I played Minecraft With 6 MONITORS for an Unfair Advantage

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • I played Minecraft With 6 MONITORS for an Unfair Advantage
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  • Zombi_Lagger
    Zombi_Lagger Day ago

    I died laughing when Skeppy put his fov all the way up. Looked like everyone was T H I C C

  • Adam Józefowicz
    Adam Józefowicz 2 days ago

    give him 200k likes
    for 9 monitors!!!

  • Rikymaru
    Rikymaru 4 days ago

    I finished watching this at 1:04...

  • • m e x x a l i •

    Android users be like…

  • Miranda Keenan
    Miranda Keenan 5 days ago

    :( only 50k likes

  • Helen Moises
    Helen Moises 11 days ago

    Do a full encircle ment ao u can see from da back XD

  • AlexTheReX
    AlexTheReX 11 days ago

    Soooo, what was Your video card's last words? "Couldnt connect video driver or somthing"?

  • Spencer Is_A_Loser
    Spencer Is_A_Loser 12 days ago

    HA I remember watching this and thinking BBH was some girl and i didnt like her voice lmaoo (i didnt know who skeppy was lmao) (but i now love bbh a lot ;-;)

  • Max Gaming
    Max Gaming 13 days ago +2


  • Lucas Stuckey
    Lucas Stuckey 14 days ago

    Use optifine idot

  • professional thot exterminator

    dude sharing is caring give me one man

  • Jacob Jijon
    Jacob Jijon 16 days ago

    Nooooooo!! Not my cookies!! I just made them! ;-;

  • Uebskg Dhsksjs
    Uebskg Dhsksjs 16 days ago

    7th gb7bygyv7gy g7 ygvy 6tv is the first 5 for the first time in the world to be a part of the team and the

  • Games g
    Games g 17 days ago

    Should get 20 more monitor why not

  • SmolzSquid
    SmolzSquid 18 days ago

    skeppy: gets 9 monitors
    his pc: -60fps
    skeppy:-loses his final brain cell-

  • Arc Nova
    Arc Nova 21 day ago +1

    Edit: I just lost my braincells typing that

  • KFaith GT
    KFaith GT 25 days ago

    My eyesight is ded

  • Abc Efg
    Abc Efg 25 days ago

    Why just why why six

  • Zander Koh
    Zander Koh 28 days ago

    Why do u have 6 monitors wh-

  • Ahmed Has
    Ahmed Has Month ago

    im in africa so my elephant that i ride to school will come steal my cookies so i liked just to make sure it doesnt

  • Sean Evan
    Sean Evan Month ago

    After three minutes my head hurt too much so I had to stop watching

  • ru0gs
    ru0gs Month ago

    omg skeppy face reveal

  • Jian Ting Tan
    Jian Ting Tan Month ago

    I wish I was rich enough to afford 6 fps

  • mtscndier
    mtscndier Month ago


  • Warfaretera 63
    Warfaretera 63 Month ago

    All you need to win a sky wars game is

    Get your 5 monitors from your basement

  • Miraal
    Miraal Month ago

    FOV = 2

  • Rebound Rays
    Rebound Rays Month ago +1

    when you told me to lick the video i accually licked my screen so im good

  • MichalTheMichal
    MichalTheMichal Month ago


  • skeppy_tu_tu
    skeppy_tu_tu Month ago +1

    Now imagine that... with shaders

  • tanner mccauley
    tanner mccauley Month ago

    badboyhalo is a muffin

  • Lancere
    Lancere Month ago

    When skeppy plays with 15 fps, he thinks that's laggy? He hasn't seen my potato yet!

    • Lancere
      Lancere Month ago

      I get like 10 with 1 monitor!

  • joseph hill
    joseph hill Month ago

    Plez 200k

  • _Wôlfêrš_
    _Wôlfêrš_ Month ago

    the poor pc.

  • THE EZ
    THE EZ Month ago


  • ComputerDefeated
    ComputerDefeated Month ago

    when minecraft looked streched I laughed a lot at how your character looked in f5

  • lol lol
    lol lol Month ago +1

    This video is aids

  • NayanMat ϟ
    NayanMat ϟ Month ago

    360 perspective on badlion: no
    360 prespective Skeppy Yea

  • Bendy the Little Devil Darlin

    i dont even have a laptop and he be having 6 monitors out here

  • KR15
    KR15 Month ago

    Skeppy: Id wie geet 100k liks I wil doe 15 monitorz


    senin ben o olmayan beynine 23 cm lik yatrağım asokaymıaw kıkesö gökmeröksrdeg

  • no jif
    no jif Month ago

    6:54 when bbh is right about skeppy being a fatty

  • JustChaseGhost
    JustChaseGhost Month ago

    Flat Screen TV’s: Am I A Joke To you?

  • T H I C
    T H I C Month ago


  • Eddie Gaming
    Eddie Gaming Month ago

    Area 51 holds the 5x5 monitor

  • Scroonle
    Scroonle Month ago

    U should actually set it up like in the thumbnail

  • Nation Animation
    Nation Animation Month ago

    You should have used 14

  • Chris the Gamer
    Chris the Gamer Month ago +1

    Try 3 so
    •less lag
    •still have advantage
    •no more dots


  • MeHow
    MeHow Month ago +1

    Oh yeah, *sure*
    Just blame *"the lag"* smh

  • tekno XVI
    tekno XVI Month ago

    Minecraft in stretched res

    AUSSIE RED Month ago

    Windows doesn’t allow 6 monitors Nani?

  • NoVa Ceedayy
    NoVa Ceedayy Month ago +2

    When ur older brother doesn’t want you to mess up his perfect FOV settings

  • Daniel Nichols
    Daniel Nichols Month ago


  • Youtube Pokysm
    Youtube Pokysm Month ago +1

    1 like = 1 monitor added

  • iwatchrawchicken
    iwatchrawchicken Month ago

    Ik how the lag feels I live with it

  • Ian Octavo
    Ian Octavo Month ago

    Do a 360 of moniters

  • Badve
    Badve Month ago

    get 9 or ban

  • Malicious Muppet
    Malicious Muppet Month ago

    High Fov is the best advantage you could possibly have to spacial awareness in minecraft
    if you say "quake pro is gross"
    ur monitor tiny, and ur brain full of pee.

  • PlayToGame
    PlayToGame Month ago

    Skeppy needs Tecnoblade.

  • Real .R8a56
    Real .R8a56 Month ago

    0:48 you really remind me of L in that position.

  • Enchanted VerSus
    Enchanted VerSus Month ago +1

    Use free cam to cheat in hide and seek