Papa Louie 2: When burgers attack!

  • Published on Feb 11, 2017
  • Papa Louie falls asleep and wakes up with a single idea - to open his own pizzeria. But this is serious business is costly, and with the money Louis is very problematic, from which, in fact, he is constantly working to earn an extra penny. Today, as in the pizzeria declared open day, people gathered at the counter very much, and everyone wants to get their portion of fragrant pizza. And it was, as usual, while ordering the rack cooks did not come weirdo who paid for his pizza very unusual coins. Once they decided to take a closer look at the outlandish coin, right into the pizzeria opened a portal to the unknown. Perhaps this is a world where money were falling from the sky, so why not try your hand in this matter, all of a sudden we're lucky unspeakably, and then it will be possible to redeem this pizzeria imagine how long ago have dreamed!
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