The History of my Hair

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • So many haircuts in a reasonable amount of time

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never have a coconut haircut
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  • Tyler Kilgore
    Tyler Kilgore 29 seconds ago

    -When my hair pierced skin:
    i colored my hair elmo red one weekend at a friends house when i was 14. i didnt ask permission so when my mom picked me up and made me take my hood down in the car... she started crying! she knew my dad would FLIP OUT so she took me straight to CVS and bought color stripper and blonde dye and we went to a family friend's house. well... the stripper didnt work very well and so my went back to CVS and got 2 bleach treatments... which only got us to white roots with neon pink tips! We then applied the blonde hair color. my hair wound up with unnaturally dark silver/grey roots and tips that were still more pink than anything else... our family friend ended up buzzing my hair down to about 1/2 inch to get the pink out (nbd cause i was short-ish haired boy anyway). my dad didnt find my silver/gray hair upsetting so it worked out in the end. needless to say that the remaining hair, after being treated 6 times in 48 hrs was DRY... thats right, dry enough to pierce skin! this didnt stop me from having wild hair moving forward though! I even made my hair a watermelon after seeing jaiden's shirt in the "7 day vegan challenge baby solves all ya' problems" video! love ya! keep up the great work! (endrant,lol)

  • Travis dile
    Travis dile 35 seconds ago


  • Midnight Gaming
    Midnight Gaming 36 seconds ago

    Once one of my hairs pierced through my nail... idk how or why but it happened...

  • •Peanut Butter•
    •Peanut Butter• 40 seconds ago

    I have been Pericles by a hair strand lol
    Idk how and I feel so alone

  • jjoshf
    jjoshf 42 seconds ago

    I just got my hair colored this friday. It's the color of the outside of a plum. (I'm a girl.)

  • Tabbs, I guess
    Tabbs, I guess 42 seconds ago +1

    Okay but- Drawing it genuinely pisses me off

  • BlazingFury
    BlazingFury 47 seconds ago

    Everyone: woah nice job getting #1 on trending!

    also congrats on #1!

  • Crabby Lobster
    Crabby Lobster 47 seconds ago

    Congratulations on getting #1 on trending Jaiden!

  • Camille Carter
    Camille Carter 48 seconds ago


  • corban Rosebank
    corban Rosebank 49 seconds ago

    I have had the same thing with my own hair went in and out its like cmon really

  • Jason Nguyen
    Jason Nguyen 55 seconds ago

    you're not average looking (not to me at least) this sounds so creepy ignore what i just said

  • Fantasy 2Reality
    Fantasy 2Reality Minute ago

    So actually not human hair but yeah. Our dog's hair was so thick that it could get stuck in your feet sometimes

  • PotatoMateYT !!!
    PotatoMateYT !!! Minute ago

    Congrats on #1 on trending!

  • Giaciano YT
    Giaciano YT Minute ago

    I've been stabbed by my cats fur in the bottom of my foot a few times, which is just cat hair so... yes

  • Gay Kid
    Gay Kid Minute ago

    I've had dog hair stuck in my hand once

  • Scarfmallow
    Scarfmallow Minute ago


    Hair's backstory

  • soxmath
    soxmath Minute ago

    I have been stabbed by a dorito chip. No hair piercing s though

  • TheFoxSocks 0207
    TheFoxSocks 0207 Minute ago +1

    Yeah 6 hours ago!

  • Rodehi Bardock Z
    Rodehi Bardock Z Minute ago

    Lol my mom is a hairdresser too.

    CHERRY BOI Minute ago

    6:20 R.I.P Ari

  • Nebulox
    Nebulox Minute ago

    Does catfur count if it pierces my skin? Happens alot

  • Isabel Magana
    Isabel Magana Minute ago

    I relate way to much my hair gets every where and it's so thick I can't blow dry it cause it will poof up but if I air dry it it gets a curly and weird

  • McKensie K
    McKensie K Minute ago

    My sister works as a hair stylist and comes home with hair splinters. Basically hair can sometimes get so sharp they pierce the skin and it's called a hair splinter. She once got one in her nose

  • ThePurpleWurmple
    ThePurpleWurmple Minute ago

    5:34 snom.

  • Vincent the goth
    Vincent the goth Minute ago


  • Scout Steve
    Scout Steve Minute ago

    what's the matter with these scissors?

  • Christina Chandler
    Christina Chandler Minute ago

    Guess I’m artsy

  • Lila B
    Lila B Minute ago

    1 on trending good job 👌👌👌👌

  • Chikn
    Chikn Minute ago +1

    wow cool scar! how did u get it?
    *i was attacked... by my moms hair*

  • Ya boi
    Ya boi Minute ago

    3:37 kill la kill

  • Squid_ Man
    Squid_ Man Minute ago

    I have pink hair and it’s such a pain

    MEMESBIGROUX Minute ago

    Is It Just Me Or Does Jaiden In The Thumbnail Look Like Ryuko From Kill La Kill

  • It’s Meh
    It’s Meh Minute ago +1


  • Dragonic Dude
    Dragonic Dude Minute ago

    Congrats on trending.

  • MasterONT
    MasterONT Minute ago

    2:21 can relate. I have an afro. my hair is 6+ inches long (I haven't checked in a while... it is probably like 8 or 9 inches now)

  • Unstable Energy
    Unstable Energy Minute ago +1

    I have no combed my hair in years... Yet, its the straightest thing ever. It doesn't get knotted at all!

  • CLASHING only XD
    CLASHING only XD Minute ago

    Hey jaiden look like I found your hair

  • Dumpling_MC
    Dumpling_MC Minute ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I don't know what to comment
    And neither do you

  • Devils Bride
    Devils Bride Minute ago

    When I was young id always dye my hair to this day I still dye it :))

  • Hannah Sherwood
    Hannah Sherwood 2 minutes ago

    Hair splinters! They're something you dont know of until youve been around coarse and often relatively straight hair. They suck.

  • TheBigApple
    TheBigApple 2 minutes ago

    I think my mom is HAIRCULES

  • alanavocado
    alanavocado 2 minutes ago

    I had red highlights and when I went to the shower I thought I was bleeding

  • Matthew Sleeper
    Matthew Sleeper 2 minutes ago

    5:10 I T S T H E L A W O F E Q U I V A L E N T E X C H A N G E J A I D E N , T O G E T S O M E T H I N G , S O M E T H I N G O F E Q U A L V A L U E M U S T B E L O S T , T H A T I S T H E L A W O F A L C H E M Y ( Y O U W A T C H F M A ?)

  • TheNinjaPixel
    TheNinjaPixel 2 minutes ago

    Ive been pierced by my sisters hair, it hurt

  • fjdjjd djjeiejeh
    fjdjjd djjeiejeh 2 minutes ago +1

    Jaiden: Has purple and pink hair and does not mention laurenzside
    Me: *Impossible*

  • xpert kanishk
    xpert kanishk 2 minutes ago

    1 like= sympathy for people with intense hair fall

  • Daze Caden
    Daze Caden 2 minutes ago

    Number 1 trending. Nice

  • MOnkey fudge
    MOnkey fudge 2 minutes ago

    i would love to see sketchbook tours or like your finished pieces from collage in videos

  • axel jair herrera
    axel jair herrera 2 minutes ago

    Bring the ugly Christmas sweaters again pls

  • AuggoDoggo
    AuggoDoggo 2 minutes ago +1


  • LEN. Z
    LEN. Z 2 minutes ago +1

    I watched the Nuzlock vid over 6 times and I still am watching it. I am prob gonna watch it after this

  • Beatzie Graham
    Beatzie Graham 2 minutes ago

    You are a lady of TV culture


  • MoonAvem
    MoonAvem 2 minutes ago

    Oh wow our stories are pretty similar! I’ve got extremely thick hair and since my mom does hair, I only trust her to cut mine (for free of course). That means I’ve gone through multiple phases of different colored hair throughout my middle school to high school life. I’ve decided to keep it real short to manage it easier since it’s true about it taking forever to dry and somehow leaving long strands of it behind in places I don’t remember being. And now that it’s short (and sharp now?), it raises the chances of me piercing myself with my own hair when I try to style it xD So you’re not the only one!! One time a strand of my hair pierced the middle of my palm and I couldn’t take it out for a week!

  • EnderSlayer
    EnderSlayer 2 minutes ago +1

    I have been pierce by a hair strand!

  • BlaCk0ut 2098
    BlaCk0ut 2098 2 minutes ago

    Jaiden: LaurenZside I'm coming for your hair style
    Lauren: How dare you!

  • Salty Tacos
    Salty Tacos 2 minutes ago

    One of my cat’s hair pierced my foot .-.

  • Trucker 298
    Trucker 298 2 minutes ago

    4:13 What a way to point Bijuu Mike out

    LOGAN WALKER 2 minutes ago +1

    yours was a coconut, lucky
    mine looked like a mushroom

  • Laura Morrison
    Laura Morrison 3 minutes ago

    Om goodness ur on #1 trending in so happy😱💖💖💖💖