Usher Carpool Karaoke

  • Published on Jul 26, 2017
  • James and Usher hit the road to work, singing Usher's classics like "OMG" and "Caught Up" before the two work on James's club entrance and help a group of guys with some car trouble.
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Comments • 27 639

  • Lola Starr
    Lola Starr Day ago

    damn james is really on it

  • Nightfallingofthesky

    Is Usher keeping the seat belt safe? 🤔 He is sitting/leaning on it.

  • Sonar Fleet
    Sonar Fleet Day ago

    Why you don’t choose the best musics ?

  • LeaDz0r
    LeaDz0r 2 days ago

    Seatbelt dodger, lol :D

  • Ty Austin
    Ty Austin 2 days ago

    "Okay Falsetto"

  • sinderella8488
    sinderella8488 2 days ago

    9:08 😍😍😍 *falls out*

  • arefeh abdi
    arefeh abdi 2 days ago

    Omg😍😂 funniest one, Love Usher❤️❤️

  • Simone Owen
    Simone Owen 2 days ago


  • Simone Owen
    Simone Owen 2 days ago

    Usher is soo cool 😎

  • Blitar Channel
    Blitar Channel 3 days ago +1

    His epic smile and shake tho!! Still sexy AF and totally my ex's resemblance and it's a luck to me when i miss my ex I could just watch this up! Baby😘😘😘

  • Jujuuana Mariija
    Jujuuana Mariija 3 days ago

    Omg wie er burn singt ich liebe dich Usher

  • Kian Laput
    Kian Laput 3 days ago

    I loooove usher since i was grade 6. Elem crush. I was 12 that time. And now im 29. He's still the beeeeeessssttt. 😍😍😍 ❤😘

  • Jesus First
    Jesus First 3 days ago

    When Usher sings I just melt, I love his hair like this ❤

  • Tammy Windley
    Tammy Windley 3 days ago

    I love this video!!!☺ they are having so much fun!!

  • Avianny Rojas
    Avianny Rojas 3 days ago


  • Stef Anno2
    Stef Anno2 3 days ago +1

    Damn Usher can sing and dance. He has moves like MJ. Anyway I like the artwork on the wall. His music is awesome. Never been to any of his concerts. I would like to meet him someday. Another funny and great video your. Fan Stef Anno 2 God bless

  • Candis Vaught
    Candis Vaught 3 days ago

    I have a sweet tooth

  • Candis Vaught
    Candis Vaught 3 days ago


  • Tokneneng Santos
    Tokneneng Santos 3 days ago

    James is sooooooo talented

  • april sanford
    april sanford 3 days ago

    I love this fucking show

  • randiparis
    randiparis 4 days ago

    Usher is sooooo hot,..!!!i cant even take it! :)

  • Shay Boyd
    Shay Boyd 4 days ago +5

    If only he played the classics 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Naelle camara
    Naelle camara 4 days ago


  • Audu Young
    Audu Young 4 days ago

    Corden be hittin the notes though

  • Amber Jenkins
    Amber Jenkins 4 days ago

    Chattanooga, yeah!

  • Caseyxoxo
    Caseyxoxo 4 days ago +15

    Who thinks james should start a singing career 🙌🏼🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Catherine Schroeder
    Catherine Schroeder 5 days ago +2

    Literally nobody:
    James: “let’s pop some bottles”
    Nobody ever:
    Me: let’s get crunk ayyy get turnt

  • Catherine Schroeder
    Catherine Schroeder 5 days ago +1

    Aw no “U Got It Bad”? 😕


    The Best Episode 😎

  • Jac Jac Jacqui
    Jac Jac Jacqui 5 days ago

    Usher looks like Wanda Sykes

  • Priscila Ibarra
    Priscila Ibarra 5 days ago


  • NICE Nic
    NICE Nic 5 days ago

    James can actually 🎤 sing 😄💜

  • quengineer
    quengineer 6 days ago

    James is always yelling hahahaha

  • Adrienne Adamska
    Adrienne Adamska 6 days ago +6

    I wish james woud leave the singing to the artist. His voice is so dam loud.

  • Boipelo Moticoe
    Boipelo Moticoe 6 days ago

    How is Usher still looking soooo GOOOODDDD!!! !

    QUEEN LIL-BOOTY 6 days ago

    The herpes gone yet 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣👌💯

    DIANA BOSIRE 7 days ago

    Usher can gerrit!!

  • Adriana de Sousa Santos

    Algum brasileiro, assistindo em 2019??? ❤️🇧🇷💚

  • Christina Jambrišak

    🤣OML 🤦🏻‍♀️ you all are so hilarious! I needed this laugh today 👊🏽

  • curlycandy
    curlycandy 7 days ago

    bic tune aka chune is such an english thing to say...jamaicans say it too

  • denica govender
    denica govender 7 days ago +4

    Ushers LITERALLY a traffic stopper.

  • Lorenzo Travax
    Lorenzo Travax 7 days ago

    Cres brown the next

  • ivie Adiele
    ivie Adiele 8 days ago

    Usher is ageless! Black don't crack

  • Panda K
    Panda K 8 days ago +1

    James’ rap on Yeah was seriously killing

  • chocdimples77
    chocdimples77 8 days ago

    Chatt Town!!

  • Amy Jenkins
    Amy Jenkins 8 days ago

    People who say that James cordon should be quiet and let the artists sing should just go away because that’s the point of carpool karaoke

  • Adam Mahmoud
    Adam Mahmoud 8 days ago

    I love usher.

  • Xhesika Xhesi
    Xhesika Xhesi 8 days ago

    James is more passionate about singing usher's songs than usher is himself.

  • Gail Jacobson
    Gail Jacobson 8 days ago

    So much of his music is mysogenistic. I can’t

  • Dija R.
    Dija R. 8 days ago

    Coolest man alive.

  • gael mehager
    gael mehager 9 days ago

    it's hard for me now to listen to Usher singing "let it burn" that i know he's a big bag of walking herpes 😆 😆

  • Lydia Agaoua
    Lydia Agaoua 9 days ago

    Damn he's so sexyyyyy

  • Yinka Adewunmi
    Yinka Adewunmi 9 days ago +2

    These guys are sooo awesome soo funny 😍🤗

  • Vi Vo
    Vi Vo 9 days ago

    Usher is so smooth Damn

  • L. Tiangco
    L. Tiangco 9 days ago

    Love that Usher’s game for anything!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Fredilyn Marie
    Fredilyn Marie 9 days ago +14

    9:08 when he looked straight at the camera 😍

  • Pisces Queen
    Pisces Queen 9 days ago

    💋Love you too, Usher... Back down ladies he was definitely singing into that camera to me...LoL.🥰

  • Loly Moon
    Loly Moon 9 days ago

    Put your seatbelt on

  • Minerva Dickson
    Minerva Dickson 10 days ago

    Usher’s voice is amazing!!!

  • Minerva Dickson
    Minerva Dickson 10 days ago

    Love Usher!!

  • Dion Koh
    Dion Koh 10 days ago

    Lol usher doesn’t wear seatbelt

  • Jess Le
    Jess Le 10 days ago

    Usher should put his seatbelt on- don't need him to die

  • Flawless B queen
    Flawless B queen 10 days ago

    Usher!!! Seat belttt!!!!!!!!!

  • JohnRadicaster
    JohnRadicaster 11 days ago

    I’m sick of James Corden. There’s nothing more cringier than him trying to outsing the artist in this dumb show. I mean, it’s a cool concept, but James is so annoying.

  • Kelly Foster
    Kelly Foster 11 days ago

    new song lyrics....maybe...."cleanin' my star and pushin' a car" ?!!!!!

  • Kelly Foster
    Kelly Foster 11 days ago

    "I think that's where you fall down"

  • Navarro Donovan
    Navarro Donovan 11 days ago

    Stop singing you sound like trash leave usher sing

  • Nappy Roots2
    Nappy Roots2 11 days ago

    Go James!❤

  • Nappy Roots2
    Nappy Roots2 11 days ago +1

    Still fine!!!!❤

  • Vheen Franklin
    Vheen Franklin 12 days ago +3

    damn usher is so sexy and lit 🔥

  • Boss Lady Talk NJ VIP AREA


  • Antronn Harley
    Antronn Harley 12 days ago

    best KING JAMES

  • American Born
    American Born 12 days ago +1

    6:56 Usher, please stop. 😅😂

  • Linda Kapinga
    Linda Kapinga 12 days ago

    I feel like I’m in a broadway show. Hahahaahahahahaha

  • Penguine Sandra
    Penguine Sandra 12 days ago


  • Josefine
    Josefine 12 days ago +1

    *You look like a cartoon cat tho* I DIED

  • kristinarayart
    kristinarayart 13 days ago +2

    I laughed so much :D Asher you stay vegan :)

  • Nathan Aggarwal
    Nathan Aggarwal 13 days ago

    I want my dad precious

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 13 days ago

    king of r n b

  • Katie Frost
    Katie Frost 14 days ago

    I would have LOVED to see Prince do carpool karaoke will James...That would have been like MJ doing ... that actually suck that neither one of them had a chance !

  • Yuri Silva
    Yuri Silva 14 days ago

    When James asked if Usher kept it clean.....OMG i lost it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Charne Oliphant
    Charne Oliphant 14 days ago +2

    Usher so cute man, I love u always n forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ryan Opelac
    Ryan Opelac 14 days ago

    Usher isn’t even wearing his seatbelt!!!!!

  • Sharon Schubert
    Sharon Schubert 14 days ago

    Usher is amazing!

  • Thomas Bergin
    Thomas Bergin 14 days ago


  • Amel Amal
    Amel Amal 15 days ago

    The best artist usher miss his music

  • Ivory Pakalapati
    Ivory Pakalapati 15 days ago

    Wow is that Chris Browns artwork in the background when they were in that alley?!?

  • Kalyle L
    Kalyle L 15 days ago

    I want a collab with Usher, Bruno Mars and Jason Derulo. With their insane vocals and epic dancing skills, that collaboration cannot be anything but a hit.

  • mista lobsta
    mista lobsta 15 days ago

    Usher wasn't wearing his safety belt.. .. .. .. release the trolls now, shall we..? :)

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez 15 days ago

    Herpes dude lol

  • Kelly Reynolds
    Kelly Reynolds 15 days ago

    I met usher at burning man. Awesome guy

  • Monique Foreman
    Monique Foreman 15 days ago

    Usher is sooooooooo finnnee😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😫😭😫😫😭...his smile is everything

  • Martie K
    Martie K 15 days ago


  • Nicole Hicks
    Nicole Hicks 15 days ago

    Someone tie James's hands down

  • David london
    David london 16 days ago

    Usher is the greatest 👌👍

  • Monica Saunders
    Monica Saunders 16 days ago +3

    White boy knows he can sing ❤

  • Angela Fitch
    Angela Fitch 16 days ago

    usher looking good inside that carpool lol omg lmao...

  • Salvador DL
    Salvador DL 17 days ago

    Need for Speed... Do you remember the time? Play the games with his song at the beginning of the video.

  • Jardel Burton
    Jardel Burton 17 days ago

    Get Chris Brown on here ! ASAP!

  • DE
    DE 17 days ago

    Love Usher he has the best songs!!