• Published on Apr 3, 2018
  • In episode 55 of The Chronicles of Beard, I take a trip to Montpelier's Bar & Grill in Edinburgh to take on their UNDEFEATED MONSTER BURGER CHALLENGE!! Not only that, I had four huge rugby players for competition ;)
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  • BeardMeatsFood
    BeardMeatsFood  Year ago +352

    Good Evening folks and welcome to the video, thanks for watching!
    This challenge takes place at Montpelier’s in a Edinburgh, Scotland. You have 45 MINUTES to finish everything you see in the shot! The meal is FREE if you do, and you’ll join me in being the only person to take it down!
    Hope you enjoy watching and the next video will be up in a few days 🧔🏻🙌🏼

    • Dinomite203
      Dinomite203 29 days ago

      BeardMeatsFood PLEEEAAASEEE DONT TRY SCOTTISH ACCENT AGAIN pleeeaaaassseee oh god pleease don’t no don’t other than that nice vid 👍

    • junry Cavaneyro
      junry Cavaneyro Month ago

      guys please hug support

    • Lewis Edwards
      Lewis Edwards Month ago

      Here's one for you if you passing Wales

    • wipeout modzz
      wipeout modzz 2 months ago

      Did anyone else finish the burger and the mac and cheese

    • Syeda Jiya TaQvi
      Syeda Jiya TaQvi 2 months ago
      Support this channel

  • Dymss
    Dymss 10 hours ago

    Pilav is that you?

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 15 hours ago

    Megatoad is centuries faster which is insane cause this dude is fast as fuck too

  • Rahul Benny
    Rahul Benny 18 hours ago

    I bet there's enough food inside his beard to last him a week.

  • Shaun P Patterson

    I think we need to watch the entire thing in slow speed because I think you were stuffing it in that monster of a beard lol jk. Great job, I dont think I could have finished it, maybe 3 years ago but not after losing 80 lbs dieting.

  • 1 thirsty Boi
    1 thirsty Boi Day ago

    Your beards disgusting

  • Infrasound
    Infrasound 3 days ago

    Gets a shake half way through lol... +1

  • Saso gebeyehu
    Saso gebeyehu 4 days ago

    Eating is not a challenge other part of the world.

    • trenbolonely
      trenbolonely 3 days ago

      Actually it is, if you think about it lol

  • Zamantuli Mbele
    Zamantuli Mbele 4 days ago did that!

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 4 days ago

    Disgusting scruffy pig

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang 6 days ago

    People say this challenge is easy. But they need to eat 4 pounds of beef plus bacon and tons of cheese. A 2 pounds milkshake along with it and 1 pound of Mac n cheese and 2 liters of soda. They are probably going to throw up with all the thick milkshake with all the milk and cheese and meat in there stomach and not even finish half of the food and I didn’t even mention the other sides either

  • Gurvansh Singh
    Gurvansh Singh 7 days ago

    We indians would love to see you doing an indian food challenge. Let's hope we don't have wait long.

  • toink oink
    toink oink 7 days ago

    You should eat together with draco
    You know draco?
    Then if theres no food enough,
    Eat each other😂😂

  • Red Fox
    Red Fox 7 days ago

    the power of the beard shall set your stomach free, if you get the joke😂

  • DodgeCity111
    DodgeCity111 9 days ago +1

    If you shave your beard does that mean you'll name your channel ChinMeatsFood?

  • Rafael Alvarez
    Rafael Alvarez 10 days ago

    Your an idiot u know people are starving and u waste food.

  • Stephen Mason
    Stephen Mason 12 days ago +1

    You and Matt stonie are the greatest eaters on the planet !!!!

  • Hinrulf simkins
    Hinrulf simkins 12 days ago

    He has a black hole hidden in his beard.

  • Steve McG
    Steve McG 12 days ago +1

    The most annoying thing in world is people trying to do the Scottish accent, especially when all they say is ‘bonnie, wee, haggis, kilt etc’. Does my absolute head in. Does he do that when he goes to wales or London or anywhere else in the uk! Why feel the need to do it coming to Scotland then ya tadger

  • Jayleigh Groves
    Jayleigh Groves 12 days ago

    As always.... Legend 🙏🏻💖

  • Happy Poop
    Happy Poop 14 days ago +1

    TFUCK how can he stay fit???

  • Terence Hennegan
    Terence Hennegan 15 days ago

    This is madness. Is there anybody else watching this who thinks this is wrong ? It is sinful to abuse ones body, mind and spirit in this way, food is to be savoured, appreciated not abused. There is nothing to be proud of in stuffing ones face with copious amounts of food, it’s nothing but gluttony. For goodness sake stop this insanity.

    • bluescluessuperagent
      bluescluessuperagent 15 days ago

      Cool story bruh.
      Running a marathon is pointless as well and sure isn't healthy for ones body. You gonna protest that as well?

  • Salvatore Rispoli
    Salvatore Rispoli 15 days ago

    Who would win you of furious pete

  • wwe
    wwe 15 days ago

    Guy face lmao

  • slimani basma
    slimani basma 15 days ago

    lmao 5kgs no offense but its nothing to struggle about xdddddddddddddddddd 15 min max and u'd finish eating all of that in just 15 min :p

  • Donkellyonie
    Donkellyonie 16 days ago

    I think you need worming mate. Geeze ur like a fooooken dustbin 😅🤣

  • Eternal Johnson
    Eternal Johnson 16 days ago

    Stfu and eat

  • Tyrone Robinson
    Tyrone Robinson 16 days ago +1

    i enjoyed it

  • phoenix j
    phoenix j 17 days ago

    That was incredible well done - guy's face was funny

  • James Oconnell
    James Oconnell 17 days ago

    ive watched just 2 of this guys . and i would bet big he can beat man vs food man

  • Rocket Number 9
    Rocket Number 9 17 days ago

    In America those carafes have water in them 😰 ...Ok, I commented too soon. He said it was Coke. I’m like in Scotland they just bring a carafe of dark beer to your table and keep refilling it?!

  • Ingars Siliņš
    Ingars Siliņš 18 days ago +1

    Food is meant to nourish, you should enjoy it... But this... I don't get it.

    • bluescluessuperagent
      bluescluessuperagent 15 days ago +1

      Is food meant to nourish or to be enjoyed? Those aren't the same things

    • Mr Knarf
      Mr Knarf 15 days ago

      Ingars Siliņš It's a discipline, a bit like apnea championships. It takes training and willpower. Think of it as a sport, not as an everyday habit.

  • Ben Steward
    Ben Steward 19 days ago

    Just had your channel come up in my feed... and so glad it did! The subscribe button has been smashed and the bell is on!... look forward to catching up and seeing your new vids...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • noname wasgehtsiedasan


  • Lars Kraus
    Lars Kraus 19 days ago

    I think the guy was just confused by ... how do i say this nicely. Your table manners.

  • Jay81
    Jay81 19 days ago

    Watching this while taking a big shit 🤣

  • Impromptu DTour
    Impromptu DTour 22 days ago +2

    more than appropriate time to ask for a desset menu, and just chill - something with sprinkles

    then ask for a to-go box

  • MGecko PMPL
    MGecko PMPL 23 days ago

    LOL you know the guys around you wouldn't eat nearly as much as they did if you weren't around. Competitive bastards :D

  • Thien Pham
    Thien Pham 25 days ago +1

    Don't ever open up a Buffett near him.

  • Alexander Rewijk
    Alexander Rewijk 26 days ago

    i can do "burg", then again, i'm dutch we got that hard G and K kinda like scottish.
    great camera work on the intermissions by the way.

  • Isaac Ibnoumaryama
    Isaac Ibnoumaryama 26 days ago

    Only when I smoke I can eat like that lol

  • TheAsylum100
    TheAsylum100 28 days ago

    Snoring = weight

  • Mom
    Mom 29 days ago

    You said Edinburgh wrong lol

  • Kyler Howell
    Kyler Howell Month ago +3

    New to your channel and honestly I love it this is an amazing account proud to say I am a fan!!!❤️

  • Ria Olav
    Ria Olav Month ago

    12 pounds ?? A 2 month old 😭

  • junry Cavaneyro
    junry Cavaneyro Month ago

    guys please hug help each other

  • Niko Roulias
    Niko Roulias Month ago

    Two beds because one is for fucking on, the other is for sleeping when youre done.

    Alex UFOLOGIST Month ago

    What is the name of the hotel with the comics on the wall?

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang Month ago +4

    That beef looks very delicious and juicy, and bacon looks crispy. The Mac n cheese looks good too

  • hookah world
    hookah world Month ago

    Love from India bro

  • Deno Sadullah
    Deno Sadullah Month ago

    Shave your disgusting beard especially you’re a food challenge guy this is why I don’t watch your videos anymore

  • Deno Sadullah
    Deno Sadullah Month ago

    How much crack do you smoke

  • Josep Sankhill
    Josep Sankhill Month ago

    This video is satisfying.

  • Bob Craft
    Bob Craft Month ago

    MEN with beards carry more germs than dogs including deadly bacteria in their facial fuzz, a hair-raising study has found.

    COBRA DARKNISS Month ago +1

    When the guy said “I got the meat down but it was hard going after that” I instantly said that’s what she said 😅

  • Stuart
    Stuart Month ago

    man i wish i did some food challanges when i was younger, i could put some food away but i have developed a gluten intolerance over the last 6 months which fkin sucks :( awesome vids dude

  • smirnoffmember10
    smirnoffmember10 Month ago

    Can you just go to kitchen and have a slice a toast? Or does it have to be a few loafs

  • edgar hoey
    edgar hoey Month ago

    do you use a special toilet or something cause I bet you be gaging that poor toilet it probably wants to give up after you

  • Mason Morgante
    Mason Morgante Month ago

    Awesome man! Well done
    Any chance you could tell me the bag pipe tune in the beginning of the video?

  • Wajeed Shareef
    Wajeed Shareef Month ago

    Wow guys how much you are doing burger burger 😂😂😂

  • Violet Iva
    Violet Iva Month ago

    Ok i'm hungry now...

  • Lewis Edwards
    Lewis Edwards Month ago

    Ever passing Wales, here's one for you

  • William Walker
    William Walker Month ago +1

    5:58 guy on the end is trying to not be sick..

  • William Walker
    William Walker Month ago

    I thought 'Edenborough" was the way it was pronounced, and you just chose to spell it "Edinburgh" in typicaal English contradictory fashion? Like spelling "draft" as "draught" and pronouncing "Worcester" as "Wooster", etc? (Although who am I to talk? In my state we have the town of "Montpeelyur" (Montpelier, like the restaurant you are eating in), "Callis" (Calais), and "Barry" (Barre). Oh, and "Burlin" (Berlin). I guess it just keeps things interesting. We, too, have a "Worcester/Wooster".)

  • William Walker
    William Walker Month ago

    I suppose you know her a lot better than I do (which is not at all), but it seems to me like you could do better than that Lindsey girl. Maybe it's just because she reminds me of my ex.

  • unclown bro
    unclown bro Month ago


  • Jon Perry
    Jon Perry Month ago

    How much food did you leave on the floor this time ?

  • Walter Loehrmann
    Walter Loehrmann Month ago +1

    Edinburgh is such a pretty place. One of my favourite cities!

  • Poker Face
    Poker Face Month ago +4

    Wait bruh this guy’s filming and editing is clean af

  • The Boss
    The Boss Month ago

    Anyone knows the address or something? That looks good asf but I would order a normal burger 🍔 and that giant Mac and cheese

  • The Boss
    The Boss Month ago

    I can finish that Mac and cheese S O. f U C K I N G F A S T I love Mac and cheese

  • lasest2
    lasest2 Month ago

    The challenge starts at 2:37 .

  • Southern Savage 1989

    Don't Forget the Pound Of HAIR you ate ......

  • EatTreat
    EatTreat Month ago

    Dilli ke mushtande, Rohit and Abhishek, are back and this time they head to Burger Singh for the ultimate spicy burger challenge. Watch this video to know who won the challenge:😍

  • Cellestino Garza
    Cellestino Garza Month ago

    One word , steroids!

  • Terao Bailey Hedges

    man relate to the snore, shave though

  • Gaz Pyrotechnics
    Gaz Pyrotechnics Month ago

    Do the restaurants ever add food when they know who you are to make it harder?

  • Phoz
    Phoz Month ago

    I think 4 persons would be able to eat normaly lol

  • André Vinje Rygg
    André Vinje Rygg Month ago

    Video starts at 2:36

  • Dave McBroom
    Dave McBroom Month ago +2

    He can eat that's for sure. I liked and subscribed.

  • Stephen Merck
    Stephen Merck Month ago

    I was super hungry when i started watching.But now even i'm full.😯

  • Duncan Mitchell
    Duncan Mitchell 2 months ago

    Good job 👍🏻 you didn’t ask for the dessert menu just to rub it in !!!!🍧

  • senario22
    senario22 2 months ago

    You have some training plan? How you eat so much and you are normally? And a last question. Every how much time you visit the WC ?

    OOFY BEF 2 months ago

    I found a Viking in action

    BLK PRESENTS 2 months ago

    Rumour has it, this guy is still shitting 😂😂😂

  • Miguel Morris
    Miguel Morris 2 months ago

    The profeccional!!!!! Diiiuuummmm !!!!!!! Keep blessed. And enjoy man.

  • successful gaming
    successful gaming 2 months ago

    God you can eat but you do eat like a scruff 😂

  • Shyam Sasidharan
    Shyam Sasidharan 2 months ago

    Helloo mr.Beardo

  • aliceinultraland
    aliceinultraland 2 months ago

    how is this greedy bastard not fat?

  • Derek Vasile
    Derek Vasile 2 months ago

    I got full just watching you eat all that. That a lot of food

  • ziggy morris
    ziggy morris 2 months ago

    Fellow Scotsman here, clan Campbell!

  • seven up android 7⃣
    seven up android 7⃣ 2 months ago

    Joeburguer challenge what the hell are you doing here?

  • Ashland Mims
    Ashland Mims 2 months ago +10

    How Long Do You Go From Eating Those Big Meals To Eating Something Else? Like Are U Able To Eat Breakfast And Stuff The Next Day?

    • J man
      J man 27 days ago

      Yeah he probably does

    • YZY •
      YZY • Month ago

      Ashland Mims I’m pretty sure once he’s done eating he throws up most people who consume that much food do.

  • C2 TheR
    C2 TheR 2 months ago +10

    I just subscribed to you man. I like your attitude, politeness and some of the out of the way challenges you’ve found. Keep it up man.

  • Jamie Drummond
    Jamie Drummond 2 months ago

    Your Scottish is terrible lol

  • buttieboy666
    buttieboy666 2 months ago +2

    The most polite insult ever ... Eat worth a sniff.

  • kyrah bey
    kyrah bey 2 months ago

    Matt Stonie.

  • Josh Cundiff
    Josh Cundiff 2 months ago

    Dandy and beano are scottish mate

  • Jesua Diaz
    Jesua Diaz 2 months ago +3

    Dude how can you eat so much food and stay in shape? Wow😯😯

    • Ben Hayes
      Ben Hayes 2 months ago +1

      It’s fasting, when you don’t eat near the daily calorie intake most days of the week and one meal balances it out

    • Super Kartoffel
      Super Kartoffel 2 months ago

      Well you train 6 days a week do cardio eat healthy and SOMETIMES eat like that

  • 293940cabster
    293940cabster 2 months ago

    This fuckers hiding food in his beard.