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  • Wonton
    Wonton Day ago +1

    Charles zi Britannia no longer lives,
    And I’m the one who took his life.

    10 Most badass moments in anime

  • Alternate 627
    Alternate 627 Month ago

    What is Code Geass OP 1?

  • yatoval
    yatoval Month ago

    I use my grass powers to tell you to subscribe to smb NOW

  • Andy W.
    Andy W. Month ago

    When SMB finally discovers anime

  • MarctheLightSpark Elliott

    Do the OG Hellsing opening, please!

  • head foot
    head foot 2 months ago +1

    Lelpouch vi brittania commands you, random person on the internet, to have a good day😊

  • Sparky Steph
    Sparky Steph 2 months ago

    It looks very slow and easy, I can do this!

    Later: yes! I mastered it in just a hr, just the first few secs!

  • Justin Rios
    Justin Rios 2 months ago

    ****ALL HAIL LOLUECH!!!****

  • DeLIS J
    DeLIS J 2 months ago

    Make 99 by Mob Choir from Mob Psycho 100 pls)))

  • El_Felkx Gaming
    El_Felkx Gaming 2 months ago

    Euphemia' "moment" will remain one of anime's stupidest moments for all of time

  • Palindromemordnilap
    Palindromemordnilap 2 months ago


  • DIO Brando
    DIO Brando 2 months ago


  • Tahi Macfarlane0
    Tahi Macfarlane0 2 months ago

    Please do "The Search" composed by Elliot Wheeler? also do "Roads Untraveld" by linken park aswell please?

  • Nietna a
    Nietna a 2 months ago

    Vos did you learn to play both hands ?

  • Марк Гжибовский

    We need a Russian version! Пожалуйста. =)

  • alikatek
    alikatek 2 months ago

    Really great played!

  • Yasin Leschke
    Yasin Leschke 2 months ago

    All hail lelouch vi britanina!!

  • Intellectual_ 69
    Intellectual_ 69 2 months ago

    please do hs dxd theme :)

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 months ago

    Do some more Jojo openings

  • Alchemyst
    Alchemyst 2 months ago

    Think you could do one of the Haikyuu! openings next? Preferably OP 3.

  • Dinh Son Nguyen
    Dinh Son Nguyen 2 months ago

    Awaken my color!

  • Denise Llamas
    Denise Llamas 2 months ago

    Wow good job👏👏👏👏🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎹

  • CRST Gallaway Knight
    CRST Gallaway Knight 2 months ago

    the movie was fire, but I love this intro

  • Lin Dennis
    Lin Dennis 2 months ago +1

    *jIbUn Wo*

  • Arda Gokce
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  • Lawrence Bermudez
    Lawrence Bermudez 2 months ago

    tfw can't find clothes to buy

  • TG Maps
    TG Maps 2 months ago


    DA MAYYA 2 months ago

    lol "hard"

  • Samioch _
    Samioch _ 2 months ago


  • Amna Ghani
    Amna Ghani 2 months ago

    Please do Read all about it by Emeli Sandre!!!

  • Remon Bras
    Remon Bras 2 months ago

    Do acid rain by avenged sevenfold

  • dee bee
    dee bee 2 months ago

    Ninja turtles please x🐢🐢🐢🐢

  • H.A.G_C
    H.A.G_C 2 months ago

    Hell yee

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II 2 months ago +2

    Please make a video on A Moment of Relief from Resident Evil Code Veronica X! Please!

  • Audible Milk
    Audible Milk 2 months ago

    You need to do Heavens Divide from MGS Peacewalker

  • Johann Bejul
    Johann Bejul 2 months ago +1

    Farewell Slavyanka please?

  • vic 29
    vic 29 2 months ago


  • J.J. H
    J.J. H 2 months ago

    R2 has a better theme song in my opinion.

  • Naeema's World
    Naeema's World 2 months ago

    You should do the minecraft music disc stall

  • PugCosplay
    PugCosplay 2 months ago


  • spooky gayhyun
    spooky gayhyun 2 months ago

    after so many years still can sing this after first note hits

  • Sty
    Sty 2 months ago

    Do the outro!!

  • sveilleux 01
    sveilleux 01 2 months ago

    Seven seas of rhye queen plz plz plz

  • Loris Perron
    Loris Perron 2 months ago +1

    Where is Rush D
    I mean, take your time

    but I would like to see it one day

  • Calib McBolts - Composer

    This is one hell of a piece :-)

  • Zaltaj Obrátil
    Zaltaj Obrátil 2 months ago

    Thanks very much

  • iReed Baldassare
    iReed Baldassare 2 months ago

    Sheet Music Boss can you do Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder please

  • Ozzy_Jr
    Ozzy_Jr 2 months ago

    Can you plz do He lives in you from The Lion King. There's only one other video of it and I think you guys could make it sound amazing!

  • Yung Stallion
    Yung Stallion 2 months ago +1

    British spell it like ‘colours’

  • Fischi Gaming
    Fischi Gaming 2 months ago

    YAY :)

  • Ash Ketchup
    Ash Ketchup 2 months ago +1

    Low-key sounds like marshmello 🤔

  • Cristina Galvache
    Cristina Galvache 2 months ago

    Can you please do doom days, Bastille

  • Piano National Anthems
    Piano National Anthems 2 months ago

    Love your videos could you possibly play can’t help falling in love with you by Elvis thanks keep up the great work

  • Soouupz
    Soouupz 2 months ago

    Nostalgia always hits me when I hear this theme song

  • Shadow Elwell
    Shadow Elwell 2 months ago

    All hail Lelouch

  • Jonas Hammer
    Jonas Hammer 2 months ago

    Do Highschool Dxd

  • Christopher Widjaja
    Christopher Widjaja 2 months ago

    Tutorial for When I'm Gone by Phantom Sage, maybe hard but bet you can do it

  • Samuh
    Samuh 2 months ago


  • Nathan Roy
    Nathan Roy 2 months ago

    But what will happen if Code Geass was not in Britannia, but in Russia (if you know what i mean)

  • Rochmadany Isatya
    Rochmadany Isatya 2 months ago

    perfect tune of Lelouch theme--who brought the world in apocalipse