PSG 5-0 Galatasaray: Champions League Recap with Goals, Highlights and Best Moments


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  • Nathan 22
    Nathan 22 27 days ago

    And Gala fans stay talking shit about “Istanbul owning Paris”

  • Andrew Kuoh
    Andrew Kuoh Month ago

    Remember that Muslera is world class.

  • Ricky Thompson
    Ricky Thompson Month ago

    No defense in the world can stop this attack with all front players in form and fully fit. PSG attack is deadly, with a balanced midfield and solid defense they now have a team that can win everything.

  • gave ja
    gave ja Month ago

    If messi=god

  • Eddy usa
    Eddy usa Month ago

    Neymar is the best player in psg either people like it or not, mbappe can score goals but neymar have much more skills then him

  • Eddy usa
    Eddy usa Month ago

    Fifa wants to give neymar the golden ball so bad they are just waiting for psg to win the champions league or brazil win the world cup, if neymar wins a big competition fifa will call him to get his golden ball for sure


    dec 2019?

  • Charles Maina
    Charles Maina Month ago +1

    neymar is improving every single match

  • Samuel Allen
    Samuel Allen Month ago

    #BeardGang shit from Ney

  • EvilHomerSimpson
    EvilHomerSimpson Month ago

    Damm turks aren't even European

  • Henning Reinholdt
    Henning Reinholdt Month ago +1

    Neymar is looking a much more mature player

  • carol gruber
    carol gruber Month ago

    Neymar playing like this just show how dumb, mean and ungrateful PSG ultras are. So French, they remind me of DeGaul.

  • Favian Castillo
    Favian Castillo Month ago +1

    Here is the truth.
    Ucl best possible final
    Man. City vs PSG
    This needs to happen

    • Nathan 22
      Nathan 22 27 days ago +1

      Favian Castillo Man City, Liverpool, or Juventus because other than PSG, those are the best performing teams in Europe right now and that’s a fact.

  • LIVE Stream HD
    LIVE Stream HD Month ago +1

    What a trio I wish Neymar doesn’t leave psg

  • Morgz Is the best
    Morgz Is the best Month ago +2

    Mcn strike again

  • CooManTunes
    CooManTunes Month ago

    :'D Predictable club garbage. Makes the sport look stupid.

  • issajesusboii boi
    issajesusboii boi Month ago

    the people that disliked are Galatasaray fans

  • Erik Killmonger
    Erik Killmonger Month ago

    This is why Neymar the 🐐. Yet everyone like talking about that drug abuser name Ronaldo.

  • Respect My Nerdz
    Respect My Nerdz Month ago

    I love psg Mbappe, cavani, sarabani, a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head they have a talented team
    I hope we beat Barcelona wen we face them n especially Liverpool you fuckers going down
    Here we go with the Neymar fan boys

  • Liberalism is a disease.

    Where’s all the Europeans? This is Paris

  • Daddy Kaiser
    Daddy Kaiser Month ago

    That cavani goal was really emotional if youre a psg fan ❤️💙🥺

  • Joji _V2
    Joji _V2 Month ago +2

    This is how neymar should be playing in an unselfish manner but decisive when needed.

  • Gael dilamh
    Gael dilamh Month ago

    418th comment but I will go French cause 418 is a French world :)
    Neymar mérite un ballon d’or non seulement à cause du PSG mais pour l’ensemble de sa carrière du Barca en passant par la selecao . Il peut pas finir sa carrière sans ballon d’or se serait just unfair les gars . Il a été pendant plusieurs année le 3ème meilleur joueurs au monde et honnêtement en ce moment il est évident t qu’il est le meilleure. Je suis madrilène et now un juve dan a cause de Ronaldo mais ce type Neymar il est bon . J’aurais vraiment aimé le voir au real

  • Francisco Gandarilla
    Francisco Gandarilla Month ago +1

    What do guys think
    1. Secret Plan theory
    2. Season of Good-Will theory
    3. “Nice Guy” theory.

  • Gael dilamh
    Gael dilamh Month ago +2

    Whatever you think of him . But you all know neymar deserves a ballon d’or. He is to me the most exciting player in the world right now.
    Coming from a Real Madrid/Juventus fan

  • Animal Lemonade
    Animal Lemonade Month ago

    neymar vs montpellier was even better

  • ThaTBoiiSwaGGY
    ThaTBoiiSwaGGY Month ago

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  • D M
    D M Month ago

    Neymar plays better injured. He creates more plays.

  • Castillo Suazo
    Castillo Suazo Month ago

    No ay un equipo ke compita contra este club

  • Castillo Suazo
    Castillo Suazo Month ago

    Este. año es del psj

  • Angel Melendez
    Angel Melendez Month ago

    They’ll get eliminated next round anyway 😂

  • Tdpowers24
    Tdpowers24 Month ago +2

    Neymar is still so dangerous in the middle. They should make it to the final this year

  • Muhammad Fajar
    Muhammad Fajar Month ago

    Ada flarr masuk lapangan njirr 😂

  • alan makki
    alan makki Month ago

    Galata means shit in french

  • Leo Y
    Leo Y Month ago

    Ruhsuz reziller.

  • Andy G
    Andy G Month ago

    Lol they beat Galatasaray 5 nil and the whole world goes mad and says PSG is winning the CL and that Neymar is the best in the world😂

  • Goa O
    Goa O Month ago

  • 97 Street Records
    97 Street Records Month ago

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  • GameritzComedy
    GameritzComedy Month ago

    1:57 Lol defense wasn’t even trying! Offense went through slowly and in.

  • Hamdinho14
    Hamdinho14 Month ago +2

    It’s goal or assist everytime Neymar touches the ball 😂

  • pooya Varnamkhasti
    pooya Varnamkhasti Month ago +4

    If PSG doesn’t win the CL this year they will never win it. Neymar , Mbappe, icardi , cavani, veratti, Navas..that’s a lot of talent

    • Jesus Perez
      Jesus Perez 21 day ago

      pooya Varnamkhasti Don’t forget Di Maria

  • TJ_Max987
    TJ_Max987 Month ago

    So like, are these white PSG’s home jerseys now...

    • Nathan 22
      Nathan 22 27 days ago

      TJ_Max987 no 😂 we just love our whit Jerseys

  • skip nevo
    skip nevo Month ago make this viral

  • Suhh Dude
    Suhh Dude Month ago +2

    Neymar was back to his good ol 2015 self, 🔥 I wish Neymar kept this form

    • AVE -
      AVE - Month ago +1

      He’s better than he was in 2015, you just haven’t been watching him play

  • dick grayson
    dick grayson Month ago

    Don't worry...they will get eliminated by some under talented squad in the knockouts

  • Jx-dama !
    Jx-dama ! Month ago

    Barca gonna be amazing when they get neymar back 😃

    • Nathan 22
      Nathan 22 27 days ago

      Jx-dama ! Man whether it’s Real, Barça, or LFC, you non PSG fans have the most wildest of dreams about our players. If you want to see Neymar at Barça so badly, just get FIFA 😂

  • 1sock2sock
    1sock2sock Month ago

    No Attack For Galatasaray for this Video Too Bad

  • BresencePlud
    BresencePlud Month ago +1

    Whoever threw the firecracker on the field is a legend

  • Nadeem Khan
    Nadeem Khan Month ago +2

    Neymar....Was so insane!
    And he even let Canvani Take the pk. He’s back to becoming the 3rd world best player!

  • Meshach Régis Beza
    Meshach Régis Beza Month ago +1

    Neymar gives Cavani the PK and jumped on him while celebrating. PSG bond RESTORED ✅

  • unstopablekidchannel
    unstopablekidchannel Month ago +1

    1 goal for Neymar and assist
    1 goal for mbappe and 2 assists and won a penalty
    Great team work from these two

  • Ismail Ulkugil
    Ismail Ulkugil Month ago +1

    Is Galatasaray ever touched ball or have any shots !!!?

  • jerrish Jebaraj
    jerrish Jebaraj Month ago

    Watch neymar become godly and the next game get injured again for like a year... it’s sad but true

  • Mandaw Seck
    Mandaw Seck Month ago

    All the attackers scored😳😳😳

  • Alexis Velazquez
    Alexis Velazquez Month ago

    But did yall niggas see Mbappes cleats
    shits sold out and I need. If you got a size 7 or 8 lmk.

  • michael fernandes
    michael fernandes Month ago +1

    Neymar didn’t even go super saiyan.

  • Bryant L.
    Bryant L. Month ago


  • bizim eller
    bizim eller Month ago

    Neymar : $ 500 000 000.00
    Whole galatasaray. : $ 200 000 000.00

    And neymar finally scores his first goal in a year aannnnnnnddddd
    All the pussies are jumping on his dick and praising him like he's the god🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • TrueValues77
    TrueValues77 Month ago +1

    Neymar always starting sheit...

  • Kevin Kenan Bulut
    Kevin Kenan Bulut Month ago

    GS is in trouble this year. Their defense is terrible. They lost to unknown team(not even in the same league) at home 2-0. So, this 5-0 is pretty normal. We all knew it will be between Real and PSG in this group and that's what happened. We were hoping to get the 3rd spot but not with this futbol. Thank you to PSG for saving us more embarrassment from EUROPA side. At least now we can focus at home and get our shit together. Cheers! P.S. I know our own fans (GS) will try to bash me but come on .. get real !! Pain will make you stronger.