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    Hey FBE Family! New podcast episode where we talk about the behind the scenes of the company and answers your questions! "FBE PODCAST | Adults React to Being on RU-clip (Ep #10)"
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    • Ironidas E.
      Ironidas E. Год назад


    • Breanna Saula
      Breanna Saula Год назад +4

      REACT teen react to the cure or the smiths :))!!! Pleaseeeeee

    • Chantae Caison234
      Chantae Caison234 Год назад

      React: do they know it I'm the one there's nothing me back zedd stay

    • Jan Ryan
      Jan Ryan Год назад

      Did Erik come out of the closet yet?

    • GuardGirl13
      GuardGirl13 Год назад +2

      REACT You should totally do blue oyster cult at some point. I love them!

  • MadDog 1980
    MadDog 1980 Год назад +1

    Do a how many Madonna songs do teens know!!!!!!!

  • Itzel Ramen
    Itzel Ramen Год назад

    I only knew love shack because of Glee

  • The EssenceOfGlow
    The EssenceOfGlow Год назад +2

    College kids react to Aaliyah and selena quintanilla

  • Jennifer McGourty
    Jennifer McGourty Год назад +5

    Id love for them to play 50s music to kids/teens without telling them its 50s music. Just to see what they kids thought. Get an honest "what do you think of it".

  • osvaldo garcia
    osvaldo garcia Год назад +2

    Got all the 70s and 80s ones right, decent at 2000s but i struggle on the 90s ones.

  • Abigail Cote
    Abigail Cote Год назад +2


  • Mithrandir Eärendur
    Mithrandir Eärendur Год назад

    Man these kids down know Huey Lewis?

  • Some Raptor
    Some Raptor Год назад +3

    Do teens know 2000's scene/emo music?
    It would be a glorious cringefest for the viewers who used to be in that "phase" and it will give teens insight into the plight of teens from 10 years ago.

    • Some Raptor
      Some Raptor Год назад

      Just as a reference, a song could be "Note to Self" - From First to Last. You could even throw in a quick little tip to the reactors letting them know that the lead singer from that band went on to become Skrillex.

  • Eduardo Silva
    Eduardo Silva Год назад

    Teens react to "Angerfist" (Hardcore techno)

  • Zordon Of Eltar
    Zordon Of Eltar Год назад +8

    Oh, hey Kostas...

  • rose eak
    rose eak Год назад +3

    I'm 14 and I knew all these songs.

  • suzawilo
    suzawilo Год назад +2

    B52s Yessssss!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Gromit801
    Gromit801 Год назад +4

    College kids know 70's music. Include Aerosmith's original version of Walk This Way.
    Led Zeppelin
    Elton John
    Carole King
    Donna Summer
    Peter Frampton
    Logging and Messina

    • KEllisTalks
      KEllisTalks Год назад

      Gromit801 Would be very cool.

  • Jimin’s Wifeu
    Jimin’s Wifeu Год назад +2

    Whitney Houston is my teachers aunt my teacher is Paris shivers

  • Midnightson
    Midnightson Год назад

    It would probably actually be a challenge, but Do college kids know Indie Music.

  • Ruby Royalty
    Ruby Royalty Год назад +3

    6:35 to 6:44 is just 😍😍 her laugh is adorable thoughhh

  • teabean7
    teabean7 Год назад +6

    Queen, Billy Idol.

  • Martin Cuadra
    Martin Cuadra Год назад +3

    Damn why is it that everyone can name the song but NEVER the artist?!

  • h eisawi
    h eisawi Год назад +12

    i love Eric 😹❤️

  • Shyann Brown
    Shyann Brown Год назад +53

    Let's just take a minute to appreciate kostas 😍

  • Marcel Arcaya
    Marcel Arcaya Год назад +68

    Eric, Kostas. Hit me up, I want to date ya

  • Kelvyn Soars
    Kelvyn Soars Год назад +5

    React to Radiohead

  • Prince Rapunzel lee Gold
    Prince Rapunzel lee Gold Год назад +6

    College kids and teens react to Depeche Mode

  • Abby Watson
    Abby Watson Год назад +92

    If you do another do they know 80's music please add;
    Heroes- David Bowie
    Everybody wants to rule the world- Tears for fears
    Our house- Madness
    Love will tear us apart- Joy Divison
    Under pressure- Queen
    I want candy- Bow wow wow
    Jump- Van Halen

  • DevilboyScooby
    DevilboyScooby Год назад +1

    OMG, I know what the Go-Gos sound like - had no idea on the song, just thought it sounded like them. So proud of myself XD

  • EDH
    EDH Год назад +6

    Do another one of these and put a Fleetwood mac song in it

    • suzawilo
      suzawilo Год назад

      Elijah Drummond-Hay Yessssss!

  • Adam_web
    Adam_web Год назад +2

    Afew classics for next react
    A-ha sun always shines on tv
    ABC poison arrow
    Depeche mode just can't get enough
    Howard Jones what is love
    Pet shop boys always on my mind
    Ultravox hymn
    Paul Young no parlez

  • RaNdOm GaMeZ
    RaNdOm GaMeZ Год назад +5

    I'm younger than all of them and ik every song

  • libbi pelletier
    libbi pelletier Год назад +8

    I was born in 2001 and I knew almost all of these songs 😂

  • orlando triviño
    orlando triviño Год назад +4

    React to whitney career!

    • suzawilo
      suzawilo Год назад

      orlando triviño Yessssss!

  • XAngie_poo
    XAngie_poo Год назад +2

    Math challenge with teens , college kids
    There has to be 2 people
    1. Think of any math equation 2.go from easy to hard
    3. Loser get a challenge from people from the comments or from anyone
    4. A winner gets ice cream any kind 🍦🍦🍦 PLEASE DO THIS CHALLENGE

  • LimoLOVEers
    LimoLOVEers Год назад +8

    Teen/adults react to Whitney Houston

    • suzawilo
      suzawilo Год назад +1

      LimoLOVEers Yessssss!

  • RocioL
    RocioL Год назад +1

    Actually Walk This Way is BY Aerosmith FT. RUN DMC.

    • Mónika Barsi
      Mónika Barsi Год назад +1

      Walk This Way is by Aerosmith from 1975 from the album Toys In The Attick. In 1986 RUN DMC covered the song featuring Aerosmith.

    • Octavia Austin
      Octavia Austin Год назад +2

      RocioL Actually Walk This Way by RUN DMC ft. Aerosmith

  • Izzy Oviedo
    Izzy Oviedo Год назад +4


  • Random Yoshi
    Random Yoshi Год назад

    I could name almost all of those songs

  • Ekateryna Ovs
    Ekateryna Ovs Год назад

    College kids react to Lil Peep, pleeeease

  • Karla Bradley
    Karla Bradley Год назад

    I knew all theses songs especially Back to the futures song! :D

  • Patrick Adams
    Patrick Adams Год назад +39

    Just a couple of 80's classice for the next time
    Bryan Adams - Summer of 69
    Wham - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
    Prince - 1999
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax
    Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now
    The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian

  • Flora L. Print
    Flora L. Print Год назад +4


  • BlackPiano
    BlackPiano Год назад

    React to Garth Brooks

  • BlackPiano
    BlackPiano Год назад

    This song wasn't out when you MOM was a kid! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Alexandra D
    Alexandra D Год назад +12

    I knew everything wtf and I'm 16

    • Alexandra D
      Alexandra D Год назад

      Slytherin's heir well then I'm sorry that I wanted to comment something on a video I watched lol

    • Slytherin's heir
      Slytherin's heir Год назад +3

      He wasn't offended, it's just that people think they're special if they were born in the 2000s, and they know 80s music.

      But everyone is special in their own way.

    • Alexandra D
      Alexandra D Год назад

      Timothy Entin lol sorry my comment offended you

    • Timothy Entin
      Timothy Entin Год назад

      Alexandra G want a cookie

  • sammmy huber
    sammmy huber Год назад +18

    i'm 14 and knew every song because i grew up listening to this music hahahahahah

    • Timothy Entin
      Timothy Entin Год назад

      Feeling special yet?

    • Sebizzar
      Sebizzar Год назад +2

      jackson zubach - Haha exactly me too :D

    • zuby32 ___
      zuby32 ___ Год назад +1

      Sebizzar welllll I listen to music from like the 70s and further. It's just got better beats and better lyrics

    • Sebizzar
      Sebizzar Год назад +5

      I care :) I love people under 30 who know music before the 90s!!

  • Raquel C.P
    Raquel C.P Год назад +12

    Kostas looks like an Abercrombie model, he's so handosme :)

  • AKSyndrome
    AKSyndrome Год назад +6

    I'm sure if Becca was in this episode, she would have been able to name more than half the artists -- along w/the song titles. (I mean, she knew who a-ha was in a past episode, for cryin' out loud!!!)

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson Год назад +4

    Best decade for music in my opinion...and I was born in 2000!

    • Adam_web
      Adam_web Год назад +1

      Lauren A I was also born in 2000 and I completely agree.

  • Nicole Younit
    Nicole Younit Год назад +8

    More Michael Jackson pleaseeeee!!!!

  • Rae Dawn
    Rae Dawn Год назад

    teens react to melodrama!!!!!

  • dragonore2009
    dragonore2009 Год назад +4

    80s music is the best music

  • dawn gonser
    dawn gonser Год назад +1

    teens react to country music!!!!!!!!

  • Chichopuente
    Chichopuente Год назад +4

    React to Led Zeppelin god damn it!

  • Carina
    Carina Год назад +11

    Well, hello kostas 😂

  • Fiona Art
    Fiona Art Год назад +6

    has like no one seen back to the future????!!!!

  • Justin Jackson-Mann
    Justin Jackson-Mann Год назад +8

    I grew up in the 80s and knew all these songs. This is disheartening. Understandable, but it makes me sad that most of the kids hear have no idea who did these songs. I bet most of them wouldn't know "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin.

    • Sebizzar
      Sebizzar Год назад +2

      I grew up in the 90s and know almost all popular songs/artists from the 50s-80s :)

  • xRechoque
    xRechoque Год назад +1

    College kids react to Chance & Status

  • craigime
    craigime Год назад

    thanks for having kaelyn... and brianna... and brooklyn!

  • Evyatar Hadar
    Evyatar Hadar Год назад +1

    Teens react the band Tool!

  • Farhan Z Chy
    Farhan Z Chy Год назад +5

    React on the band Scorpions!!! Please! Please! Please!!!

  • Luke Lantern
    Luke Lantern Год назад +8

    Been alive just over two decades and I knew all of these almost immediately. Stuck in 80's and proud of it. \(*w*)/

    • Sebizzar
      Sebizzar Год назад +1

      Same, the 80s has to be the best decade when it comes to music!

  • Ragoldiesfan
    Ragoldiesfan Год назад +5

    Also, react to Elton John... Any of the generations reacting to him would be awesome!!!!! By the way FBE, I'll be commenting this until you guys do it and even afterwords.. LMAO

  • Lillian S
    Lillian S Год назад +5

    I knew every single song and I'm 13...

  • Prince Rapunzel lee Gold
    Prince Rapunzel lee Gold Год назад +18

    College kids and teens react to Depeche Mode 😀

    • Adam_web
      Adam_web Год назад

      rapunzel gold I think it would also be interesting to see college kids react to kraftwerk.

  • Random Person
    Random Person Год назад +1

    Oh do I love 80's music! I was born after the 80's but I still love the music. I knew six out of seven of these songs.

  • Taylor Hintz
    Taylor Hintz Год назад +2

    I immediately thought of Back to the Future😂

  • naturallythe1
    naturallythe1 Год назад +3

    5:02 don't need a hrredit card? Reddit card? Headit card?

  • Amir Hazim
    Amir Hazim Год назад +3

    React to dua lipa

  • Siti Norlela
    Siti Norlela Год назад +1

    when I Wanna Dance with Somebody plays, it reminds me of Jaime Preciado dancing to that song 😂

  • Shark Assassin
    Shark Assassin Год назад +1

    Do college kids know classic thrash metal

    THE LIVER Год назад +2

    were be queen

  • hannah marie
    hannah marie Год назад +3


  • Stuart O
    Stuart O Год назад +1

    Teens or Adults react to Rush!!!

  • Matcha Frape
    Matcha Frape Год назад +4

    Britney react to teen react to Britney classics and best performances (VMAs)

  • yoonsace
    yoonsace Год назад +3

    Teens/Adults/Elders/Collage kids react to Ghost (Swedish band)

    • Spectre
      Spectre Год назад

      Ghost are amazing!

  • vtecsux__
    vtecsux__ Год назад

    Briana... lol

  • amyhooda11
    amyhooda11 Год назад +14

    Teens react to princess Diana

  • Charles Rob
    Charles Rob Год назад +44

    I knew love shack by b-52. Come on guys im 21.

  • Kriss Kross
    Kriss Kross Год назад +10

    "Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?"

  • Joshua_8294
    Joshua_8294 Год назад +2

    Teen or Adults/College kids react to Taylor Swift LWYMMD please!!!

  • kennederrr _
    kennederrr _ Год назад +7

    I know music! Put me on there!! I'm in college!! LOL IM SERIOUS....

  • Kawaiicupcake〈3
    Kawaiicupcake〈3 Год назад

    I remember watching everyone in teens and kids react when I was younger, and now seeing them in college is so crazy!

  • wavewonder1
    wavewonder1 Год назад

    Oh my god Brianna is like... I'm in love

  • Cece 123
    Cece 123 Год назад +2

    I would have aced this episode and I'm barely 15

  • Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming Год назад +1

    You start them out with an amazing song....liked for sure😂👍

  • senseisifu
    senseisifu Год назад +18

    Sheila and Brooklin are super fine. And I agree with Eric, gotta pay more attention to who sings this stuff. XD

  • Serena Sonoma
    Serena Sonoma Год назад +1

    Send me Kostas instagram tho

    • Elizley P
      Elizley P Год назад

      Serena Sonoma kostasg95

  • Jennifer Dally
    Jennifer Dally Год назад +489

    I think it would be funny if they did one of these and just said 'today you'll be listening to songs from the '70s' but instead of the 1970's it's classical music from like the 1770's or something.

  • Xenia Aby Dlr / Aby Rose
    Xenia Aby Dlr / Aby Rose Год назад +2

    Greek-Belgian-Venezuelan.... We took the L again why Kostas why?

  • tehnemox
    tehnemox Год назад +7

    5:02 caught me by surprise, was not expecting that, that was pretty good actually o_O

  • Michael Decicco
    Michael Decicco Год назад +1

    Mama RU "Rupaul" was in the music video for love shack!

  • Michael Decicco
    Michael Decicco Год назад +3

    Does nobody remember Stephanie Tanner dancing to Love Shack in that episode of Full House???

  • Kayley K
    Kayley K Год назад +16

    I like how Kaelyn's entire face lights up when she smiles. It's very beautiful.

  • Vemodets Arkitektur
    Vemodets Arkitektur Год назад +17

    Walk This Way is Aerosmith ft. Run DMC, not the other way around. Aerosmith made the original in the 70s.

  • DaveBits
    DaveBits Год назад +1

    College kids react to Queens of the Stone Age?

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Год назад +6

    Gotta love Eric 😂

  • Jasmine Chamberlain
    Jasmine Chamberlain Год назад +80

    Eric has no shame and it is awesome!

  • J.O.N GedEmJ
    J.O.N GedEmJ Год назад +1

    Ok....let's cross overseas and hit Africa ...South Africa actually ....React to the South African Hip-hop scene/music, the likes of Nasty-C, AKA, Cassper Nyovest, Tshego & Tellaman ....etc ....pleeease!

  • ShampooCell
    ShampooCell Год назад

    Stacey Q -- "Two Of Hearts"!!

  • John C
    John C Год назад +18

    They're all very likable young people. I know I probably would not know a lot of the most current songs so I get why they would not know some of this music. But it's good they are able to appreciate this music, it's not so much about the decade, it's more about how much you identify with the song.

  • Breanna Saula
    Breanna Saula Год назад +44

    Teens react to the cure or the smiths :))