9 Important Things to Know Before Working in London | Living in London Series

  • Published on May 21, 2018
  • If you're moving to London from abroad and plan to get a job, here are some important things to know about the working culture in London and the UK. These tips will help you get to know some cultural career norms in London (like how often you'll get paid) and some tips to make getting your first job in London a little easier to navigate.
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  • Zakk Kaye
    Zakk Kaye Day ago

    Holiday isn't necessarily 20 days if you're part time... its 5.6 weeks times how many days you work, so if you work 5 days per week it's 28 days off.

  • Shanna Gordon
    Shanna Gordon Day ago

    hi im from Trinidad and Tobago i want move to the uk and i need more tips and wanna ask personal question pls ill love if you could get on to me asap you can find me on facebook Shanna Gordon thank i love your videos its pretty much helpful :)

    • Love and London
      Love and London  Day ago

      Hi Shanna! Happy to answer some questions for you, just book a call with me: loveandlondon.com/london-trip-planning-consultations/

  • Anushka Doule
    Anushka Doule 7 days ago

    I'm going there within the next few months...but that's for business

  • Blue Green
    Blue Green 12 days ago

    I'm 16 but I'm already looking forward to future and thank u so much for this

  • LaFleur Fleur
    LaFleur Fleur 14 days ago

    Thanks for your very informative video. I would like to know if the 10,20 living cost an hour is after tax or before tax reduction?

  • Andrea Rueda
    Andrea Rueda 20 days ago

    In Panama you get 30 days for holidays by law!

  • Shweta Bajaj
    Shweta Bajaj 21 day ago +2

    honestly 10 days off from work is slavery....:O here in germany you get 24 working days (monday - friday) off by law....and thats the minimum! Mostly you get 26-28. In good jobs you get 30 days off...and thats preety normal.

  • JACKERS861
    JACKERS861 22 days ago

    Bc Canada- none by law, most give 7-10 days a year with full time

  • Prashant Khanal
    Prashant Khanal 24 days ago +2

    300 days holiday in a year

  • Gentle Krisman
    Gentle Krisman 25 days ago

    In Hungary we get 20 days minimum vacation, and its increases with your age (+5 year means 2 days I think)

  • 맏막즈
    맏막즈 29 days ago

    I’m from Malaysia and it depends on how many years you’ve worked in the company, in general if you work less than 2 years you’ll only get 12 days annual leave, it will increase gradually after a few years in the company

  • Edvin Roy
    Edvin Roy Month ago

    I am a visitor..which type of jobs u can prefer to me

  • Dmitry Kalmykov
    Dmitry Kalmykov Month ago

    Russia - minimum 28 days off

  • Alexia Lia
    Alexia Lia Month ago

    Many Greeks complain about how little vacation they get in the UK :) !

  • Patty G Martell
    Patty G Martell Month ago

    What career should I study if I want to move to London and get a really good job ??

  • Ingrid Estrella
    Ingrid Estrella Month ago +2

    I am from Ecuador and we have 2 weeks per year, incredible the 20 days lucky them!

  • Cak Acak
    Cak Acak Month ago +2

    Why am I watching this video? Because I am going to London hmm maybe

  • Cypher
    Cypher Month ago +2

    Living in London and watching this. I guess I just like the host too much.

  • Elliot Tasman
    Elliot Tasman Month ago

    It’s now a min 28 days of paid time off.

  • Uneak Tershai
    Uneak Tershai Month ago +6

    Video suggestion: Working in London as a student?

  • Uneak Tershai
    Uneak Tershai Month ago

    20 day vacation annually? That sounds awesome! 💕✨

  • Inês Cruz
    Inês Cruz Month ago

    I'm portuguese and I’ve always lived in Lisbon.

  • Tayler Garbe
    Tayler Garbe Month ago +2

    Some Part Time and Full Time jobs that have a union usually are required to give a week vacation after a year of employment.

  • Amy Hagen
    Amy Hagen Month ago

    In italy we have 30 days off

  • Elyas Adnan
    Elyas Adnan 2 months ago

    14 days off as a junior in Malaysia

  • Aeiden Camacho
    Aeiden Camacho 2 months ago

    would you recommend getting an NI number before you move to london or when you get to london?

  • Vikas Kondabagil
    Vikas Kondabagil 2 months ago

    Hi. My name is Vikas. I am an Indian citizen and am from India. I watched your video of this which has information abt working in London. I found this video of yours to be very very useful and informative. In India, we don't get too many holidays while in work, as the work pressure will be too high and the salaries offered will be quite less!! I find that working in the UK or any country in European Union for that matter is a matter of honor!! I request you to keep uploading videos like this about work environment in the UK. Thanks

  • Chunyang Zhao
    Chunyang Zhao 2 months ago +1

    In China, programmer nerver rest.Lol.just Kidding, but very busy is true. 996 is a small number of work pattern of some industry,9am to9pm ,6days a week

  • Kayla Schregardus
    Kayla Schregardus 2 months ago +1

    Im American, I will say when I was in the military you got 30 days off a year, That is goood!! 30 days off in the states is unheard of. The work life balance sucks, dont believe the hype about the US.

    • Kayla Schregardus
      Kayla Schregardus 7 days ago

      Its RARE for any company though that offers 30 days paid. 30 days paid is a lot LOL. It includes weekends if that are the days you requested

    • Jenny En
      Jenny En 9 days ago

      Literally only 30 days tho including weekends. So civilians get longer vacation if they also have 30 days granted.

    • Tracy Wright
      Tracy Wright 2 months ago

      Right we're lucky to get 8 paid holidays.

  • XIV Films New Zealand
    XIV Films New Zealand 2 months ago

    My wife wants us to move in UK or london. We are from NZ, not sure of that’s a good move

  • Wesley Mccoy
    Wesley Mccoy 2 months ago +1

    I'm from Omaha Nebraska USI was just wondering do they got American companies in London


    Good video!
    I'll arrive in London august 1st.
    You give us a lot of information, thanks.

  • Samuel Fernandes
    Samuel Fernandes 2 months ago +1

    I am from india and every day is holiday

  • Priyal Patel
    Priyal Patel 3 months ago

    Do you mean to say Londoners put more than 55 hours a week ? I didn't get that part. Can you please clarify ?

  • Gio Hill
    Gio Hill 3 months ago

    In the Caribbean is 15days

  • anapitu72
    anapitu72 3 months ago

    My contract is Spanish (although I'm working in France) and I have 28 holidays and they're all paid. My colleagues in France have in between 45 and 52 paid holidays depending on the organization that sponsors their contracts. Crazy right!

  • Rudulphval Nario
    Rudulphval Nario 3 months ago

    I been in philippines before normal people got 12months off per year, means no job opportunity. Working in the office got high paid than trash collector.

  • Mara Nostas
    Mara Nostas 3 months ago

    question: the NI Number, if you are not from Europe or USA, do you need to get a contract before you go to England or you go to England, get the NI Number and then a Job?

  • Sunny Vishwakarma
    Sunny Vishwakarma 3 months ago

    In Indian you can take leave whenever you want

  • upercut Puncher
    upercut Puncher 3 months ago

    Why i shall move to Lond ? What for ! I will never ever move to there no way

    • Love and London
      Love and London  3 months ago

      I am absolutely forcing everyone who watches this video to move to London so sorry, you can't go back now

  • Moazzam Niazi
    Moazzam Niazi 3 months ago +1

    In Finland, if you work for a year, you will get 30 working days of holidays in a year (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). Out of these 30 days holidays, 24 can be used in Summer time and 6 in Winter time.

  • Sourav Sinha
    Sourav Sinha 3 months ago

    Can we work both part time and full time? I want to work as a employee as well as freelancer. Is it possible?

  • Csaba Keresztes
    Csaba Keresztes 3 months ago

    I don't work and I have 365 days off per year..

  • Sqeezy GD,CR
    Sqeezy GD,CR 3 months ago

    What if dont want to take any of those 20 days?

  • Loise Uugwanga
    Loise Uugwanga 3 months ago

    Is London safe for foreigners?

  • Loise Uugwanga
    Loise Uugwanga 3 months ago

    In Namibia, Full time employees get 2 days are month, that means 24 days of annual leave a year

  • rohan sareen
    rohan sareen 3 months ago

    In India u can easily get 50 holidays

  • John Llander Gullon
    John Llander Gullon 4 months ago +1

    Can i know what are the process to apply job in London if im here now In Philippines because it is my dream to work with people in london

  • Karen Tillotson
    Karen Tillotson 4 months ago

    We get 5 vacation days and 5 sick days per year.

  • 7saany
    7saany 4 months ago

    for as much as I watch your videos, they never seem encouraging.
    It's like, "yea I live here but good luck getting where I'm at" or "good luck in general but here's the info"

    • Love and London
      Love and London  4 months ago

      I think it's more... realistic. I get a lot of viewers who expect to come to London and for it to be easy. I just don't want to promise anyone anything as well, sorry, but it's not easy making it here!

  • MYozo
    MYozo 4 months ago

    I am from Austria and here 4 to 5 weeks are available for vacation.

  • A. Julian
    A. Julian 4 months ago

    USA/Chicago: I get 25 days off not including holidays days adding those makes it over 30 days. I think it just depends on the company someone works for.

  • Sally Townsend
    Sally Townsend 4 months ago +4

    Australia also gives 4 weeks (only for full time employees) and we get 17% holiday loading, so we get more money for going on holiday! We also get 8 paid sick days per year.

  • Paul Lewis
    Paul Lewis 4 months ago

    Real living wage @ 10.20 u.k. pounds per hour is probably the minimum you need to have any kind of decent life in London. It is a very expensive city in many ways. Ideally 15 u.k. pounds is more realistic.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  4 months ago

      Yup you're right. That's why "living wage" is a thing, to give a number for what one needs to survive.

  • Jani Van Landschoot
    Jani Van Landschoot 4 months ago +1

    Belgium: 20 public paid holidays, 6 additional paid holidays from my employer and a maximum of 4 additional holidays based off tenure. In my case that’s 27 days off.

  • Siddhartha Ghosh
    Siddhartha Ghosh 4 months ago

    Thank you so much! This was very helpful!

  • Liu Yao
    Liu Yao 4 months ago +1

    I was born in China, studied in UK and worked in Singapore. In Singapore, all companies I have worked provide me14 days annal leave and 14 days medical leave.

  • Melody Purr
    Melody Purr 4 months ago

    I'm a full-time worker in Alberta, Canada and I get 3 weeks aka 21 days (this includes sick days and holiday-days) 😱

  • Shibaji Ghosh
    Shibaji Ghosh 4 months ago

    Tell me what about advocates ?

  • baling Kedah
    baling Kedah 4 months ago