TOP 10 | KIDS that made all COACHES TURN in The Voice Kids

  • Published on Mar 11, 2019
  • We've made a list of 10 talented young singers in The Voice Kids that made all coaches turn their big red chair!
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    🚨 This video features the following performances:
    00:00 - Sezina sings 'What About Us' (Pink)
    01:49 - Lil' T sings 'Shutdown' (Skepta)
    02:49 - Samantha Ríos sings 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' (Whitney Houston)
    04:29 - Davit sings 'It's A Man's World' (James Brown)
    06:16 - Imani sings 'Warrior' (Demi Lovato)
    07:50 - Isabel sings 'Not About Angels' (Birdy)
    09:54 - Jaziel sings 'Titanium' (David Guetta ft. Sia)
    12:04 - Zoë sings 'Masterpiece' (Jessie J)
    13:38 - Camilo sings 'Maps' (Maroon 5)
    15:21 - Ieke sings 'Believe' (Cher)
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  • Best of The Voice Kids
    Best of The Voice Kids  9 months ago +2301

    🚨 Any recommendations for PART 2? 🚨

  • Joseph Perez
    Joseph Perez 2 days ago

    The girl from tangled went hard

  • ツOqtifyy
    ツOqtifyy 2 days ago

    ngl the song “not about angels” hit different

  • Blossom Pereira
    Blossom Pereira 3 days ago

    The last girl totally copied the song of anna Kendrick's x factor

  • YoungBoy House
    YoungBoy House 4 days ago +1

    waowww sooo goodd

  • Eric Tollefson
    Eric Tollefson 6 days ago

    6:18 got a tear from me

  • Anna Sun
    Anna Sun 6 days ago

    Sorry i can not Subscribe

  • Alejandro Gabriel Ortiz

    Como se llama la cancion del 06:16..

  • Someone Après on
    Someone Après on 9 days ago

    Mimi and joseafine

  • Hien nguyenthanh
    Hien nguyenthanh 10 days ago

    I am very very proud that all of the coaches turned

  • Marie LEH
    Marie LEH 11 days ago

    Can someone tell me why the Dutch kids are so good?

  • madeline michela
    madeline michela 12 days ago

    Zoe zoe zoe XD

  • Dyana Putry
    Dyana Putry 12 days ago

    Gooob joob

  • Eita Mana
    Eita Mana 13 days ago

    This is a Man's World was A PEACE OF CAKE! Really good version 💓

  • Aminath Sheenaz
    Aminath Sheenaz 14 days ago +1


  • Brooklyn Fink
    Brooklyn Fink 14 days ago

    The zoe girl looks like zoe from free rain who else thinks that ??? 💞💞

  • Sam 21
    Sam 21 14 days ago

    No 2 shout down nice

  • başaksu ünlü
    başaksu ünlü 15 days ago

    milley cyrus? kdpelfğekfr

  • Ida Bordercollie
    Ida Bordercollie 16 days ago

    Bei 1.20 hab ich gänsehaut bekommen

  • Ida Bordercollie
    Ida Bordercollie 16 days ago

    Omg wie konnten sie denn bitte bei der ersten so lange warten!?

    CHEYENNE FARLEY 16 days ago +2

    Seeing all of these kid's dreams come true makes me cry. Beautiful!!

  • Kedisaletse setshego
    Kedisaletse setshego 17 days ago

    This gril she can sing wow for you and you can ❤️™️❤️™️❤️

  • Connemara Power
    Connemara Power 17 days ago +2

    If I was the girl who sang not about angels omg I would burst out in tears while singing this song

  • KonchiBean
    KonchiBean 18 days ago

    You should add Mimi and josefin singing creep their voice is amazing

  • 이재욱
    이재욱 18 days ago +2

    Why there's no Daneliya's stone cold in Top 10????

  • Kk Meowy
    Kk Meowy 20 days ago

    The map that leads to yoo- OUU~

  • Ильгиз Ульмасов

    07:50 Isabel sings 'Not About Angels' такая милашка :)

  • Achraf Elkhaldi
    Achraf Elkhaldi 22 days ago +1

    So nobody is going to talk about the titanium girl ?

  • ko latt
    ko latt 23 days ago

    Omg these kids are so talented ❤️❤️

  • Oslo camargo soares junior

    jaziel , maravilhosa...

  • M_e_ E_m_
    M_e_ E_m_ 24 days ago

    All are good, but where are Mimi and Josy?🤔

  • Chantal Schmid
    Chantal Schmid 25 days ago

    How cute is the little girl who sings Not about angels?!😍😍

  • Terri shaalo
    Terri shaalo 28 days ago

    should i make meme about 1:53? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hoe
    Hoe 28 days ago +2

    I got chills from the girl singing warrior.

  • brookstar 189
    brookstar 189 28 days ago

    If you just heard the first one you would think your just listening to pink

  • Maryam Sohail
    Maryam Sohail 29 days ago +67

    Dude the first girls voice doesn’t even sound like a kid she is so talented

  • Zhong Ruoxuan
    Zhong Ruoxuan Month ago

    Oh my god! So talented!!

  • Jun Gaming
    Jun Gaming Month ago +3

    That girl singin Warrior reminds me of little Demi Lovato

  • Mesh Ahmed
    Mesh Ahmed Month ago +1

    What about jade? from belgium.. she’s really had a great voice and beautiful face 😍

  • Yum Yum
    Yum Yum Month ago

    holy many talented mini humans...amazing.

  • rada aliyeva
    rada aliyeva Month ago

    Listen Danelia Tuleshova singing this song

  • Zahra K
    Zahra K Month ago

    The judge in the middle for the girl who sang I wanna dance with somebody and the boy who sang Maps reminds me of Alex Gurnicelli

  • Zahra K
    Zahra K Month ago +3

    Why does the last judge to turn for the kid who sang this is a man’s world remind me of Garret Watts

  • anne alves
    anne alves Month ago

    Love love

  • Miss Maureen
    Miss Maureen Month ago

    So nice to hear & watch, especially with all the meanness going on in the world. Thanks for posting

  • Elsa Sr
    Elsa Sr Month ago


  • Matt Satsatin
    Matt Satsatin Month ago

    Make part 2

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +1

    The Netherlands is just to much I. This sort of videos we are the best

  • Ateş Taş
    Ateş Taş Month ago

    6:23 adam neden ya*ak diyor

  • Bad Lab
    Bad Lab Month ago

    9:40 they cry

  • Julie Ort
    Julie Ort Month ago

    Daddy Yankee de Coach 😂🤣😂🤣🤮

  • Louise Cummins
    Louise Cummins Month ago +2

    The 4th girl looked a bit like SSSniperwolf

  • Nora Bam
    Nora Bam Month ago

    i love the girl singing what abt angels, she's so calming:(

  • Jaeyong's Daughter
    Jaeyong's Daughter Month ago

    Why the guy waving at the first contestant?

  • Dddd to 1 billion
    Dddd to 1 billion Month ago

    No one will ever beat Daneliya Tuleshova.

  • huy sơn nguyễn
    huy sơn nguyễn Month ago

    6:16 Best of the voice kids 🙉🙉🙉

  • Khairisa Kamal
    Khairisa Kamal Month ago

    i hate the ads 😭

  • Rebeka Lin
    Rebeka Lin Month ago

    The first girl sound just the singer of the song

  • The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

    I love the girl who sang masterpiece. Ive seen that clip before. She owned it

  • Alex games filmes
    Alex games filmes Month ago +1

    Alguém sabe a música da primeira participante do vídeo