ROSE GOLD CASTLE Coming to Walt Disney World for 50th ANNIVERSARY?! - Disney News

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • In this breaking Disney News exclusive we give you the alleged top secret plans to paint Cinderella Castle ROSE GOLD for the Magic Kingdom 50th anniversary Walt Disney World (Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary)!
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    Directed By: Brayden
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Comments • 356

  • djdsf
    djdsf 12 days ago

    So... Pink?

  • Lisa Candage
    Lisa Candage 13 days ago

    The worst mistake Disney ever made was getting rid of Spectro-Magic and allowing it to rot in a back lot! Amazing music and floats! Now it is being repeated with Illuminations Reflections of Earth..why try to fix what is not broken!??

  • Sam Flower
    Sam Flower 16 days ago

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix.

  • Erika Gholston
    Erika Gholston 17 days ago

    I would love to see a rose gold castle. I want to be there for the 50th anniversary of Magic Kingdom. I went to Disneyland's 60th and it was incredible.

  • Evan T. Boucher
    Evan T. Boucher 20 days ago

    I for one, LOOOVVEEE the 25th anniversary cake castle. I don't get all the hate it receives.

  • Evil Otto
    Evil Otto 20 days ago

    Disney, stop changing the castle. Just stop.

  • hair dresser
    hair dresser 20 days ago

    You are our Disney detective/psychic

  • Liz Rae
    Liz Rae 21 day ago

    maybe new rose gold merchandise or revamped merch

  • Motorcycle Michael
    Motorcycle Michael 21 day ago

    Rose gold wood bee better than rainbow

  • Tara A
    Tara A 21 day ago

    😱😱😱this would be beautiful! Or an ombré look like that image the released. Gorgeous 🏰 💖

  • deborah richards
    deborah richards 21 day ago

    After the “ cake” castle and the fall out for that, it’s never gonna happen

  • Jordan Ledford
    Jordan Ledford 21 day ago

    Really?! Awesome! 🌈🏰

  • Amii A
    Amii A 22 days ago

    I really hope they do it, it’ll go with my rose gold ears, spirit jersey and backpack 😆

  • Through the Enchanted Portal

    I hope it will have the other colors too like on the logo. Rose gold has been overdone. I liked it, but I’m over it lol.

  • Ally The Filipina
    Ally The Filipina 22 days ago


  • The Disney Romantics
    The Disney Romantics 22 days ago +1

    I’m still not over the trauma from the 25th birthday cake fiasco! 😂

  • Ohlookitseddie
    Ohlookitseddie 22 days ago

    Click bait

  • E Witak
    E Witak 23 days ago

    Ugh, yuck.

  • Nitin Jain
    Nitin Jain 23 days ago +1

    Is not the new color trend aqua?

    • Yvette Soto
      Yvette Soto 16 days ago +1

      Nitin Jain Arendelle blue.....they shldv done it for the 90th bday when it was trendy. The problem w Disney is that I’d wager there are many older ppl directing w ideas etc and don’t have young innovative ppl guiding and creating sharing what’s on trend. Disney tend to remain stale for many years then uodates

  • Clement BRIAND
    Clement BRIAND 23 days ago

    Definitely a new touch to the castle would be nice , I'm not a fan of that grey... Rose gold.... Not convinced haha

  • T&N Podcast
    T&N Podcast 23 days ago

    That would trigger everyone lmao.

  • MrChrisDanger
    MrChrisDanger 23 days ago

    The Celebrations starts in October 2021 Right and mostly will took around a year RIGHT? Because planning for 2022 around FEB/MARCH or MAY OR JUNE before the CELEBRATION Ends.

  • MrChrisDanger
    MrChrisDanger 23 days ago

    That´s why it Looks kinda Paris sometimes with the Right Shining on it ;=) Looks more pink than blue

  • MMM172310
    MMM172310 23 days ago

    I think the castle would look beautiful with a Rose Gold finish! Just for the 50th celebration though. It would have to be returned to the blue/silver finish afterwards. Whoever was in charge of the Sleeping Beauty castle for the Disneyland 60th did an outstanding job! Set expectations high for WDW 50th.

  • Jessica Carlton
    Jessica Carlton 24 days ago +1

    I heard it’s going to be plated in REAL rose gold. 🤣

    • Jessica Carlton
      Jessica Carlton 20 days ago

      hair dresser 🤣 yes, that’s why all the prices went up. 😂

    • hair dresser
      hair dresser 20 days ago

      oh is that why things have been so costly?

    TERRY BARBER 24 days ago +3

    In case anyone cares, Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave!

  • Kyler Mcnabb
    Kyler Mcnabb 24 days ago

    I was told its fiber glass panels they put on and take off

  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 24 days ago

    Do you think it's going to be all Rose Gold, or will there be multiple colors?

  • Andrea Robbins
    Andrea Robbins 25 days ago

    Hey quick question
    Didn’t they just paint the castle recently?? If so would they paint it again or do I have the castles mixed up

  • Kimmie
    Kimmie 25 days ago

    I would much rather see the original castle from what I remember it looking like from 50 years ago than it looking like a big rose gold colored pile of poop. Walt Disney himself would roll over in his grave if they changed the color even if it's only temporary to that god awful color. And to me, the birthday cake looked ridiculous.

  • Brian Starkey
    Brian Starkey 25 days ago +1

    Almost as bad as the birthday cake. Please tell me this isn’t true.

  • JeffFrmJoisey
    JeffFrmJoisey 25 days ago

    Has Disney not learned anything about Pink Castles? I really hope history doesn't repeat itself 25 years after the 1st "What Was Disney Thinking" castle faux pas.

  • diane opthof
    diane opthof 25 days ago

    I’m going in 2020, December. Now I’m worried a lot of things will be under construction for thr 50th in 2021. What do you think?

  • E J
    E J 25 days ago +1

    I have been boycotting Disney since the early 90’s and I proved absolutely nothing.

  • vince sanin
    vince sanin 25 days ago

    Come can photo shop the castle in rose gold! It will give us an idea of how it will look! #justdoit

  • Comments with Corey
    Comments with Corey 25 days ago

    Braden, I think this idea would be better then the cake castle. Lol. Do you have any suggestions on how to get more subscribers? Please feel free to come check out my channel, comments with Corey! Thanks

  • Marie Robinson
    Marie Robinson 25 days ago

    Anything is better than the pink 25th !!!!!

  • L Zdm
    L Zdm 25 days ago

    Love your videos, thank for the latest news! A rose gold Cinderella Castle sounds great, but hope it will go back to it’s classy beauty! We miss the night parade, it’s very strange and empty without it at night. Xo

  • Classy Chic
    Classy Chic 25 days ago

    Lol let’s not.... how about like silver glitter and blue for the turrets? Lol

  • Beans 811
    Beans 811 25 days ago +1

    I’ll be happy as long as it doesn’t turn out to be like the 25th pepto bismol Birthday cake castle

  • 8-Bit Gabe
    8-Bit Gabe 25 days ago

    Pink Gold Peach resides here.

  • Ryan Thompson
    Ryan Thompson 25 days ago

    Please, NO!!!! Disney, do not do this! The Rose Gold thing isn't even super trendy now, and I don't see how it will look good at all. Actual gold would be a much better look if you are going to paint it at all. A nighttime parade and/or a temporary 50th anniversary nighttime show would be fantastic.

  • The Mr. Mike
    The Mr. Mike 25 days ago

    I'm SO not a fan of the rose gold...but who am I to judge?

  • Lady Moonrose
    Lady Moonrose 25 days ago

    I like the rose gold color and I think it would be perfect for the 50th celebration!

  • bbkangs
    bbkangs 25 days ago +1

    I think they should just paint the castle *BLACK* that would help with projection mapping 😂

  • Phil Anderson
    Phil Anderson 25 days ago

    Oh my birthday cake castle all over again!

  • Julia Sherwin
    Julia Sherwin 25 days ago

    Thank you for updating us on this exciting news Brayden, I can't wait to start planning my 2021 trip from the UK. How are you getting on living In Orlando?

  • Phillip Paree
    Phillip Paree 25 days ago

    If this is happening I think they learned their lesson turning the castle into a large birthday cake. Less is more, there’s already true gold on the castle, including the real gold on the spires. If they’re doing rose gold it’ll be subtle.
    Stitch’s great escape is definitely done. There was a fire in there the week Hurricane Dorian brushed by. According to someone that I know that works there, there’s two ideas they’re considering to replace Stitch, and yes one of them is Wreck it Ralph. Also according to the same person once Tron is open they’re going to close Space Mountain for a referb.

  • BraulioRivera3
    BraulioRivera3 25 days ago

    This is going to be SPECTACULAR!

  • CaptainJSparrow1010
    CaptainJSparrow1010 26 days ago

    Brayden at Destination D next year at Disney world. They might announce what is going to happen for the 50th

  • JamieG
    JamieG 26 days ago

    Please please Disney don't repeat the 25th anniversary mistake. Just decorate the castle.

  • Matthew Pearson
    Matthew Pearson 26 days ago

    I'm pretty sure for year 50 a hat box ghost will join the haunts at disneyworld

  • Alex Monreal
    Alex Monreal 26 days ago

    Why not white gold or something?! I get it that the 50th is gold but rose gold is so old now, I think a ivory and gold look would be much better, think lenox.

  • djthereplay
    djthereplay 26 days ago

    +Mickey Views - All Things Disney News
    Rose Gold Castle ? Because of the logo for WDW's 50th Anniversary ?
    Since you wanted to bring up the Happiest Celebration On Earth and castle projections Here a few Happiest Celebration On Earth / Happiest Homecoming On Earth things and castle projection things that I want to present to you .
    Do you remember Disneyland's 50th Anniversary where they had a golden castle logo with blue turret tops on it ?
    They did not paint Sleeping Beauty Castle all gold now didn't they ?
    Instead , they decorated Sleeping Beauty Castle with Gold Banners and Crowns and the 50th Anniversary Golden Mickey Logo above the entrance to the castle .
    Do you also remember Disneyland's 60th Diamond Celebration where they did projections on Sleeping Beauty Castle while it was decorated with Diamonds and Royal Purple Banners ?
    If they decide to paint the whole Cinderella Castle rose gold , I will welcome it with open arms but you really do not have much ground to say that Cinderella Castle being decorated in gold banners and things for Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary will run off the projections .

    • djthereplay
      djthereplay 23 days ago

      @Mickey Views - All Things Disney News
      I see that Brayden .
      However , you did mention The Happiest Celebration On Earth and WDW's 25th Anniversary and that is out there
      and I was saying and asking what if they do decide to use at least some of those gold decorations ?
      And basically I was saying whatever they end up doing I am up for because the more I find out the more I can run on .
      With that said , please keep us updated on Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary especially if you find out any launch dates for the 50th coming from the mouse because My Family and I are trying to get me there to celebrate My 43rd Birthday in September of 2021 and it would certainly mean the most to me if I end up doing this during the starting season of their 50th Anniversary .
      I hope that time is on my side on this one because I have always dreamed of being at a Disney Resort Property during a yearlong year anniversary celebration this certainly means the most to me to score this time .
      - Dwight

    • Mickey Views - All Things Disney News
      Mickey Views - All Things Disney News  25 days ago

      I wasn’t using any public info for this story, my evidence is internal. I like to have photographic proof of my stories but that was impossible for this one, so time will be the judge. Thanks for watching! ~Brayden

  • Tim Mc
    Tim Mc 26 days ago

    I could see maybe the roofs/shingles being painted gold but the entire castle sounds like a bad idea IMO

  • Michelle Lawless
    Michelle Lawless 26 days ago

    Looks halo not rose gold

  • ddc163264
    ddc163264 26 days ago

    It shows how far Corporate Disney is removed from Walt's vision. Walt didn't look at quarterly rev to decide if something got done. If he did, we wouldn't have Disney. Snow White, Disneyland, live motion pictures, Epcot, and more were all risks, some so big that if they failed Disney would have gone bust. But he had true vision and true imagination. Yes it also took Roy to find ways to get it done. Qualites that modern corporate leaders don't have. All they really know how to do lately is rehash old IP's or big based on an IP, but very little if any new imaginative things. If the imagineers have those ideas they are squashed by corporate bean counters.

  • Linda Key
    Linda Key 26 days ago

    This is a brilliant idea...I would love to see that for the 50th anniversary...but until its official, we'll just have to wait and see; I can see that rose gold is going to be an amazing colour for the 50th with merchandise flying out the doors of the Magic Kingdom shops. I also love the new logo the D23 Expo showed off; but we'll have to take a "wait and see" approach to this and if the earnings (like you said Brayden) do pick up in the 4th Quarter, yes there will be major upgrades green lighted. I hope "Stitch's Great Escape" will get a new tenant and stay around for a long time after the 50th anniversary celebrations. The Rose Gold Castle would be great for people looking to book a Disney holiday in the parks. But I hope everything will be fine with the earnings and the upgrades get the go-ahead...and it's great we are getting these frequently now that you are in Orlando. I know that you will keep us updated on this and I wish new monorails were also happening for the 50th in Walt Disney World...we don't want any more errors or glitches (doors not closing on the monorail, parts flying off the monorail as it passes over any parked cars...etc) so I hope we hear something soon after the earnings report comes out; I hope that they get to do what they need to do and make the 50th very memorable! Take care Brayden and we'll see you soon!

  • Sheri Wadsworth
    Sheri Wadsworth 26 days ago

    Love your enthusiasm and energy!! Yes rose gold would be awesome 😎!! Let’s see what they come up with ! Can’t wait 😊

  • Shannon Bristol
    Shannon Bristol 26 days ago

    you know what would be really cool? If that logo is actually showing how it will be like its a metallic paint and would have different colors shine when the sun hits it and depending on where you are standing!