Bob Ross - On a Clear Day (Season 14 Episode 8)

  • Published on May 27, 2016
  • Bob Ross’ striking color contrasts create a scene that appears to thaw under the bright sun of a late winter’s day.
    Season 14 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Distant Mountains,Meadow Brook Surprise, Mountain Moonlight Oval, Snowy Solitude, Mountain River, Graceful Mountains, Windy Waves, On a Clear Day, Riverside Escape Oval, Surprising Falls, Shadow Pond, Misty Forest Oval, and Natural Wonder.
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    Originally aired on 2/17/1988
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  • Virus Renegade
    Virus Renegade 3 hours ago

    Is it strange that i find his voice mesmerising and enchanting as his paintings?

  • Bassaholic
    Bassaholic 4 hours ago


  • oxpecker
    oxpecker 6 hours ago

    It's such a shame that he died at such a young age...

  • AgroBabb
    AgroBabb 6 hours ago

    Bob Ross died because god wanted to meet him.

  • Amin Min
    Amin Min 10 hours ago

    I like how he’s talk

  • FrttMs
    FrttMs 10 hours ago

    The small giggle he does everytime he beats the devil out of it gets me every time

  • Simplicity
    Simplicity 11 hours ago

    The 600+ people that disliked probably tryed to get purple clouds then he said we can green instead of purple

  • THX 1138
    THX 1138 11 hours ago

    Seems like a nice guy even if his paintings were shlock.

  • gena4ka
    gena4ka 12 hours ago

    Amazing man. So much great quotes! Let's get crazy here!

  • theringmaster886
    theringmaster886 13 hours ago

    I just started watching this and couldn't stop.

  • King _kai15
    King _kai15 15 hours ago +1

    Bob Ross voice is so realxing just watching his vids at 3 in the morning is very calming i miss him 😪

  • AF 2000
    AF 2000 17 hours ago

    "just a fun painting"

  • unkown guy
    unkown guy 18 hours ago

    People who dislike this video🤡

  • Angel Contreras
    Angel Contreras 18 hours ago

    Bob ross: " this painting makes you feel warm"
    Me: no bob. You make me feel warm.

  • LeadedCoffee
    LeadedCoffee 23 hours ago

    ...”beat the devil out of it”......

  • Willow & Dominoes

    This is the most patient man to be on this earth, he is a hero, and inspires so many people. We need him back ❤️❤️🌄🏞🌅 also, his hair never gets old and I went to the store and saw bob ross tee shirts

  • Catpuchino 123
    Catpuchino 123 Day ago +1

    I bet he paints the sky and every day when we
    Admire it he smiles as he draws tomorrow

  • RJ L
    RJ L Day ago

    he just may be god...he enjoys beating the devil...

  • Mongoose 4444
    Mongoose 4444 Day ago

    osinjak na glavi

  • Crēo Loui
    Crēo Loui Day ago

    The dislikes are the devils he beat out of his brush.

  • MotoCzar
    MotoCzar Day ago +1

    Me: "I missed that part, what do I do again?"
    Bob: "Just beat the devil out of it"

  • jean pk
    jean pk Day ago

  • Do you speak English? Hursan Kamalov

    I always watch this before I go sleep

  • Do you speak English? Hursan Kamalov

    who watches in 2019 ?

  • Pugloverbree
    Pugloverbree Day ago

    Does anyone else watch bob ross when they are stressed or bored

  • FluffyMuffs
    FluffyMuffs Day ago

    22:01 here comes the crazyyy treeeeees, there's always that part when he paints u think he ruins it but then it becomes beautiful at the end.

  • FluffyMuffs
    FluffyMuffs Day ago

    if someone in my art class tells me one more time that my clouds look green i would tell them MOTHARFOKIN BOB ROSS OUR SAVIOR TOLD ME I CAN HAEV ALL THE MOTAHR FOKIN GRENN CLOUNDS I WANTT

  • Alex B.
    Alex B. Day ago

    Theyre hiding him in area 51 quick we need to save him

  • Jack
    Jack Day ago

    I love that Bob Ross only became a painter so he could beat the devil out of the brushes.

  • Danilo Simic
    Danilo Simic Day ago

    "I don't really want my art in a museum" [or something like that]

    -Bob Ross
    I can't believe I just watched a 27 min video without hesitating, skipping, switching videos or just not paying attention.
    but I'm not surprised that I didn't hesitate on Bob Ross.

  • Alex Alerasoul
    Alex Alerasoul Day ago

    "If you want a little ripple, go right out here... there. If you wanna little ripple... when I was in the military I had a friend who had a lot of ripple. There we go. ...We won't- we won't talk about that. ...All right. Let's have some fun."

  • Vincent Sierra
    Vincent Sierra Day ago

    So effortless and amazing. We love and miss you bob

    SPORO MAN Day ago

    God Truly Blessed You Sir, Wishing You Many More Years Of Love & Creativity....Thank You So Much This Was A Beautiful Experience of Imagination of a beautiful peaceful place...

  • Mumble Bee
    Mumble Bee Day ago

    I had so much stress about not being a good artists yet... but then he just made all my stress go away by saying if I want green clouds, I could have green clouds.. #bringbobrossback

  • Vicky Tireito
    Vicky Tireito 2 days ago +1

    Just beat the devil out of it

    - Bob Ross

  • Boyhood_bio
    Boyhood_bio 2 days ago +1

    Did you know Bob Ross’ painting are all boxed up in a room? I would pay big bucks to see them in a museum. Such a shame.

  • Boyhood_bio
    Boyhood_bio 2 days ago

    “Just beat the devil out of it” 😂😂😂

  • Austin Drumm
    Austin Drumm 2 days ago

    The whole time I thought his board was gonna touch his shirt and get paint on it he looks like he gets so close every time 😂😩

  • Joseph Ollett
    Joseph Ollett 2 days ago

    Imma cry when I watch all of Bob's videos....😭

  • 19SSL94
    19SSL94 2 days ago

    So much cringe moments I was like "shit you fucked u...." "OH! SHIIIEEET!"... "Bravo... Bravo!" You fearless A'F!..

  • 1 Happy GUY
    1 Happy GUY 2 days ago

    Love You Bob Ross!! Thank you !! Beautiful Works of art! :-)

  • Lizzy Plays
    Lizzy Plays 2 days ago

    "And just beat it, that's the real fun part about it"
    -Bob Ross
    I agree

  • Kim Cutiepie
    Kim Cutiepie 2 days ago

    The painting looks so airbrushed

  • Mr Wizard
    Mr Wizard 3 days ago

    Bob ross is the architect of this matrix

  • 24_Iz_Me
    24_Iz_Me 3 days ago

    This is porn 😂

  • Cally Sushi
    Cally Sushi 3 days ago

    The Grandpappy of ASMR 😍🖌🏞

  • Picnic Lover
    Picnic Lover 3 days ago

    Someone recently asked me "who's Bob Ross?" I replied "Bob Ross was a white dude with an afro and the best voice ever who told American people who weren't going to pick up a paintbrush after high school how to paint." They literally just went "ooooooh, that one."

  • WatR
    WatR 3 days ago +1

    Me: Hey bob is that a see-through shirt?
    Bob: winks, chuckles
    Me: Bob i thought we talked about this

  • Clayton Cotter
    Clayton Cotter 3 days ago

    "It's just good to be alive sometimes..." ouchie :(

  • Alain Petersen
    Alain Petersen 3 days ago

    Explaining how to break the rules
    so simple, yet the way in which Bob Ross says it is Incredible.

  • Allan Survo
    Allan Survo 3 days ago

    i'm a happy little accident

  • Jon Smiths
    Jon Smiths 3 days ago

    "Which ever way works for you. That's the right way...and that's all that counts."

    -Bob Ross

  • Zacharia Kaye
    Zacharia Kaye 3 days ago

    The second you see that this episode was uploaded on your birthday, you know this is going to be fun.

  • Life of Laura 2.0
    Life of Laura 2.0 4 days ago

    All the sayings he saying I still hear today! Son of a gun, look-see, beat the devil outta it, etc.

  • Junior
    Junior 4 days ago

    LOL..Just beat the devil outta of it.. Classic line.

  • Jada Johnson
    Jada Johnson 4 days ago

    Bob Ross I want to learn how to do oil paint fr I learned how to paint acrylic n watercolor paint already not oil paint

  • Raoul Trüeb
    Raoul Trüeb 4 days ago

    "I'll use a one-inch brush *what the heck* "

  • Kaone Sebereko
    Kaone Sebereko 4 days ago

    lets get crazy

    Proceeds to draw a tree, that the craziness i want.
    Bob Ross was an angel

  • Mehak Verma
    Mehak Verma 4 days ago


  • Thatgirl99
    Thatgirl99 4 days ago

    am I the only one that can just sit and cry watching him cause he’s just so pure😭

  • art dinh
    art dinh 4 days ago

    one of the best painting I've ever seen, thank you

  • Dallas Howson
    Dallas Howson 4 days ago

    😢😌 so beautiful

  • Jesse Young
    Jesse Young 4 days ago

    LOL 😂 I thought you said I could go too sleep 😴? I’m still woke Lol😳

  • Potter Smiles
    Potter Smiles 4 days ago

    Rip bob ross

  • Dayle Strike
    Dayle Strike 4 days ago +2

    me: takes 30 mins to paint a single tree
    Bob Ross: Paints an entire landscape in 30 mins

  • BChewMusic
    BChewMusic 4 days ago +3

    Why take anxiety medication when there’s Bob Ross

  • Shade Silverwing
    Shade Silverwing 4 days ago

    Whenever I am having a bad day, I pop on some Bob Ross and let my brain melt :)
    That man could read a phone book and make me feel good.

  • Jon Focker
    Jon Focker 5 days ago

    Maybe humanity isn't too bad. Nice to see people appreciate him so much.

  • Jon Focker
    Jon Focker 5 days ago

    Maybe humanity isn't too bad. Nice to see people appreciate him so much.

  • Apsáalooke Awareness

    Lol am I the only one who notices the Trump like figure at 1:28

  • said badgel
    said badgel 5 days ago

    *happy noises*

  • bts - snsd - clc
    bts - snsd - clc 5 days ago

    bob ross reminds me of the essence of studio ghibli movies

  • I’m Bad at Gaming
    I’m Bad at Gaming 5 days ago

    To anyone who dislikes this video... Bob Ross won’t beat the devil out of you

  • I'm not Wanda
    I'm not Wanda 5 days ago

    I wonder what "the ripple" his military buddy had

  • Unleash The Fury
    Unleash The Fury 5 days ago

    Someone should make this into a sleep-help audio tape, for those who need assistance in becoming sleepy.

  • 生駒時間八尾
    生駒時間八尾 5 days ago


  • 生駒時間八尾
    生駒時間八尾 5 days ago

    you are keeping me from killing myself

  • Blues Man
    Blues Man 5 days ago


  • Blues Man
    Blues Man 5 days ago

    I'm happy happy HAPPY !!! THANKS BOB !!!

  • Antoine Marques
    Antoine Marques 6 days ago

    Paints a whole mountain in an instant : see how easy it is ...

  • Kuzhy811
    Kuzhy811 6 days ago

    He really makes my heart smile💖💖

  • m w
    m w 6 days ago

    So relaxing watching these, brilliant artist

  • Isaac Cross-Bates
    Isaac Cross-Bates 6 days ago

    we will miss you

  • King Bryan
    King Bryan 6 days ago

    I Love Bob

  • Nithin C
    Nithin C 6 days ago +1

    Someone needs to beat the devil out of RU-clip videos

  • Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis 6 days ago

    You are an inspiration to us all Bob. You will be missed.

  • sKely
    sKely 6 days ago

    “just beat the devil out of it”

  • Cecillegrace Inocencio

    This is therapeutic for me. His voice, face, the way he talks and his paintings it calms me down.

  • Maple
    Maple 6 days ago


  • Whatever Animations
    Whatever Animations 6 days ago +2

    Why do I feel like if there was a jesus 2
    It would be Bob Ross. 🤔🙂🖒

  • Uechi Ryuk
    Uechi Ryuk 6 days ago

    When he starts doing the evergreen on the left side the mountains look so real

  • janjay morris
    janjay morris 6 days ago

    he can put me to sleep only by talking

  • Brent George
    Brent George 6 days ago

    Absolutely breathtaking. I loved every episode as a kid and love them even more today!

  • Zipho Nguza
    Zipho Nguza 6 days ago

    "Just beat the devil out of him"

  • Aadhya Kodumalla
    Aadhya Kodumalla 6 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Dirty Meza
    Dirty Meza 6 days ago

    Such beauty watching bob ross makes me melt inside!!

  • dv2u2
    dv2u2 7 days ago

    I am convinced God sent for this man !

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi 7 days ago +5

    He said his works will never be in the Smithsonian... but its on permanent exhibit there now!

  • Rudra Jain
    Rudra Jain 7 days ago +2

    Just Good To Be Alive Sometimes
    -Bob Ross

    Dear God, we miss him, a lot. Please send him back to us.

  • the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah

    fucking love Bob