VERY DETAILED Lace Frontal Wig Install | Stocking Cap Method | Cutting The Lace | Ineffable Tresses

  • Published on Jan 22, 2018

    I make videos like this to help other people suffering from hair loss and don't know to do.
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    Hello Dolls🎀
    Thank you so much for watching I hope you all enjoy this video! I really hope I explained everything well 😘
    🎀 HAIR INFO 🎀
    I N E F F A B L E T R E S S E S
    LENGTHS: 18”20”20”
    I N S T A G R A M
    F A C E B O O K
    S N A P C H A T
    I N S T A G R A M
    F A C E B O O K

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  • Charlion Patrice
    Charlion Patrice  Year ago +897

    Please read the description bar If you want to know why I have hair loss.

    • samantha wayne
      samantha wayne 12 days ago

      How long did you keep your in

    • Lashonda Williams
      Lashonda Williams 20 days ago

      Hey hun are you from nola i love the haur

    • Latisha Benton
      Latisha Benton 22 days ago

      What kind of glue are u using

    • LilWolfGamer 2
      LilWolfGamer 2 Month ago

      What if it looks bad if I put a head band on it don't even matter right

    • Telissa Johnson
      Telissa Johnson Month ago

      Charlion Patrice That’s so beautiful 😍 girl. I love it!!!!!

  • Cheerconnections
    Cheerconnections 8 hours ago

    girl you BAD bad 😍

  • Alba Déniz
    Alba Déniz 8 hours ago

    Its cool... but the part when u end up looking like u dont wash the hair in weeks

  • Veronica 425
    Veronica 425 11 hours ago

    How long should you keep the wig on??

  • Nhe ry
    Nhe ry 16 hours ago

    I wanna do this on my hair to cover my grays. I'm only 30 but my gray hair is out of control :( I'm not ready to embrace it

  • shreevani
    shreevani Day ago

    Am new to long it will stay? For a single day...they doing this much ...😥😥😥😥😥🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • caamryb Tv
    caamryb Tv Day ago +1

    So maybe somebody in the comments can answer this for me, what do you do with the back of a lace wig like to keep it down

  • Shotty Shot
    Shotty Shot Day ago

    somebody who likes me copies off of thus

  • Elies le bylka
    Elies le bylka 2 days ago

    tu fait peur demon retourne d ou tu viens c est a dire dans les flamme de l enferZER

  • Anisa Naureen
    Anisa Naureen 2 days ago

    Such a great video !!! You’re sickkkk !!! Makeup is on point !!! And very pretty too !!!

  • Linah Makuyana
    Linah Makuyana 2 days ago

    How can i order this hair

  • Jennifer A.
    Jennifer A. 2 days ago

    I am new to the lace front, it looks beautiful but it's a lot of work..Can you sleep in it and how long/many days can you wear it before you take it off ??

  • Lodiya Andesiti
    Lodiya Andesiti 2 days ago

    Send me ur what's app number

  • AsiaNicole Sewell
    AsiaNicole Sewell 4 days ago

    girl you did a GREAT JOB!!!!

  • Jasmine Lewis
    Jasmine Lewis 5 days ago

    Killed it girl

  • Andree Pierre
    Andree Pierre 5 days ago

    Give me the description of the glue u use i whant to keep mine verry strong too.i find only Got to bè glue from Haïti. Please

  • Andree Pierre
    Andree Pierre 5 days ago

    Congratulation my sista i Will do better wit my wig u😘

  • Maddison Reid
    Maddison Reid 6 days ago

    Doing this for my trip to Jamaica

  • Millennia18
    Millennia18 6 days ago +1

    I will have a chemotherapy again soon for 6 month every 2 weeks , i’m so afraid what if my hair getting loss again and i‘m going to be bald again but thank you for this video tutorial I will buy a wig and wear them like the tutorial you give , thank you ❤️ (sorry for my bad english )

  • maria suarez
    maria suarez 6 days ago

    Like family

  • lisa michele
    lisa michele 7 days ago +1


  • Zebulon Crawford
    Zebulon Crawford 8 days ago

    Gorgeous !!!

  • Amelie Bernadel
    Amelie Bernadel 8 days ago

    I love it thank you my dear and good jobs .

  • Evonne Williams
    Evonne Williams 8 days ago

    I really wanna learn to apply wigs and I like your technique a lot. I will give it a try. Thank you

  • Momma Coexists
    Momma Coexists 8 days ago

    I would have loved to do this, but being half white and half black, my hair came out like my father side curly etc..... but..... is so thin it falls, I did only one sow in and my edges damaged, now I Am treating them so it can grow normal again. If I do this everything would fall off. That is the bad side of the white side, the scalp is not as strong as the black side. My mom's hair was so straight and so so thin and I came out with the thin- NOT the straight., so I just bought a half wig, and leave my hair alone and treat it instead. I love it when I watch these videos, so educational, you do not know how many girls ya'll have saved from spending so much money on hair...... and I find that doing it by yourself it comes out much better than going to someone. God bless ya'll and keep the videos coming. You are amazing.

  • Haven Rebekah
    Haven Rebekah 9 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Erika Sosa
    Erika Sosa 9 days ago

    I wanted to start wearing wigs for fun thanks for this amazing video ❤️

  • Mistyire Gibbons
    Mistyire Gibbons 9 days ago

    Does that come in burgundy? where can I order that hair? where can I get the curling wand?

  • Stacey Blakes
    Stacey Blakes 10 days ago


  • Kells Makingmommamoves

    Thank you for the detailed video!!

  • lilma
    lilma 11 days ago

    Super informative video... exactly what I was looking for!

  • Tangi
    Tangi 11 days ago

    Thanks! Very well explained and detailed...I believe I'm ready to try for the first time 👌🏾😁

  • Kajé Reid
    Kajé Reid 12 days ago +1

    whoever disliked this is waste ...amazing job girl!

  • Offiong John
    Offiong John 12 days ago

    I love dis hair how can i get it

  • Jade Jones
    Jade Jones 13 days ago

    She looks amazing but that’s too much work. I’d be late

  • Mandy World
    Mandy World 13 days ago

    Awesome video! You slayed that hair, girl! Looks great!

  • Pheonix Goddess
    Pheonix Goddess 13 days ago

    I so love this girl it’s dope 💕💕💕like what’s the name of the glue u use though how long it last?

  • kidane weyzer
    kidane weyzer 15 days ago

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  • LondonLondon
    LondonLondon 15 days ago


  • anjali chhetri
    anjali chhetri 16 days ago

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  • Michelle Howard
    Michelle Howard 16 days ago

    Your Eyes are popping!

  • Unknow N
    Unknow N 16 days ago

    Do anybody know wha the glue is called that she put on there ?

  • Tasheyona Johnson
    Tasheyona Johnson 16 days ago

    YOU DID THAT!!!!

  • Khamrie
    Khamrie 17 days ago +5

    I just ordered my first lace front wig (first wig at all), once I get it I’ll be returning back to rewatch while I try to install it lol! Awesome job 💜

    • Khamrie
      Khamrie 2 days ago

      @insert username here it covers your whole head!

    • insert username here
      insert username here 3 days ago

      Is a lace wig just like a regular wig that covers your head or does it just cover the front?

  • Olivia Wells
    Olivia Wells 17 days ago

    you’re so gorgeous!!

  • Bws Spam
    Bws Spam 18 days ago

    I’ve never put a wig on before but in 3 days I’m gonna attempt to put one on and your video is really helpful, I liked how u explained everything step by step like your telling us how it should feel when it’s dry and how not to press it in until u have it where u want it and I’ve been looking for a video like this for 2 days already, so thank you for making such a heavily detailed video 👍🏽 new subscriber 🖤🤟

  • fruitree lover
    fruitree lover 18 days ago +2

    Omg yessss girl I love this look I sure will be showing my girls this ☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you did that hunnn🤩❤️

  • Rosemary Aquino
    Rosemary Aquino 18 days ago

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    Jasmine Cates 18 days ago +1

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    ebony white 18 days ago

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  • Lilly Njeru
    Lilly Njeru 20 days ago +2

    I love how clean your work is no messy glue. Beautiful!

    • Jennifer Pugh
      Jennifer Pugh 11 days ago +1

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  • Latisha Benton
    Latisha Benton 22 days ago +1

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    KEISHA FLOYD 22 days ago +1

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  • Frank Gonzalez Official

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    kémboy 24 days ago

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    Bret Michael Mata 24 days ago

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  • Tamara Michelle Valle
    Tamara Michelle Valle 25 days ago +1

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  • Nikki Saukkola
    Nikki Saukkola 26 days ago +1

    You are so gorgeous it's painful. Thanks for the video, eventually I wanna try to make my own so this helped out a lot

  • Staff Bull Terrier
    Staff Bull Terrier 26 days ago

    Awsome nice video thanks for share best greetings from Thailand