Daft Punk - Thomas Bangalter Helmet Complete

  • Published on Sep 27, 2011
  • UPDATE: Yes. I can see through both of the helmets perfectly fine. A little bit of peripheral vision is lost in the gold helmet. In the silver helmet, this is the visibility from the inside looking out.
    Almost like looking through a screen door. Your eyes focus past the screen.
    Finally my Daft Punk Thomas Bangalter Helmet is complete. This is a continuation of my first video of Guy Manuel. This one showcases both helmets.
    Special Thanks to Volpin Props for the inspiration, tips and casting.
    Casting: Volpin Props (Harrison Krix)
    Chroming: Coat of Chrome
    Electronics: Sure Electronics, Arduino Nano with Customized Matrix and Side boards

    ======= GUY MANUEL HELMET ======
    Casting: Sporgo
    Chroming: Coat of Chrome
    Electronics: Plasmado.com

    *** MUSIC ***
    First Track: Lemaitre - Blue Shift
    Middle Clip: soFLY - Circus
    Last Track: She - Atomic
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  • Hated chanel
    Hated chanel 10 months ago

    1:21 he has a crush

  • crazy legs
    crazy legs Year ago


  • Jeffrey Morgan
    Jeffrey Morgan Year ago

    Where did you get it

  • caramelnicci
    caramelnicci Year ago

    Just have one thing to say: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY :O

  • daft poff
    daft poff Year ago

    I've been working on a Thomas helmet of my own, and I've almost got it except for the scrolling text and the visualizer effect at 1:17. Any advice?

    • tekparasite
      tekparasite  Year ago

      do a google search for "replica prop forum skipped a few chapters" I documented how I did the electronics.

  • Vaporware Rick
    Vaporware Rick 2 years ago

    i need one
    how can i make these helmets?
    please paste link

  • Valentino Zoboli
    Valentino Zoboli 2 years ago

    Where did you get the LED kits for the Thomas one?

    GEORGE 2 years ago

    Can u see through the leds

  • Manny/Doi Gribbleston
    Manny/Doi Gribbleston 2 years ago

    pense que thomas balganter era blavado en este video son dj xd pienso cualcier cosa

  • Insert clever and funny name here

    Can you see through it?

  • مازن دريد
    مازن دريد 2 years ago

    How lucky you are , i will dream about this in iraq

    LUNA LOUD 2 years ago +2

    ja muy fotogenicos

      LUNA LOUD 2 years ago +1

      Roberto Hernandez. nada amigo mío sólo comentando

    • Roberto Hernandez
      Roberto Hernandez 2 years ago +1

      LUNA LOUD ke ase aki luna loud >:v

  • Maikoll Cordero
    Maikoll Cordero 2 years ago

    i will do masive genoside for one of those

  • Cody Coons
    Cody Coons 2 years ago

    What were the parts that were used for the Thomas Side markers? I looked through your flicker but I've never seen those kinds of LEDs

    • Cody Coons
      Cody Coons 2 years ago

      Yes, I can't seem to find those or the colored ones next to them

    • tekparasite
      tekparasite  2 years ago

      The square ones? www.flickr.com/photos/87989001@N00/5863475655/

  • The Decapitated Rock
    The Decapitated Rock 2 years ago

    Do the helmets change your voice

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith 2 years ago

    can you actually see out of that helmet? also how much do you think most places would charge for a helmet of that quality, it looks fucking unreal

    • Everest30
      Everest30 2 years ago

      tekparasite Looking to PM you but I can't find a way? I have some questions I'd like to ask! :)

    • tekparasite
      tekparasite  2 years ago +1

      Yes. I can see out of those helmets. You will have to go to a prop maker to get one quoted as you don't find these in any store. Send me a PM and I can give you a good reference.

  • car
    car 2 years ago

    I really want to see what it looks like inside the gold helmet!

  • silverstacker21
    silverstacker21 2 years ago

    id buy that

  • Sir Galahad Of Daventry
    Sir Galahad Of Daventry 3 years ago +1

    They need to go to a convention with those and have someone film them, also turning the helmets into wearable speakers would be awesome and a voice changer would be cool, so they would be blasting daft punk music and walking around a convention (I bet a few people may mistake them for the real guys)

  • Snavels
    Snavels 3 years ago +1

    oh how I wish I had one

  • GloryOrBust
    GloryOrBust 3 years ago +1

    Go out in public

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates 3 years ago


  • LunalaEclipse
    LunalaEclipse 3 years ago

    how do they see

  • rito rubio
    rito rubio 3 years ago +1

    How did u tint the visors? With paint or transparent plastic ?

  • Overlord Swapi
    Overlord Swapi 3 years ago +22


  • Christopher Soprano -sculptor


  • temmie takashe
    temmie takashe 3 years ago

    I wanna both I'm jellous! 😭😭😭😭

  • Dougie Harris
    Dougie Harris 3 years ago +10

    take some pics from the inside of the helmets while there turned on and upload them on a vid that'll be cool

  • Amer H
    Amer H 3 years ago


  • ZeroBytte
    ZeroBytte 3 years ago

    hey do you do any custom commissions im willing to pay a pretty decent amount of money for a custom helmet

  • Leonardo David Velepucha Mora

    how did you get those chrome effect ?

  • Life show
    Life show 4 years ago

    No vendes cascos

  • Paula Valderrábano Cobacho


  • The Xealot
    The Xealot 4 years ago +15

    I wish Daft Punk's helmets and music went back to their Discovery/J-Pop era. Judging by fan-made helmets, they wouldn't need to lug around huge backpacks to have awesome lights in theirs.

    • geo
      geo Year ago +5

      I think OP is referring to Interstella 5555. I do agree, they never made J-Pop, but they worked closely with people in that area.

    • Everest30
      Everest30 Year ago +3

      'J-Pop' fuck outta here. They've never made J-Pop.

  • Rishi Rampallard
    Rishi Rampallard 4 years ago +6

    hey man how much those cost

    • A & M Lyrics
      A & M Lyrics 2 years ago

      Big Daddy Juan Fuck Daht

    • R A W
      R A W 2 years ago +4

      Rishi Rampallard $25,000

  • Virtus
    Virtus 4 years ago +1

    I wonder if they can see those lights flashing inside of helmet - does it bother them?

    • tekparasite
      tekparasite  2 years ago

      Yes. I used the same materials. The Thomas one is actually a Volpin cast. The Guy Manuel helmet isn't, but close enough

    • 1MFIRE
      1MFIRE 3 years ago

      +tekparasite what did u use to make the helmet

    • 1MFIRE
      1MFIRE 3 years ago

      +tekparasite Hey did u build this using the same things as the ones from the volpin props?

    • Felix Gutierrez
      Felix Gutierrez 3 years ago

      +tekparasite so you are able to see out of it correct?

    • tekparasite
      tekparasite  4 years ago +3

      The Guy Manuel helmet (gold) does not flash any light inside of the helmet. So, I really don't see what's flashing while wearing it. The Thomas helmet (silver) does flash some light but it's not that big of a problem.

    BEOMKI MIN 4 years ago +12

    how can you see front of you;

    • AWC
      AWC 11 months ago

      He can see between the LEDs. It's basically like looking through a mesh door.

  • DJ carlosmagic
    DJ carlosmagic 4 years ago +4

    for sale?

  • VincentV
    VincentV 4 years ago +4


  • RainingMecha
    RainingMecha 4 years ago

    I wish i had one of those helmet :O

  • Matteo Pallini
    Matteo Pallini 4 years ago +3

    Have you built the helmet?

  • XM3
    XM3 4 years ago

    I'm shocked

  • Referee Aleks
    Referee Aleks 5 years ago

    Could you PLEASE tell us what you used to build them/how to make one. I looked in the description, but that didn't help me too much. Maybe others, but not me :P

  • Monse DeVazqüez
    Monse DeVazqüez 5 years ago

    Cacá TnT
    Quiero uno:(

  • Dj Riet Veczus
    Dj Riet Veczus 5 years ago

    Como se llama la canción del 00:46 por favor:3 me encanto

  • Ismael Casillas
    Ismael Casillas 5 years ago

    How much for making me one? Or both?

  • roberto cataldo
    roberto cataldo 5 years ago

    Can you sell me thomas bangalter helmet,please?
    I'm italy and I'm apologize for my english.

  • 11-11
    11-11 5 years ago

    poczatek zajebisty reszta do bani

  • Charles Earle
    Charles Earle 5 years ago

    Did you have to program the visors yourself? And how is it controlled?

  • mitch m
    mitch m 5 years ago

    R those for sale

  • Jeremiah Widt
    Jeremiah Widt 5 years ago

    Who did you get to do the LEDs ? Are they programmable ? I have the helmet myself, but need super help with the LEDs !

  • l ol
    l ol 5 years ago

    Give me both of those for free

  • poopooman
    poopooman 5 years ago +1

    actually you made both!
    you mislead us in a good way!

  • Juan Manuel Vignolo Pedroncino

    Give me ten!!

  • djkoala5
    djkoala5 5 years ago

    Are you selling these if so can I have a link or does anyone know who is selling these if so can you please link

  • Wilbert Mcgill
    Wilbert Mcgill 5 years ago

    i want one

  • Brae Torr
    Brae Torr 5 years ago +9

    Hurry up Daft Punk and sell the replicas!!!

  • Jonathan Vizcuna
    Jonathan Vizcuna 5 years ago

    Are these for sale?

  • Elvis Camacho
    Elvis Camacho 5 years ago

    hey how much did you guys sale this helmet?

  • D.A.F.T
    D.A.F.T 5 years ago

    what about the ear lights