Why The Toyota Land Cruiser Is Disappearing From America

  • The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the auto industry's longest lasting and most widely-known brands. Land Cruisers have been in continuous production since the 1950s. It was also one of the first vehicles Toyota imported to the United States, establishing the reputation that turned Toyota into one of the best-selling brands in America. But in 2019, the Land Cruiser seems to be disappearing from the United States, attracting one-fifth of the buyers who bought at the peak of its appeal.
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    Why The Toyota Land Cruiser Is Disappearing From America

Comments • 80

  • Nkengafac Ngu Lionel
    Nkengafac Ngu Lionel 8 hours ago

    Obviously their sales are going to dip over time cause the cars last too damn long
    Tell me if your range rover can last 10years hahaha... crappie range rover money pit

  • wander wallz
    wander wallz 8 hours ago +1

    The land cruiser costs nearly 266k$ in india 😁

  • Learn It
    Learn It 2 days ago

    A tank

  • Tim M
    Tim M 2 days ago

    I've been eating rice and beans the last 15 years for a Land Cruiser but not even half way there.

  • Land Shass
    Land Shass 2 days ago

    12:25 Why UAE buy so much Land Cruisers more than it's citizens!! Well, to pass it to ISIS and Alqa'edah.

  • Mike Shankin
    Mike Shankin 3 days ago

    Price, outdated though reliable engine and transmission, horrendous fuel economy, no Diesel engine. Friends of mine have had land cruisers and I will say they are the most well built vehicles available for sale here. Addition of a diesel would win me over however that will not convince the rest of America. Hate to see it go. I agree strip it down, improve fuel economy with diesel +/- hybrid and keep reliability and capability.

  • Thomas Stuart
    Thomas Stuart 3 days ago +1

    I feel like if you need such an offroad vehicle. you're not gonna want to break down in the middle of the savanna. So Range Rovers can stay w soccer moms.

  • Ahmed Abdalla
    Ahmed Abdalla 4 days ago

    Toyota doesnt have to consider USA market, landcruiser is everywhere in Asia, Africa, North America, Europe and Australlia no complaints regarding its performance and durability

  • Miloje Nikolovski
    Miloje Nikolovski 5 days ago

    The price is the biggest problem and fuel economy to, 80.000 for SUV is big fat price, no meter brand you choice.

  • M Alenezi
    M Alenezi 5 days ago

    The Land Cruiser is the most abundant SUV in my country, Kuwait. Second most common is the LX570, which some people virtually worship. Demand for these vehicles will never end.

  • Zuar khano
    Zuar khano 5 days ago

    We r honored to be first buyer of land crusier in planet love frm pakistan

  • Galen Anderson
    Galen Anderson 6 days ago

    It's gotten way too fluffy and too expensive. I've got an FJ62 and FJ80. Both are low frills examples with manual seats, door locks, and windows, no third row, and no sunroof. The outward visibility is awesome. For driving the rural and forest roads around here, they are almost perfect. I'd love the opportunity to get a 70 series.

  • Naim Shafeek
    Naim Shafeek 6 days ago


  • Shah Jahan
    Shah Jahan 6 days ago

    instead of LC I would love to buy Lexus GX 460...more luxury & better price in US:)

  • Mark Stenhouse
    Mark Stenhouse 6 days ago

    I have a diesel 80 series that is 28 years old. I will not buy new one due to the vast amount of things that I don’t need on it. They have lost their way. They are no longer a rugged off-road vehicle, but rather a rugged luxury vehicle that has off-road ability. If something goes wrong with one of these in the middle of nowhere, you are stuffed. Toyota has lost its way.

  • Abdulla Alsada
    Abdulla Alsada 7 days ago

    I’m surprised that the LC200 in US has fewer options like one Engine 5.7 and transmission and the other parts of the world have multiple choices like 5.7 V8, 4.6 V8, 4.0 V6 gasoline and 4.5 V8 diesel,6-9 speeds Auto OR 5 speeds manual , cloth or leather interior with multiple colors to choose from and cooler boxes , spare tire mounted on the back underneath as well

  • Arjel Brian Agustin
    Arjel Brian Agustin 7 days ago

    Toyota are you listening.... Arjel here now you could pull out the Toyota Land Cruiser in the American market replace it with a smaller off-roader or just bring back the FJ40 then leave the LX570 on the American market and resign it....

  • Syed Ghazi
    Syed Ghazi 11 days ago

    People want lambos and Ferrari after winning lottery
    Me I want a Land Cruiser Lexus
    Mazda 6 and Range Rover Sport

  • Altair Ibn-La Ahad
    Altair Ibn-La Ahad 12 days ago

    Bring the 70 series to the USA. Single or double cab with a bed will easily compete with the new Jeep truck. The Landcruiser doesn't sell because it costs more than most peoples' houses.

  • Scott Pratt
    Scott Pratt 13 days ago

    We wanted the 79 series truck not this luxury princess, ok? I like the luxury version but give us the same ones you sell in australia!!!!

  • Alan Caldoza
    Alan Caldoza 13 days ago

    so what if its gone for good in US soil. At least its still around anywhere else in the world. Americans have weird taste anyway and always regret their choices they made. Take for example their airline industry. One latest model is pulling the industry down as other players in Russia and China rises up to the challenge

  • AMERICARS Queensland
    AMERICARS Queensland 13 days ago

    the landcruiser 70 series still sells well in every market it's offered, it remains rugged, fairly basic and simple compared to other modern new cars.

  • Brent Fairlie
    Brent Fairlie 14 days ago

    Well reading the comments here from Americans I would have to agree. Bring the price down Toyota

  • عبدالرحمن اركان

    High price
    Fuel consumption
    Old design
    Old mechanic
    The video in few words , you welcome

  • P-Impmon
    P-Impmon 15 days ago

    Land Cruiser is expensive.
    (I'm sorry, I just sign in just to say it)

  • Boomer Bomb
    Boomer Bomb 15 days ago

    $85k. That's why

  • sap inva
    sap inva 16 days ago

    To be fair, none have been sold in the US since 1997. Following versions are just over-priced and over-sized station wagons. They should just bring back the 80 series.

  • Thomas S
    Thomas S 17 days ago

    i want a 70series pickup, but uhuuu, to darn expensive, last 1 i see fore sale was 20000usd for a 1999. another toyota suv wich i think look great is the Fortuner

  • Juan Ramos
    Juan Ramos 17 days ago

    Bring the Prado Diesel to the US with good fuel economy and you got a deal.

  • GoodTimeTraveler
    GoodTimeTraveler 19 days ago

    Btw, if you want a 70 series, go to Belize (closest Toyota dealer to US), buy it, _drive_ it over the border at Laredo, then get creative with the title...

  • GoodTimeTraveler
    GoodTimeTraveler 19 days ago +3

    It's simple: The tech is behind the times, for the price.

  • Bee Wild
    Bee Wild 20 days ago

    It’s the gas mileage $$$$.

  • Brian Galvan
    Brian Galvan 20 days ago

    Are families that poor in the US that they can't afford $90,000??

  • Z Fernandez
    Z Fernandez 21 day ago

    i prefer Mitsubishi PAJERO/MONTERO!

  • Raphael
    Raphael 21 day ago

    we have this first model 0:16, but our was made in 1988 and a Land Cruiser 120 made in 2004, we are looking foward to buy Land Cruiser 200 since Toyota stop to import 'em in 2008, i do not know why cant they sell them here in Brazil, maybe we are just another poor country.But that sucks, this is the best vehicle ever made, they dont even burn bulbs out, you live decades only changing oil and i tell IT IS PRICELESS, if you have the money but not the courage, COME ON, you will not regret because it is so well built.And im not |Toyota fan, i am just telling the truth because besides these two LC we have had two Hilux that were such great cars!!!we have also a car from Peugeot and another one from Jeep and we cant compare!!!not even Mercedes, Bmw etc will ever come close to what TOYOTA represents in our lives, you cant tag a price in a car that cant be compared, im talking straight here, in our hands THEY NEVER BROKE ANYTHING, of course we take good care!Our 2004/2005 model LC 120 has 111000 kms and runs like when it was new, even the smell is the same :) so, you have just one life to drive bad cars, buy yourself a Toyota.

  • karl partridge
    karl partridge 22 days ago

    Over priced , overrated. over equipped, and over the hill . Sayonara

  • Cort Lindahl
    Cort Lindahl 23 days ago

    Maybe because we see better made and cheaper versions of Toyota off road vehicles being sold in other countries. Toyota and others makes crap for the American market and doesn't give us vehicles like they sell in Australia and Asia. That is why no one is buying this overpriced hunk of junk.

  • Asmar Al-Sumeri
    Asmar Al-Sumeri 23 days ago

    They are everywhere in Iraq. I wish we have more 4runners in here.

  • MISC Things
    MISC Things 23 days ago

    Lol nobody buys an LC as a status symbol. And a chairman of a company would definitely choose a Range Rover or s porche than an LC. And they’re almost similarly priced. LC is a very capable family hauler that’s it. It’s just not worth the asking price of around 86k. So many options for much much cheaper price in the market if you want a family hauler

  • Christine
    Christine 23 days ago

    they should bring back the FJ Cruiser a and brand it as the landcruiser

  • Hermenegildo Bulha
    Hermenegildo Bulha 23 days ago

    The problem is that the 18K units sold in 1999 are still running. That's the reason. Hehe

  • q re
    q re 23 days ago

    americans have no reason to buy a land cruiser when the sequioa exists

  • Lee Noonan
    Lee Noonan 25 days ago

    Too expensive for a Toyota that’s why. Make it a Lexus Land Cruiser and take out the Lx.

  • American Logistician
    American Logistician 25 days ago

    It’s expensive gas guzzling. It’s reliable tho. Other Toyotas are starting to be less reliable and have problems- like Tacoma. It’s rock solid reputation was earned over time.

  • David Elkins
    David Elkins 25 days ago

    Bring back solid axels

  • bo Zep
    bo Zep 25 days ago

    The LC is disappearing from the US because Toyota marketing is stupid and does not know the market in the US... bring the 70s series and watch it sell like hot cakes!!

  • the Patriot
    the Patriot 25 days ago +1

    all the Japanese cars are a piece of garbage !!! the cars that they are made are not safe and strong like the American cars and that is a fact !!!

  • Cutter C
    Cutter C 25 days ago

    Very few people have $85,000 to spend on a Land Cruiser or any vehicle.

  • Malcolm Marzo
    Malcolm Marzo 25 days ago

    As an FJ40 owner, I appreciate its reliability, ruggedness, and charm. I constantly get offers to sell. But the Landcruiser devolved into just another bland suburban wagon. If they brought the honest 70 series to the U.S. it would be a hit.

  • Ray C.
    Ray C. 26 days ago

    The early Land Cruisers were great vehicles, would like to find the one that was stolen from me as well as the thief. Those were the real Land Cruisers, these new ones are name only. The RAV4 is the new Land Cruiser for the masses, the Land Cruiser is for the wealthy wanna be's who are interested in prestige on the highway.

  • zhir B
    zhir B 26 days ago

    Lol, it's everywhere in iraq

  • Keith Stengel
    Keith Stengel 26 days ago

    Easy reason why it became a walmart curb crawler

  • zcavka916
    zcavka916 26 days ago

    I would love a less luxury and more off road capable version. Actually, a 70 series.

  • François Granger
    François Granger 26 days ago

    Not available in Canada. Too bad

  • Roy Stewart
    Roy Stewart 27 days ago

    Another good Toyota product is its FJ van or SUV. Their Prado also does well in Africa because of Toyota's well known road- worthiness "reliability."

  • Hatuey McFarland
    Hatuey McFarland 27 days ago

    I want a 70s series. I'd move to Australia just to drive one every day.

  • Yang Yang
    Yang Yang 27 days ago

    It's just too expensive. Why spent 90k on it when I can get 4runner/Sequoia below 40k? They are just as good. Land Cruiser makes a lot of sense elsewhere in the world, I went to Iceland and Namibia it's Land Cruisers everywhere.

  • John kenley
    John kenley 28 days ago

    You look at the interior on those things and ask me why their failing. For the price their charging, i could get a Porsche with much more desirable styling

  • JDJ
    JDJ 28 days ago +1

    4runner in the 30 thousands
    Sequoia in the 40s
    Land cruiser in the 80s
    Geeeeehhhh I have no idea why they dont sell

  • Anthony
    Anthony 28 days ago

    $80k reasons why it failed and upgrade your other SUVs/Trucks already

  • Oslec Liedbag
    Oslec Liedbag 28 days ago

    Imagine buying a milf! Good on bed but old lol

  • Oslec Liedbag
    Oslec Liedbag 28 days ago

    Expensive and old

  • Mickey Bitsko
    Mickey Bitsko 28 days ago

    If they actually sold a legit Cruiser people would buy them. But I don't have $80,000 to spend on a luxury vehicle that no sane person would ever take off the pavement. It's also huge. I have no use for it.
    Compete with the Wrangler and I'll talk to you.

  • Bathgrub
    Bathgrub 28 days ago

    Here in Australia, the 'Cruiser' as we shorten it to, is one of the most popular SUV's and utes or "pickups", because of reliability, servicibility, quality, functionality, customisability and a bit of status. It debatebly owns the large SUV/Ute market in Aus, closely followed by the, just as good, Nissan Patrol. I had an 80 series Land Cruiser and it was one of my favourite vehicles to own and drive.
    I can't speak for everyone, but cost doesn't seem to be a big deal to Aussies, because we seem to justify the dollars spent on what I listed above, whether we can afford it or not.

  • G FOX
    G FOX 28 days ago

    I got a 2019 vx. Just blends in with the crowd where I live. Every second vehicle is a land cruiser or prado.

  • Senan Foutchedjev
    Senan Foutchedjev 29 days ago

    As far as I am understand things, Toyota is not changing product that is good. However, in their efforts not to change it, they miss the opportunity to upgrade it with the necessities that comes with changing life. The base can stay the same, like make it more fuel efficient, less polluting and add needed electronics like other competitors. After all, people need reliability, comfort and safety, which this vehicle can provide for years to come. This is one of the best SUV in this case that has ever been produced, it would be a shame to stop making it. Lastly after all these years and mostly the same technology they should lower the price of the SUV, so that more people can afford it.Thanks.

  • G Fisher
    G Fisher 29 days ago

    They should have a land cruiser priced in the normal person range.

  • G Fisher
    G Fisher 29 days ago

    Its a great vehicle but its a ripoff.

  • Skoal Dipper
    Skoal Dipper 29 days ago

    its to expensive and they neutered it in the states making it a luxury SUV instead of a rugged go wherever you want machine.

  • Paul Cameron
    Paul Cameron 29 days ago

    I know I am coming to this late but the Landcruiser 70 is popular in the rest of the word for a reliable affordable off-road 4x4. It does not have the luxury features but who needs it when you are on a mining site, feeding the cattle in GAFA country or fishing in woop woop or on a sand island. The rest of the world does not get the USA's obsession with the Pickup Truck as it has nothing to do with performance but all about image. Most Landcruiser in Australia are probably fleet sales.

    Australians actually use the off-road capability, especially rich graziers. The Landcruiser made its name on the Snowy River Hydro Scheme in the 1950's.


  • 615jondoe
    615jondoe Month ago

    it's 90 grand when you can buy a wrangler for much less.

  • Rallye Cars
    Rallye Cars Month ago +1

    range rover is so much sexier then the land cruiser thats how it won in the end. range rover = status. land cruiser = moms expensive car

  • Rallye Cars
    Rallye Cars Month ago

    b/c ISIS shells out cash for toyo trucks

  • Ren Droidz
    Ren Droidz Month ago

    Nobody will buy $80k SUV to go offroading when you can buy a cheaper 4runner and go off-roading with it! Toyota doesnt scream luxury! 😂😂😂

  • Slay King
    Slay King Month ago

    Immigrants can't afford to buy them like they do the Camry.
    Give me an Expedition or Tahoe over that over priced cheaply made interior land cruiser

  • saucybantz
    saucybantz Month ago

    Maybe Toyota should take a lesson from Jeep and start offering the 70 Series in the US again with manual, diesel, factory lockers, and 2-door options available. Nobody is going to take a $90k three-ton SUV off-road.

  • Flora De Canya
    Flora De Canya Month ago

    We bought a CRV with timing chains for durability. That Toyota is not sold in Canada, instead you have other models. Maybe we'll look at the newer RAV4.

  • Thomas Davies
    Thomas Davies Month ago

    They are everywhere here in Australia its impossible to leave your house without seeing one before you get down the end of the street

  • Hayden Morris
    Hayden Morris Month ago

    What is the land cruiser model at 0:34

  • Paul_Melvin _
    Paul_Melvin _ Month ago +1

    I was going go buy a Land Cruiser years ago, but some dumb-ass Toyota designer added a worthless REFRIGERATOR in the middle console!! How STUPID!!
    It takes up valuable console storage space... Do those Toyota designers ever hear of getting a cheap $50.00 portable cooler from Wal-Mart? I don't want to spend $5 grand on a worthless non-removable console cooler. You can't take it out and put in your camping tent, etc.!!