Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • Research has found some human brains can pick up on rotations of geomagnetic-strength fields as evidenced by drops in alpha wave power following stimulus. For more, see
    Huge thanks to:
    Prof. Shinsuke Shimojo, Connie Wang, and Isaac Hilburn, plus Prof. Joe Kirschvink. Their lab:
    Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
    Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
    Additional filming by Whitney Clavin

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  • Jonathan Odqvist
    Jonathan Odqvist 4 hours ago

    Turns out, the chair belonged to Charles Manson...

  • Oldestries
    Oldestries 17 hours ago

    Had they did testing on drunken brains yet?

  • Oldestries
    Oldestries 17 hours ago

    Is this the thing that had saved me when i wasdrowsy drove a car back home very tired after a long day at the office? I experienced 1 driving I was almost totally unconcious at least not until I reached my house frontgate then I gained back my conciousness with enormous feelings of surprise.

  • na na
    na na 3 days ago

    When i was a young boy, and i think during early adulthood, i could tell, with 99% accuracy, a specific direction mentally. I don't recall if it was North, West, East, or what direction i was able to tell. The need for it died and as a result that ability diminished. I sense the ability is not dead, but just not instantly usable at this time due to I not having practiced it.

  • Moto Gizmo
    Moto Gizmo 3 days ago

    Love most of your shows, it stimulates you mind forcing you to think and confuse it all at once ! 😂

  • I fuck yor mam
    I fuck yor mam 4 days ago

    but can the magnetic field increase the size of my peen?

  • Antonio Blanco
    Antonio Blanco 4 days ago

    I can feel electrostatic fields, and even move little objects like telequinesis. I have a video on my channel.

    DADDY DRACO 5 days ago +1

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  • Matthew Burke
    Matthew Burke 5 days ago

    Does the magnetic field not create noise in electrical wires?

  • Yautja Prime
    Yautja Prime 6 days ago

    Yes. I don't have to watch the video to tell you that.

  • Community College Genius

    What his preliminary test HAVE showed is that we are NOT all alike. We are products of evolution which demands that there are variations within a species. The tests showed some people are more sensitive - some less. The paper you referenced showed racial/cultural differences as well. The researchers keep using empirical statements like "all human brains" as if we are all exactly the same. Their conclusive statements are in direct opposition to their experimental findings as if they are trying to push an agenda.

  • Jaystarz2000 gaming
    Jaystarz2000 gaming 7 days ago

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    TEAM REVENGERS 8 days ago +2

    What can humans do with this ability??

  • Fabian Reyes
    Fabian Reyes 8 days ago

    Lain and the wired

    PYXEL 8 days ago

    Lets all inject iron particles in our bodies.

  • bun chhor
    bun chhor 8 days ago

    Skip 1:39 if you're eating.
    No problem

  • Photosounder
    Photosounder 8 days ago +2

    They can pretty much quantify magnetic sensitivity in individuals, they could correlate that with gene frequencies (correlating all kinds of traits with specific allele frequencies is a popular thing to do these days) so they could find which genes are responsible and figure out what happened to those genes (some ethnic groups probably have higher frequencies than others) and see what that does.

  • 156viewer
    156viewer 9 days ago

    Some people have a good sense of direction, and it would explain dowsing.

  • Douglas Taylor
    Douglas Taylor 9 days ago

    As an ex lorry driver, I was able to perfect a way out of a city without many signs.

  • Butterflies and Sunshine

    Would be interesting to group in blood types in testing also, as well as zodiac months born.

  • Joseph Aleandri
    Joseph Aleandri 9 days ago

    Have you ever met a native American? I was in the Army with a few of them. And those guys have a natural sense of direction. Hell half the time we didn't even need a map 😆

  • Chabouya Moreno
    Chabouya Moreno 11 days ago

    Ur gov tech to use on true adamu Neanderthals

  • Calvin Dement
    Calvin Dement 12 days ago

    Some blind people have a sense of direction. Test them

  • David Tyson
    David Tyson 12 days ago

    You are incorrect

  • Maria Elaine Gonçalves de Albuquerque Casemiro

    I can sense if someone is from a very far manda, my head just turn to them automatically, there is not many foreigners at all where I live but if one is around I just sense , never seen anybody else that has this gift.

  • axe609
    axe609 13 days ago

    Now think the human body creates magnetic fields ...

  • Reham Shouman
    Reham Shouman 13 days ago

    I respect u man so much

  • Jeremiah Willis
    Jeremiah Willis 13 days ago

    I bought a "god helmet", like 10 years ago. Magnetic fields absolutely effect your brain. I thought it was pretty well accepted. Don't buy a god helmet, it's very weird, in the bad way.

  • Mattwild
    Mattwild 14 days ago +1

    I'm pretty sure I can use mine and I have done for a few years

  • Peter Weijnitz
    Peter Weijnitz 14 days ago

    question about the EEG measurement.
    could the EEG equipment in it self respond to the field changes?
    not likely I suppose, maybe you should equip a watermelon or something with the electrodes and do a measuerement..
    best regards

  • SammyM.
    SammyM. 15 days ago +3

    Your question wether someone can make conciouse use of their sense of a magnetic field or not is easy to answer. One can. How do I know? As a child when I was fascinated by compasses (roughly at the age of 11) - I calibrated my brain (unconciously) by often looking at a compass in my room, so I knew in which direction my window was facing. When laying in bed I recalled this info several times.
    I then made a game out of it to be able to tell which direction would be east and south, by laying on the ground anywhere we would go, imagining with my eyes closed I would be laying in my bed and adjusting my body so that it was laying in the same direction as I was at home. Pointing in the direction of where I knew east must be I opened my eyes, checked with my compass and was astonished myself that my "prediction" was correct. I repeated this "game" in different places several times because I was so amazed by the effect that I was a "human compass" with - retroperspectivly speaking - an accuracy that is still astonishing to me, being off by max 15° and hitting it on the nail often.
    So yes, since my redirection of the body after feeling the right position was a concious process, I would say it is possible.

  • troylabrie
    troylabrie 16 days ago

    Another way to look at the question is whether or not magnetic sense can be developed.
    I've read a study done by an anthropologisy among hunter-gatherers who have a highly developed sense of cardinal directions (l think in New Guinea). The anthropologist claimed to have learned to develop that sense in himself after some weeks of training/practice. He said that even after traveling a path of hundreds of direction changes (like in a maze) he eventually learned to retain an unfailing sense of cardinal directions.
    All sorts of physiological changes take place in our bodies in response to stimuli (some can even be inherited), why not a magneto-sense?

  • Lucas
    Lucas 16 days ago

    Its all just electomagnetic noice received by the sensors and cables (woriking as antennas) put on his head. Not his brain working. right? ;-)

  • Vatsal Pathak
    Vatsal Pathak 16 days ago

    i usually communicate using directions , u can have me as your model of experiment

  • HaileISela
    HaileISela 16 days ago

    I think a big part of this "loss" is a matter of language. If you are raised in a culture without words or concepts of certain aspects of our world, your thinking sense is unaware of that thing. it's kind of obvious from this video that the people involved consider space and time in a static rectiliniear perception where everything is human made tends to be cubic. this is the norm, but it's certainly not based on actual operational understanding of the triangular 60° synergetic interpatterning of space that we call cosmos.

    it would be interesting to test this in a geodesic sphere and the magnetic coils arranged in the four great circles of the vector equilibrium, then you would truly get an omnidirectional result.

  • Tree Climbing
    Tree Climbing 16 days ago

    Ah to test primitive natives❕

  • Gamble
    Gamble 17 days ago

    I was going to get a magnet embedded in my finger, I could then sense a magnetic field.

  • leighatkins22
    leighatkins22 17 days ago +2

    I discovered I could feel electromagnetic fields when I was 16 and they have fascinated me ever since. And I have shown many others how to feel them too. Some freak out, some are accepting, some don't even want to try to and some are less sensitive but they can still feel the stronger ones. Everyone can do it.

  • johnsinhos
    johnsinhos 17 days ago

    Maybe these magnetic fields that Derek was exposed to were very faint. It is interesting how 7T MRI magnets are well known to mess up with the labyrinth and generate nystagmus in many people during entry and exit from the bore. Some of them have to be pulled out due to dizziness. There is one of these used for research in my university, for what I volunteered twice for different projects in Functional MRI. Indeed, going in and out, nystagmus ensued and took about 1-2 minutes to recede. Anyway, mind you, it is a 7Tesla.

  • Douken
    Douken 17 days ago

    Can the magnetic shift be stronger?

  • Redneck Repair guy
    Redneck Repair guy 18 days ago

    Men have a small amount of metal oxides in the bridge of their nose that acts like a compass. Women do not. Maybe dating back to our hunting and gathering days. I was a yacht captain in my younger days and I had such sense of direction.

  • James Brown
    James Brown 18 days ago

    I actually know a guy who can always “sense” North. I didn’t believe it at first but he really can. He described it as almost a slight “pull” on the body or a weight on one side of the body. Through several tests we’ve done over the years I’d say he was accurate within +/-20 degrees.

  • Prateek Panwar
    Prateek Panwar 19 days ago

    Wear that thing on head and open incognito

  • Prateek Panwar
    Prateek Panwar 19 days ago

    Portal 3 confirmed in real life. They will test us by throwing 1B Tesla at once on us

  • RazerXnitro
    RazerXnitro 19 days ago

    just imagine big companies creating navigation systems that direct you based on that human magnetic field recognition.

  • Husson Sebastian
    Husson Sebastian 19 days ago

    Rome was build on specific hartmanlines like druids felt positive earth's magnetism. Like menhirs where also placed on specific heartmann intersections. Druids felt these places in the past we just stopped using this. In China it's called back of the dragon.

    • Husson Sebastian
      Husson Sebastian 19 days ago

      You could feel tinteling feeling at hartmann cross intersections..

  • Greg VandeGuchte
    Greg VandeGuchte 19 days ago

    And I'm like, "wtf are the Helmholtz coils for if they're for another experiment?"

  • Robert Creager
    Robert Creager 20 days ago

    I get nauseated when putting my head into a 3T MRI machine. Not being near it as much, but as soon as my head enters the cylinder. One tech I spoke with had the same problem, another one didn't. I have no problems with a 1.5T MRI machine though.

  • Kargadan
    Kargadan 20 days ago

    And the sound dampners on the wall is for... hmmm i guess people scream a lot in there. But on a serious note, i can easily tell when a machine is not working properly because it makes a wierd(for the lack of a better word) annoyimg sound in my mind.

  • Don K. Johnson
    Don K. Johnson 20 days ago

    You guys need to do these same experiments with your test subjects under LSD, Mushrooms, or Peyote. I think you will be greatly surprised at the results. I believe it was Terence McKenna who did tests like these in the 70's, and found that certain drugs "turn off the filters" and allow these signals to come through.

  • Rich ard
    Rich ard 21 day ago

    Our spinal cord is an antenna that receives electromagnetic energy. The synapses between nerve cells have capacitance. Therefore our central nervous system including the brain is basically a huge lump of capacitors. Due to neural plasticity, we can tune the capacitance/resonant frequency of our nervous system through mental exercises such as meditation. When the right resonant frequency is achieved, we can channel the "spiritual" energy of nature into our bodies and amplifies the oscillation. We can even modulate this signal using our brain and broadcast it to others like AM radios.

  • TheRjjrjjr
    TheRjjrjjr 21 day ago

    You know dude, your idiotic comments make you seem strange all by themselves...

  • langton mwanza
    langton mwanza 22 days ago +1

    at the suhbhuriminaru...lool i love it

  • Giocattolo012
    Giocattolo012 24 days ago

    I know i am suceptable.. had a mri and during certain sweeps the operator noticed he could make my lip move......

  • Jadian Radiator
    Jadian Radiator 24 days ago +1

    There are people that are allergenic to emf clouds.
    After seeing this, I'm pretty sure that said allergy has something to do with this magnetic sense being excessively heightened.

  • Allistair Neil
    Allistair Neil 24 days ago

    11:56 I think it was tested somewhere by moving the people who use those kinds of languages around the tree and the direction words changed according to the magnetic compass. Bizarre. Excellent video!

  • Cody Watts
    Cody Watts 27 days ago

    Get a swivel chair, put it in the desert and spin it while blindfolded with a native cardinal speaker and guess.

    Any volunteers?

  • TheEudaemonicPlague
    TheEudaemonicPlague 27 days ago

    I've always wondered why I never get lost, especially in the woods. I haven't tested this in years, though; perhaps that's changed over the decades.

  • uesdto signin
    uesdto signin 28 days ago +1

    1:37 I think that is a best direction how to place my
    flush toilet. Toilet Feng Shui !!!

  • Kayboku
    Kayboku 28 days ago

    wouldnt the changing magnetic field be also influencing the sensitive electrical detectors placed on the head?