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Dr. Gary Fettke - 'Carbohydrate: The Dose Is The Poison!'

  • Published on Oct 1, 2021
  • Dr. Gary Fettke is an Orthopaedic Surgeon practising in Launceston, Tasmania. Along with his wife Belinda, Gary opened the 'Nutrition for Life - Diabetes and Health Research Centre' based in Launceston which provides nutritional care around Tasmania and Australia.

    Gary has a longstanding interest in the preventative aspects of health outcomes, particularly before operating on his patients. Recently an AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) investigation into Gary’s qualifications to give nutritional advice has concluded. This investigation (which lasted for more than two years) has resulted in Gary being issued a ‘caution’.

    The Medical Board of Tasmania, under the umbrella of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority, have advised him; ”In particular, that he does not provide specific advice or recommendations on the subject of nutrition and how it relates to the management of diabetes or the treatment and/or prevention of cancer.” Gary was later cleared of all charges and issued a formal apology from AHPRA.

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  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson 3 months ago +671

    Today, internet based medicine appears to be years ahead of conventional medicine. In the case of carbohydrate effects, I'd say 20 years ahead. I was a type 2 diabetic on loads of insulin and other medications for 10 years. When I switched to a keto diet, I was able to drop all my insulin and other meds, as well as 75 pounds, and now have normal blood sugar levels. It's so obvious - if you don't want elevated blood sugar levels, don't pour sugar (carbohydrates) into your body, yet it's still a mystery to 99% of doctors out there. Amazing.

    • Song Sabai
      Song Sabai 11 days ago

      "years ahead of conventional medicine"...absolutely, as long as the conventional continues to hold it's' upside-down', no positive change will occur. We literally have to do the exact opposite of what the government and health professionals dictate.

    • Pei Kaye
      Pei Kaye 13 days ago

      It's because BigPharma, Bigfood, FDA and Government crooks have an agenda to make and pocket $$$$$$... they don't care about the individual.... physicians and clinicians suck up to them , to save their jobs. They are threatened if they don't comply... same is going on with the covid exploitation... and the vaccines.... $$$$.

    • vidviewer100
      vidviewer100 23 days ago

      @Bpjames so true

    • kalin kirov
      kalin kirov 29 days ago

      @zee hedge because they dont eat protein and fat, and this stupid doctor thing can cure something with meat and fat

    • Barb T
      Barb T Month ago

      @Don Berry nice to see comments from someone my age. Congrats to you. I'm 74. Been keto carnivore( mostly carnivore) for 5 yrs. Lost weight, and never felt so good. I'll never eat any other way. My total carbs never exceed 20. Good luck to you ( and me ) !!!

  • Richard Ayala
    Richard Ayala 3 months ago +62

    Excellent presentation, discussion at the end of the video. I have been Ketogenic for seven years now, losing over 60 lbs of fat on my 5’6” frame. I am in my mid 70’s, am not on any meds, and am doing circuit training, cycling, strength training! I learned my lesson late in life, and hope to prolong it further with my new lifestyle! Personally, I believe the collaboration between the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the refined foods industry, along with government, are there to make us ill, dependent upon drugs, and keep us filling the hospitals!

    • Marie Unuka
      Marie Unuka Month ago +1

      Congrats on keeping fit and healthy! I'm on 34yrs and I'm just on the healthy journey now. Btw I agree at what you just said :) hope you're having a great week :)

    • Isobel Lickes
      Isobel Lickes Month ago +3

      You’re an inspiration sir.

    • ларс эрик
      ларс эрик Month ago

      how are you able to eat enough calories? what do you eat on a typical day?

  • Bob Diaz
    Bob Diaz 3 months ago +266

    Two years ago I was obese, had high blood pressure, all my joints hurt, I was tired all the time, and my Doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. Then I discovered the source of my problems, excessive sugar and processed foods. I switched to a Low Carb Diet and used Intermittent Fasting of 20 hours Fasting and a 4 hour window for two normal meals. Within 3 days I started to feel better and by two weeks I no longer had constant pain in my joints and my feet.

    Today I'm normal weight, don't have the pain I used to have, I'm no longer pre-diabetic, and I have my energy back. Channels like this one have saved my life and given my health back to me. I only wish I had known this a few decades ago. At least I know it now. Thank you !!!!!

    • REC USA
      REC USA Month ago

      Congratulations and thank you for inspiring others.

    • norma hopkin
      norma hopkin Month ago +1

      @Mike Hoeta It's easier than you think, lots of information on RU-clip, call up ' belly fat' (reduction) or intermittent fasting, which actually means ' not eating between meals', you will get lots of information. A pretty painless way of not only losing weight, but becoming healthy. Just Avoid ALL sugar; the carbohydrates which turn into sugar; processed foods, which are foods which have had so much removed and artificial chemicals added to replace the texture and flavour that they're no longer food and are instead toxic. Real unadulterated food is key and not only delicious, smaller portions go a long way and keep one feeling full between meals. Good for the gut too.

    • Russ Martin
      Russ Martin 2 months ago

      Pity dr don't know 😕

    • Lara O'neal
      Lara O'neal 2 months ago

      So happy for you.

    • H
      H 2 months ago

      Similar story. When I went full carno, even my muscles came back, post menopause. Amazing.

  • leoalexhorta
    leoalexhorta 3 months ago +22

    Excellent presentation!! As a shoulder orthopedic surgeon I am already aware of the inflammatory effect of carbs to the joints, as frozen shoulder typically occurs in patients with some degree of insulin resistance. My assumption was that sugar metabolism would also be somehow related to arthritis, but the link with cartilage damage and osteoarthritis hadn’t occurred to me yet! A fantastic eye opener! I’ll be recommending low carb diet to those patients as well. Curious about the results! Thank you for your great work in this area!

    • norma hopkin
      norma hopkin Month ago +2

      Fantastically good news doctor, pass it on to your colleagues will you please. I know they want to heal people and are overworked, but if they aren't up to date with this information, they can't do their jobs properly; more likely to do more harm than good. Medical schools are a disgrace and haven't advanced in their basic teaching in a century. My husband was a doctor; he was curious and never stopped studying including scientific papers and journals. Two of my children went to medical school then gave it up in disgust. They were very disillusioned and it was easier to do then because they had a five year grants, (UK), so still plenty of time to change degrees, one a joint Law & Economics, the other Computer Science.

  • Guy Appino
    Guy Appino Month ago +7

    This is probably one of the most brilliant well-thought, straight-to-the-point, factual dissertation regarding the reason why a low-carb or mostly ketogenic lifestyle is paramount to living the best and most comfortable physical life in a human body.

  • Steve C
    Steve C 3 months ago +15

    As someone who was Type-2 Diabetic and had high cholesterol and kept failing to fix it with standard diet and exercise and the drugs my GP gave me, it wasn't until I started a High Fat KETO diet that all this reversed and I went off my medication. I also lost substantial weight without trying. Fast forward 5 years and I'm still eating this way, no longer overweight and I have what seems like unlimited energy. My GP can't believe my blood tests either. He's literally speechless! Thank you for a great video I can share with family/friends that explains in great detail how carbs/sugar are literally killing us!

  • Mark Shaker
    Mark Shaker 3 months ago +259

    Well because of Low Carb Down Under and others. I have defeated type 2 diabetic as of 6pm on the 4th Oct 2021 due to confirmation from my doctor from blood and urine tests. Woohoo

    • Abiel Garcia
      Abiel Garcia 12 days ago

      @kalin kirov fruit have sugar. Reducing carbohydrates and ugar help to defeat diabetes. He said he is cure so what other proof do you need. I lost 55 pounds it’s ketogenic so everybody joule follow what think is good. Fruits is good but won’t cure diabetes.

    • z z
      z z 22 days ago +1

      @kalin kirov defeat diabetes by fruit consumption?

    • T
      T 23 days ago

      @Swanee yes indeed. A vegan, and churlish with it 😏

    • Swanee
      Swanee 24 days ago +2

      @kalin kirov Spoken like a true vegan.

    • kalin kirov
      kalin kirov 29 days ago

      No you are not defeated nothing with this stupid diet,you can defeat it only with fruits

  • Swanee
    Swanee 25 days ago +4

    Thanks, Gary. I love your no-nonsense, no-fluff presentation of this extraordinarily important material. I've been low carb since July 10th, 2017 (no sugar, no grains, and no seed oils). I appreciate immensely what you have gone through to be able to speak your mind. You are are a real stand-up guy, a truly courageous man.

  • chuck becker
    chuck becker 3 months ago +117

    My fitness coaches force me to be fully in keto as much as possible. So I work hard at it. But I have remained very afraid of keto for 8 months despite my practicing it. This video relieved me of all that worrying.

    • Capri
      Capri 19 days ago

      Or just stay low carb and don't worry about being in ketosis?

    • Kommandanter
      Kommandanter Month ago

      @Mark Simpson Only our ancestors did NOT evolve eating carbohydrates. High or even regular carb intake was not common until the agricultural revolution.

    • Herb Bowler
      Herb Bowler Month ago

      @Mulavi Wakasai
      I turned my wife's hypoglycemia around and she lost more than 100 LBs while on a high carb high fat diet.

    • Herb Bowler
      Herb Bowler Month ago

      KETO KILLS !

    • Jana
      Jana Month ago +1

      @Hayls Louise that is not true for everyone. I developed hypothyroidism from eating a high carb diet for 20+ years. The inflammation from all the carbs nearly destroyed my thyroid. I went on a low carb diet and ultimately water fasted for 7 days and saw a dramatic improvement with my thyroid gland, where for the first time in my life, my thyroid medication was reduced! Based on my experience, eating a low carb diet along with fasting are the best things anyone who has hypothyroidism, is overweight or diabetic can do to improve their health.

  • Jose Maria Cornelis
    Jose Maria Cornelis 3 months ago +24

    Even after years of me studying low carb,Dr Fettke you are enlightening more aspects of it .Thank you.

  • You Tuber
    You Tuber 3 months ago +28

    On sugar in the diet, this presentation is a tour de force. Kudos Dr Fettke. And thank you.

  • Route 903
    Route 903 3 months ago +143

    Life changing information. So much ignorance when it comes to what people think is healthy. I wish my doctor would watch this.

    • Pastry Shack
      Pastry Shack Month ago +1

      @Wagner Lopes you drs, are being paid by big pharma they don't care about us my dr, hates me, because I would not let her give me cholesterol, pressure or diabetic medication. If they would .et you know you are pre diabetic you would have taken better care, but even though the havebeen doing blood work, they wait until you become diabetic, to let you know. I am glad I am able to have good control of my health, I just won't let them win

    • alan king
      alan king Month ago

      he is too arrogant ,,like my doctor ,,thinks he knows everything

    • 日猫
      日猫 3 months ago

      doctors these days are just an extension of insurance companies

    • Team Banchamek
      Team Banchamek 3 months ago +3

      Most doctors these days arnt proper doctors, they study small bits of basic information from each topic. They’re useless

    • jazzsnare
      jazzsnare 3 months ago +2

      @Dave Rei When I told my doctor how much red meat I eat per day, he thought I meant per week. He didn't know what to say, other than thinking I would certainly die from this. Stress on kidneys, etc. I know no doc on keto, but there must be somewhere. They never worry about carbs. Red meat they freak out every time.

  • A - cat
    A - cat 3 months ago +50

    About the dose being the poison: I was at a children’s party where one of the moms cautioned a kid that if they eat too much sugar they might get sick. I personally never understood this as a child as I could eat a limitless quantity of sugar without ever getting sick. I chatted to the mom who said that as a child she once ate a whole packet of candy and then promptly vomited. Eating that candy sounds like a normal (pre low carb) Tuesday to me so it seemed surprising. However, since starting low carb, I went off the rails one day while camping in horrible weather and ate a bag of the same candy from the mom’s story and ended up getting quite violently sick (I had also had a little alcohol and other junk but nothing seemed really unreasonable compared to what I used to consume as a student).

    So I wonder if some people have a higher tolerance to carb-toxicity than others and then whether it can change over time. As a youth I would frequently eat cans of condensed milk or caramel but it seems like a nauseating prospect now

    • Sam Cockroach
      Sam Cockroach 2 months ago

      Wow this is a truly interesting experience you’ve shared. I could eat limitless amounts of sugar. Guess I am an addict! I need to get sugar out as quickly as I can.

    • Thomas Malloy
      Thomas Malloy 2 months ago +2

      When I first started drinking I would get drunk/sick off of maybe 3 beers. Now I can finish half a bottle of whiskey in 2 hours and barely feel buzzed, not sick at all and 0 hangover. Every year I abstain from alcohol for 1 month. After that if I have a 6-pack of beer I am completely wasted and cannot function to save my life the next day. Don't see why it wouldn't be different for sugar.

    • Crazy Fox
      Crazy Fox 3 months ago +3

      It's no different than anything, your body adapts over time and tolerance grows because the body learns that it's going to need to put more resources into breaking down the crap you're consuming. That's how alcohol consumption works too, if you consume lots for a long period of time then your body creates more enzymes to break it down faster so you don't get sick.

      The draw back is that it throws the entire system out of balance because it's constantly having to to waste energy and resources to break down the alcohol instead of doing useful things or learning to do new things. This stuff is way deeper than just carbs and sugar, it's not even about the carbs and sugar but allowing ourselves to get too comfortable with anything, especially our vices, is a setup for disaster.

      We might be living long times right now but most people aren't truly living because they aren't using their energy the way could be and would want to be if they knew better. Heck if they knew better they'd be living even longer with less stress.

    • ARK rain FLOOD
      ARK rain FLOOD 3 months ago +5

      when i was a kid (decades ago), i bought an 8 pack of milkway bars. back then, candy bars were still large and i was small😀. had one after leaving the supermarket, one more on the way home, another when i got home, and finally one after dinner. vomited that evening.🤢

    • Winnie Cash
      Winnie Cash 3 months ago +2

      I think kids can get away with a lot because their bodies work effectively or something.

  • Afifah Hamilton
    Afifah Hamilton 3 months ago +10

    So interesting Gary. Thank you for that focused presentation. Really important! I am currently writing an essay on diabetes for my professional body, and just making diagrams of glucose in its linear form and just how glycation takes place, usually on a lysine, and the resultant AGE and all that this leads to. Fab to know you guys!!

  • CA M
    CA M 3 months ago +10

    Wonderful video. Dr. Gary explains complex scientific processes very well for laypeople. I was especially interested on the reports on sugar and osteoarthritis. My husband (age 77) has noticed an incredible change in his knee problem since we went strictly low carb/hi (good) fat.

  • Carmen Devine
    Carmen Devine 3 months ago +5

    I went into my last pregnancy after being consistently keto for six months and eating 2 meals a day, but over the course of the first six weeks my blood ketones steadily dropped away, with no change in my food choices, only adding some keto snacks.

    I also felt kinda grossed out by creamy textures, so I eventually gave up eating keto for the duration of the pregnancy. I wonder what was going on...

  • Appleblade
    Appleblade 3 months ago +49

    This is great stuff. Nutrition is annoyingly complicated! Paul Saladino has departed pretty strongly from his carnivore diet, eating quite a lot of fruit down in Costa Rica. He showed a number of studies recently defending carbohydrates in the diet... but Gary has interesting data here about carbs lowering immune function. I find that I get the sniffles when I eat some carbs ... and in the last 5 years being in ketosis 99% of the time, the only time I've had a cold was immediately after eating a bunch of carbs at restaurants. Two colds were minor, but one was very bad, and it followed eating a big piece of chocolate cake at a steak house. lol! So...

    • Ant B
      Ant B 3 months ago

      You have gut dysbiosis

    • Mark Hedger
      Mark Hedger 3 months ago

      @Peter B he might have miss spelt oregano

    • Lucid Monkey
      Lucid Monkey 3 months ago

      Also you long term keto eaters… you don’t think it would be better to come out of ketosis now and then? Maybe cycle 3 months one month off?

    • Lucid Monkey
      Lucid Monkey 3 months ago

      I think he meant to spell oregano 🌿

    • Brother Breeze
      Brother Breeze 3 months ago

      Yeeeeeaahhhhh . . . . that wasn't a cold. You can't "catch a cold" from eating a piece of chocolate cake. You likely experienced the symptoms of "keto-flu". It affects some people strongly and others not so much. When you cause your body to swap its fuel source ( i.e. ketones v. carbs ) there are uncomfortable, flu-like symptoms experienced by some people. From what I can tell by reading the experiences of others, this slowly goes away the longer you stay on a ketone-based daily diet. Some people can make the shift with only minor discomfort after being primarily ketone based for a couple of years. Others, who have auto-immune issues can get sick for weeks following a shift even after being carnivore for years.

  • rajesh roshan
    rajesh roshan 3 months ago +2

    Excellent presentation! This was a brief, dense, easily understood and convincing argument for ketogenic diets.

  • Richard Mathews
    Richard Mathews 3 months ago +7

    Excellent video Dr. Fettke. So many great points I'm going to have to watch it several times and take notes before I share it in my Keto group.

  • bookbeing
    bookbeing 2 months ago +2

    We don't need carbs in our diet?! This talk is amazing! If only I had this info 30 years ago!

  • pauline mamouzellos
    pauline mamouzellos 3 months ago +6

    Excellent presentation, scientifically based, clearly stated, wonderful diagrams, great job. Thank you!

  • Wagner Lopes
    Wagner Lopes 3 months ago +6

    Always a great lecture! This one was magnificent! Thank you!

  • Raj Maharaj
    Raj Maharaj Month ago

    Excellent presentation with loads of specific and useful information. Thank you so much, Dr. Fettke.

  • AJ
    AJ 3 months ago +5

    I've been back on keto for a month and I'm already feeling better. My mind is sharper, im less anxious, my pmdd has more or less vanished, no flatulence and no cravings. Life changing imo. 👌

    • Mike Hoeta
      Mike Hoeta 2 months ago

      what is this KETO thing, I have type 2, maybe it will suit me

  • Arnold Lausch
    Arnold Lausch 3 months ago +6

    We are so happy to be able to access information like this nowadays! The medical profession really needs to wake up but unfortunately big food and big pharma have huge financial stakes in all this! Very thankful for doctors like Dr. Fetke and Dr. Mason that have tackled all the misinformation and powers to be,at great risk to their careers, to educate people on the truth about proper human nutrition! 😊❤️👍

  • Oldenshort
    Oldenshort 3 months ago +195

    Personal experience over the last 8 Months, continuous weight loss with out excessive exercise, Belly slowly melting away good way to do it as the skin doesn't become as flabby, Man boobs gone, totally different kind of hunger signs, more like feeling empty not like starving hunger pains, as soon as carbs are eaten after a few weeks of not having them, the stomach feels like it is burning from Acid I think, improved General feeling of being healthier, feels great not carrying the extra 16 plus kilos, better sleep, less Mucus, not to mention doing the number 2's is a breeze no constipation no straining and regular as clockwork, based on high protein and fat Red Meat only, green leafy vegetables only two maybe three times a week, dont consume liquid 30 minutes either side of meals, eat twice a day usually 10 AM and main meal before 6 PM so only eat in an 8 hour period. I do get physically tired but dont feel lethargic, hope this helps some one else to Kick the Carbs. I know its basic information but it is working for me. Wish I knew about this Years ago.

    • norma hopkin
      norma hopkin Month ago +1

      @Genioversity Just try it, had the same problem, my worst weakness. Not anymore. Eating this way = no cravings; just feel satiated and naturally not interested in over eating. Good food tastes really satisfying and delicious too, even lettuce!!!

    • Ganesharajah
      Ganesharajah 2 months ago +1

      I am following your 16/8 IF diet and have lost 14kgs already in 10 months

    • G H
      G H 2 months ago +1

      @Genioversity - You don't need to give up fruit on a keto diet, you can have berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries), with fresh full fat cream as much as you want 👍

    • Valerie Griner
      Valerie Griner 2 months ago +1

      @V Knight Great comment and I totally agree! This Simpson guy may be a TROLL!

    • Valerie Griner
      Valerie Griner 2 months ago +14

      @Mark Simpson You are woefully misinformed! Any type of sugar(as mentioned in this video)...is addictive. It affects the DOPAMINE receptors in the brain(the REWARD center). Starches and carbohydrates(bread/rice/pasta/potatoes/cookies/cakes/processed foods, etc.) are the "addictive" types of carbs. Meat and eggs(and some cheeses) are LOW CARB!!! Maybe you haven't tried going LCHF, but I have, and I've lost 40 lbs. thus far... and I'm NEVER hungry...nor do I have cravings of any kind.

  • Jamal Ibrahim
    Jamal Ibrahim 3 months ago +76

    On point and downright factual it doesn’t get better than this . The ketogenic lifestyle is the only lifestyle for optimum health period.

    • Nicholas Gardiner
      Nicholas Gardiner 2 months ago

      @Michele Moneywell
      every vitamin and mineral that is found in vegetables is found in meat. The meat, that is the animals found their vitamins and minerals in plants. The plants utilized atmospheres, Waters, and soils. Standby tangent aside coming up. Slogans and mottos for instance, Liberty, equality, fraternity. Libertarians premise all their psychopathy on Liberty. Equality sounds great seldom found anywhere, particularly not under law or policies these days. Fraternity at its core deeply misogynistic. Back to slogans. My current, recent, or new favorite would be: soil, Soul, Society. First soil, topsoil number one, essential got to have it. The microbiome surface of the fertile ground. Soul, the essential good force of the organism, singular. Society, plural the organization of the souls. Just something to think about. Are there slogans or mottos that resonate with you, or you find valuable?

    • FaCiSmFTW
      FaCiSmFTW 2 months ago

      @Valerie Griner I did LCHF for a year, my conditions disappeared but eventually I developed new issues that I couldn't ignore. I now eat animal based with carbs and the initial health conditions are still gone. Ultimately I learned physical health is directly affected by my mental state, emotions and beliefs. On carnivore I couldn't eat anything else without symptoms so I became afraid of foods outside of my limited diet. Now I can digest anything with perfect health because I was in a fear state and now I trust my body

    • Nicholas Gardiner
      Nicholas Gardiner 2 months ago +1

      Only one in 4,000 people live to be over 100. They died of the same afflictions that kill everyone else in their fifties and sixties. More healthful practices and some good genetics postpone the onset of these fatal conditions. A lifestyle that keeps your biomarkers in a good range is healthful.

    • Michele Moneywell
      Michele Moneywell 2 months ago +1

      Actually, the Carnivore diet, may be the way to go. It has zero carbs. KenDBerryMD is the go-to YT channel for it. Ketovore is an adaption that is mostly Carnivore, but allows a small amount of Keto-friendly foods.

      There are studies that show vegetables are not necessary. We grew up brainwashed that they are essential, so one (at least I did) goes through cognitive dissonance and lots of videos, to come to the "not needed" truth. Every vitamin and mineral found in vegetables is found in meat. However, on Carnivore, one should also eat the organs, such as liver, for some of the nutrients. Amazon sells freeze-dried organ meats for convenience and palatability.

      We are learning so much. Thank you!

    • Kota Baby
      Kota Baby 2 months ago +3

      Plant based cured my ulcerative colitis I consume 600 to 800g of whole carbs a day blood work is fine I'm on no medication and I'm doing great so not everyone is the same

  • Dirk Zeilinga
    Dirk Zeilinga 2 months ago +1

    This is the best talk that clearly shows why a carnivore diet has worked so well for my wife and I. Energy levels through the roof, mental clarity plus every positive outcome possible. Both in our mid seventies and have never been healthier and enjoying life as much.

  • Simplee Flow
    Simplee Flow 3 months ago +5

    This was great! It definitely encouraged me to keep pushing forward with my ketogenic way of eating. I also love that the fact that when he says “non-science” how similar it sounds to “nonsense” which is exactly what our food administration is pushing towards us.

    • Stewart Lloyd Eumundi USC & Di Retchford Brisbane
      Stewart Lloyd Eumundi USC & Di Retchford Brisbane 3 months ago

      @coolsavagepeppr I agree one diet DOES NOT suit all. Find the one that works for you and stuck to it AND be prepared to give up stuff and switch as you get older - everyone has to change to meet their energy requirements. It’s not rocket science to understand Candy and cake and Soda isn’t a food it’s poison- processed crap shouldn’t be classed as “food”. Sensible whole foods for your body type and age. We have different blood types for a reason and that’s my theory. Wishing all who read this well and healthy. Namaste 🙏

    • Reformed Ex-DrugTrafficker
      Reformed Ex-DrugTrafficker 3 months ago

      @Happyapple42 Carnivore doesn't mean ketosis. Eating most of your macros from fats induces ketosis which has proven to have many benefits. Meats are higher in protein than fat. Excessive protein will be converted to glucose and kick you out of ketosis. Vitamin C, Vitamin E is lacking on carnivore diet. I am aware that there is less requirements for these anti-oxidants. But this doesn't mean it's optiminal for the immune system.

    • Happyapple42
      Happyapple42 3 months ago

      Push it further... go carnivore for optimal health.

  • Just Debbie
    Just Debbie 3 months ago +40

    I had a seizure today - tonic clonic. Yesterday, I was at my mum's and I ate some birthday cake - home made, still not good, chicken pie and her homemade pizza.
    I think this caused the seizure. I should know better by now. Carnivore gave me my health back. Zero carbs from now on.
    Thanks for all the information. God bless you all 🙏🏿❤️

    • Christine Sherratt
      Christine Sherratt Month ago +2

      Just Debbie Your absolutely correct. This happened to my daughter who has epilepsy as well. It is so sad because she doesn't understand that eating cake, sweets, crisps, biscuits etc etc, can cause her to have a seizure. She has learning difficulties as well which is heartbreaking to try to explain to her. But I learned when she was small that I must be cruel to be kind to her, and threw everything out of the house that could cause her sugar levels to raise dangerously high. I just wish more doctors and consultants knew this information. It could save so much trauma for people and their carers. Epilepsy is a dangerous condition as it can cause sudden unexpected death.

    • Boba And Ben
      Boba And Ben 3 months ago +1

      @Wendy Bell Happened to me too. Tried eating fast food burgers, fries, and soda. Needed up racing home to the bathroom. Organic grass fed beef burgers I have no problems with.

    • Wendy Bell
      Wendy Bell 3 months ago +2

      i think once your body experiences true health it strongly objects to poison getting in on the act again so your tolerance to junk food will be zero which is good . hoping you are recovered now and feeling better

    • Hélène Louise
      Hélène Louise 3 months ago

      I've had the same experience.

  • laelosun
    laelosun 19 days ago

    This is such an informative talk! There is so much to learn and take in that I will be listening to this many times over to learn the cascade of adverse metabolic consequences from oversupply of glucose to the bloodstream. ...And to think that the cascade starts from even 5 grams circulating on a regular basis!

  • Sandra Lewis
    Sandra Lewis 3 months ago +47

    This explains why I never suffered from morning sickness. I was already eating a natural high fat, low carb diet without grains.

    • Olivia
      Olivia 2 months ago +1

      4 months on keto and not only am I migraine free, I no longer have cramps on my periods!

    • TJ
      TJ 2 months ago +1

      There's definitely a genetic element. I have 3 children and have eaten varying levels of carbohydrates for each pregnancy, ranging from an awful lot to quite little. I've never experienced morning sickness.

    • LAIN, but boy
      LAIN, but boy 3 months ago +6

      @Wendy Bell glad you realized that, vegan is very dangerous and so many young people are doing it, their hormones, body, organ will not properly develop in a diet without any animal nutrition, being vegetarian is at least including things like eggs, fish and dairy. have a nice day!

    • Wendy Bell
      Wendy Bell 3 months ago +1

      it also explains why i suffered full 8 month with morning sickness i was vegetarian but not healthy one because of nausea i ate toast !

    • Jem Thirtysix
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      @TB1M1 you didnt get anything from this talk then?

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    This is fascinating! I've studied and researched holistic nutrition for the past ten years. Your information is invaluable. Thank you!

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    Well done Gary!
    Thanks Paul for your constant sharing of info for us to consider!

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    TYOFS 3 months ago +12

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    Dave Johnston 3 months ago

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    Toni 20 days ago

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  • Casimir Grochowski
    Casimir Grochowski 3 months ago +1

    Very informative thank you. In your commentary Dr. Mason you mentioned the glycemic index which I suppose was created on results from healthy, non-insulin resistant subjects. Has LCDU done a presentation on insulin resistance & explained the crucial role of monitoring the fasting insulin level?

    • Shoegal7
      Shoegal7 3 months ago

      I believe Dr Benjamin Bikman addresses this.

  • Terry Peters
    Terry Peters 3 months ago +33

    So accurate it's scary. Society is addicted to processed foods of all types.

  • kees den herder
    kees den herder Month ago

    An excellent presentation. Since 4 years I know to have diabetes 2 and I changed my diet. I have seen hundreds of video presentations of doctors all over the world about the issue "what is a healthy diet. When I would follow the advice of dr. Fettke, I would have to reduce my carbs intake to 1/5 part of a slice of bread and avoid sugars (off course), all fruits and all grains. How do I get sufficient "fuel" to survive ? It is well know that eating animal proteins is bad for your health because of it triggers the kidneys into a state of hyperfiltration, introduces TMAO as a substance that makes havoc in our arteries etc. So only plant based proteins remains to be eaten. However it is also known that eating too much protein reduces your lifespan, so this should be a maximum quantity of 0.7 grams/kg bodyweight. That is possible, but reduces the "fuel"intake further. Concerning the fats, we know that all vegetable oils are no good because of too much omega-6; only olive oil (which is not a seed oil) and avocado oil remains to be eaten. The consequence of all this is that we have to follow the diet of a war prisoners camp.
    However what I do not understand is: how is it possible that people that lives in the Blue Zone Okinawa and are now between 80 and 100 years old, could survive on a diet that contains for 69% sweet potatoes, 12% rice and 7% wheat and the rest is mainly vegetables and legumes. So many carbs and very little protein. How is that possible: a miracle ?

  • Alvin Streicker
    Alvin Streicker 2 months ago

    Wow, one of the best detailed podcasts on health and sugar.
    The 199 thumbs down are in probability non believers of diet affecting health.
    I know some doctors and i will guess that many dont understand the signifigance of diet and health.
    I was a raw fooder (I also abstained from all flesh foods and dairy products and tea coffee alcohol etc) many years ago and found my overall health and well being ie mental/emotional health, increased many times over.
    Again great presentation/ podcast.

  • SusanAnastasia Stavros
    SusanAnastasia Stavros 3 months ago +9

    Dr. Fettke thank you for this very important video on carbs...I just had finished breakfast having two pieces of toast..which described what you were talking about doing to my body...I am now convinced that I must give up bread if I wish to help my body get better. I do not take sugar, however, I eat a lot of fruit in season. I have thrown the rest of the bread in the rubbish bin after being convinced of what this carb does to my body. Thank you for this very convincing and informative work.

    • opethfeldt
      opethfeldt 3 months ago

      @Luann Rouff You crave it because not only are carbohydrates needed for energy, they're also the body's primary buffer against stress. This is why people often feel energetic and great when they cut them out. Their stress hormones spike, which feels good. It's the same mechanism that causes bipolar mania. This will not last, however, and will always result in a crash after the damage from those stress hormones have accumulated. Carbs are essential but they should only be obtained through fruits because of not only the micronutrients but also the lack of other unhealthy components found in other carb sources like bread, like gluten.

    • bertha plazas
      bertha plazas 3 months ago

      I used to have joint pain stomach aches.
      I decided to go to an allergist all she said
      You have rheumatoid arthritis and wanted
      To prescribe drugs for that.
      I decided not to go with that route.
      I eliminated all gluten in my diet and later
      Sugar. No more pain since then.

    • dictare
      dictare 3 months ago

      Remember the fruit is full of sugar. They will tell you it's OK because it's all natural like honey. The nurse told me there are good and bad carbs. Rubbish!

    • Luann Rouff
      Luann Rouff 3 months ago

      You won't regret it. In fact, I don't even miss it. I do still crave some fruit though. I'm working on that. 😂

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    Michael Grieger 3 months ago

    Thanks Dr Gary Fettke, great talk. I hope you don't mind, I've taken a 10 minute edit of parts of this talk to show at ASTRO SA for October 2021 and providing the link to this full, fantastic presentation. 👍

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    This is brilliant! Thank you for caring about all of us ❤

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    Been on Keto for 6 months. Lost 60lbs and off BP meds. Seems to work for me, and many others in the comments. So many companies would go broke if everyone started eating properly. That wouldn't be the reason it's not more widely known, surely...

    • Auktioneronline se
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      @jini MURRAY I wish my daughter had more sence. She turned vegan.

    • jini MURRAY
      jini MURRAY 2 months ago +1

      @T W -- LOL. ONE of my kids
      said the minute she left home she ran out and bought some fruit loops which I had never given/allowed my kids to have. She said she spit it out
      Ha ha ha. Lol
      (Wow I did one thing right- ha ha )

    • Francis Vlatko
      Francis Vlatko 3 months ago +2

      @jazzsnare many variables depend on the answer to your question, which is why western medicine fails as it treats the symptom and not the cause. It's absolutely ludicrous that a type 2 diabetic (insulin resistant) is treated with more insulin, instead of removing the cause - carbohydrate toxicity. However, to answer your question, you have to test yourself as we are all different. Test your blood sugar before you ingest one teaspoon of sugar to get your baseline. Then test at 30 minute intervals afterwards to see how insulin sensitive you are. The quicker your blood sugar returns to baseline, the more insulin sensitivity you have.
      By the way, most of the population is either pre-diabetic or diabetic, they just don't know until disaster occurs. Unfortunately our species is mostly reactive instead of proactive, when it comes to our health.

    • jazzsnare
      jazzsnare 3 months ago +2

      @T W What's really scary about this presentation ,and I have seen hundreds on this, is that he is the only one to display a carbohydrate like bread as equal to how many tsps of sugar. We think of sugars separately, but this makes it concrete, that we should think of all carbs as teaspoons of sugar! That hurts. I wish he would say the duration of time in which the body handles 1 teaspoon of sugar though. Does that mean 1 tsp per hour, per two hours, per day, or what? Like we think of alcohol, per hour, how fast does one metab sugar? No one is going to eat only one tsp per day. And, multitudes of people go over this strictest of limits, and do fine, by the way. Let's not pretend they all become diabetic from excess carbs, or half the world would be diabetic outright, i.e., all of Asia, who eat rice daily, which is pure carbs.

    • T W
      T W 3 months ago +3

      The Best Comment. I’m definitely toast I grew up in the 80’s and had 10 grams of sugar with my fruit loops as a kid

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    It was known for many years (2013)that fructose is affecting the immune system via lowering neutrophils in blood.

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    Dave Murray 3 months ago +25

    " We evolved for over a couple million of years without substantial carbohydrate in your diet " dropped my jaw to the floor. So so so so true.

    • RB Zee 🛡️🛡️🛡️
      RB Zee 🛡️🛡️🛡️ Month ago

      @jgould30 Humans are at least 300,000 years old. Agriculture is only 10-20,000 years old.

    • Sam Cockroach
      Sam Cockroach 2 months ago

      @Pete The Kiwi I was reading your reply without seeing your name. Then got to the “yeah nah,” and thought must be a kiwi! 🤣 And the yeah nah statement really works well in the context 🤭

    • Dave Murray
      Dave Murray 3 months ago +2

      @Brother Breeze No sugar, no wheat, only 2 months with fruits in the year. So I wonder ..... where did your carbohydrates came from? ....... Before Babylon (so for 99% of human history) humans where NEVER eating grains.
      So tell me..... where the carbo came from?

    • Dave Murray
      Dave Murray 3 months ago +2

      @jgould30 No sugar, no wheat, only 2 months with fruits in the year. So I wonder ..... where did your carbohydrates came from?

    • Pete The Kiwi
      Pete The Kiwi 3 months ago +4

      @jgould30 - yes, yes, what would the good doctor know. He needs to stop curing his patients of so many illnesses and get back to cutting off the feet of his high carb patients……………. Maybe I should take your advice and regain the 35 kg (77 pounds) by going back to carbs…. Yeah, nah

  • John MacMillan
    John MacMillan 3 months ago +2

    Excellent presentation. I’m an LCHF dieter with recently diagnosed type 1 diabetes. I have to wonder why Medical Schools, GP’s, Nutritionists and Dietitians are still recommending 45% carbohydrate diets???

    • You Tuber
      You Tuber 3 months ago +1

      Self-loathing. 'They' hate that animals eating animals is a completely natural thing. Always has been, always will be.

  • Michael Tripper
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    Yes, we need more basic biochemistry/biology/physics education early and constant in K-12. We can clearly understand why corporate lobbyists do not want good education for all.

    • Weechie
      Weechie Month ago

      Yup, if I were CEOof junk food industry ,, I would invest $$into Pharma $$$$$ ,, but,, hey, God is my go-to Jesus is Lord of all "The lov e of money is the root of all evil" Truth 👍👆➕👋

    • Linda Mahrer
      Linda Mahrer 2 months ago +1

      He's referring to wheat products..bread..flour..pre made pie crust..waffle mix..psncake...bread mixes...cake mixes etc..etc..processed cheese not real American cheese...cheese with fillers..artifical...processed meats/ cold cuts from the deli...anything eith sugar..fructose...corn syrup..start reading label for chemicals

    • Elke Schmitt
      Elke Schmitt 2 months ago +1

      But where is the fun in this - they wouldn't be able to make such an awful amount of money off of you and your " Health ". There is a reason for keeping you/us uneducated in this matter. Public school doesn't teach it, but guess what when you homeschool (here in CA ) it is actually a requirement to educate on human health as well as public/communal health.

    • Gregory Wootton
      Gregory Wootton 3 months ago +2

      Parents job to educate the children not the system

    • Artemis Hunter
      Artemis Hunter 3 months ago +1

      @Hamza EŞSİZ have a look at Amber O'Hearn video called Lipivore.

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    Priceless information that more people need to take in. It’s free.

  • Kris Justin
    Kris Justin 3 months ago +5

    As much as I appreciate this scientific analysis, I still think of how people have eaten bread for thousands of years and how heart issues increased from the beginning of the 20th century. Is there another factor at work here? Seed oils for instance. Dr. Chris Knobbe gave a rather sobering presentation on seed oils and basically concluded that they were more of the cause behind heart disease and diabetes than any other substances. Interesting.

    • John Galt
      John Galt 12 days ago

      How much bread did they eat, and when? Maybe they were keeping in ketosis by fasting and eating tiny amounts of bread sparingly.

      It may be similar to how beer is different now. Beer used to be as weak as possible to cost optimize the preservative value of the alcohol. Now it’s way more alcohol and residual sugar. There’s no way to drink today’s beer like they drank theirs without becoming functionally incapacitated.

    • Karl Wheatley
      Karl Wheatley Month ago

      Heart disease existed before the 20th century, but when lots of people are dying before age 45, you have less chance to see heart disease unfold.

    • aussiechiro
      aussiechiro 2 months ago +2

      Northern Europeans only ate bread from barley and rye. Wheat is a middle eastern grain we started consuming post ww1.

    • Terror1Void
      Terror1Void 2 months ago +3

      GMO wheat is nothing compared to how it was centuries ago. There is no comparison.

    • Melissa Freeman
      Melissa Freeman 3 months ago +3

      Jason Fung talks about modern flours and processes being different too, so that modern flour is like a drug, because of how fast it is digested, because so finely ground. I think the sheer availability and affordability causes problems.

  • Eric
    Eric 3 months ago +2

    I first learnt about Ketones about 3 months ago, I have been on low Carb, hi fat diet ever since. I have been recorded as a type 2 diabetic for about 3 years. No one told me about Ketones and I assumed fruit of all kinds was good for me. When first diagnosed conversations with my Doctor at the time and the dietitians were all about understanding the contents on the packet and to avoid sugar. I thank you 'Low Carb Down Under'.
    Losing the first 2 KG was not hard but I want to get down to my BMI which is 68-70 and I understand I can largely reverse the effects of Type 2.

    • tomthetavernman
      tomthetavernman 3 months ago

      Yes you can reverse type2. Look up Dr Ken Berry on RU-clip. He will help.
      Also Dr Eric Berg.
      Good luck👍

  • bertha plazas
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    Awesome presentation, doctors need to see
    This . Thank you so much for this podcast.

    • Brother Breeze
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      Most Doctors already know this. it isn't new science. It is simply that most Doctors are willingly dismissive of it. You can figure out why.

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    Thank you !!!! Yes, it depends on the dosis, the liver has a definite capacity.
    Brillant speech !!! (MD, Germany)

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    All the dr in the world must watch , to safeguard the future generations ,
    We are very great full to low carb dr’s and team ,
    God bless all those doctors 💐💐💐🙏🙏🙏

  • Lily Cresh
    Lily Cresh 2 months ago +1

    Being diagnosed pre diabetes, I looked for help. I started with a ketogenic/low carb Nutritionist group, 4 months later I have lost 40pounds (20kg), I am no longer pre diabetes but my cholesterol went up, my HDL went down, my LDL went up, my triglycerides went up also. My hair started to fell down, I started to feel pain/weakness in my muscles and joints. I feel so disappointed!

  • Cam Vanzin
    Cam Vanzin 3 months ago +2

    Excellent presentation Dr Fettke. I may need to watch it 2 -3 times to wrap my head around the biochemical and endocrinological terminology and mechanisms but all the same seems palatable. Given, less than 20g carbs/day is the suggested target for weight loss (Diet Doctor), how does that fit in with 1 tea spoon of sugar which is 4g carbs/day? How is muscle fuelled when say exercising?

    • You Tuber
      You Tuber 3 months ago

      @Sandy M. Beyond 1 tsp or so at a time, your body will not tolerate and will need to clear out of bloodstream. Pancreas and liver pull the excess out, convert it to triglycerides, store it in adipose tissues.

    • You Tuber
      You Tuber 3 months ago +1

      @Brother Breeze Not really. Glucose isn't a bad thing. Chronic excess consumption of it - grains, fruits, breads, processed crap - sure is, though. Just have a look around. Obesity, diabetes everywhere. Bikman notes that insulin resistance is world's most common disorder.

    • Sandy M.
      Sandy M. 3 months ago

      I'm also wondering about the 1 tsp (4 carb grams) correlation. Is he suggesting that doseage limit as a daily limit...or some other time-frame? For example, if doing OMAD or just a specific Time Restricted Eating lifestyle...how does the 1 tsp (4 carb grams) come into play? Very interesting presentation, but I need to have a better understanding of how the "1 tsp" analogy works...as in 1 tsp carbs (4 grams)/day or per meal or snack? Thanks very much Dr Fettke for your time and efforts in offering your expertise for free. ❤

    • Brother Breeze
      Brother Breeze 3 months ago

      @F Rogers Easy answer. But not one that the crowds enjoy hearing . . . glucose. Your body needs it so badly that it makes its own. Via gluconeogenesis. Hours are spent telling you how glucose is the devil and to avoid it, only to find out that, if you do, your body will simply make it. Something seems off about that, yeah?

    • F Rogers
      F Rogers 3 months ago +1

      Great question: if we don't eat sugar, how does the body produce energy? Our primary source of energy shifts from oxidizing sugar to oxidizing fat. A significant secondary source of energy, particularly favored by brain, heart, and skeletal muscle, is ketones, which are produced mainly in the liver as a secondary product of fat oxidation. Between the direct oxidation of fatty acids and the oxidation of ketones, the body maintains an ample and stable energy supply for most purposes... including muscle. Most, but not all. Certain cells and tissues have a requirement for glucose (red blood cells, for example, and muscle glycogen). The body supplies this glucose by making it in a process called neoglucogenesis. "Neo" for "new" and "genesis" for creation. This is done by the liver using some of the protein you eat and using one of the breakdown molecules from the fat breakdown process. The result? Your body produces 100% of its energy needs and 100% of its glucose needs without needing to consume a single molecule of glucose. Most people who maintain nutritional ketosis eat 20-50g of non-starchy vegetables and berries, which has been shown to be safe and sustainable (among many other studies, the Indiana University-Ohio State University "Virta" trial demonstrated this in a multi-year clinical trial). For muscle tissue, in particular, Dr. Jeff Volek at Ohio State showed that even after long endurance exercise (3hrs treadmill), muscle glycogen regeneration was equal between ketogenic runners and carb-loading runners: sugar consumption did not confer faster muscle recovery of glycogen storage (the "FASTER" trial). Sorry for the long reply, but I hope this helps as you begin digging into this topic. All the best.

  • RG S
    RG S 2 months ago +1

    This is an excellent primer on the biochemistry behind disease states driven mostly by dietary sugar & fructose intake. I watched it three times - not only because of the density of information presented but because I had difficulty understanding Dr. Fettke as he spoke too rapidly around 75% of the time. I need a more moderate pace of presentation in order to grasp and digest technical information. Thank you for this excellent lecture!

  • Urban Eriksson
    Urban Eriksson 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for the detailed information and a much needed reminder. I've lost track and eat and great deal of carbohydrate junk, but I'm back from now. Had 3,2 grams of carbs for lunch..

  • Curtis Jackson
    Curtis Jackson 3 months ago

    I cannot believe how much information is condensed in such a short video! Absolutely stunning and breathtaking, thank you.

    • Karl Wheatley
      Karl Wheatley Month ago

      And it's amazing how they are misleading people with all the information they left out.

  • Bernard Edwards
    Bernard Edwards 3 months ago +3

    I've been consuming a kilo of sugar every 6 weeks for the last 70 years, mainly in my tea, and it hasn't done me any harm because I burn it off. I eat a lot of starch as well.which begins to turn to sugar when my saliva gets to work on it, but I also make sure to consume plenty of protein. I am in excellent health, so I must be doing something right. The only type of food I deliberately cut down on, but not fanatically, is fats and oils, especially fried food. I don't have a salt phobia either, but on the other hand I rarely take a lot of salt.

    • ian bardon
      ian bardon 2 months ago

      I am similar to yourself, instead of your sugar consumption I consume 1 pint of honey, sure I'm slowing down a little at 70 year's old, but very active.

    • Vegan Marine
      Vegan Marine 3 months ago

      I was wondering what was going on in this comment section. Bunch of low carbers.
      Sleep, water and sugar

  • Julie Delves
    Julie Delves 2 months ago +3

    I am on the thin side, very fit for my age (66 and a long term runner) but i have high cholesterol so i tried a very low carb diet and IF. it was not good. I stayed on it for four weeks, apart from a couple of breakouts when out visiting, i ate no refined carbs at all. My running slowed down considerably, my insomnia returned and i got constipated. I felt edgy all the time and had to go back to eating some carbs.

  • Isitsquare
    Isitsquare 3 months ago +29

    My concerns at this point in my life is for the sake of the little ones. The choices parents are making are horrendous; sugar laden snacks with a sugary drink! It’s sad to observe this behavior.

    • Weechie
      Weechie Month ago

      Same concern & each generation seems to get worse in that knowledge of nutrition... grew up on the farm, fresh air, labored hours a day in that big garden to feed her family fresh all summer and preserves for winter. God shows us in the Bible about health, food, and lifestyle.

    • Chris Emerson
      Chris Emerson 2 months ago +4

      @Isitsquare - I agree. I have to will myself to look away from parents and their shopping buggies. The kids are running the show because of there addiction.

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    29:00 was fascinating! Who would have thought that morning sickness had such a great outcome!

    • LAIN, but boy
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      @Oliver Handy I have morning sickness when I eat too much carbs or too late, probably the insulin spike that goes down very low making me feel hungry and weak.

    • LAIN, but boy
      LAIN, but boy 3 months ago +2

      @Em H bulimia has nothing to do with fasting, bulimia is the purging of food via vomiting or laxatives, if you are talking about anorexia, it's a condition where the individual restricts itself of calories even when underweight, fasting is a controled way of reducing not just weight but also inflammation and gives you autophagy, growth hormone, and other wonderful hormones.

      Fasting is to be done safely and not persisted when feeling sick, if you do it in a wrong way it is not fasting that is a bad thing, you didn't properly researched how to do it safely.

    • Oliver Handy
      Oliver Handy 3 months ago +2

      If you drink to much alcohol (or ingest any poison in excess) the body can respond by vomiting up the stomach contents, including unabsorbed alcohol, lessening the amount absorbed thereafter, reducing the toxic load - this is a great outcome. A great outcome of puking after drinking to much. Morning sickness may be the bodies way of rejecting to much toxic sugar maybe...

    • Em H
      Em H 3 months ago

      Sooo maybe being bulimic isn’t such a bad idea occasionally! LoL

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    Excellent presentation Gentlemen! Always stick with the real science! :)

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    Dr Gary Fettke is an Aussie Hero + a world hero. His videos must be shared to your love ones ✌️

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    Wow. Every point he makes is as transparent and lucent as a perfect diamond. Obviously Gary's intellect is not fuel by toxic substances!

  • grumblekin
    grumblekin 2 months ago

    I went to 100g or less of total carbs each day (which means I can eat some low-sugar ice cream if needed) and it's made a big impact on my mental and physical health. I will get down to 25g a day eventually, by tapering, over a 4-month period and I make sure to eat local foods, freshly cooked, whenever possible. Slow tapering is working much better for me than dropping from the usual 300+g a day of carbs to 20g a day. I think people who are resistant to the idea of low carb can get along better with 100g for awhile then, when they start feeling better, they will get more motivation to drop carb intake even further.

    It helps quite a bit with SIBO/IBS and reduces anxiety that comes with blood sugar swings. Losing 4kg of fat has been a pleasant side benefit, too.

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    Brillant approach, quality and relation of information. Thanks a lot

  • Dhanvantari Health Care

    The best scintific and useful lecture and discussion for medical students and all of us

  • ironjohnlad
    ironjohnlad 2 months ago

    I am vegetarian so I took longer to recover. But back in Oct 2017 I had awful memory lapses and brain fog. feet that hurt like hell and thought I had dementia. I was relieved to be diagnosed T2D. But the UK National Health Service offered me metformin statins and a flu jab. I rejected the meds, did the research, and slashed by sugars and carbs. Within 5 months my HBa1c had reduced from 60 & 65 ( Oct2017) to 49 ( March 2018). By June 2019 it was down to 40 and has been within the normal range over sine. My weight has reduce from 17 1/2 stone to 13 stone now. The benefits are amazing. 1) Brain fog and memory lapses virtually gone 2) Weight down without trying and no hunger pangs, either.3) I am off thyroid meds for underactive thyroid. 4) My feet are better although not 'back to normal'. I wish I had know this years before because my diabetes had gong undiagnosed for years. ! Even if you are vegetarian like me you can still do it !

  • pjcd1961
    pjcd1961 Month ago +1

    Tennis shoulder (frozen) fixed within weeks of going keto. Lost 5 kg. 18/6 fasting. 59 y. O. Non-smoker/non-drinker. Blood glucose and a1c close to being pre-diabetic before. Next check up in 2 months. I eat 2000 vtm d /day now too.

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    Fantastic, life changing inspiring video.
    Thank you

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    This is a 2hr lecture nice delivered within 40 mins due to the fact there’s no audience! - amazing work I don’t agree with all of it but most of it - awesome work - Thank you

    • Shoegal7
      Shoegal7 3 months ago

      @Brother Breeze, not true? M.Shahid's opinion isn't true because *you* don't agree with it ... right.

    • Brother Breeze
      Brother Breeze 3 months ago

      No. That is not true. This was NOT a lecture at all. The man literally read the entire presentation and accompanied it with a power point presentation. I fail to see what "amazes" you about that. Given the reading materials, you could have done the same thing . . . maybe even better. The work done prior to the presentation is indeed awesome. But let's be realistic about the video's actual character.

  • TJ
    TJ 2 months ago

    Very interesting talk. I'd like to see some more nuance and information around just how safe long term ketosis is for women, particularly those of reproductive age. All too often blanket statements are made about ways of eating that are ostensibly fine for every single adult, without taking into account how sensitive to hormonal influences our fertility and health is.

    I've been low carb for years and earlier this year I became ketogenic. I had no issues with keto flu, brain fog etc, probably because I was already consuming less carbohydrate than the average person? Months in though, I started experiencing health issues such as heart palpitations, low blood pressure, painful menstruation and anxiety. I cannot prove they were related, but I've read of many women experiencing similar, so it makes me wonder. Especially as my symptoms were alleviated by the reintroduction of carbohydrates.

    I want to be clear that I agree that we as a society eat too much carbohydrates, and I believe that could be harmful. However, I'm not entirely sure how healthy it is to be entirely relying on gluconeogenesis for glucose production. Would that not be somewhat stressful in the long term?


    • Hamza EŞSİZ
      Hamza EŞSİZ 2 months ago

      Keto diet makes you insulin resistant, it is not same as fasting state where your body do not use fat and protein in excess amount. It load body with toxins and acids. Oestrogen also acid, that’s why you bleed much and it is painfull. I believe fasting and slowly introducing carbs to your body is the way. High water content fruits can make your body alkaline faster than other foods and they will fix your symptoms but detoxification phase can be painfull cuz your body will have chance to heal.

      NOTREALLY HANKAARON 2 months ago

      No sugar. No refined carbs. No seed oils. Just real food. Some carbs qualify as real food. Have you heard of oxalates? Nasty molecules. 🙂

  • Stephen Strange
    Stephen Strange 3 months ago

    I always felt this - The body is able to tolerate and warn of toxicity of items consumed, and when the body is getting regular doses of it, inflammation occurs. The body needs time and consumable plant medicine to repair and renew. When we don't do that our body ends up with 'collateral damage' and disease shows, resulting in tumours and toxicity/ organ failings.

    As for Keto It worked for me fro a while until I felt something was wrong, will try again. Also hunger, for me, is telling me what nutrition I need. Not food for filling up, but food as sustenance for nutrition, so my body needs particular vitamins, minerals or trace elements, and I need to satiate that exactly (why we have certain cravings and not just 'FOOD'.

    My opinion based on my understanding based on my knowledge and personal experience, only.

  • joanne kerr
    joanne kerr 3 months ago +4

    Such a great presentation, thank you.

  • Tina Barrette
    Tina Barrette 3 months ago +1

    Thank you for the clear explanation. I love facts and science. New subscriber.

  • polentusmax
    polentusmax 3 months ago +3

    The worst about sugar/carbs is really tooth pain to me. I would not even mind the spikes of blood sugars that made you eat 10x a day or have to walk around the house to burn hyperativity energy. The tooth pain was unberable, like a hellish punishement.

  • LloydieP
    LloydieP 2 months ago +3

    Managing my type 1 diabetes without carbs, is like not being diabetic. Add carbs, and it's on to the blood glucose level see-saw. Nearly 40 years of dietitians, and endocrinologists telling me to eat more (high GI) 'complex carbs, and demonising all fats, seems almost criminal now.

  • Ernest B
    Ernest B 2 months ago +1

    I'm approaching 10 weeks into my lifestyle change away from eating every carb I could stuff in my mouth to one where I try to keep it low carb and high fat. I have lost about 10 lbs. More importantly I am slowly saving my life.

  • raffaello sessoms
    raffaello sessoms 3 months ago

    5 STARS!!! Most clear, best, concise comments on the topic I ever saw. Who knew that all babies grow in ketosis!
    If we all follow your advice, we will all be a healthy super human race!
    GO KETO!!!

  • 𝖉𝖔𝖍 𝕮 𝖍𝖆𝖒𝖆

    As an aside, high insulin is linked to tinnitus- I have developed mild tinnitus which should distress me- but I have found out it corellates with my Insulin so I have accepted it as a further motivation to LCHF (although I am a PSMF at the moment to shed my winter weight gain)

    • Goorie Henkel
      Goorie Henkel 22 days ago

      I don't think you can reverse tinnitis...even with a ketogenic diet.

  • Orgullo Cubano
    Orgullo Cubano 3 months ago

    Excellent video, I learned a lot from this. Thank you.

  • TheMoneyTrainExpress
    TheMoneyTrainExpress 3 months ago +19

    I love when people say they had their hair fall out trying Keto then you find out all the ate was bacon, pepperoni, low quality cheese and the cheapest low quality meats available

  • Aaron Johnston
    Aaron Johnston 2 months ago +1

    This makes perfect sense and it is something I have spent much time pondering.

  • Dr John Stewart
    Dr John Stewart 3 months ago

    Gary and Belinda Fettke - admirable journey in search of the truth despite very significant hurdles. I am proud to be a Patreon supporter of lowcarbdownunder who do a great job disseminating the low carb science

  • WHealth
    WHealth 2 months ago

    THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!! This has been absolutely wonderfully eye-opening.