The neuroscience of imagination - Andrey Vyshedskiy

  • Published on Dec 12, 2016
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    Imagine, for a second, a duck teaching a French class. A ping-pong match in orbit around a black hole. A dolphin balancing a pineapple. You probably haven’t actually seen any of these things. But you could imagine them instantly. How does your brain produce an image of something you’ve never seen? Andrey Vyshedskiy details the neuroscience of imagination.
    Lesson by Andrey Vyshedskiy, animation by Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat.

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  • Byron Hart
    Byron Hart 3 years ago +921

    I love brains. They're so complicated and we know so little about them. I'm excited to see what we'll discover about brains in the next 50 years that I'm alive. We're only just starting out on what I'm sure will be an incredible explosion of knowledge about the brain.

    • Gabe Saravia
      Gabe Saravia Month ago

      Can you explain where the mind and consciousness come from

    • Himanshii Aggarwal
      Himanshii Aggarwal 4 months ago

      A comedian once said I used to think my brain is amazing and then i realised who was telling me this

    • loleq21
      loleq21 2 years ago

      Mathias Lehmkuhl don't

    • Niryaad Oblum
      Niryaad Oblum 2 years ago +2

      Byron Hart your comment starts with an awkward statement, but still I empathise on the "neuro" excitement. Another hyped up thing right now is AI am I think that has endless possibilities of revealing our neurological capacities so on and so forth.

  • Arwa S
    Arwa S 4 days ago

    I could not imagine it !! Haha what’s wrong with me

  • haibara miyano
    haibara miyano 15 days ago

    did anyone have another videos about imagination like this ?

  • Car Rl
    Car Rl Month ago

    I'm working on a project for school, this got me ahead. Thank you very much!

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago

    I like how we say perceive like we know what that is.

  • Khalid Nezami
    Khalid Nezami 2 months ago +1

    This is discovered by David Hume.

  • bittercereal24
    bittercereal24 3 months ago

    I don't even have to close my eyes to imagine. I can see them without seeing them?

  • Fabiha Saddat
    Fabiha Saddat 4 months ago +1

    Brains named itself, studies itself, watches itself ..... BRAIN BLOWNNN

  • Laindal
    Laindal 4 months ago +1

    What a great era are we living, where you have almost ALL mankind knowledge easily displayed and explained in free platforms at any time. This could be the years of the "second discovery of fire".

  • Hasrat A.I
    Hasrat A.I 4 months ago

    Me (after watching this video) - How to increase Myelination and Why we cant Imagine 4th dimension...

  • Rephraseit
    Rephraseit 4 months ago

    Came here immediately out of curiosity of Kim Jung Gi's god-like skills

  • level 3 neural network
    level 3 neural network 4 months ago

    But that clickbait though

  • Tomas
    Tomas 6 months ago

    I absolutely love the art style

  • Alkaline Lyerly
    Alkaline Lyerly 7 months ago

    why does a duck now say cuac instead of quack?

  • #.Aman. Khatkar
    #.Aman. Khatkar 7 months ago

    Neuroscience is by far my favourite branch of science

  • Domagoj Čamak
    Domagoj Čamak 8 months ago

    Great video but you are explaining visualisation not imagination.
    People with aphantasia still have imagination they just can not visualise it.

  • Owl Sparks
    Owl Sparks 8 months ago +1

    did you know some people can't imagine like can't see what they imagine

  • ImELFY
    ImELFY 9 months ago

    sometimes im in calss and i imagine soemthing happen like me jumping on a table with the bruh sound effect playing over and over again while everyone freaks out makes me laugh and i get in trouble for it

  • Red wolf528
    Red wolf528 9 months ago

    My imagination is Soo realistic

  • Redicent
    Redicent 10 months ago

    Try to imagine a new color.


  • Amit Talekar
    Amit Talekar 10 months ago

    Imagination is faculty of mind not brain. When dreaming imagination happens even when there is no conscious brain activity involved.
    The mind uses brains creative regions to create images, but when mind is not present like in deep sleep, no imagination happens.

  • Amelia Yong
    Amelia Yong 10 months ago

    this helped me so much!

  • nerdy geek 11
    nerdy geek 11 11 months ago

    Brains named themselves

  • ClemsonBlueBelle
    ClemsonBlueBelle 11 months ago

    If this is true, why can you imagine things you’ve never seen? As in, a creature or invention you’ve never seen? If I understand what this is saying, it’s saying you synthesize two objects you have seen separately as together with your imagination.
    So, I’m curious how it works for things you haven’t seen in the physical world.

  • satnamo
    satnamo 11 months ago

    Whatever he imagines he becomes.

  • Cristopher Alexander

    My imagination has to be the best one

  • ThinkSink
    ThinkSink Year ago

    That doesn’t really explain completely made up shapes.

  • Demi De Vries
    Demi De Vries Year ago

    when you imagine something how clear is it? is it similar to like a photo or more like a faint idea of what you are imagining? because I can not imagine things and see them clearly. i often see short fuzzy flashes of how things look like but never in great detail. for example if i want to imagine a bike, i can imagine the small parts like the weels, and the saddle but i cant put everything together. if i'd try to imagine the whole bike it would seem like the picture was underwater or something like that.
    i just watched a video about aphantasia (people that cant visualize things inside their head) and now im curious as to how other people visualize their ideas.

  • Spoodaman
    Spoodaman Year ago

    i have aphantasia

  • Ashutosh Patnaik
    Ashutosh Patnaik Year ago +1

    All your videos are excellent . Just a suggestion this video could have been better animated and put a little better music pls

  • The Magnificent Creep

    I feel sorry for people born with no imagination, they will never experience the joy of imagination. I guess they could always imagine it... oh wait never mind :D

  • Gehan Saleh
    Gehan Saleh Year ago

    I loved my imagination but after watching this video I feel like looking at something is mental abuse for neurons

  • Vasiliy Agiy
    Vasiliy Agiy Year ago

    My mind is blown

  • Vic Culshaw
    Vic Culshaw Year ago

    Question, how do you encourage children to imagine. These days they are given toys that only serve one purpose , when you give them loose parts they have no idea what to do with them?

  • Gihayu Lugyantara

    Tambahin subtitel bahasa indinesia dong kak :(

  • Vincent Recto
    Vincent Recto Year ago

    The face in the thumbnail either has a big nose and no mouth staring at you or a big weird smile staring at you. Either way, both creepy.

  • walker 5
    walker 5 Year ago

    Neuroscience it always attract me.

  • Death Maze Challenge

    the music is great! what is it?...

  • Fiorela B. C.
    Fiorela B. C. Year ago

    In what book can I find the theory of mental synthesis? and who is the author of that theory?

  • empty sky
    empty sky Year ago

    I really liked the music in this!

  • Lord help
    Lord help Year ago +1

    why is this animation so creepy....

  • Assil Tahiti
    Assil Tahiti Year ago

    Name of the music

  • Ján Kučera
    Ján Kučera Year ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the first half

  • Kristine Hernandez

    Pls make a video on how chess or other board games affect our brains

  • Errr...What?
    Errr...What? Year ago

    After watching this, I started looking for ways to fatten up my myelin sheaths. hehe

  • Amilkhanov Saidkhon

    May i please know the title of this wierdly captivating background tune?

  • Kosai Souff
    Kosai Souff Year ago

    Amazing video
    The animation, the music, I can't, really great job, phenomenal!

  • Goran Vukša
    Goran Vukša Year ago

    You have completely skipped visual binding problem??? It is the most interesting part.

  • Calla Antoinette
    Calla Antoinette Year ago

    This artist enjoys good espresso

  • Oliwia Olano
    Oliwia Olano Year ago

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  • deebo2345
    deebo2345 Year ago

    Love me some Ted Ed! All of your videos are so intriguing and unique. They are works of art and masterpieces of knowledge. Thank you for creating such amazing videos.

  • Mayank Ramnani
    Mayank Ramnani Year ago

    when I am thinking about how my brain works, is it "me" or my "brain" thinking about itself? the latter idea fascinates me as to we limit our knowledge how brain functions by the abilities of our own brains! sounds like a paradox , or maybe I am MAD!

  • 10 1001 1010
    10 1001 1010 Year ago

    Pretty much that's how schools and abusive parents destroyed childrens abilty for creativity and mental developments

  • Briana Peterson
    Briana Peterson Year ago

    Omg the french duck saying "cuac" killed me XD

  • Moon_ d
    Moon_ d Year ago

    what about blind people?

  • Debjeet Chakraborty

    Ted gives us wonderful information but the animation is rather disturbing.

  • Arti DesFuts
    Arti DesFuts Year ago


  • Master Lavellan
    Master Lavellan Year ago

    But it’s a connection of things we’ve seen. What I want to do is to imagine something I’ve never seen.

  • Fatimah Alturki
    Fatimah Alturki Year ago

    The background music is really good

  • Will Ervin
    Will Ervin Year ago

    what is the name of this song??