spurs will NOT be on any ballot in 2020, or ever again. You can be assured of that! He won't even finish his one, corrupt, treasonous, porn pussy-plagued term.

  • Alan bearfield
    Alan bearfield 6 months ago

    18th comment

  • Third High Productions
    Third High Productions 6 months ago

    Stoners! Peep Out My DANK Content! :D

  • Hizkia Situmeang
    Hizkia Situmeang 6 months ago +13

    I love you james corden!! Kiss me !! Muachhhh!!

  • Felipe Aguilar
    Felipe Aguilar 6 months ago

    Jamesssssss wasssss up myyyyyy ammmmiiigggoooo!!!!!! From west Texas rig 1826

    • Tyran Adair
      Tyran Adair 6 months ago

      Felipe Aguilar Y'all hiring out there??

  • Zain Mohammad
    Zain Mohammad 6 months ago +73


  • Lilianna Garcia
    Lilianna Garcia 6 months ago +10

    I love James so much 😂😂🤞

  • Rich Winder
    Rich Winder 6 months ago +125

    'Twas the night before Christmas, and in the White House,
    not a creature was stirring, except for, the Chief Louse.
    The stockings were hung by the fireplace flue,
    in hopes of donations, and maybe a bribe or two.
    The children were sweating, behind a locked door,
    because their house guest, was Rotten Roy Moore.
    Melania, as always, went to bed early,
    with a headache or something - It made Donald quite surly.
    And as he was preparing to type, from atop his gold throne,
    on the newest of his strange, audio-glitched phone,
    there came a loud clatter, from out on the street,
    that got his attention, before he could tweet.
    He ran to the window, and drew back the drapes,
    and glimpsed on the lawn, some shadowy shapes.
    And out on the road, many cars were now parked,
    but, only a few, were obviously marked.
    The flashing red and blue lights, gave a lustre of doom,
    to the whole region - the house now felt like a tomb.
    And then to add, to the events of the day,
    Out popped Bob Mueller, from an FBI sleigh.
    The wizened old lawman, then raised to his face,
    his old favorite bullhorn, and it boomed out his case.
    "The place is surrounded, and all of you, in the home,
    exit right now, without resistance, not even an ohm."
    And in the background, their image a blur,
    with the sounds that they made, 'twas akin to a churr.
    But they were the "team", that pulled this sled of dread,
    in a harness of plea deals, stitched with live wire thread.
    Mikey and Mikey and Geo and Paul,
    Rick and Carter and Alex, et al.
    They are the reignrats who chose to sing,
    and yield this Trumpy trainwreck of a thing.
    Donald was worried, so he said with a moan,
    "Call up the Grinch - Get Vlad on the phone"!
    He told his ole buddy to please be quite swift,
    and send something fast, for a rapid airlift.
    But Putin said, " Donnie, you must help yourself-
    maybe you shouldn't have fired your elf".
    And as the line went eerily dead,
    Trump thought for a sec, and called the Senate instead.
    Mitch picked up, on about the tenth ring,
    and Trump blurted out, "My butt's in a sling!"
    The Majority leader thought about it quite hard,
    and said "It's a big one, to encase that much lard".
    And as Donalds heart, sank to his feet,
    He looked over to Matt, on whom he was sweet.
    But Whitaker, this time, was on his toes,
    and gave Don the bird, then up the chimney he rose.
    The family was huddled as the door gave way to the breach,
    and in walked Chris Wray, with a warrant for each.
    Then as they were served, Chris said with a drawl,
    "You knew this was coming, Merry Christmas to All".

    • Yimo Chong
      Yimo Chong 2 months ago

      I wish I had you as my English teacher growing up.

    • Meera Naidu
      Meera Naidu 5 months ago

      So brilliant! Hilarious! 'ohm' my god, I'm dead.

    • Galicia Land
      Galicia Land 5 months ago

      Man!This is so good!!! This literally made my day!

      ON YOUR ASS 5 months ago

      @Eileen Farrar I did, with your mom.

      ON YOUR ASS 5 months ago

      @Yes I’m Blessed Here is your racist President doing more than odumma did for his own. Own it, kid.

  • Erick Niño de Guzman
    Erick Niño de Guzman 6 months ago

    Jajja 😂

  • Hannah Richards
    Hannah Richards 6 months ago +4

    Is that the Christmas party with the giant tree? Because the tree happens to be from my state and I know of a lot of children who decorated pine cones to hang on the tree who are going to be so disappointed....

  • Jeewanthi Gamage
    Jeewanthi Gamage 6 months ago +7


  • Wawo Lala
    Wawo Lala 6 months ago +2

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    I'm gonna subscribe to myself cause no one else will

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    Follow @ofc.juan_

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