Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko - On My Way

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • My new single "Play" is out now! Check it out:
    Walkers! The music video for my brand new single “On My Way” with Sabrina Carpenter and Farruko is finally here. This is the start of a whole new journey that I can’t wait to share with you all. I hope you like it, and are as excited as I am!
    - Alan
    Check out the song here:
    - Concept: Kristian Berg / MER
    - Director: Kristian Berg
    - Producer: Tayo Cittadella Jacobsen / Expect Films
    - DOP: Jakob Ingimundarson
    - B-Foto: Philip Borgli
    - Gaffer: Ingvar Stefánsson
    - Tech assistant: Lasse Heggen
    - Costume Designer: Elise Nystad
    - Hair & Makeup: Ragnhild Andersen
    - Production Designers: Mari Eios Eriksen & Christina Svedal
    - Location Manager: Tom Jørgensen / Fikser’n
    - Grade: Lucie Barbier
    - Lead VFX: Wirat Johannessen /
    - VFX: Ola Kassen
    - Illustration and design: Robert Høyem /
    - Renaissance painting: Nicholas O'Leary
    - Sound Design: Omar Omrani
    - Line Producer, France: Jethro Massey & Siham Bel / NEEDaFIXER
    - Hair & Makeup, France: Amélie Salomon
    - Production design, France: Lisa Rodriguez & Kimberly Adoniadis
    - Girl: Susanne Karin Moe
    - Professor: Zoran Jovanovic
    - Villagers: Alex Andrea & Jacques Colin
    Thank you to PUBG Mobile, Tencent Mobile, Trond Berg, SMART, Locavi and everyone involved in the production!
    I’m sorry but
    Don’t wanna talk
    I need a moment before i go
    It`s nothing personal
    I draw the blinds
    They don’t need to see me cry
    Cause even when they understand
    They don’t understand
    So then when I’m finished
    I’m all ‘bout my business
    And ready to save the world
    I’m takin my misery
    Make it my bitch
    Can’t be everyone’s favourite girl
    So, take aim and fire away
    I’ve never been so wide awake
    No, nobody but me can keep me safe
    And I’m on my way
    The blood moon is on the rise
    The fire burning in my eyes
    No, nobody but me can keep me safe
    And I’m on my way
    Lo siento mucho, pero me voy
    Por que a tu lado me di cuenta que nada soy
    Y me cansé de luchar y de guerrear en vano
    De estar en la línea de fuego y de meter la mano
    Acepto mis errores, también soy humano
    Y tu no vez que lo Hago por que te amo
    Pero ya, no tengo mas na' que hacer aquí
    Me voy, llego la hora de partir
    En mi propio camino seguiré lejos de ti
    So, take aim and fire away
    I’ve never been so wide awake
    No, nobody but me can keep me safe
    And I’m on my way
    The blood moon is on the rise
    The fire burning in my eyes
    No, nobody but me can keep me safe
    And I’m on my way

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    200 MILLON VIEWS! Thank you all for the amazing support, Walkers❤️

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    I am not here for pubg I am only here for Alan Walker best music ever I am a big fan of Call of Duty

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    like feel what is on the video

  • everything time!

    Alan Walker youa re genius!

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    This song gives us moral that is those who will try they can achieve their goals. Please like it

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    It touches my heart

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    Ulan valah çok güzel beyler

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    Alan walker:like👍

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    Alan Walker komen

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    I love her voice and also her voice is so amazing

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    She has voice wow I like this song 😍😍 😍😍😍 😍😍 😍

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    Alan Walker is the best. I like it. 😍

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    Dies iş so so so so cool

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    I really want 2 c Alan Walker who else is in

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    The coolest song

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    pubg players will understand this

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    I just love u

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    Buena musica del mejor compositor

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    Despacito :comment

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  • Sujata Venkat
    Sujata Venkat Day ago

    Great to hear this song

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    Alan Walker is the best of its kind, and his music inspires both me and many who have heard him at least once! Alan Walker you are the best!

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    this is good

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    2.53 ... he is ALAN WALKER

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    This is not an october 2019 comment

    Your welcome:-)