Stool Built From 100% Pallet Lumber.

  • Published on Mar 24, 2016
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    I decide to build a stool made completely out of reclaimed pallet lumber. Thanks for watching. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE for upcoming videos!
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  • Paul Larnce
    Paul Larnce 21 hour ago

    There are people out there who are willing to pay the big bucks for what you do. Good luck.

  • lucas cerino
    lucas cerino Day ago

    El tutorial más denso q vi en mi vida .. un trabajo de put@ madre para después pintarlo con barniz oscuro para q todos los detalles ni se noten ..

  • eduardo dorna
    eduardo dorna 2 days ago

    Mal hecho

  • jujitsuman68
    jujitsuman68 3 days ago

    what a horrible video, repetative to the max, rubbish music mixed in with screeching sounds, bad editing had to give it a thumbs down sorry.

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  3 days ago

      The first vid on my channel and arguably a test run. Watch any of my newer videos for better editing... But the music is awesome.. you just have different tastes.

  • Максим Шкурин

    табличку повесь,,не садиться,,.....опасно!!!

  • Gershon Perry
    Gershon Perry 4 days ago

    Great workmanship. Color not so much.

  • Ricardoneustadt
    Ricardoneustadt 4 days ago

    Malo malo muy largo para tan poco 👎

  • SilvaFilho
    SilvaFilho 4 days ago

    It looked beautiful, but it took a lot of work. Congratulations (Brasil).

  • barry8082
    barry8082 8 days ago

    this is a very nice piece. ideal for (say) a beach bar.

  • Marlon Mohammed
    Marlon Mohammed 10 days ago +1

    Good work but poor editing. This video was way too long.

  • jorge vicente gallego rebollal


  • Kashif Khan
    Kashif Khan 11 days ago +1

    I am afraid it lacks the strength required from a stool. Secondly too much effort and labor for cheap pallet wood

  • stefkedebelg BelGiant
    stefkedebelg BelGiant 11 days ago

    It's nice, but way to much work for what it's worth
    I think.

  • The_ Joker
    The_ Joker 12 days ago

    That goes to show you how only specially talented people can turn a pile of trash back into a pile of rubbish 😂👍

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  12 days ago +1

      Excellent burn good sir. The customer is always right!

  • David Štěřík
    David Štěřík 17 days ago

    good idea, but work is terrible, horrible.. %) :(((

  • a4409604 niht
    a4409604 niht 19 days ago

    Рукава на токарный намотает. Аккуратней.
    Ну и ценитель же вы извращений однако!!

  • Armando Di Grado
    Armando Di Grado 23 days ago

    Recycling is ever a very good idea but, sorry for this, the result is poor and approssimative.

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  23 days ago

      Build one and show me how its done. Thanks for watching!

  • Salty Shed Furniture
    Salty Shed Furniture 24 days ago

    Awesome work, I was looking for my video and found yours. I love using pallets for furniture. Free wood👌

  • Tom Brooker
    Tom Brooker 25 days ago

    Can't believe you used the table saw free hand, (keep that up, it won't be long before you're missing some digits,) then went to the "Go To Tool" Bandsaw and finished cutting the circle. Why not go straight to the bandsaw?

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  24 days ago

      I didnt have the band saw in my garage at the time or i would have, i ended up using my friends saw, which is seen in the video. Its not an advisable method. I dont advise anything really, just showing my experience. I have all my fingers. Thanks for watching!

  • pixiepqueen
    pixiepqueen 28 days ago

    probably a great idea to put some newspaper etc down on the table when your staining. Saves on clean up

  • Sunnysue31
    Sunnysue31 28 days ago

    Wow ... You must own every tool known to man !! Loved the end result :-)

  • алексей алекс

    такое сделать надо столько станков и умения. в магазине проще купить и не мучаться.!

  • Johnny Tchung
    Johnny Tchung Month ago

    Not worth to spending time to do this job

  • thangquocnguyenmdp
    thangquocnguyenmdp Month ago

    That’s not 100% from the pallet

  • Anibal Jiran Ziller

    Belo trabalho 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Karl Douglas
    Karl Douglas Month ago

    Thanks to everyone i enjoy watching everything on youtube i thank all of you for making RU-clip so Grate,

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  Month ago

      Thanks Karl! Glad to have you in the community!

  • Proyecto Argelia
    Proyecto Argelia 2 months ago

    You want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? 8:46

  • Mark Eagles
    Mark Eagles 2 months ago

    One down, five to go. :)
    Good effort.👍

  • Chatwane Fatiha
    Chatwane Fatiha 2 months ago


  • Rafa Cardenas
    Rafa Cardenas 3 months ago

    Excelente trabajo. 👌

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 3 months ago

    Nice work ! Great job !! Love to see ingenuity at work !!

  • Levy Virágh
    Levy Virágh 3 months ago

    Haver. Add el a szerszamaid az ebay-en es menj el kapalni ! Hatha ott sikered lesz ;)

  • Jim Neugent
    Jim Neugent 3 months ago

    WOW!! It was fascinating to watch you do the same thing to each and every leg.
    I don’t even want to watch paint dry or grass grow anymore.

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  Month ago

      I have another channel where you can watch a quicker version of this.

  • Kiran Gregory
    Kiran Gregory 4 months ago

    looked reasonably cool....until you painted it brown

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf 4 months ago

    Way to much work for that!!.. It looks 👍.. But i would have went a simpler route.. But it really does look great, hope you get top dollar for that..

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  Month ago

      It was an interesting and very long experiment. Thanks for watching Jim!

  • marcos souza
    marcos souza 5 months ago

    A pintura estragou o trabalho!

  • جاوید سرزمین پارس

    I will pay for this just, £5 !!

  • Gerald Armstrong
    Gerald Armstrong 5 months ago

    And now that you have learned how to waste materials... You should go back to high school and take a grade 10 wood shop class and get away from kindergarten crafts

  • Juvenal Alves
    Juvenal Alves 5 months ago

    The final product is interesting, but the video is too long. It shows every and each step of the construction repeatedly. So, it gets a little tiresome to watch, besides it is not a hundred per cent reclaimed pallet, vou used plywood as a base.

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  5 months ago

      This is the first video i uploaded to my channel and the editing could have been a lot better, ive learned a lot on video editing since this. But that plywood did come from a pallet.

  • wood 4 nothing
    wood 4 nothing 6 months ago +2

    Very cool build and good use of recycled pallet wood , personally I prefer the look of the natural wood but even so still turned out great.
    Tim from Wood 4 Nothing

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  Month ago

      I agree! the red stain was a bad choice, im going to do a re-build of this stool in the future to get rid of the stain and make some structural improvements. Thanks for watching!

  • ChefGiovanni
    ChefGiovanni 6 months ago +3

    Wow, that was a lot of work. My thought, it is great to see someone recycling ! We hope you get top dollar for them !

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 6 months ago


  • Julian Ricardo
    Julian Ricardo 6 months ago

    Eso le agarra humedad y se despega todo

  • Gilberto Bonalda
    Gilberto Bonalda 6 months ago

    The boy is crazy ? There is so much glue that it gives a glue to a forest.

  • олег -
    олег - 6 months ago

    столько усилий а в результате колхозный лофт

  • Антон Деревщук

    what model of table saw?

  • Bret Turner
    Bret Turner 6 months ago

    good job...a lot worked.

  • Naz Nomad
    Naz Nomad 6 months ago +1

    Technically, it's 50% pallet wood and 50% Titebond.

  • Roger Luiz
    Roger Luiz 6 months ago

    I'm really glad for you. What a kind of red liquid was used by you? Indeed was a great idea for me too, once i've access a lot of those pallets for free...

  • ajcnielsen
    ajcnielsen 7 months ago +2

    Correction - Stool Built From 100% Pallet Lumber and 3 gallons of wood glue.

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  7 months ago +2

      It was only half a gallon! ;)

  • Past Time Past Time
    Past Time Past Time 7 months ago

    what a preparation😂😂😂 nice.

  • Artes Antônio Carlos
    Artes Antônio Carlos 8 months ago

    Muito legal

  • Muhammad Seaf Aldeen
    Muhammad Seaf Aldeen 8 months ago

    Good job , but if used oil in painting

  • Alessandro Dumas
    Alessandro Dumas 8 months ago


  • markus premm
    markus premm 8 months ago

    So many effort , for this little stool ! But the Result is great. Thanks for sharing

  • James Lewel
    James Lewel 8 months ago

    those horizontal leg support cant hold. try resting one foot on it and you know what i mean..

    PABLO ARISPE 8 months ago

    too many processes for something so rustic.
    I rescue the idea of ​​mosaic.

  • Léon Habets
    Léon Habets 9 months ago

    Nice job, quite original. Perhaps I had chosen another color, but that's just my taste. I love the effort involved.

  • Sonja Gaffer
    Sonja Gaffer 9 months ago

    spoilt by the hideous red staining instead of a nice natural gloss

  • Terry C.
    Terry C. 9 months ago

    Why are you NOT wearing EYE PROTECTION???? Anyone who does something like this and doesn't wear eye protection, isn't very bright in my opinion. No offense.

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  9 months ago

      Calling someone stupid and telling them not to take offense to it...... maybe watching the video before making ridiculous comments will make you less troll-prone. I wear eye protection when needed,

  • ariston dalmaceda
    ariston dalmaceda 9 months ago

    have wasting time making your stool

  • Antonio Souto
    Antonio Souto 9 months ago

    parabéns pelo seu trabalho e maravilhoso

  • Rick Williams
    Rick Williams 9 months ago

    Great project, from scrap pallet. But, the choice of stain..uck, seat looks nice (would of used a 3/8-1/2 round over router bit on the seat edge, easier on the butt.) Seat looks good, legs not so good.

  • Lee Stimson
    Lee Stimson 9 months ago

    Would have enjoyed it much more if it wasn't at such a dizzying pace. I love working with pallet wood but do it in more individual videos. Otherwise great creation.

  • Tom Jakovac
    Tom Jakovac 10 months ago

    Too much work for the small result?

  • Sergey OSA
    Sergey OSA 10 months ago

    Very Good Very Nice 👍

  • Jr Junior
    Jr Junior 10 months ago

    Impressionante, legal.

  • Bo sal
    Bo sal 10 months ago

    Very Good Very Nice 👍 your Working Great job thanks so much Goodbye 👋 🌹❤️

  • Douglas Morrison
    Douglas Morrison 10 months ago

    Very IMPORTANT STEP about drilling the holes in the seat for those legs is the holes should have been drilled EXACT SIZE on an angle that you wanted for those legs to spread out at the bottom and it is a compound angle and the way you drilled them oversized like that if you use that stool much at all it wont be any time at all until they become loose and fall off

  • Jay Bluestine
    Jay Bluestine 10 months ago

    Have you considered doing a follow-up making pallets from reclaimed stool lumber?

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  10 months ago

      Hmmmmm, not a half bad idea!

  • choochoo3985
    choochoo3985 10 months ago +2

    Some neat ideas, but even I got it after seeing the same process after 87 times, try just a half dozen and let the dummies figure it out by watching the video 50 times. Thanks for posting.

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  10 months ago +1

      Yeah for sure.... It was not edited very well. That being said it was my first video on this channel.. Check out some of my newer videos for better editing and less redundancy! Thanks for watching!

  • peter sedlak
    peter sedlak 10 months ago

    You made this hard to watch, you showed us every step on every piece of material on the lathe, much to monotonous.

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  10 months ago

      This was the very first video i uploaded to my channel, Its been a learning experience in what to show and what not to show. Watch some of my newer videos for better editing. Thanks for watching!

  • Kudret Kizilkaya
    Kudret Kizilkaya 10 months ago

    To much work for stool,

  • Casper's Cuts
    Casper's Cuts 10 months ago +1

    I admire the amount of time you put into this project, thanks. A couple of things I picked up here, one I have never seen someone laminate a stool leg with a centre dowel. Very interesting and I suspect stronger then hell. The other I found interesting was how close you got to a circle with just the table saw. I likely would have gone to the band saw sooner, but hard to argue with the results. Did you think about doing a round over on the seat top, to soften the edge on the back of the legs (just a thought)? Keep up the good work.

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  10 months ago +1

      The legs are very strong! The table saw trimming was actually pretty dangerous and im surprised more people "safety police" haven't gotten on my case about it. I didn't have a working band saw at the time, but i brought it to a family members wood shop and finished the trim there. I should have just trimmed the entire thing with his band-saw but i was impatient.. oh well/.. The stool itself was more of a idea that formulated around the legs, and as a result It ended up quite wobbly. It sits in a corner holding up a house plant at the moment, and im going to rebuild it in a future video though incorporating all the complaints ive had in this comment section! Thanks for watching and check out some of my newer videos if you wanna see more!

  • Henrique Sevieri Said
    Henrique Sevieri Said 10 months ago

    Muito trabalho por um banco horrível, e não foi, de forma alguma feita 100% de paletes...

  • Ани
    Ани 10 months ago


  • Alison Quaresma
    Alison Quaresma 10 months ago

    Parabéns. Criativo e muito bonito.

  • Keith Bird
    Keith Bird 10 months ago

    stunning, a beautiful piece of craftmanship,

  • Michael Papp
    Michael Papp 10 months ago

    Pretty cool looking stool. I really like the seat design. I'd be a bit worried about the strength of the legs in that the grain of the wood is perpendicular to the length of the leg rather than parallel. If someone sitting on the stool leans to the side the leg may break along the grain. As a work of art, it is really nice!

  • Humberto Aguero
    Humberto Aguero 10 months ago

    La verdad muy bueno máster. Gracias

  • Glenn Tilson
    Glenn Tilson 11 months ago

    You need to learn some safety skills. You are fortunate to have a right hand right now. Like has been said before, if that bit had of gotten into those pliers. OH MY!!!

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  11 months ago

      Those pliers were the best tool i had for the job. Maybe making a wooden pair would have completely satisfied all the safety police, but I completely jigged that table out to hold the squares firm in place. The pliers simply held the corner from spinning as i held the pliers down onto the press table. And the fuggin pliers were in my left hand anyways. If the bit "got into" those pliers that cheap ass harbor freight fostner bit would have chipped at best, i certainly wouldn't have lost my right hand! good lord.

  • Clifford DeWent
    Clifford DeWent 11 months ago

    To build beautiful art crafted furniture from wood that most people like me have always thrown away?
    You have a great god given gift. Hope you do well with this talent into your future and I hope you can pass on these great idea's to "many others" too; to motovate them. Thanks for all the many different details in this.

  • Steve Adams
    Steve Adams 11 months ago +1

    Love the invisible blade guards on that saw!

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  11 months ago

      Steve Adams you should see the scar on my left hand from that nasty old Delta...

  • Adel Assal
    Adel Assal 11 months ago

    Lots of work labour and time and details video and the finishing !!!!?????? Sorry mate wasn't worth it

  • Betho Som Roberto Ferreira

    Fico topdelinha

  • Yaser Kaffe AL HDAD
    Yaser Kaffe AL HDAD 11 months ago

    Cool and nies

  • Rick Leakey
    Rick Leakey Year ago

    Nice job. Next time, wear a face shield or protective glasses at the lathe.

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  Year ago

      Thanks for the tip! I wear safety glasses most of the time im working, but i actually dont use this lathe anymore, its actually meant for steel. I do have a new wood lathe that i will be using in upcoming videos. Check out some of my latest videos if you want to see more!

  • Miguel Dias
    Miguel Dias Year ago

    have to be honest, so much time wasted for one ugly stool. lol

  • SuburbanHobbyist
    SuburbanHobbyist Year ago

    You know how when you've worked really hard on a new technique/project and you get many, many hours into it and it's not looking so great but you just keep on going thinking the end result will pull it all together? Yeah, that didn't happen here. You should kill that thing before it enters your dreams and attacks! My long way of saying I appreciate the experiment and effort you put into this one but man that is one ugly stool! Haha. I think you know that or I wouldn't be saying this. That stain choice...

    • pakkee chun
      pakkee chun 11 months ago

      SuburbanHobbyist poP

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  Year ago

      I loved it till the end. Haha, it has been thoroughly discussed in this comment section how that stain color was the worst decision of my woodworking life… In retrospect I would have just used tung oil to bring out the color. Im planning on rebuilding this stool in a future video as it is actually completely 100% non-functional experiment. It basically has a planter sitting on it in a corner of my house... And i would have done things much differently now..

  • Robert Guilbault
    Robert Guilbault Year ago +1

    Bought that same table saw something like 20 years ago. Still using it. Not fancy, but I've made a lot of stuff with it. Thanks for the video.

  • misfitramone
    misfitramone Year ago

    Did y'all see the biopsy in the window at 15:23? I'm pretty sure there was a ghost!

  • Adam Rydz
    Adam Rydz Year ago +1

    Material z odzysku tylko bez profesjonalnych maszyn nie do wykonania w taki sposob

  • magnum mesiona
    magnum mesiona Year ago

    wonderful...... thanks

  • J
    J Year ago

    This is phenomenal! I could have a busted up $5 stool with only a few pallets, a table saw, metal lathe, band saw, belt sander, a bottle of wood glue, and 10 or so hours of my time? Where do I sign up?!

  • Gerard B du coudray

    D F... Not using a guide with skill saw at beginning and putting 'metal' push rod against a rotating drill 'Forstner' bit!!! WTF

    • SuburbanHobbyist
      SuburbanHobbyist Year ago

      Are you simply looking to point things out regardless of if there is an actual safety issue?? The way he had that forstner bit set up with the jig was in no way unsafe. In fact, I'm impressed with that whole set up and that he took so much time to jig it up like that. More people should take those kinds of safety measures when using the drill press. Also, nothing wrong at all with how he cut down the pallets with the skil saw? I just don't see your points. Dude seems safe to me. Now that stool he ended up with....I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Haha! JK man.

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  Year ago

      Try using a guide when cutting a pallet apart and tell me how successful you are. Guides follow a flush straight surface, and you will never find that on a pallet... ever. I do it the quick easy way, and its not a problem if you know how to handle a skill saw. At no point did i touch metal to rotating fostner bit.

  • Solomon Dees.
    Solomon Dees. Year ago

    Did you choose the absolute worst stain for the job on purpose?

    • Andrew Puckridge
      Andrew Puckridge 7 months ago

      @TreeCycled Gonna subscribe just based on this reply.. best reply to a heckler - Plus i have watched other videos, like the editing style, - no comments and let the work progress. its inspiring, I live in a light industrial area where there are plenty of discarded pallets just killing the scenery.. thanks .

    • Solomon Dees.
      Solomon Dees. Year ago

      seriously tho that color... its horrible.

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  Year ago +1

      Solomon! you finally watched the video! I chose that color over 2 years ago just to piss you off! That was the most time consuming prank i have ever embarked on. I guess my life can finally move on.


    I like how the legs resemble thin birch saplings, but a taper rather than straight cylinder would of looked better

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  Year ago

      Agreed, it was a fun experiment, i would change a lot of things, And i might in a future video! Thanks for watching!

  • שמעון כהן

    ילדי בית העץ

  • Ram Jayalwal
    Ram Jayalwal Year ago

    Good work

    • TreeCycled
      TreeCycled  11 months ago

      Thanks ram! And thanks for watching!