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Ana Vidović - FULL CONCERT - CLASSICAL GUITAR - Live from St. Mark's, SF - Omni Foundation

  • Published on Mar 26, 2021
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    Ana Vidović
    Guitar by Jim Redgate
    Concert starts at 2:00
    Flute Partita in A minor, BWV 1013
    by Johann Sebastian Bach
    (Transcribed by Valter Despalj)
    -Allemande ( 3:06 )
    -Corrente ( 8:40 )
    Violin Sonata No. 1, BWV 1001
    by Johann Sebastian Bach
    (arr. by Manuel Barrueco)
    -Adagio ( 12:44 )
    -Fuga ( 16:38 )
    -Siciliana ( 21:19 )
    -Presto ( 24:25 )
    Un Dia de Noviembre ( 27:36 )
    by Leo Brouwer
    Gran Sonata Eroica, Op. 150 ( 32:17 )
    by Mauro Giuliani
    Sonata in E major, K. 380, L. 23 ( 41:39 )
    Sonata in D minor K.1, L. 366 ( 46:28 )
    by Domenico Scarlatti
    Nocturno ( 48:55 )
    by Slavko Fumic
    Encore -
    Asturias ( 53:49 )
    by Isaac Albeniz
    Recorded in St. Mark's Lutheran Church, San Francisco, CA
    Video Production by
    Matthew Washburn
    Audio Mastering by
    Sienna Digital, Half Moon Bay, CA
    Filmed live at St. Marks Lutheran Church in San Francisco, CA
    March 15th, 2021
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    D’Addario, Hill Guitar Company, Guitar Salon International, Romero Creations, Guitar Solo
    Produced by the Omni Foundation for the Performing Arts
    Richard Patterson, Artistic Director
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Comments • 5 622

  • The Guitologist
    The Guitologist Year ago +2312

    Exquisite. A master playing a master. What a privilege to hear such a thing.

    • Stefan Schleps
      Stefan Schleps 13 hours ago

      Great minds think alike. An unparalleled devotion such as we witness here is quite rare indeed.

    • GMSI7D
      GMSI7D 3 days ago

      @nathan barnette i believe i don't care about ana vidovic . so people, stop replying to my comment. this is boring

    • nathan barnette
      nathan barnette 3 days ago

      @GMSI7D i believe it is both talent and hard work

      SOTAGOAT 12 days ago

      What a privilege to know others ...u n me ....appreciate the same fine vibes too. When we would play local shows .....I'd always tell people...support ur local talent or it will go away. Amazing to see those also that percolate to the top!!!!!!

  • RAZR
    RAZR 29 days ago +43

    Talented and Beautiful... In a word: Heavenly...

    • RAZR
      RAZR 20 hours ago

      @Staffan Olofsson You certainly assisted...

    • Derp Atel
      Derp Atel 23 hours ago


    • Staffan Olofsson
      Staffan Olofsson Day ago

      @RAZR Congatulations! Soon you will top this thread with your words "Talented and Beautiful...In a word Heavenly..." Such a insight in this person and her her music!

    • Staffan Olofsson
      Staffan Olofsson 3 days ago

      @Só o Renan mesmo Thank you for your answer, I liked it a lot!

    • Só o Renan mesmo
      Só o Renan mesmo 3 days ago +1

      @Staffan Olofsson , hello! I am not sure about this, but I dont think it is a problem to say she is a pretty woman, as it wouldn´t if she was a pretty man. Her talent and her beauty are, of course, different qualities, because the second one depends not only her efforts and discipline, but too the circunstances (physique and youthness, for example), but I think it is not a shame refers to any of them if it is done with respect. Physical appearance is a matter related with heaven since past times, when the classical painters picture pretty people as angels, for example. Besides, her serenity while playing helps this impression a lot. But I understand you are uncomfortable with this kind of comment because many times, specially in our visual and advertising culture nowadays, the physical appearance seems be more valued than talents developed with discipline. And I agree with you that it was terrible, sexist and sad comments from RAZR. Woman should never be treated as sexual or decoration objects and I think the reason here is at your side. Excuse me for my english.

  • MisterBraun
    MisterBraun 4 months ago +185

    not only was this performed beautifully, the sound engineer did a great job too!

    • JoeBlue415
      JoeBlue415 5 days ago

      @Trailer Park Studios yes the acoustics are really good. I heard her play there and could pick up the softest nuances. Big difference from when I heard Christopher parkening at Davis symphony hall.

    • Andrey Matveyev
      Andrey Matveyev 15 days ago

      the cleaner did a good job too! look at the shiny floor!

    • Staffan Olofsson
      Staffan Olofsson 29 days ago +3

      I think that in a church it is extremely difficult to get a proper uptaking from a single guitar. But this time they/she/he succeeds in a astonishing way, this sound is super!

    • Alexander Calder
      Alexander Calder Month ago +2

      Yes, the clarity and depth of the recording was incredible.

    • ellsworthmurakami
      ellsworthmurakami Month ago +2

      no small accident, she even gives them a shout out at the beginning - 'great crew' - probably includes the audio-video crew

  • J Boreal
    J Boreal 4 months ago +164

    First, she’s truly awesome. Second, after her first set I expected gales of applause only to realize there are only about 5 people in the room. At least it’s recorded to share with the rest of humanity, that at least is a blessing.

    • TheMarpalm
      TheMarpalm 8 hours ago

      6 million views so far, so there is that

    • Sam I_am
      Sam I_am 13 days ago

      What a fortunate group of people to have the privilege to attend this!

    • Nafis Hasnat
      Nafis Hasnat 27 days ago

      Her name?

    • John Lay
      John Lay Month ago +1

      Probably 5 great guitarists.

    • Roger Britus
      Roger Britus Month ago +2

      Less coughing, guaranteed.

  • Cedy Cede
    Cedy Cede 3 months ago +48

    She is amazing and my respects to the recording engineer. I ask my self, where are the mics?. Great Mic technique to capture the natural sound of the guitar and the acoustic of the church. I can also hear the sound of the fingers on the frets. It is quite difficult to get a clear sound in a big church with all the sounds bouncing from the walls. I am sure He or She tried to place the mics in different position until it got the right mix of direct and bounce signals.

    • Staffan Olofsson
      Staffan Olofsson 3 days ago

      Thank you all for this Sound Information. They do a Hell of a Job.

    • 홍길동
      홍길동 3 days ago

      @Staffan Olofsson you can separately record the sound with the two mics.

    • Staffan Olofsson
      Staffan Olofsson 3 days ago

      @John Smith But if it is so, wireless pick up inside guitar, should not her voice be stronger, presenting this music?

    • John Smith
      John Smith 8 days ago

      @Staffan Olofsson wireless pick up inside guitar...

    • Staffan Olofsson
      Staffan Olofsson 29 days ago +2

      I completely agree, and I also ask: Where are the mics?


    Все молодцы!..♫♪

    • check 1-2 1-2-3
      check 1-2 1-2-3 3 months ago

      @BornAgainAndrew He came here not for our sins, but to free us from evil, death, pain, suffering and all the badness in this world. He came here to enlighten everything, not to save us from sins. Yeah

    • Majed Salih
      Majed Salih 4 months ago +4

      @Собачий депутат Он про пальцы )

    • Генерал Юденич
      Генерал Юденич 6 months ago +2

      Вы правы, подтверждаю: молодцы наши отцы)))))

    • Имия Фамилья
      Имия Фамилья 7 months ago

      и я?

    • Микс ***
      Микс *** 8 months ago +11

      Ютановскому хору больше не наливать... :(

  • Marc Tucciarone Music
    Marc Tucciarone Music 3 months ago +53

    Wonderful !
    She makes the Bach sound like it was written for guitar !!

    • Harrie Nelle
      Harrie Nelle 8 days ago

      @Jaikee Actually I've been performing Bach on didgeridoo for a while now and I must admit...the crowds aren't really taken in with it yet...but I keep trying.

    • Jaikee
      Jaikee 19 days ago

      @matthew abbott True. In fact Bach's music works on all instruments, except maybe didgeridoo.

    • Staffan Olofsson
      Staffan Olofsson Month ago +1

      Ana Vidovic makes Bach harpsichord to a guitar, as if that was no problem at all. Just do it.

    • matthew abbott
      matthew abbott Month ago +2

      It was :)

  • Stefan Schleps
    Stefan Schleps 13 hours ago

    Unbelievable! I have always loved Bach, and seen several performances by talented artists, but A.V. breathes exquisite spirit into his works! A superb performance I am certain to enjoy many more times. Flawless and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  • Christoph
    Christoph 8 days ago +10

    This is an incredible performance! I can't even imagine the privilege of seeing such work being performed live. A true breath-stopping delight.

  • Staffan Olofsson
    Staffan Olofsson 19 days ago +7

    Ana has also always been very talented playing Scalatti, and this in no exception. Just listen at 41:39

    • John Lay
      John Lay 16 days ago

      Yes, I agree she makes the Scarlatti Sonatas exceptionally beautiful.

  • Manuel Teixeira
    Manuel Teixeira 9 days ago +1

    What a pleasure is to listen you, playing your guitar. Thank you.

  • Mariano Barrero
    Mariano Barrero Month ago +5

    Extraordinaria y limpia ejecución de la guitarra de la más virtuosa y bella guitarrista de la actualidad. Felicitaciones !!!!!

  • Staffan Olofsson
    Staffan Olofsson 6 days ago +3

    As I understand it, Ana Vidovic is going from clarity to clarity in her career. Just the way she plays this program, and then open up for a free moment, where the public can ask for music, ending in Asturias, shows that she has a thrust in her music , and rely on the audience. Thank you, Ana.

  • Choco Donkey Blasters
    Choco Donkey Blasters 4 months ago +28

    I can't imagine the degree of cathartic pride and joy these legendary composers would feel if they could witness this performance.

  • Bandido Borracho
    Bandido Borracho Year ago +1569

    As a 25 year guitar player she gave me the confidence to sell my guitar to a pawn shop.

    • oxfords1
      oxfords1 2 hours ago


    • Adam Bozentko
      Adam Bozentko 3 days ago

      Blahahahaha, right..!..

    • Sudeep Sagar
      Sudeep Sagar 3 days ago


    • Paul Grimm
      Paul Grimm 10 days ago +1

      @Karine Marchitto You have passion like making love with your guitar 🎸 Bravo

    • Karine Marchitto
      Karine Marchitto 10 days ago +1

      @Paul Grimm exactement! La guitare fait ce qu on lui donne.

  • Fernando Troncoso
    Fernando Troncoso Month ago +3

    La he conocido el día de ayer por recomendaciones de youtube, increíble, me he escuchado este concierto completo sin pausar, su técnica enamora, su ejecución encanta, pero su sentimiento hace que se sienta su verdadera esencia y amor por la musica.

  • Matt Feeney
    Matt Feeney 4 months ago +44

    When you stop to think for a few... It is astounding to me that these mind-blowing, incredible musicians wake one day and make the decision to dedicate themselves to their craft. The days, weeks, months and years (forget the "hours and hours" comment) needed to be at this level is just awesome, in the original definition - an immense sense of awe.

    • John Stege
      John Stege Month ago +2

      @Matt Feeney We would never have heard of Ana if she wasn't dedicated. But, we live in an integrated world where I can just google "John Williams Bach" and everybody gets compared with the very best. It's almost impossible to meet that kind of standard. But, Ana does.

    • Matt Feeney
      Matt Feeney 2 months ago +4

      @John Stege I completely agree about being gifted. HOWEVER, the world is littered with people with immense talent but have accomplished very little. The difference is commitment, dedication, persistence, etc. “Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work...” - Albert Einstein. I would also add that it is also about making good decisions in life, in addition to hard work. (Unfortunately) ask me how I know. :(

    • John Stege
      John Stege 3 months ago +1

      In Ana's case she began at 5 years and was performing internationally at11, admitted to Music Academy at 13. Some people are just more gifted.

    • roberta polizzi
      roberta polizzi 3 months ago +2

      It's love!!

  • Daniel Fries
    Daniel Fries 9 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this. Beautifully played. I'd have come if I'd known it was happening.

  • Rolando Gonzales prada

    Felicitaciones eres la mejor guitarrista y las clasicas que tocas una maravilla

  • bpmf_live
    bpmf_live Year ago +144

    As for Ana's performance, top notch as always. But I want to point out that this is perhaps one of the best live solo guitar recordings I have ever heard. The space is amazing and the mics placement and selection is PERFECT. Engineers generally dont get enough credit, but honestly they dont often do anywhere near as well as they did here,

    • patrickguyum
      patrickguyum 4 months ago

      @Pacifico Cimafranca jr. That's objectively not how it works. A mic has to capture the guitar for the video to have audio, and the mic selection and placement in the room contributes as much to the product as the room and player itself.

    • Pacifico Cimafranca jr.
      Pacifico Cimafranca jr. 5 months ago

      Seems there is no mic.. its d acoustic make up and internal design of d church that make d guitat sound come out naturally wth a resounding boost..... plus of course... perfect playing...

    • tammy d.
      tammy d. 8 months ago +1

      @Kevin Pitt My god, yes! I wish they would always just get rid of the live-bodied audience. I mean, how many coughs do I need to endure? I'm joking, but, yeah, not really. It would be so lovely to hear recordings in these amazing venues without all the interference. I imagine things sound better without bouncing off all those bodies too...

    • Kevin Pitt
      Kevin Pitt 8 months ago +2

      I agree. I should also add they are helped by the fact that there are few people there. When recording a delicate instrument like the guitar with a live audience in attendance, the sound engineers have to somehow try to pick up the delicate reverbs the instrument is sending around the space, with the fact that they need to mute all the fidgeting and other noises from the audience. A compromise that is often to the detriment of the recording.
      Listen to the clapping.

  • Joe Strain
    Joe Strain 24 days ago +6

    An excellent performance I have viewed more than once, sure to uplift the spirit! I just saw your performance at the Ethical Society in St Louis MO USA. It was TRULY amazing and I wish all guitar lovers could have been there! You were extremely gracious and allowed us to have you sign programs, and you let us get photos with you! What a really nice and wonderful person you are after all, matching your matchless guitar skills! I don't know any other way to actually let you know how much I appreciated that performance and your generosity, so I wanted to let you know right here. Thank you SO much! And please come back to St Louis soon, you will always have a great following here!

  • ellsworthmurakami
    ellsworthmurakami Month ago +6

    i love the sound of the fingers sliding on the strings, and all the little real things that make the perfections so magical, and the sirens even, outside in the distant background at one point. Amazing. This video is exceptional. Can't wait to see Ana Vidovic play live ❤

  • Jerry Olivarez
    Jerry Olivarez 3 months ago +12

    The sound is amazing. The guitarist is truly a joy to listen to . Bravo Ana you are a true master.

  • Alfred gudde
    Alfred gudde 2 months ago +5

    Sou do Brasil mas é uma linda musicista que toca extraordinariamente bem!

  • Maris Lacis
    Maris Lacis 4 months ago +17

    Listening to her play , I now understand the difference between talent and a gift
    God given and shared , Thank you 🙏🏻

  • CosmosNut
    CosmosNut 3 months ago +2

    Wonderful, great interpretations and unique artistic style. No doubt looking at a master of the art who is present in the story telling in an active way.

  • Richard J Chandler
    Richard J Chandler 4 months ago +3

    Well over a decade ago, in the early years of her professional career, I had the privilege of hearing Ana Vidović perform a recital in St. Cloud, MN. The music starts with a JS Bach Allemande and Courante 3 minutes in. Enjoy!

  • hazlitt1
    hazlitt1 5 months ago +20

    Just having heard this twice on a row, what can I say! Thank you for all those thousands of hours you have spent practicing, so that you can now give us such musical beauty. Thank you, you’re an absolute Sweetheart Anna. XXX.

  • Sávio ramu
    Sávio ramu 2 months ago +2

    maravilhoso concerto, amo ouvi-la!!

  • Angelo Buonarroti
    Angelo Buonarroti 2 months ago +5

    Two thumbs up! Virtuosic repertoire! I've had the chance to see her live, Great performer!

  • elcio pacheco
    elcio pacheco 2 months ago +6

    toca muito!!!!! o violão nas mãos dessa mulher parece um piano!! som límpido..peça bem interpretada!! parabéns Ana Vidovic!!!

  • Fabio Alencar
    Fabio Alencar 2 months ago +4

    Simplesmente lindo. Chega a ser hiponitizante ver Ana Vidovic interpretar várias peças musicais. Sinto-me um privilegiado de poder assiti-la. Obrigado a Omni Foundation.

  • George Sheldon
    George Sheldon Year ago +21

    This is one of the best classical guitar concerts that I have seen on the Internet. Ana has incredible technical mastery but also has the ability to put such emotional expression into the songs as well. Hats off to the recording and video engineers. The sound quality and video close ups are excellent. I have been to previous concerts at St. Marks and it is a a wonderful environment but I'm almost tempted to say this concert was as good.. or better.. than being there in person. Thanks

  • Ciro Sigillo
    Ciro Sigillo Month ago +1

    Every time I see videos where you play with such skill, I close my eyes and let myself be carried away by the beautiful images that your music gives me. You are very good and, let me tell you, very beautiful too.
    Sincere congratulations for the music you give us.

  • Guy Limoges
    Guy Limoges 4 months ago +22

    C'est tellement beau, musicalement exquis et impressionnant de virtuosité! Dextérité, dynamique, tout est là avec le charme d'Ana Vidovic!

    • Tom Woods
      Tom Woods 3 months ago

      Shes one if my favorites.

  • Gopalan Jothi Sengottuvel

    Great flow and play. It rolled my mind back to Michael Hedges. Thank you.

  • Fordeyyy
    Fordeyyy 3 months ago +10

    24:17 the quick mental preparation, and then..
    This entire performance is just brilliance, you can tell how much practice hours went in. Well done Ana.

  • smertk
    smertk Year ago +56

    The Bach sonata was beautiful. And in the original key of G minor, not particularly classical guitar friendly. I can not even begin to imagine the amount of hard work that was put in to play it this well... Thank you!

  • Staffan Olofsson
    Staffan Olofsson Month ago +7

    Ana Vidovics way of playing Bach proves that Bach himself in his heaven holds a blessing hand over her. I think he will perhaps think: "Why was not the guitar inventented when I was on earth? Then I immediately had wrote a special Guitar Sonata just for Ana Vidovic."

  • Guitar Play
    Guitar Play 4 months ago +7

    Beyond brilliance! Ana’s playing is in another stratosphere. I’m always mesmerized when I see and hear her play. A true virtuoso and without a shadow of a doubt the best classical guitarist, man or woman on the planet.

    • IR W
      IR W 3 months ago

      brilliant, yes, but Roxane Elfasci? Kyuhee Park ?

    • Mike D
      Mike D 3 months ago +1

      The first time Ive ever heard her... I've never heard classical like this. In ah...

  • Пересвет светов

    Вылезла слеза , прекрасней игры на гитаре я не слышал . Браво !

  • Samuel Dib
    Samuel Dib 4 months ago

    Amazing Play! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  • Tien Duong
    Tien Duong Year ago +46

    Ana, you are so gracious to give us this wonderful concert free!

    • Jimmy Federico
      Jimmy Federico 11 months ago

      I had the honor of meeting Ana and she is as lovely as her artistry suggests.

  • Bill Geoghegan
    Bill Geoghegan 5 months ago +26

    I can only imagine the hours and hours and years upon years spent training to get to this level of mastery. Incredible.

    • The Broadcaster
      The Broadcaster 2 months ago

      @Illud Divinus True, but then again she is playing that Bach fugue at a very strenous and speedy tempo.

    • James G
      James G 3 months ago +1

      @Alexander Valero I'll just add that proper guidance on how to spend those hours would be key and also maintaining afterwards. Can you imagine pushing through the hard times. Sometimes you have to grind when passion is low.

    • Alexander Valero
      Alexander Valero 4 months ago +3

      @Eric Hugh it’s 10.000 hours.

    • Illud Divinus
      Illud Divinus 4 months ago +3

      It’s the same level of technique over and over to different melodies, time variations, tempos, and memorization. She’s not going 1000 finger plucks and notes per min. It just sounds wonderful because she’s staying composed within the music. There’s mastery that plays twice as fast out there.

    • RiversLikesArt
      RiversLikesArt 5 months ago +1

      @Eric Hugh Does not exist

  • Paula Zambreno
    Paula Zambreno 4 months ago +8

    There are no words! The sound and the colors are magical- Bach himself would glow with pride!

  • Сергей Кудаев

    Excellent! I don't play so brilliant. But I can hear and see it. Magically!

  • Carlos Oliveira
    Carlos Oliveira 4 months ago +3

    Amazing! Ana is a great guitar player and interpret of the classic music. I love your playing!

  • arupian666
    arupian666 Year ago +232

    Stunning. I console myself with the belief that at one point, in the way distance past, she too struggled to play a G chord without accidentally muting strings....

    • Mike Bressler
      Mike Bressler 10 months ago +1

      @FreeMpg Pretty amazing!

    • E. Conboy
      E. Conboy 10 months ago

      @Rafael Carmany MOST of it is the result of Practice! Practice! Practice! And her love of the music We are the beneficiaries of her years and years of dedicated talents

    • TGWCL
      TGWCL 11 months ago

      @Thi Tran Chris has a problem with entertainment in His house of prayer. Not me. So take it up with Him please.

    • Thi Tran
      Thi Tran 11 months ago

      @TGWCL Have you ever thought the people, the earth, the flowers, the rivers, the mountains God created for us to enjoy? A church is perfect place for Bach music. What’s your problem?

    • bashful228
      bashful228 Year ago

      @The Great Refret yep, karmic deposits in the guitar playing bank account.

  • Vitaliy Kuzmin
    Vitaliy Kuzmin 4 months ago +7

    Идеальное владение инструментом. Супер чистое звукоизвлечение - практически ни одного постороннего звука. Здорово, браво!

  • Prog Rob
    Prog Rob Month ago +10

    Gorgeous dynamics, absolutely mesmerizing, bravo!

  • ISO-100
    ISO-100 4 months ago +6

    What's sound from her guitar. It's amazing. High level music make! Her position is perfect. Thanks for video. 💙🇵🇱🎧

  • Bowi
    Bowi 3 months ago +4

    This is what I needed, and I'm grateful. This interpret is great! This is the first time I'm listening to classical guitar.

    • Kelly Flynn
      Kelly Flynn 2 months ago

      If this is your first time listening to classical guitar, it's going to spoil you for every other time!

  • Lee Morris
    Lee Morris Month ago +5

    This music makes you feel like jumping over high walls. Very encouraging. There is of course nothing quite like clearing a fixed boundary. I hear Naples is good this time of year.
    Wonderful interpretations.
    Thank you. ☯️

  • AladdinSaneNYC
    AladdinSaneNYC 3 months ago +6

    She, and the music, are heaven incarnate!!! Beyond words beautiful! She IS a master guitarist, definitely!

  • D'Vaughn Pershing
    D'Vaughn Pershing 4 months ago +2

    Absolutely calming and beautiful.

  • Jean Pierre
    Jean Pierre 4 months ago +6

    I'm always quite astounded by such level of performance. Ana delivers musical masterpiece and represents the perfect combination of charm and virtuosity

  • Dianna Paul
    Dianna Paul Year ago +26

    I’ve always believed in another dimension, a parallel world where everything is pure and beautiful....I just found it. Wow, thank you Ana. What a gift

    • Frankg3rd
      Frankg3rd Year ago +1

      Its as if the angels on high are in attendance !!!!

    • adrian wright
      adrian wright Year ago +2

      "pure and beautiful" - but still with RU-clip in it? !

  • Marie-Noëlle Pretto
    Marie-Noëlle Pretto 2 months ago +3

    Beautiful ! Thanks for sharing. 💜

  • ioanna l
    ioanna l 3 months ago +5

    Amazing, you make us love classical guitar even more . Thank you

  • David Julian
    David Julian 2 months ago +4

    Beautiful playing, love Bach and the dedication it takes to play these pieces. Thankyou!

  • Diament
    Diament 4 months ago +2

    Przepieknie! Brawo! ❤️

  • KOSM0S
    KOSM0S Month ago +3

    Wonderful !
    She makes the Bach sound like it was written for guitar !!

  • Tiziano Marcolini
    Tiziano Marcolini 4 months ago

    Ses performances sont toujours à la hauteur de son immense talent !

  • John B
    John B 2 months ago +2

    Listening to this whilst sat relaxing in the flower garden on a sunny morning, I could sit and listen all day.

  • ronald delo
    ronald delo 4 months ago +8

    Thank you for being, and staying true to your craft, I enjoy every performance I’ve ever seen 🤗❤️

  • Moving to Atlanta Georgia

    Wow! She plays with such clarity and power. I once saw Julian Bream live (he brought me to tears) and Ana has that same quality, where technical mastery gives way to pure expression. When someone does something so infernally difficult and makes it look effortless, that is when you know you are in the realm of the angels. This is an utterly sublime performance.

  • Dealsmeer
    Dealsmeer 3 months ago +9

    I just can't stop listening to this.. such musicality, such understanding of the music, and such proficiency with the instrument. Simply amazing and wonderful.

  • ernesto sousa
    ernesto sousa 10 days ago

    Amazing performance and sound engineering, if it sounds like this in YT, must be awesome in the proper sound apparatus!!!

  • Jorge Grillo
    Jorge Grillo 4 months ago +5

    Maravilloso... Gracias.

  • Eliel Freitas Jr
    Eliel Freitas Jr 5 months ago +32

    Simplesmente fabulosa.
    Ana é absoluta!

  • Scott Wexlin
    Scott Wexlin Year ago +35

    As an organist, I listen to her play Bach and Scarlatti, and I'm absolutely floored. Incredible talent.

    • Ivan Bagarić
      Ivan Bagarić Year ago +2

      @Bryan H She plays 25 hours every day. She wakes up one hour earlier!

    • Bryan H
      Bryan H Year ago

      or 40 hours of practice every day

    • mike198383
      mike198383 Year ago

      talent and pure genius/virtuoso and pure gift.

  • Veronika Ong
    Veronika Ong 11 days ago +2

    Excellent performance, thank you Ana, it was great to hear you in different repertoire…🙏👍💐🌻

  • Rambo B
    Rambo B 2 months ago

    Yes. Great guitar playing and also a very clean excellent recording.

  • Diez Christian
    Diez Christian 4 months ago

    Thank you Ana, You're a very great player.

    AFER RIVERA 4 months ago +4

    Melodias belíssimas de complexa execução. Espetacular performance. Mestre Ana!!!

  • Staffan Olofsson
    Staffan Olofsson Month ago +15

    This is a masterly played Bach on guitar. Never have I heard anything better. Ana Vidovic plays Bach´s harpsichord into her guitar like it was the easiest thing to do. A transformation that gives no scars. Just a happy face. My face.

  • Reunicls
    Reunicls 3 months ago +2

    So amazing. The polyphony in the Bach fugue really shines on the guitar. I'm trying to make my fugue on violin sound as clear as this :)

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +4

    This is my favourite recital of her playing Bach. A lovely sound with a good accoustic. She plays with great skill & control. A truely admirable performance.

  • It's going to be ok- Just Breathe

    i know little about the ins and outs of classical music/guitar....but i can still tell this woman is a virtuoso. I very much enjoyed this concert. Thank you.

  • Paweł Marczewski
    Paweł Marczewski Year ago +7

    Thank you for posting the concert! Bravo ! 🙌👍Amazingly done Ana!

  • Sam I_am
    Sam I_am 13 days ago

    Brilliant!!! It was a nostalgic trip back to the baroque era! Thank you for sharing!

  • Ivana Bačić Donadić
    Ivana Bačić Donadić 2 months ago +6

    I love this form! 😀👍 Classical musician talking to the audience! Bravo! First time seeing it. And Asturias just out of the hat! Bravo, Ana! 👏 I have listened to you and your brother Viktor as a child (a child that didn't like to practice playing guitar or listening to classical guitar pieces). Many years later, it fits right into my mind and soul. I'm finally ready. I've enjoyed every minute of the concert! 👏👏👏 Thank you.

  • Collin Courtois
    Collin Courtois 4 months ago +3

    Thank you so much for all this soothing beauty.

  • Ronald J
    Ronald J 3 months ago +4

    Really beautiful! The music was great, too!

  • David Hicken
    David Hicken Year ago +65

    She is absolutely magnificent, and truly one of the finest musicians alive today.

    • the ashen
      the ashen Year ago +4

      Her right hand efficiency is just stunning. That takes extreme focus and dedication of many years. So good to hear such excellent interpretations, but also be able to see absolutely wonderful technique

    • Xander Alsup
      Xander Alsup Year ago +8

      @David Hicken He's just a troll do not give it attention

  • Daniel Pink Star
    Daniel Pink Star Month ago

    This is such an amazing concert. Ana Vidovic is one of my favourite guitarists. I was meant to see her at Kings Palace London, but she couldn't make it. That was when I met Cristina Galetto. What a player. I still long to see Ana, but that night I saw Cristina, she juggles me away and my eyes watered. Check her out too peeps. Cristina Galetto. X

  • Евгений Галуненко

    Здорово! Даже удивительно, что все так чисто и чувственно...Красивая женщина и красивая музыка..

    • Denis_39
      Denis_39 4 months ago


    • obiektywny obiektywny
      obiektywny obiektywny 4 months ago +1

      Послушайте мастера, его зовут Mariusz Patrzałek

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    Edna Julia Lopez Ramos 4 months ago +1

    Espléndida!!!! Impecable!!!!

  • Stephan Söderberg
    Stephan Söderberg 4 months ago +2

    What a lux to see a beautiful human being playing guitar as beautiful as this. "Nocturno" by Slavko Fumic is my favorite here @48:50

  • Guttorm Haaversen
    Guttorm Haaversen 11 months ago +40

    What a guitarist! I have hardly ever heard such a clean sound and fluent technique.

    • Richard Walker
      Richard Walker 10 months ago +1

      yes - i think a computer could not have created the notes any more accurately and beautifully!

  • Jose Q
    Jose Q 3 months ago +2

    Thank you for this performance. All that practice and training so that we get to hear thy melodious timbre grace our ears. Thank you.

  • John honoridez
    John honoridez 4 months ago +2

    Ana plays each note marvelously like so sonorous and makes the guitar sing!

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    Nelson Kalahari 2 months ago +1

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  • Robin K
    Robin K 2 months ago +2

    My goodness, hugely talented and I am very aware of what it takes to even memorize the material for this concert! Wow!

  • You
    You 10 months ago +33

    By the age of 11, Vidović was performing internationally and showed such an extraordinary talent that at 13, she became the youngest student to attend Academy of Music

  • Jorge Coral Alvarado
    Jorge Coral Alvarado 2 months ago +1

    Esta extraordinaria guitarrista, dueña de un virtuosismo maravilloso,, parece de otra galaxia,,, felicitaciones eres extraordinaria

  • Vu Hoang
    Vu Hoang 2 months ago +6

    What a beautiful, delightful, elegant artist, Ana, is... Every single piece played by her is harmonic! I'm feeling like I'm in Europe for a brief hour. Thank you! 🙏

  • A J
    A J Month ago +4

    Saw her last night at st marks, and i can say without a doubt she is the best guitarist in the world.

    • Omni Foundation
      Omni Foundation  26 days ago +1

      Thanks for coming out. It was an incredible concert, indeed. And a the entire Grand Overture and an encore to boot.

  • Rosane T. Gonçalves
    Rosane T. Gonçalves 2 months ago

    Thank you Ana, you fill my soul!

  • SpinDr DMV
    SpinDr DMV Year ago +103

    I remember watching Ana perform while we were in conservatory together. Everyone knew she was going to be a star.

    • Scott Kleyla
      Scott Kleyla Year ago

      I had to learn with my older sisters, where is this conservatory? Were you aware of your own talents or did they simply express themselves?

    • SpinDr DMV
      SpinDr DMV Year ago +2

      @luscão she is keeping the tradition alive!

    • luscão
      luscão Year ago +3

      @SpinDr DMV Great masters make great apprentices!

    • luscão
      luscão Year ago +3

      @SpinDr DMV She seems kinda shy haha, great man, she is a star now!