Visiting The Kombucha Lair

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
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    Visiting The Kombucha Lair
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  • Hattie Hale
    Hattie Hale 9 hours ago

    *IMAGINE* having thIS mU C H H A T R E D

  • tina n
    tina n 9 hours ago

    this video is so unexpectedly wholesome??? i caught myself smiling throughout lmfao, GT Dave is such a chill guy

  • Pari Iverson
    Pari Iverson 9 hours ago

    I am grinning like a fool. This was so wonderful and wholesome. The lizard tongue thing killed me 👏😂

  • Supreme Buffalo
    Supreme Buffalo 9 hours ago

    Cody should've said "LEVIO-SAAAHHHH" hahaha

  • p a
    p a 9 hours ago +1

    He just look like noel's twin

  • KayTheEvilPotato
    KayTheEvilPotato 9 hours ago

    Ok gt Dave is actually really cool wtf

  • a bathtub
    a bathtub 9 hours ago

    GT needs to have a heart to heart with his PR team. You have to work to make this man look evil and they let it happen lol

  • Marisa E
    Marisa E 9 hours ago

    i swear cody & noel stay meeting anyone they talk about

  • t s ó l a r i a
    t s ó l a r i a 9 hours ago

    Honestly it is mad sus if anyone invites you to a lair in the hills

  • Ben Schuss
    Ben Schuss 9 hours ago

    Gt Dave got his lambo cash
    And he wasn’t even taught how to

  • Giordania Chiarizia
    Giordania Chiarizia 9 hours ago

    We love and stan GT Dave

  • Jordyn Taylor
    Jordyn Taylor 9 hours ago

    his codes should be codykode haha. like cody code

  • Paige Pierce
    Paige Pierce 9 hours ago

    I love him, he's hilarious 🤣 what a cool guy!

  • Yoon • Gi
    Yoon • Gi 9 hours ago

    there having to much fun lol 😂

  • roppoqi
    roppoqi 9 hours ago

    what GT Dave did was the most right choice that a person can ever choose, it's a win win for everyone and more importantly no drama

  • Queren Ngiay
    Queren Ngiay 9 hours ago

    Loved this, omg GT is awesome. 12 kombucha a day here I come lol

  • Ben Kirsch
    Ben Kirsch 9 hours ago

    GT Dave is a fuckin animal

  • Cali Strantz
    Cali Strantz 9 hours ago

    I smiled literally the WHOLE VIDEO my cheeks hurtsssss

  • tacse
    tacse 9 hours ago

    Bruh GT Dave kids better be named like RS Dave for the outdoorsy one, GTR Dave for the athletic one etc

  • nani the nani
    nani the nani 9 hours ago +1

    when i saw the title of this video i thought he would be poisoning you or something like that 😂

  • Stock
    Stock 9 hours ago

    Hey Cody, fuck your sponsor

  • Pebrero
    Pebrero 9 hours ago


  • James Lawrence
    James Lawrence 9 hours ago

    GT Dave is awesome, can't believe how funny and fuckin normal dude is after the other video

  • Caroline B.
    Caroline B. 9 hours ago

    GT Dave is actually the chillest gut wHat 12:45

  • olivia horley
    olivia horley 9 hours ago

    watched this while drinking a whole bottle of kombucha. thank you GT dave😤

  • everytime's the first time

    Lmao watching cody and noel just staring at the steel doors getting opened at 3:06 is funny as hell

  • WaxyLT 2146
    WaxyLT 2146 9 hours ago

    3:07 looks like they're heading in to confront the final boss

  • Avia Edwards
    Avia Edwards 9 hours ago

    GT Dave? More like GT DADDY 😍

  • Seacowz Z
    Seacowz Z 9 hours ago

    I love that he also keeps celery in his fridge because even billionaires need a snack sometimes 😂😂

  • Laurel DesMarteau
    Laurel DesMarteau 9 hours ago


  • S G
    S G 9 hours ago

    this is amazing holy shit

  • Krystelle Short
    Krystelle Short 9 hours ago

    GT Dave looks 10000% more human when he has a tan lmao

  • el 🤠
    el 🤠 9 hours ago

    looool i love him this is one of your best videos yet for sure

  • Nick I
    Nick I 9 hours ago

    Lmao fukin gt dave

  • Fried Lettuce
    Fried Lettuce 9 hours ago

    Should be titled "Two grown men acting like children in a billionaire's house"

  • theatredad
    theatredad 9 hours ago

    Okay but gt Dave could top me

  • Awkward Podcast
    Awkward Podcast 9 hours ago

    We should roast more people so we can be invited to a Hollywood hill house

  • alexiugh
    alexiugh 9 hours ago

    ok but why are his teeth so perfect

  • Angus Apatu
    Angus Apatu 9 hours ago

    GT Dave, what a legend

  • Paige Fitzpatrick
    Paige Fitzpatrick 9 hours ago

    Mazda 3 no more

  • Arlin Perez
    Arlin Perez 9 hours ago

    dude GT Dave is so chill lmao I love this

  • Tima Robinson
    Tima Robinson 9 hours ago +1

    Next video:
    Cody: “Hey guys! So before jump into this video, today’s sponsor is Kumbucha, Kumbucha is-“

  • Dyah Nurulsuci
    Dyah Nurulsuci 9 hours ago

    Gt dave surprised us all lol i bet he’ll be a great TMG podcast guest!
    I love this vid but ngl the audio could be better :)

  • Crab Mint
    Crab Mint 9 hours ago

    Leaves out fucking chief keep smh

  • gamecockkiller1
    gamecockkiller1 9 hours ago

    What a cool ass dude

  • Claire Raub
    Claire Raub 9 hours ago

    He is so pretty

  • Martina I
    Martina I 9 hours ago

    you're just gonna do your mazda dirty like that huh

  • Poplegos' arcade
    Poplegos' arcade 9 hours ago

    Now that I know he's not a robot I'm interested in kambucha. iS tHeRE a RASslEbERrY FlAvOR

  • Caroline B.
    Caroline B. 9 hours ago

    *GT Dave:* Multi millionaire inventor, IQ 1000, has owl
    Cody and Noel: our fathers, 6:07

  • Bob Devon
    Bob Devon 9 hours ago

    Why’s he so cool tho

  • frigley hog
    frigley hog 9 hours ago

    You Mad Lad...

  • o kaBi
    o kaBi 9 hours ago

    who let these children in this man's billion dollar home

  • daphnie
    daphnie 9 hours ago

    ngl this made me want to buy kombucha

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A 9 hours ago

    GT is legit funny.

  • Clarencio 2K
    Clarencio 2K 9 hours ago

    These guys are toooooo funny 😆

  • Redneck Russians
    Redneck Russians 9 hours ago

    😂when he did the lick thing I was dying!!!!!

  • danny stylinson
    danny stylinson 9 hours ago

    uh so i stan GT Dave now

  • Jennifer Layce
    Jennifer Layce 9 hours ago

    I'd probably shit myself if I drank that much kombucha

  • baya hanes
    baya hanes 9 hours ago


  • boop beep
    boop beep 9 hours ago

    GT missed the chance to name his owl "beyowlcé"

  • Madison
    Madison 9 hours ago

    Is this a sponsorship by Kombucha?

  • Tessa Schwartz
    Tessa Schwartz 9 hours ago

    Cody please do a that’s cringe to Varlicious on Tik Tok I promise you won’t regret it

  • Briar Johnson
    Briar Johnson 9 hours ago

    Fr I could meet or even talk to any celeb/celebs it would 100% be Noel and Cody

  • too- bright
    too- bright 9 hours ago

    Best video on the internet

  • Shayne Jordan
    Shayne Jordan 9 hours ago +1

    GT Dave’s fuckin sick

  • mason bernardo
    mason bernardo 9 hours ago

    Whatta bloody legend

  • alex
    alex 9 hours ago

    fuck i love GT Dave

  • Harry Collins
    Harry Collins 9 hours ago

    'HEYO GT' will go down as one of the greatest greetings ever

  • XxMANISxX 723
    XxMANISxX 723 9 hours ago +3

    The original video is such a misrep of gt dave he's cool AF

  • Kayla Ascenzo
    Kayla Ascenzo 9 hours ago +1

    Omg did you finally trade in the Mazda??? 👀

  • Marcia Ham
    Marcia Ham 9 hours ago +1

    This is soooo cool. Thanks guys. I make my own kombucha but when I need a New SCOBY I always buy GT raw. YEAH!

  • Jack Bretz
    Jack Bretz 9 hours ago

    GT is the greatest

  • Seri0sed
    Seri0sed 9 hours ago

    Dead ass GT Dave could be good for one a That’s Cringe like with Cody and Noel. He’s funny af

  • Xist 2B
    Xist 2B 9 hours ago +1

    14:06 No one: ***Camera Focus*** GT Dave: *WIDE EYES* Ya

  • Kelly Chase
    Kelly Chase 9 hours ago

    suddenly i am in love with gt dave

  • Frennerr
    Frennerr 9 hours ago

    Dave could have them incinerated Cody and Noel at the snap of a finger but he didn’t wanna unleash any of his power on camera

  • John Kroll
    John Kroll 9 hours ago

    I’m buying kombucha because of this video GT is that cool

  • Amanda Fletcher
    Amanda Fletcher 9 hours ago

    He actually has a good sense of humor... He is a good sport letting you guys come over😹

  • Jane McCaffrey
    Jane McCaffrey 9 hours ago

    The girl from “You” definitely did some of the paintings.

  • elise torp
    elise torp 9 hours ago

    i love how they just walk in the house and play with all the expensive shit like its a toy💀

  • Adam Arbuckle
    Adam Arbuckle 9 hours ago

    GT Dave a short king

  • Xj Music
    Xj Music 9 hours ago

    GT Dave looks kind of good with a beard not gonna lie

  • Viewer
    Viewer 9 hours ago +1

    GT Dave is actually Noel's father.

  • Abby Liu
    Abby Liu 9 hours ago

    10 yr old goofballs tour wack house ft. wack house owner goofball

  • Ellen Vanagel
    Ellen Vanagel 9 hours ago

    the best marketing he ever couldve asked for

  • trinity
    trinity 9 hours ago

    this is cool asf actually lmao

  • Crimson Camellia
    Crimson Camellia 9 hours ago

    Its like 2 little boys go to their new rich neighbor's house who are too busy unpacking in the back

  • The3Broskis
    The3Broskis 9 hours ago +1


  • Best Kinda Mess
    Best Kinda Mess 9 hours ago +1

    Keep the cameraman his laugh makes everything more funny

  • Farah Ali
    Farah Ali 9 hours ago +1

    Who knew the genius behind Kombucha was a Short King

  • Lauren Rightler
    Lauren Rightler 9 hours ago

    I love GT Dave lol hes great

  • Zachy Stein
    Zachy Stein 9 hours ago

    Somehow i forgot how green Noel's eyes are ❤️

  • Diana
    Diana 9 hours ago

    You know damn right these two got high as fuck before going in there ahaha

  • Da Bizniz
    Da Bizniz 9 hours ago

    6:09 Never change boys, never change.

  • Jordan Dowler
    Jordan Dowler 9 hours ago

    props to this guy tho for being able to take a joke and not fuckin trying to flag the video or whatever.

  • Matt Solnick
    Matt Solnick 9 hours ago

    This was incredible - i love him

  • Roman Ades
    Roman Ades 9 hours ago

    Holy shit my mom has been drinking his shur for 3 years lmao

  • Hightops Hannah
    Hightops Hannah 9 hours ago

    Holy fuck why was this so damn funny

  • RE RE
    RE RE 9 hours ago

    Very happy to see GT Dave is a real person and not wearing a lizard suit.