• Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Many of you guys asked me to try out Jollibee. So here's my review and comparison of McDonald's and Jollibee in the Philippines.
    #mcdonaldsvsjollibee #mcdonalds #jollibee
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Comments • 4 740

  • dennyyyF
    dennyyyF Day ago

    Damn how early did you show up at Jollibee? Lol.

    PIA FAMILY 2 days ago

    I like spicyyyyyy FOOD

  • reeven vitug
    reeven vitug 2 days ago


  • AFaceForRadio
    AFaceForRadio 3 days ago

    Hey Mike, apparently there's a Jollibee in southcenter, east of Seatac airport. You're welcome.

  • ZestySauze
    ZestySauze 4 days ago +1

    Haha he spent so long at Jollibee the outside went from dark to light.

  • Jowj Cruz
    Jowj Cruz 6 days ago

    wala na tong ginawa kung hindi gutumin ako hays

    AYEDFROM YT 8 days ago

    in 13:45 u guys can heard him singing as ANG SARAP SARAP ITO..
    that make me laugh soo hard - HAAHA

  • HTGE3
    HTGE3 9 days ago

    In terms of the Chicken Ala King, the chicken filet used to be bigger

  • Princess Rae's World
    Princess Rae's World 15 days ago

    Try Jollibee again

  • Gamer 4Life
    Gamer 4Life 15 days ago

    bugers arent the best in jolibee go to mcdo for burgers

  • Jacob Kho
    Jacob Kho 16 days ago

    Any other Filipino notice Lapid’s.

  • Michaellowie Humol
    Michaellowie Humol 18 days ago

    Wow... Now Im hungry... Mabuhay Philippines...

  • shamal chandra
    shamal chandra 19 days ago

    Milo is awesome but it's actually made from malted barley but it tastes like chocolate

  • Juliana Marcos
    Juliana Marcos 19 days ago

    Please try mang inasal next time you come here in the Philippines

    • Juliana Marcos
      Juliana Marcos 19 days ago

      And try it eating with hands, it will be fun, and a drench of chicken oil 😊

  • Eric Cruz
    Eric Cruz 19 days ago

    You know why spaghetti are sweet in the Philippines, Mcdo or Jollibee etc? Target customers are families. Because kids love sweet spaghetti. That taste will be remember up to their adulthood. You should try the R Lapid chicharon at the background of Jollibee video 😊

  • Rey Rene Dionisio
    Rey Rene Dionisio 20 days ago

    thanks mikee for the generous review of jollibee...😍😍😍

  • Jhikael salazar
    Jhikael salazar 20 days ago

    LOL, Mike the Jollibee Gravy is for the fried chicken. That is the ultimate Jollibee-taste "gravy".

  • John Alano
    John Alano 21 day ago

    Not the same Mike. Here you will get disappointed. There you can live like a king

  • Vlady
    Vlady 22 days ago

    One thing i hate in jollibee they dont season the egg like wtfffff

  • Francis Sedan
    Francis Sedan 22 days ago

    Gravy is foe the chicken

  • Major Red Ball
    Major Red Ball 23 days ago +1

    If you were into garlic rice and tapa you must have tried SEX (Sinangag Express) in the Philippines!

  • PewDie Pie
    PewDie Pie 25 days ago

    Mang inasal is everywhere so I had to search it up

  • Robert
    Robert 25 days ago

    Don't listen to these idiots and try McDonald's. Dummy!

  • mlmlml
    mlmlml 25 days ago

    Philippino spaghetti tastes too ketchup

  • Rain Alfonso Enrile Lopez Craige Jung Kim Park Choi

    and you should've tried peach mango pie

  • Rain Alfonso Enrile Lopez Craige Jung Kim Park Choi

    i was annoyed when you didn't dip the chicken in the gravy :|

  • Shaira Enerlan
    Shaira Enerlan 26 days ago

    Mike: Eats ChickenJoy without gravy.
    Me: *freaks out*
    Mike (again): Dips fries to the gravy.
    Me: ohhhh that's acceptable.

  • seyahtan24
    seyahtan24 26 days ago

    I'm Filipino and I hate the sweet spaghetti. Lol. The other items though are godly delicious.

  • Jeong Oppa
    Jeong Oppa 26 days ago +1

    Mike's videos are the only videos I'll never get tired of watching again and again.... He's the best food vlogger for me.

  • Alex Tala
    Alex Tala 27 days ago

    Mang Inasal:wait ka lng sa kanin

  • Elysonn Genato
    Elysonn Genato 27 days ago

    you should ear with spoon instead of fork

  • Munii Munii
    Munii Munii 28 days ago

    Jollibee Spaghetti is my comfort food, brings back so many childhood memories 🍝😋💕

  • Dixit Jain
    Dixit Jain 28 days ago

    Shake Shake my fry! Lmao, nice pickup line

  • Spyro Triskelion
    Spyro Triskelion Month ago

    Going to jolibee.
    36mins if i walk
    38mins if i drive

  • Charwin Belisario
    Charwin Belisario Month ago

    Mike, if you ever decide to go back in the Philippines, try visiting Ilocos Norte!

  • Nancy Real
    Nancy Real Month ago

    Jollibee in the states is ok. The Philippines Jollibee is way better to me. It just is. More variety than the states in my opinion

    • Tech Guru413
      Tech Guru413 24 days ago

      Nancy Real the international jollibee looks better tho.

  • Tyrell The Tyrant
    Tyrell The Tyrant Month ago

    The toys are so much bigger and better abroad!!

  • beboy jason
    beboy jason Month ago

    Pepper garlic beef and burger steak is my favorite in jolibee , you must try it guys!!

  • Vincent Basco
    Vincent Basco Month ago

    McDonald's McDonald's is a favorite McDonald's 😀😀😀😀😀

  • SuperGamer 51
    SuperGamer 51 Month ago

    Yum! Filipinos!

  • Christine Mallorca
    Christine Mallorca Month ago

    If you will be int he Philippines again .. Please try Mang Inasal ..

  • Juliana policarpio
    Juliana policarpio Month ago

    Eating rice with fork gives me headache

  • ian de leon
    ian de leon Month ago

    my friend in filipinos use spoon in rice😂

  • lanceresultay014
    lanceresultay014 Month ago +1

    It’s time for US Jollibee review Mikey!

  • Conner McCollum
    Conner McCollum Month ago

    We demoed shake shake fries in New Jersey for a little while when I was working at a flagship location, they are pretty darn good and I was so sad when they weren't a hit. RIP shake shake fries, I won't be going to McDonald's in the Philippines where Jollibee is readily available

  • Hanna Adar
    Hanna Adar Month ago

    i tried jollibee in dubai and unfortunately, i didnt like it :/

  • Mr. Simsimi
    Mr. Simsimi Month ago

    Hey Mike! Why do you keep using a fork to scoop your rice? You're making your life difficult. lol

  • Joyce Ann Amargo
    Joyce Ann Amargo Month ago

    u must try the island of leyte...and the delicacis of leyte...

  • Jovinard Pineda
    Jovinard Pineda Month ago

    The best Spaghetti for me is Filipino Spaghetti bc its sweet and meaty. xD

  • Jovinard Pineda
    Jovinard Pineda Month ago

    Thank you for giving Filipino food features on your show.

  • karl lawrenz
    karl lawrenz Month ago

    Is he Asian?

    DENIEL pPLAYS Month ago

    Jollibee is my faborite

  • monami cervantes
    monami cervantes Month ago


  • Ma. Geneva Macapagal

    Mike use the spoon!!!!

  • RevengeMoney
    RevengeMoney Month ago +24

    I love Jollibee's here in Houston. The best chicken and I hate fried but only eat their's, the best spaghetti, and the best rice/gravy. It makes me want to travel to the Philippines just to go to Jollibee's!

    • seyahtan24
      seyahtan24 26 days ago

      Glad you like it. You'll find Jollibee in every corner here lol.

  • Henry Chan
    Henry Chan Month ago

    Mike only uses forks and chopsticks i mean wow

  • avcomth
    avcomth Month ago

    When I see Jollibee and its menu I think of "Wendy's" more than I think of McDonald's which's got drastically different menus.

  • Nic Garcia
    Nic Garcia Month ago

    Westerner are used to big portion servings. You can see the disappointment hiding in his eyes seeing the size of the servings

  • Go commit Not feeling so good

    Mikey: they give you alot of rice.
    Mang Inasal: allow me to introduce myself.

  • Go commit Not feeling so good

    Who gets uncomfortable because Mikey eats rice with a fork
    Where my fellow Philipinos at?