Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams, Beck: Grammy Album of the Year Mashup

  • Published on Feb 5, 2015
  • Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams, and Beck are Grammy nominees for 2015 Album of the Year. Berklee alumni worked with these nominees as engineers, producers, and mixing engineers, and for the fourth consecutive year received nominations in the top three categories: Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year. bit.ly/1CxjuRP
    The alumni who contributed for Album of the Year are:
    Beyoncé (Beyoncé) - Tony Maserati ‘86, engineer/mixer
    Morning Phase (Beck) - David Greenbaum ‘05, engineer/mixer
    Girl (Pharrell Williams) - Stephanie McNally ‘10, engineer
    X (Ed Sheeran) - Jeff Bhasker ’99, producer
    Berklee student Juan Carreno arranged and produced the following songs and recorded them with his peers:
    Morning Phase (Beck)
    “Morning”(Beck Hansen)
    “Heart is a drum” (Beck Hansen)
    “Goodbye ” (Beck Hansen)

    Beyoncé (Beyoncé)
    “Pretty Hurts” (Joshua Comena, Sia Fuller, Beyoncé Knowles)
    “Drunk In love” (Beyoncé Knowles, Noel Fischer/Shawn Carter, Andre, Eric Proctor, Rasool Diaz, Boots, Brian Soko, Timothy Mosley, Jerome Harmon)
    “7/11” (Beyoncé Knowles, Detail)
    “Flawless” (Beyoncé Knowles, Terius Nash, Chauncey Hollis, Boots, S.Carter)

    X (Ed Sheeran)
    “Thinking out loud” (Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge)
    “Don’t” (Ed Sheeran, Benjamin Levin)
    “Sing” (Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams)
    “Afire Love” (Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid, Foy Vance)

    Girl (Pharrell Williams)
    “Happy” (Pharrell Williams)
    “Brand New” (Pharrell Williams)
    “Come Get it Bae” (Pharrell Williams)
    “Marilyn Monroe” (Pharrell Williams, Ann-Marie Calhoun)
    Juan Carreno: musical director, arranger, guitar, music producer, conductor
    Christine Smit: voice
    Nigel Tay: voice
    Gabriela Francesca: voice
    Jscott Martin: voice
    Tickwanya Jones: voice
    Jakob Rabitsch: keyboards
    Nikko Ielasi: keyboards
    Elin Sandberg: bass
    Johannes Gritschacher: drums, drum triggers
    Nêgah Santos: percussion, electronic triggers
    Paul Sanchez: trumpet
    Noah Conrad: trumpet
    Brett White: alto sax
    Ryan Linvill: tenor sax
    Joel Gardella: baritone sax
    Sarah Hubbard: violin, concertmaster
    Tim Reynolds: violin
    Kelly Jozwiak: violin
    Jason Lee: violin
    Stefano Melilo: violin
    Kathleen Parks: viola
    Max Wolpert: viola
    Joilyn Martin: cello
    Adrian Zemor: cello
    Recorded at Q Division Studios and The Record Company
    Simon Katz: recording engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer
    Pietro Milanesi: second engineer
    Matthew Larson: assistant engineer
    James Bridges: assistant engineer
    Emily Sherman: assistant engineer
    Teo Karakolev: videographer, editor, set design
    Kevin Greene: videographer
    Marc Malanca: light design
    Eric Panchev: production assistant
    Silva Panchev: fabric modifications #berklee #berkleecollegeofmusic

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  • frankus54
    frankus54 5 months ago

    So what would it take to get this band to do an extended version of this arrangement/video? Bring on Patreon and I'm sure us fans would pay for a 15 min version. Come on Nik. Who's up for it?

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    Troppo troppo troppo bravi, favolosi, mi avete fatto venire i brividi

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    Damn, London has a lot of catching up to do.

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    The Asian guy is from Malaysia and he’s now competing in one of the China’s most popular singing competitions :)

  • Jesse Collins
    Jesse Collins Year ago

    I’m not cool, I only know the first song so far lol

  • Ay An UP
    Ay An UP Year ago

    This is my dream college, I hope i can join it when m done with high school ❤

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    erica Year ago

    Berklee is my dream school😍😍
    I want to be a singer

    • Berklee College of Music
      Berklee College of Music  Year ago

      Thank you for watching. Here is the Voice Department video: ru-clip.com/video/_Ne0ZBwflQ4/video.html

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    Magic percussion! Combination perfect! Good work guys!

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    gadiel ivan Year ago

    Como se llaman las canciones?

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  • Julian Mateo
    Julian Mateo Year ago +1

    The transitions, perfect horns and strings arrangements, every intention so clear. This is amazing! Congrats to the arranger and all the musicians who performed this music such great.

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  • Federico González

    It sounds too perfect, I really want to be a that school it would be my dream!! im from panamá! Guitarrist♡

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    Blessed Year ago

    I'm so excited for my child to be attending soon!!!! Berklee is the best!!!

  • Javier Orozco
    Javier Orozco 2 years ago

    Talento colombiano, que bien suena eso juan andres, felicitaciones compadre...

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    these artistes are too mush what, a fantastic school Berklee !!

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    This is my dream School ! so many talented musicians and Teachers , I'm jealous !!

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    I wish I as still teaching man! Awesome!

  • Javier Orozco
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    Colombian´s got talent, absolutely great!

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    Enav Canetty 2 years ago

    The Flash on the drums

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    crazymusicman13 2 years ago

    This was so much fun to listen to.

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    Anthony TV 2 years ago

    I would love to play for dis school. Amazing people to be and play with sounds and looks like.

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    Hugo Salcedo 2 years ago

    Wow as a musician I feel humbled in congratulating the entire team, perfection at its best

  • Albert Lilly
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    To me, the arrangement and the way it all fits is sheer genius...great performance of some great musicians, but what they were handed in this arrangement is total genius.

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    luis aguero 2 years ago

    Frost on you tube! Pleasee

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    Kadmyel Lopes da Rosa 2 years ago

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    This is soooooo amazing!!! This school is my dream, a world I would love to explore!!

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    Nigel !!!!! :D

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    Benjamin Steinhoff 3 years ago

    Absolutely amazing! Beautiful voices, wonderful sound and instruments, extraordinary arrangement!

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    This is good music!!😀😊

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    Eargasm... genius music. Absolutely love it for first time hearing Berklee College of Music is the best. It'll hard for me to enter this school. LOL

  • andres camilo chacon Diaz Chaconvsky Records

    perfect ,,, your techniques are awesome ,,sorry for my terrible english i'm latin ,, but your music is music for musicians ,,thanks for this sounds

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  • Rosalie Stewart
    Rosalie Stewart 3 years ago

    Can people from India join your college too?

  • Briony O'Toole
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    I wish I could afford to go to your college. It's on the top of my bucket list! I have been religiously following your Berklee Online videos (the songwriting ones in particular). They are so good! Please keep them coming :)

    • Briony O'Toole
      Briony O'Toole 3 years ago

      @Berklee College of Music Thank you. I'll have a look at the links. I'm a singer. Really big on songwriting too. I would love a chance to study the song writing degree. My dream!

    • Berklee College of Music
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      Thank you so much for watching. Which instrument do you play?
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    Beautiful! Dream of study there.

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    Outstanding....Well done!

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    This makes my heart so happy. Can't wait to apply and audition to go here!

    • Berklee College of Music
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      Thank you for watching. Which instrument do you play?
      You might enjoy this as well ru-clip.com/video/DSj9WhnfRXI/video.html

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    My dream school, America is an amazing country, wish that i am one of the students.......

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    This is my dream school. It's the ultimate goal for a singer-songwriter.

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    this is what I wish could've done with my life but as mama rose said..."I was born too soon and started too late". 😞

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  • hugo Farnesi
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    why does music make me cry? This is truly beautiful. My favourite part is from 4:22-5:12. Thier voices blend so magically together. When I talk about people being blessed by god. These are the people I mean. Ugh so jealous. And its not just their voices its how they blended it together.

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    love the diversity

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    I got a cool booklet in the mail from this college 2 years ago and ever since then I looked into it and got really inspired by it. I wish I had the funds to go here.

    • Brandon Kemp
      Brandon Kemp 3 years ago

      No Problem. I don't play an instruments as much as I used to but when I did I tried guitar for a little while and in my Senior year of High School I took Piano and Electronic Music Classes. Now I'm more into Music Production and Engineering and Song Writing. Thank you for the reply and links :)

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  • Valery Gonzalez
    Valery Gonzalez 3 years ago

    when the guy with the glasses sings "Clap along if you feel" in the minute 5 Jesus! wow

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    the drummer looks like Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash haha

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