iPhone XR - First 12 Things To Do!

  • Published on Oct 26, 2018
  • iPhone XR - First 12 Things To Do!
    Did you just get an iPhone XR? Wondering what to do after the initial setup process? Well, this video is for you. Here are 12 settings to change and tips to consider with your new phone!
    Save Battery Life on iPhone XR (20+ Tips): ru-clip.com/video/ph6OCuelGAo/video.html
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    iOS 12 Shortcuts App Walkthrough: ru-clip.com/video/-NJAUmc4y-A/video.html
    iPhone XR Cases & Screen Protectors:
    Griffin cases: bit.ly/2Jjf8ov
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid case: amzn.to/2CHbSC8
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    Totallee Thin Case: bit.ly/2AtRenf
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    How are you enjoying your new iPhone XR?
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  • Brandon Butch
    Brandon Butch  10 months ago +1449

    *UPDATE* AirPods 2 - NEW Unexpected Release Date & Higher Price: ru-clip.com/video/aCVowaR0Sw0/video.html

    How are you liking the iPhone XR so far? Or are you using an iPhone XS?

  • Twist kronicx
    Twist kronicx 2 hours ago

    How can I rotate my screen on the xr

  • • Lil Nugget •
    • Lil Nugget • 2 hours ago

    I had to buy a new IPhone XR because I did a drop test....

  • Irene Blyleven
    Irene Blyleven 10 hours ago

    Great tutorial, I learned a few new things… but slow the hell down!! I had to stop and start several times to keep up with you !! 😜

  • MrBusta
    MrBusta Day ago

    Me watching this with the iPhone 11 pre ordered

  • Kim Panzer
    Kim Panzer Day ago

    Coming from an iPhone 8 to an iPhone X to now an iPhone XR...

  • Lagod
    Lagod Day ago

    Fuck I thought I was going to see some cool shit but this is just tell ing how to to use an iPhone XR.

  • Alex Trujillo
    Alex Trujillo 2 days ago

    I came from an iPhone XXll Max to the XR

  • Spanish Infiltrator Messi

    Gonna switch from an LG to an XR :/

  • Kaylee Sondrall
    Kaylee Sondrall 2 days ago +1

    just updated from a 7 to a xr😂

  • U d v
    U d v 3 days ago

    Useful video

  • Michael Hunter
    Michael Hunter 3 days ago

    Thx man I’m about to get an XR so this is big help

  • SonsyWhale
    SonsyWhale 3 days ago

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    2. Make An account.
    3. Post The Iphone Xr For $500.
    4. Receive $500 From buyer.
    5. Buy Oneplus 7.
    Those are the top things you should do when you get your iPhone xr.

  • Mahek Khan
    Mahek Khan 4 days ago

    can I have a iPhone xr

  • Savage_gamer 1
    Savage_gamer 1 4 days ago +2

    Who is Switching to a iPhone xr-me

  • Esco Whitfield
    Esco Whitfield 4 days ago

    Who just got the iPhone XR??!

  • GT GOD
    GT GOD 4 days ago

    I'm gonna get one tomorrow😍....Gamer4life

  • Mr Doob
    Mr Doob 4 days ago

    Getting this is 2 days, can't wait

  • DaDdY kIeRlYn
    DaDdY kIeRlYn 5 days ago

    I’m just now getting one.. but I’m coming from a 7 plus.

  • Xxloverboyxx
    Xxloverboyxx 5 days ago

    Your wallpaper is red but mine is blue

  • Anthony Cross
    Anthony Cross 6 days ago

    Thanks for the tips just switched back to Apple after 3years on Samsung.

  • Alexa Cabello
    Alexa Cabello 6 days ago

    I saw sabrina there hahah

  • Slate13
    Slate13 6 days ago

    Great video! Thank you!! 👌🏼👍🏼

  • shaylaericka
    shaylaericka 6 days ago +1

    Don’t buy I cloud storage🤦🏽‍♀️ just get google photos

    • KingZ
      KingZ 6 days ago

      icloud storage is more for people who use multiple apple products or people who (for some reason, prob old people) share with family.

  • Kokujin No Koibito
    Kokujin No Koibito 6 days ago

    watchinggg this on my xr!!!!

  • anna ou
    anna ou 8 days ago

    I wanna switch from iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone XR but I dunno

  • Adriana Blanchard
    Adriana Blanchard 8 days ago +1

    omg i have had the iphone xr for a month now and didnt know about switching through apps you opened 😂

  • WildAnime
    WildAnime 8 days ago

    I have an android. So baddd

  • Eagleye
    Eagleye 8 days ago

    Nice tips, thanks!

  • Lenti imsong
    Lenti imsong 8 days ago

    My photos are always rotated on my IG story if it’s not directly taken from the app itself. Help🛑

  • Eric
    Eric 8 days ago +1

    Just bought the XR after the 11 went on sale. Stoked!

  • Purple Panda Girl
    Purple Panda Girl 8 days ago +2

    Me and my iPhone 6 be Sobbing

  • Gowtham Abhinav
    Gowtham Abhinav 8 days ago

    Playback speed 0.75x. 😉

  • Big Boi Matthew
    Big Boi Matthew 9 days ago

    Iphone 4s to XR

  • Jayson Coates
    Jayson Coates 9 days ago

    I getting the IPhone XR for Christmas this year

  • L A U R A
    L A U R A 10 days ago

    I’m getting my new phone next month YAYYY🥺💕 I’ve been stuck on a 6s ...
    BIG UPGRADE booii itsssss litttt🔥

  • Robby Flockman
    Robby Flockman 10 days ago

    You have a nice voice

  • Lionel I am
    Lionel I am 11 days ago

    I totally downgraded from the 8 plus oh well. Doesn’t bother me

  • Sergious
    Sergious 11 days ago

    what a unpleasant voice

  • Nika Herron
    Nika Herron 11 days ago

    I got a iPhone xr yesterday and thank you so much!you helped me!

  • Karen VanWagner
    Karen VanWagner 12 days ago

    You talk too fast

  • InfestedChris
    InfestedChris 12 days ago

    still would be using my 6s plus, but the lighting port is damaged. Basically have to push the lighting cable hard inside the port and not touch a thing for it to charge now. And battery sucks. Otherwise still be rocking this phone. I want a Xs Max but have to sell another kidney to afford.

  • Ben Morgan
    Ben Morgan 12 days ago

    #1 sell it, get an android.

  • defiantwarrior76
    defiantwarrior76 12 days ago

    #1 thing to do with an Iphone...convince people it's not that bad...lol awesome!

  • Lilly-Ella XoX
    Lilly-Ella XoX 12 days ago +1

    I’m changing from an iphone SE to an iPhone XR in October 😊😁

    • gabby vaughan
      gabby vaughan 12 days ago

      Same although I'm changing from an Android

  • Masterj Rules
    Masterj Rules 13 days ago +1

    Who else is coming from an SE to an X

  • Amira Slayys
    Amira Slayys 13 days ago +1

    I just upgraded from an iPhone 8 Plus and got the XR LOVE MY NEW PHONE🥵🥵

  • Tell it Like it is
    Tell it Like it is 13 days ago

    What’s with the weird noise when your talking ?

  • yoo_ ngay
    yoo_ ngay 15 days ago +1

    Me sitting here on my droid, watching a video about a phone im not even getting

  • cammy bear
    cammy bear 15 days ago

    anyone else coming from a 7 to the xr?

  • Tae _
    Tae _ 15 days ago

    I just got high gpa and might get this for the reward kshdjd

  • Tae _
    Tae _ 15 days ago

    “You’re probably unboxed your phone”
    Me: I don’t even know if I would be able to upgrade from an iPhone 6...

  • Samuel
    Samuel 15 days ago +1

    Who was chasing you when you made this video? 👍

  • XxCosmic xX
    XxCosmic xX 16 days ago +1

    i went from 8+ to xr

  • pablo escobar the cartel

    i have a black xr the color is just really basic but i still love it i upgraded from a 6+ to xr

  • Zach Gulesian
    Zach Gulesian 16 days ago

    Just got a PRODUCT(RED) iPhone XR. It's more than what I need and exceeded my expectations.

    999,999 views 16 days ago +1

    I came from an iPhone Se

  • Rodney Brown
    Rodney Brown 16 days ago +2

    Just got the iPhone 10R on Friday, August 30th and I'm really loving it. I'm rocking the Product Red with red case and 128 storage!

    • Rodney Brown
      Rodney Brown 8 days ago

      @FaZe_Jello Hey got my case from Amazon and phone at AT&T!!

    • FaZe_Jello
      FaZe_Jello 14 days ago +1

      Rodney Brown where’d you get it from

  • Pier K
    Pier K 16 days ago

    C’mon man Xs max screen is night & day compared to Xr , are you blind ???

  • Jessica Agriani
    Jessica Agriani 17 days ago

    Switching from old Samsung J5 2016 to XR, just incredible