The Entire Breaking Bad Story Finally Explained

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • Over the course of five seasons, Breaking Bad told the tale of Walter White, a man whose cancer diagnosis drove him to cook and sell meth. Now, we’re going to dig deep and explain the story of the timid chemistry teacher who finally broke bad.
    In the first episode of Breaking Bad, high school chemistry teacher Walter White is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. After finding out from Hank Schrader, his DEA agent brother-in-law, how profitable cooking meth can be, Walt teams up with a former student named Jesse Pinkman to cook meth so that he can make enough money to provide for his family after he's gone.
    Unfortunately, Jesse and their batch of newly cooked meth are snatched up by a pair of dealers named Krazy-8 and Emilio. The two force Jesse to take them to the RV where Walt and Jesse have been cooking, presumably to kill the two and to take their materials. Walt poisons the two of them, but Krazy-8 survives long enough that Walt is forced to kill the meth dealer himself.
    Soon after, Walt's family pushes him to pursue chemotherapy rather than just accept his fate. Ultimately, Walt agrees to seek treatment, even though the cost would put his family even further into debt.
    Walt and Jesse make their partnership official with a simple division of labor: Walt will cook, while Jesse will sell.
    Jesse reaches out to a local crime boss, Tuco Salamanca, to see if he'd be interested in buying larger quantities of the pair's high-quality meth. To put it simply, negotiations do not go well. Walt moves in to handle Tuco, using his chemistry skills to prepare an explosion to intimidate Tuco. Impressed and amused, Tuco agrees to work with Walt and Jesse. Keep watching the video to see the entire Breaking Bad story finally explained!
    A diagnosis | 0:16
    Tuco's explosive introduction | 1:10
    Problems between partners | 2:02
    Heisenberg rises | 3:18
    Jane's death | 4:40
    Los Pollos Hermanos | 6:13
    New laboratory, same Walt | 7:34
    Escalation in the workplace | 9:11
    Fring meets his fate | 10:39
    The new kingpin | 12:26
    A new operation | 13:36
    Falling apart | 14:44
    Everything ends | 16:17
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  • Looper
    Looper  3 months ago +75

    What's the best season of Breaking Bad?

    • Jerry Taylor
      Jerry Taylor 9 days ago

      I'd have to say the last season is the best heisenberg is ruthless

    • OPEdits- AR
      OPEdits- AR Month ago

      This is a summary not new explaination

    • Gary20O
      Gary20O Month ago

      Seasons 3 and 4. :)

    • kdmq
      kdmq Month ago

      Season 1 and 2 are the best. The whole series is enjoyable but as you get closer to the end it quickly gets cringy, especially when Walter led Hank on just so he could say Gail was not a genius.

    • R Ramirez
      R Ramirez 2 months ago

      Your mom.

  • Ben Schyan
    Ben Schyan 4 days ago

    Wish you could add the el Camino recap on here

  • Joel Villarreal
    Joel Villarreal 4 days ago

    Nice summary now where's the explanation

  • Dr. Cogent
    Dr. Cogent 4 days ago

    If you have seen the show and El Camino, what could this video possibly tell you that you don’t already know? F this video and just watch the show. This channel has to invent BS to keep videos coming

  • Bananabender
    Bananabender 9 days ago

    I always wanted Skylar to try meth, get hooked then overdose and die. Beautiful story.

  • Bananabender
    Bananabender 9 days ago +1

    Could you please finally explain The Wizard of Oz? The B&W, the flying monkeys, that tin man with the spout on his head, all those little people and that little biting dog? Don't give me the plot -I want it e x p l a i n e d. Feel free to constantly interrupt with ads because the boring voice puts me to sleep and include the repulsive background music to keep me alert. Thank you in advance.

  • Ah! bowakawa pousse pousse

    Three lots of ads so far? I'm out!👎

  • TheJohka
    TheJohka 16 days ago


  • Traveler _09
    Traveler _09 17 days ago

    Why did Lydia had to die? What did she do to Walt? I mean jessie rated and the nazi stole his money. What did Lydia do?

    • ARandomBoi
      ARandomBoi 15 days ago

      She told the gang to kill Walt

  • gndbssdq juyftdf
    gndbssdq juyftdf 21 day ago

    only lame people would need Looper to explain the story instead of just watching the show..

  • midhunsmenonINDIAN
    midhunsmenonINDIAN Month ago +1

    "Everything was for his selfish reasons!"
    Are u crazy!After all, he didn't gain anything from the money he earned.He gave it to Gretchen to give it to his family, before his end.


    timid chem teacher, really? and what's with the explanation!

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross Month ago +1

    Jesse's drug dealer friend had a name! Combo!
    Rest in peace brother

  • Dustin F
    Dustin F 2 months ago

    Man after watching the series about 6 times through I never understood that they were selling drugs... thanks!🙄🙄🙄

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago

    It was hydrofluoric acid, not hydrochloric. 14:37

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago

    "All communication will be handled by his fixer"... You mean handler? 10:20

  • R Ramirez
    R Ramirez 2 months ago

    Pointless. There was nothing I did not understand and English is my 2nd language. OMG, what people do to get attention.

  • johnny massa
    johnny massa 2 months ago

    Finally? This is literally 15% of youtube “breakinh bad explained” lol. Syill a good vid tho

  • king ECSTAZY
    king ECSTAZY 2 months ago

    You basically just narrated what happens in the series 😂 if you want to watch breaking bad but don’t have the time watch this video lmao 😂😂😂

  • Sauce World
    Sauce World 2 months ago

    This series was awesome, the new movie sucks doe

  • Justin Heretotroll
    Justin Heretotroll 2 months ago

    "Finally Explained"

    What did I miss?

  • Production DH
    Production DH 2 months ago


  • Lucixir
    Lucixir 2 months ago

    If you watched the series, there would be no need for this generalized summary about it.
    His bitch ass wife was unappreciative of the sacrifices he made to ensure his family financial future after he was gone in the little time he had left. His son is clueless how the real world works or what it takes to make it in the world.
    Walter White did what he had to do in order to make it in this world. If not him, someone else would have been doing it so if he has the knowledge and drive to supply the drugs to the addicts, he isn't responsible for the choices they make or the drug cartels for that matter.
    This was a great show that really ruined it with his wifes attitude and sons stupidity.

    This was a great series up until the end when they hurry up and rushed the ending because all the actors were getting higher paid opportunities elsewhere.

  • Grackle2012
    Grackle2012 2 months ago +1

    "Finally"? Didn't the series explain all of this already, better than this video?

  • OOPSiDiditAgain
    OOPSiDiditAgain 2 months ago +1

    Wait a minute you're saying Heisenberg is Walt and Walt is Heisenberg?

    • Sayan Roy
      Sayan Roy 2 months ago

      Heisenberg is walt but with black hat on

  • Yoyo Ball
    Yoyo Ball 2 months ago +1

    Breaking Bad is the GOAT!

  • Nasreen Umar
    Nasreen Umar 2 months ago

    Literally got a netflix el camino trailer as an ad

  • Xander Ortiz
    Xander Ortiz 2 months ago

    Did anyone else’s first ad cut in right as he said Jane “is in recovery for addic-“? In recovery for what?? 🤣

    CRUSHING ASMR 2 months ago

    Jessie Pinkman seemed to become an entire different person by the end of this series. Completely destroyed. The Breaking Bad Movie was pretty good. I think it's called El Camino.

  • endorphinz
    endorphinz 2 months ago

    Looper must have a template that automatically adds the words "Finally Explained" to every video title...

  • Terry Hobbs
    Terry Hobbs 2 months ago

    2 + 2 FINALLY EXPLAINED.......its 4.

  • Alex Coleman
    Alex Coleman 2 months ago

    Tuco was not delusional about the DEA being after him, Hank says they raided his place of operations.

  • Oksh
    Oksh 2 months ago +2

    Explained? Finnaly?
    Everyone who watched the show has it already e x p l a i n e d.
    This is not Twin Peaks, lol.

  • Samuel Montague
    Samuel Montague 2 months ago

    this isn't the story "explained", it's literally just the story. might as well be at a table reading.

  • 1.21 Gigawatts
    1.21 Gigawatts 2 months ago +1

    One of the things that really stuck out at me on my second viewing of this series is the total destruction of a really nice family. My first viewing I was sad for the death of Walter, my second viewing I was sad about the ashes he left behind. Hank is dead, Marie is a widow, Skyler is quite possible a soon to be criminal, Holly has lost a father, an uncle and possible a mother to the justice system and worst of all is Walt Jr. At least Holly is young enough not to remember all of this but Walt Jr's life is completely ruined. Everyone he loves is either dead or in a serious situation. Not to mention he'll always be remembered as a drug kingpins son. Sure he has ten million dollars waiting for him, but that's almost a year away. He's going to have to go through a whole lot of shit to find the rainbow at the end. Really quite a depressing ending to a fantastic show

  • Richard’s Testicle Head

    Jane, Gretchen, and The principle were the finest pieces of ass on this show. Id clap any of those cheeks anyday.

  • Joe
    Joe 2 months ago

    09:11 Andrea’s brother killed Combo not the guys in the car. Even if they used him her brother pulled the trigger and actually committing the crime.

  • spacestuffandstardust
    spacestuffandstardust 2 months ago

    Okay this video is a recap not a finally explained video! SMH 🤦‍♂️

  • Dexterous Discourses
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  • Bobby Walsh
    Bobby Walsh 2 months ago

    Anytime an ad stops a video I stop watching

  • MrSalt !
    MrSalt ! 2 months ago

    Man this video is really important on knowing the story of breaking bad but it’s not more important than my bASEBALL cArDS

  • crazyglennw
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  • Joshua Hollenbeck
    Joshua Hollenbeck 2 months ago

    Oh my gawd... that man.. has a penis.. ummmm

  • Hugh Tahoob
    Hugh Tahoob 2 months ago +1

    When you're younger you didnt like Walter but when you get older you understand him a lot better

  • Unhumanized
    Unhumanized 2 months ago

    Wow didn't talk about El Camino at all

  • Martin Clifford
    Martin Clifford 2 months ago +1

    imagine the arrogance of thinking you could explain this show better than the show did.

  • Scott Franco
    Scott Franco 3 months ago

    On watching this a second time, I think there is a major missing piece to the story. Gus Fring, we find out, is the biggest, badest dealer in the southwest. However, he seemed unaware of what Walter and crew were doing. I think it makes more sense that by the time walter walks though the door of "los hermanos" that he knew all about them, the blue meth and what they had been doing. "know your competition".

  • Scott Franco
    Scott Franco 3 months ago +1

    The actor that played "tuco" had to leave for another engagement. Imagine how cool BB would have been if he could have stayed.

  • m Lindsey
    m Lindsey 3 months ago

    Watched breaking bad years ago, just getting updated for El Camino 👌

  • Cole Brillinger
    Cole Brillinger 3 months ago

    This was just a summary of the whole show.....

  • MrEnjoivolcom1
    MrEnjoivolcom1 3 months ago

    Who needs this to be explained?

  • Julia Carl
    Julia Carl 3 months ago +1

    It is a sad statement about health care in the USA that a person has to cook meth in order to pay for his cancer treatment. I used to work in a hospital and yeah people die because cannot afford treatment all the time.

  • B Kingi
    B Kingi 3 months ago +3

    "He then heads to the neo Nazi compound, Kills the skinheads" hahaha

  • kcleonard
    kcleonard 3 months ago +64

    This should have been renamed “Spoiling of Breaking Bad Without Giving Any New Insights to the Story”.

  • Roto Kid
    Roto Kid 3 months ago

    You could also just watch the show

  • Stanley6.0
    Stanley6.0 3 months ago

    An explanation? Or just a synopsis...

  • John Meurer
    John Meurer 3 months ago

    I wish someone could do a video like this on the show Fringe. I have seen Fringe 3 times and it still suprises me every time.

  • Alexander Arnold
    Alexander Arnold 3 months ago +1

    "Milo Ventamiglia" also sometimes is the Actor for Aaron Paul's character.

  • Jayme Thysell
    Jayme Thysell 3 months ago +7

    This show has the best ending to a TV show that I've ever seen.

  • Sister Douglas
    Sister Douglas 3 months ago

    I hated Skyler