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Bending Plasma with ElectroMagnetic Fields

  • Published on Aug 25, 2018
  • This tube contains a mixture of argon and neon gas. The tube is connected to electrodes that send an electrical current through the gas, causing it to become plasma. Sliding the magnet shows how the magnetic field affects the plasma.
    In a Tokamak fusion reactor, huge electromagnets are used to contain the glowing plasma producing fusion energy. Magnetic fields are used to surround the plasma in the Tokamak because no solid material can withstand the extremely high temperatures of the plasma, which reach 180 million degrees Fahrenheit.
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Comments • 9

  • Timothy Vaher
    Timothy Vaher 2 years ago +2

    Bravo, Standing ovation! Demonstrating plasma physics as such, offers visual proof for imagination. That we're body electric and an electric universe. And the first state of matter is pre periodical plasma! Great work.

  • Electric Universe Eyes
    Electric Universe Eyes  3 years ago +8

    Welcome to the Electric Universe way of thinking. We need more experimentalists.

    • bipola telly
      bipola telly 2 years ago

      I've been shocked and zapped so many times... I live in mortal terror of electricity!
      Aaaaarh!!! (car door zapped me!)
      It's you warrior experimentalists that must lead mankind forward....
      I am old and weak now.... Ancient by your standards.... Kept running by the grace of God, a pacemaker and the love of my good wife.
      .......and a drop of bourbon.... an odd spliff....
      Australian Rules Football....an occasional roll your own....
      What was the question?

  • Johnny Ray Bramton
    Johnny Ray Bramton 3 years ago +2

    Oh damn - I want one right now.

  • Johnny Ray Bramton
    Johnny Ray Bramton 3 years ago +2

    I think I can build one with a fluorescent tube and speaker driver voice coils.

    • seachangeau
      seachangeau 3 years ago +1

      Cool upload a video and diy plans when u do!

  • MrGodofcars
    MrGodofcars 3 years ago +1

    Amazing music and experiment.

  • Salah Haji
    Salah Haji Year ago +1

    Can I share ?