"Water" Cooled Smartphone - S#!t Manufacturers Say

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
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  • Banana_Boy _Bob
    Banana_Boy _Bob 2 days ago

    Wanna be Jerry Rig Everything lol

  • Kakali Saha
    Kakali Saha 5 days ago +2

    Linus having a bad time opening up a phone.
    JerryRigEverything : hold my lvl 7 pick.

  • R. M. Tosh
    R. M. Tosh 6 days ago +1

    *Linus:* Speaking of mistakes...
    *Me:* We don't need your life's history, thanks.
    *Linus:* Did we get a sponsor?
    *Me:* Oh.

  • 『s』『h』『r』『e』『k』 reverse card

    Here after the water cooling phone video

  • TheCring3 L0rd
    TheCring3 L0rd 7 days ago

    linus now believes in watercooled phones yay.
    (i show no hate to linus)

  • 直列B
    直列B 8 days ago

    Just watched your new water cooling vid

  • Gareth Shelley
    Gareth Shelley 8 days ago

    Who is that annoying guy who keeps talking absolute shit?

  • Koko Coco
    Koko Coco 11 days ago +3

    Guys just skip 10 seconds to skip linus' sponsor

  • Sir Osis
    Sir Osis 12 days ago


  • Heinrich Himla
    Heinrich Himla 14 days ago

    you should have asked jerryrigeverything to do it for you

  • Thomas Glavin
    Thomas Glavin 15 days ago

    Blood cooled pc

  • Whquarters
    Whquarters 21 day ago +1

    "Mizu" translates to water in Japanese

  • Tony Goat
    Tony Goat 25 days ago

    "What other phones have that, other than the Vivo"
    "OnePlus, yeah the 6t"
    --Sent from my OnePlus 6t

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Month ago

    The phone: i am new, i am flagship, i am clean and sexy
    * got rape *

  • bahez mohammed
    bahez mohammed Month ago

    8:17 camera man: was that a fart?

  • Pigeon555
    Pigeon555 Month ago

    'Is that a fart, hahaha!'

  • Tiansheng Ouyang
    Tiansheng Ouyang Month ago


  • abdullah babakir
    abdullah babakir Month ago

    Let the professional(jerry rig..) do the work

  • rozy GCF
    rozy GCF Month ago

    The one plus 6T that I own doesn't have an in screen finger print sensor. It's on the back of the phone

    • Space
      Space Month ago

      rozy GCF then you have a one plus 6 not a 6t

  • ian watson
    ian watson Month ago


  • Tim Hjort
    Tim Hjort Month ago +1

    I find the lack of focus disturbing.

  • yacir Rahov
    yacir Rahov Month ago +1

    Actually the name is pretty clever cuz water in Japanese is called meizu!!

    • Fallen Warrior141
      Fallen Warrior141 Month ago

      'Mizu(水)' is water in Japanese, the phone is a Chinese brand called Meizu(魅族) which mean glamour/charm(魅) clan/tribe(族) which could be called 'clan of the glamorous ones'.

  • Paige Thorpe
    Paige Thorpe Month ago +2

    JerryRigEverything makes this look so much easier 🤣

  • Melvin Freeman
    Melvin Freeman Month ago +1

    MacBooks didn’t use fans because they were bulky and LOUD. It would be way too expensive to make a real water 💦 cooling cellphone.

    • Divyjot Minhas
      Divyjot Minhas Month ago

      Comparing a macbook to a thing that is a fraction of the size is weird

  • Garry Smith
    Garry Smith Month ago

    So it's a very tiny vapour-chamber cooler...

  • Dyl Copper
    Dyl Copper Month ago +1

    I was watching this video on a computer cheaper than that "whatever only 400 bucks" phone

  • Anton.d09
    Anton.d09 Month ago +2

    The water cooling is so effective, that the heat gun isn't.

    TRICKSTA Month ago +1

    When I become "established" on youtube 5:15 I will probably start saying stuff like this too.

      TRICKSTA Month ago

      @Dyl Copper Sounds possible.

    • Dyl Copper
      Dyl Copper Month ago

      When you get to that, can you send me all the stuff that you don't care about?

  • Cyn Hicks
    Cyn Hicks Month ago

    I'd like to see a video on "what makes Linus tick." How he came to be where he is and more importantly the mentality that is responsible for his success. It's easy to be successfully entertained but to be entertaining and successful at it isn't so easy.

  • Joslyn Torres
    Joslyn Torres 2 months ago +3

    You are gonna hold the big thing. And I'm gonna stick it in. Yeah okay lmao.

  • Lee David
    Lee David 2 months ago

    8:57 , 9:05
    What is that, a crossover episode??

  • 45rpm
    45rpm 2 months ago

    4:41 "It's not even showing the overheating thing" Must be the water cooling :)

  • Hex
    Hex 2 months ago

    I'd call it evaporative cooling

  • OneTrueLegend
    OneTrueLegend 2 months ago +1

    *Next Video:* Watercooling a Calculator!

    • Maxi Stocker
      Maxi Stocker 2 months ago

      Nah with liquid helium and qbit tech.

  • Theo Möller
    Theo Möller 2 months ago

    I do not want anything from you but please do less advertising

    GHOST TAIGR 2 months ago

    "but we can expose more of it" *shits himself*

  • Wasp Thumb Buzzer orte
    Wasp Thumb Buzzer orte 2 months ago +1

    Linus buys a new phone.
    Linus: Lets open it up!!!

  • Tech4Gaming
    Tech4Gaming 2 months ago

    For those who want to know How to install a RTX Waterblock


    GEORGES M RAZEN 2 months ago

    dont you watch jerryrigeverything??

  • Nolan Dailey
    Nolan Dailey 2 months ago +1

    8410193rd sub

  • Coupe Dizzle
    Coupe Dizzle 3 months ago

    Is it an LCD? That is a "Liquid"
    That's all danger-close to the screen, if it isn't an LCD, WTF were they thinking....
    I had a Motorola DROID, the very first one. I recently pulled it out of a box & flashed a custom rom onto it. It was Cyanogenmod Android 4.2.1 Jellybean?
    It had overclock options, the stock clock was around 800mhz IIRC.
    Well, I said F-it and set it to OC @ 2.1GHZ LOL
    less than 5 minutes later, the screen had now gained 3 psuedo-holepunch-screen style black dots, around the same size & all. Played a game on it & it got so hot i thought it was gonna catch on fire & the lowly 1300MAH battery died within 20minutes. It never turned back on. Lol

  • Napbak
    Napbak 3 months ago

    Speaking of mistakes this video is brought me

  • Rolands Naglis
    Rolands Naglis 3 months ago

    Better just watch jarryrigeverything

  • Rick Sanchez C137
    Rick Sanchez C137 3 months ago

    I love you linus

  • Tariq Bojic
    Tariq Bojic 3 months ago

    Does SOC stand for substantial over clocking because you should’ve overclocked it

  • 00sey
    00sey 3 months ago

    is it possible to scale up the heatpipe design to a full size watercooling loop?

  • wilsonkff
    wilsonkff 3 months ago

    Put the phone in water and it is water cooled. That's why so many phones are rated IP67 or IP68.

  • Mike Howles
    Mike Howles 3 months ago

    Stopped watching when I saw Jake.

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams 3 months ago

    Discount jerryrigeverything

  • Rex U.
    Rex U. 3 months ago

    linus is kind of a dick ngl

  • DoomageddonKid
    DoomageddonKid 3 months ago


  • John Owen
    John Owen 3 months ago

    Haha.....Zach makes it look so easy. You should of asked him to come and help you.....he is also so much better at segwaying sponsors as well

  • Jon-Anthony De Angelis
    Jon-Anthony De Angelis 3 months ago

    Another fantastic video of Linus treating his staff like crap it never gets old

  • Larson Fam
    Larson Fam 3 months ago

    Does Canada have those retarded European plugs??? Really? I did not know that, and it makes me laugh. ...


    The most lifeless teardown ever

  • Nestor Camacho
    Nestor Camacho 3 months ago +3

    Great video, but wouldn't a better test be playing a memory demanding game on this phone and on a similar specs (minus the water cooling) phone and see if the "water cooling" was actually doing something? :-) a few degrees of less heat would or should effectively stress the processor and memory less.

  • 0westdude
    0westdude 3 months ago

    Meizu is trash I'd rather spend more on Huawei then meizu

  • Jerin Fons
    Jerin Fons 3 months ago

    sans undertale appears

  • jonny five
    jonny five 3 months ago

    Haha wow so much jake hate going on.

  • Hangyu Feng
    Hangyu Feng 4 months ago

    OK, so you are holding a phone without having it soaking into water. So you know no matter what tech it use it must transfer thermo by air and your hand -- and you don't need to disassemble the phone. If your whole point is that the cooling system eventually uses air contact, then I think the entire process of open the phone is stupid. After all, the video is BIASED and INTENTIONAL. And you are losing integrity .

  • Droptracker
    Droptracker 4 months ago

    other guy is stupid AF

  • Jamie Camire
    Jamie Camire 4 months ago +1

    Linus is my cats name

    • Jamie Camire
      Jamie Camire 4 months ago

      He's a fluffy ( and fat ) orange tabby

  • ko x
    ko x 4 months ago

    eoonph cobell-dood

  • SwapniL Nair
    SwapniL Nair 4 months ago

    Should've called JerryRig for this

  • Sunny Bunny
    Sunny Bunny 4 months ago

    the phone is literally called "Water 16th"

    • Sunny Bunny
      Sunny Bunny 3 months ago +1

      @Reece Bleasdale Makes sense I guess I didn't pay attention to the spelling just the audio most of the time I only listen to linus videos x3

    • Reece Bleasdale
      Reece Bleasdale 3 months ago

      Not quite. 水 (Mizu) = Water in Japanese.
      This is Meizu, and it's Chinese.

  • Ribbon 8
    Ribbon 8 4 months ago

    Wait a minute, correct me if I'm wrong: so they've got an European plug and they live in America, and I've got a phone that has an American plug and I'm European. Wtf the Chinese do when selling phones??

  • corisco tupi
    corisco tupi 4 months ago

    *_"Jeeze Louise! ...Let's see what else is in this here box"_* ...Gotta love you guys. Great video.
    ...With that out of the way: Was the phone put back together? Did tit ever work again? I won't ask if it was flipped on Ebay.

  • J Read
    J Read 4 months ago

    Something plastic... pleeeease jake...

  • Kamo Gelo
    Kamo Gelo 4 months ago

    My face was water cooled with my tears whilst watching a Snapdragon 845 phone being torn apart like that, SAD!!

  • Sankalp Ogale
    Sankalp Ogale 4 months ago

    Well I don't know about Meizu phones but Zack has shown us "What's Inside?" of the liquid cooling vacuum chambers used in smartphones. 🙇🙇

  • Decafpancakes
    Decafpancakes 4 months ago

    As someone who repairs phones daily, this hurt to watch them take this phone apart😂

  • daysErlock
    daysErlock 4 months ago

    Let me lick my finger 1st lol

  • Vinoth SparkZz
    Vinoth SparkZz 4 months ago

    Poco F1

  • OfficialistNormie
    OfficialistNormie 4 months ago +1

    When they forgot to say huawei mate 20 pro in the in screen finger print phones of 2018 and 2019


  • Minewrecker
    Minewrecker 4 months ago +4

    'Thumbs up for that feature'

  • Mthobisi Mavuso
    Mthobisi Mavuso 4 months ago

    What's with the sex puns😂🤣

  • google inc
    google inc 4 months ago

    Asian phones always has dual sims, American phones can learn from it

    • Android P
      Android P 4 months ago

      Most Asian phones do have dual sims,even some button phones have more than three sims...that's interesting😂

  • Woodscraps1798
    Woodscraps1798 4 months ago


  • Strom Clark
    Strom Clark 4 months ago

    We're you really able to flip this??

  • shane mcginnell
    shane mcginnell 4 months ago

    You sound like Steve Carrell in 40 year old virgin

  • Jodhi Nugroho
    Jodhi Nugroho 4 months ago

    just gimmick hahahahah

  • Tony Diaz
    Tony Diaz 4 months ago


  • soundbolt
    soundbolt 4 months ago

    Note 9 is

  • Don yang
    Don yang 4 months ago

    ohhhh they have thought of everything~~~~

  • TwistedNerve
    TwistedNerve 4 months ago

    My old phone was water cooled for the last 3 seconds of it's life.

  • Stefano Agrotis
    Stefano Agrotis 4 months ago

    The manufacturer description says how it works....

  • Harshal Dongre
    Harshal Dongre 5 months ago

    you are gonna hold the big thing and i am gonna stick it in.... ??? What the hell #Linus

  • Lee's 4Runner
    Lee's 4Runner 5 months ago

    So I was shocked with the charger but then remembered they’re in Canada 😂

  • Google can suck my dick, I won't be using your fucking G+. GTFO

    You should have disassembled the screen as well, pretty sure it'd reveal the rest of the heat pipe.

  • UKMad Ness
    UKMad Ness 5 months ago

    God you annoy the shit out of me

  • Koca Brasya
    Koca Brasya 5 months ago

    I thought it was a new Japanese phone.

  • Akash M Lal
    Akash M Lal 5 months ago

    Jerryrigeverything would make this feel so easy

  • IceBugs
    IceBugs 5 months ago

    that roof camera sucks. it is just focusing to your hand hairs :DD

  • Naomi Waters
    Naomi Waters 5 months ago

    I don't know why but I love people taking phones apart

  • Melindo Craft
    Melindo Craft 5 months ago

    A liquid nitrogen cooled phone?

  • CutTheSkit
    CutTheSkit 5 months ago

    Dudes, this is an easy question to answer. You just smash the phone into tiny pieces and see if any water comes out.

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T 5 months ago

    Basic thermodynamics shows us that heat will try to reach equilibrium with anything contacting the item (in this case, a phone). So its cold outside and you want more processing power from your phone. Play your games outside or from a cracked window. This is assuming your device thermal throttles. If not, then cooling the device would have basically no effect, except maybe extend its lifespan via heat reduction. Even a regular house fan would help somewhat, since air cools down as it expands, which is what fans kinda do. And yes, your hand as well, but this is negligible. Also know that when your device is very warm to the touch, it is most likely going to slow down or even shutdown to prevent major damage. Even though the outside may be only warm, the chips are much much hotter. I boosted my ZTE Axon 7's Antutu score by 40k points simply by chilling the phone with about 40°F ambient air from outside blowing in over the phone via convection. Goodluck!

  • Ruby Va
    Ruby Va 5 months ago

    Meizu 16th but the whole video is a meme

  • Dillon Hensel
    Dillon Hensel 5 months ago

    Its basically some water vapor inside of a copper tube. Thats it.

  • ahwayzcool
    ahwayzcool 5 months ago

    I wanna see a video of you putting the phone back together.