Shocking Things Found in Your Food!

  • Published on Oct 23, 2018
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Comments • 1 597

  • nevaeh ruble
    nevaeh ruble 10 days ago

    guys im eating and watching this uggg

  • Nivedita Manogaran
    Nivedita Manogaran 14 days ago

    Once me and my family when to a restaurant.We sat at a corner.My mom was looking around the floor and saw a huge frog.She was about to scream and told my dad.He told the waiter .The waiter took it away . That's my story.:-):-)Kind of funny!

  • eranga samaranayaka
    eranga samaranayaka 17 days ago

    Did anyone notice that the Oreo in the spider kinda looked like the cream was scraped off into a 🕷???!!!!!

  • eranga samaranayaka
    eranga samaranayaka 17 days ago

    Did anyone else get jumpscared from that cartoon 🕷 thingy????

    No, just me? Okay....

  • Care Bear
    Care Bear 21 day ago

    I went to McDonald's and I had some rootbear with ice and I went in the car looked in my drink and saw A BUG a fly nat thing (plz put in video)

  • MKGoldski
    MKGoldski 22 days ago

    Spider in the Oreos

  • wendy Hill
    wendy Hill 23 days ago

    it was a chisnse person no meanis

  • Brendan Heng
    Brendan Heng Month ago +2

    I found a little bone in / inside of/ my chicken nugget! Chicken nuggets:McDonald

  • Brendan Heng
    Brendan Heng Month ago +2

  • Ann Marie Sorondo
    Ann Marie Sorondo Month ago

    My mom found sponges in McDonald’s eggs a few times. She also tasted cleaning products in her bread from them as well

  • Dani H
    Dani H Month ago

    Bruh cut ur strawberries 🍓 into 4

  • Dani H
    Dani H Month ago +1

    I’m eating food while watching this video.. not sick!

    Ahem! I didn’t finish my sentence! “Yet”

  • Dani H
    Dani H Month ago

    0:00 to 0:03 best parts

  • Psycho Moonlark
    Psycho Moonlark Month ago


  • Mia Ann Snider
    Mia Ann Snider Month ago

    I was eating ice cream when watching this video 😵🤢

  • Enyaurora ,
    Enyaurora , Month ago

    Am I the only one that REALLY got scared of that spider jumpscare? 🕷️

  • Andy Roskamp
    Andy Roskamp Month ago

    i liv in America and peple still have guns with bullet

  • Møöņ Çh¡łđ
    Møöņ Çh¡łđ Month ago


  • Lee M. !
    Lee M. ! Month ago +1

    I can’t imagine people at your local grocery store using metal detectors at the vegetable and fruits section

  • Pundertale Fan
    Pundertale Fan 2 months ago

    My family bought burgers from our coveside minimart, and she found one of those bread tags that hold the bag closed in the bun. At least she didn't bite into it. It was on the outside. I have a picture. XD

  • Pundertale Fan
    Pundertale Fan 2 months ago

    Why did you do that!? Tons of people are scared of spiders! Gave me a heart attack.

  • Pundertale Fan
    Pundertale Fan 2 months ago

    Sorry guys. Frogs are amphibians. Not reptiles.

  • Maisie Carter
    Maisie Carter 2 months ago +1

    I found a dead fly in my salad. 🤢🤮

  • Everythang Skylar Raiyn

    I love how I'm watching this while eating

  • Sam Kealing
    Sam Kealing 2 months ago

    The loaf of bread with hair I thought was a rat !!!

  • Lula Bear
    Lula Bear 2 months ago

    Wengies pjs look a little weird

  • Corshawn king
    Corshawn king 2 months ago

    LOL why did he do that spider thing my heart jumped out my chest and then I was closer to my phone 😆😆

  • Galaxy Fox2008
    Galaxy Fox2008 3 months ago

    My favorite is cheese 😋🙂

  • Almas Daud
    Almas Daud 3 months ago

    🌈🌈🌈 🐛🍩

  • Potato Scoop
    Potato Scoop 3 months ago +1

    Since I have braces I but up my strawberries so I would know if there was a needle or something in it
    I would probably be lucky if that were me with those strawberries

  • Jazzbeee Tazzbeee
    Jazzbeee Tazzbeee 3 months ago

    For strawberry’s just cut them up? It’s simple

  • Ardra Arun
    Ardra Arun 3 months ago

    Im eating dinner right now..........thanks guys

  • Timothy Ellsworth, PsyD

    LOL 7:40 acuallly made me jump 😆 I’m so afraid of spiders...

  • Anam McCartney
    Anam McCartney 3 months ago

    ahhhhhh im a vegitarean

  • Natalie uwu
    Natalie uwu 3 months ago

    my sisters friend found a spider in her was alive i was there!

  • Camryn Masters
    Camryn Masters 4 months ago

    I heard about the needles because I live in australia

  • Birkett Family
    Birkett Family 4 months ago +1

    One of my friends found maggots in a quiche🤢🤮

  • Camille Vlogs
    Camille Vlogs 4 months ago


  • Bang Tantananan
    Bang Tantananan 4 months ago

    As a food luva I feel betrayed 😢 now I’m going to be checking my food 24/7 to see if some insect is there
    Well until I forget about it

  • Georgia Finley
    Georgia Finley 4 months ago

    I ordered some chips from Nandos once and I found finger or toe nails in them, I got a refund and the next time I went i got a free meal again

  • Hillary Bonstrom
    Hillary Bonstrom 5 months ago

    My friends mom was eating out of a Doritos bag and found a cockroach in the bag😝☹️
    One like=one less cockroach in Doritos

  • Ivy Yallop
    Ivy Yallop 5 months ago

    I herd about the pins in strawberry’s 🍓🍓

  • 1lilprincess
    1lilprincess 5 months ago +2

    Once I found a bug in my paster.🤮

  • Cheryl Edwards
    Cheryl Edwards 5 months ago

    I found a mosquito eater in my burger

  • Gacha Caring
    Gacha Caring 5 months ago

    I played a truth or dare game while eating dinner and dared me to watch this and I had a salad. The worst in da video.

  • Julia Gibadlo
    Julia Gibadlo 5 months ago

    WOWWWWWWW I was eating then

  • Gacha Caring
    Gacha Caring 5 months ago

    You know that feeling when you hear something disgusting but do it anyways like how Pink Unicorn said? 1 like=1 hope for da person.

  • Marshmelo Pinkie
    Marshmelo Pinkie 5 months ago

    Did do you know strawberries that are not a berrie

  • Mariam Juma Omari
    Mariam Juma Omari 5 months ago

    I should have not watch this I am seeing things in my food

  • Gacha Caring
    Gacha Caring 5 months ago

    I'm now not eating strawberries,burgers,salads,vegetables,oreos,bread,fish burgers,and hotdogs.NO:🍓🍔🥗🥕🥒🥦🍞
    (Couldn't find any hotdogs and oreos.)

  • Gacha Caring
    Gacha Caring 5 months ago

    I've seen a dead moth on my slice of cake and ran away from it

  • Gacha Caring
    Gacha Caring 5 months ago +2

    Me:*Luckily I have safe food.*
    Me:*Sees ant** SCREEEAAAAMMMM!!!!!!*

  • Liv Tastic
    Liv Tastic 5 months ago

    Frogs are amphibians not reptiles

  • KamikazePlayz ROBLOX
    KamikazePlayz ROBLOX 5 months ago

    Is it weird that I can meme anything? I've made memes using a full plastic water bottle I found at a park...

  • Monika Taraszka
    Monika Taraszka 5 months ago

    Now I’m not going to eat my lunch

  • TheLovelystardust
    TheLovelystardust 5 months ago

    I mean a donot

  • TheLovelystardust
    TheLovelystardust 5 months ago

    Wan time i found a bug in My robot🍩🍩🍩😥😥

  • a means awesome
    a means awesome 6 months ago

    When the spider came the screen I screamed and my parents thought I was hurt

  • a means awesome
    a means awesome 6 months ago

    After this I gave my food to the garbage

  • Gracie's Lovely Channel !

    I was eating while watching I think I lost my appitite