Pro-Life Analysis of New York’s Extreme Abortion Legislation

  • Published on Feb 1, 2019
  • Mallory Quigley, vice president of communications for the Susan B. Anthony List, joins us for analysis of how states and the federal government can protect life in response to legislation like New York’s extreme new abortion law.

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  • Retired Rhinestone Cowgirl

    Wake up. Child sacrifice is almost as easy now as it was in the days of Noah.

  • Ciggernunt Niberian
    Ciggernunt Niberian 2 months ago

    They only support abortion unless they are about to be aborted

  • madam butterfly nz
    madam butterfly nz 3 months ago

    Aha, so, wevwait till the baby is able to be delivered, then taken away or removed from mum? ?

    ROBERT REINOEHL 3 months ago

    What is this world coming to? I can't empathize or sympathize with anyone who is willing to kill a baby...especially 1. After the baby is viable for life at 24 weeks and 2. I'm hear they also want post-birth abortions. What's next? "Oh, I can't support my 10 year old son...let's abort him." Give me a break..

  • EmeraldQueen67 Sparkle
    EmeraldQueen67 Sparkle 3 months ago

    How sick America has become

  • TheStarflight41
    TheStarflight41 4 months ago

    Why aren't the fathers involved in the choice?

  • Matt 1126
    Matt 1126 4 months ago

    My body my choice is a feminist ideology that greyed areas that should not be, Clearly killing baby's is wrong there is no grey area that's not my opinion you need to rethink your position if you can't tell that it's the right option to have, you haven't thought it through.

  • Dennis M
    Dennis M 4 months ago

    These shitbags will kill a baby in the name of a woman's right to do what she wants with her own body, but won't let that same woman purchase a super-size soda. Her body her choice when killing babies, but not when drinking high calorie beveragers.

  • Smokey 420
    Smokey 420 4 months ago

    I already warned them of God's wrath coming upon them due to this law being evil.
    They neither recieved me nor heard my words that God gave me to speak so I had to shake the dust of my feet as my testimony against New York.
    Woe unto you New York for you brought the wrath of God upon yourselves.

  • TenseTurkeybutt
    TenseTurkeybutt 4 months ago

    Some of y’all on here are wack. Where are all of your sources coming from?

  • B Dug
    B Dug 4 months ago +1

    This is a sick joke . People are now brainwashed into killing babies and thinking it's ok things need to change!!

  • Dom Leão, o Bravo.
    Dom Leão, o Bravo. 4 months ago

    Santa Maria, Mãe de Deus, Rogai pelos não nascidos.

  • Allexxus Allen
    Allexxus Allen 4 months ago

    I love how some of y’all in the comments either don’t or are refusing to recognize that this is a “if you can’t beat em, join em” tactic meant to highlight just how extreme and contradictory the “pro-life” laws that will literally kill people (who are already living breathing people with over half already having children) actually are. Fight lava with water; it’ll heat and evaporate too quickly to affect the state. Fight lava with a crap ton of dry ice; and the race to a change of state would be closer. I thought church was supposed to be separated from state. So if the government makes vaccination mandatory for everyone, will the pro-lifers fight for bodily autonomy then? Seriously, I’m just trying to get you to think about it as if you personally have something to lose because you do...bodily autonomy. That’s what’s at stake here. At what point did we as “free people” agree to say “On second thought, the government should definitely be allowed to put a gun to our heads and say ‘THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO WITH YOUR BODY’. Yeah that’s fine.”? One more question, since when did consent to sex and consent to pregnancy become inseparable? That must be why pro-lifer politics are also attacking contraception, but can manage to be fine with bringing a limp dick back from the grave...soooo condoms next right? #Barefoot&Pregnant #MAGA #BackNmyday

  • Ashley CoCo
    Ashley CoCo 4 months ago

    Even is the pregnancy is non viable after 24 weeks they have it carry it to term and they can't abort it

  • Olivia Shaw
    Olivia Shaw 4 months ago

    Atlantic Loggerhead.
    ☞ TURTLE ☜ VERSES ☞ HUMAN BABY ☜“ If a person, firm, or corporation that illegally takes, disturbs, mutilates, destroys, causes to be destroyed, transfers, sells, offers to sell, molests, or harasses any marine turtle species or hatchling, or parts thereof, or the eggs or nest of any marine turtle species described in this subsection commits a felony of the third degree. “(FLA. 379.2431 (1)(d)(5)) Florida levies a stiff burden for a first-time offender of harassment of turtle eggs -up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The Florida law threatens to imprison and fine a person for disturbing a turtle, egg or nesting season.
    However, if you abort a human baby, the left tells you to celebrate it on social media. AND the left is outraged at states for drawing a line in the sand to protect human life. They are furious that someone dare tell a mother she is not allowed to MURDER her Own Child. This nation has lost sight of what is right and wrong, good and evil
    Our tax dollars continue to fund the heinous acts of Planned Parenthood
    who in turn continue the Slaughter precious little ones trying to be born
    and still, we have the colossal nerve to call ourselves a civilized nation.This World Is UP side Down. IN side Out and Backwards..

  • Black Agender Muslim
    Black Agender Muslim 5 months ago

    Why are democrats acting so dumb and stupid by aborting our parties future voters? Are democrats no longer capable of Recognizing the difference between Good and evil behavior? How would we know that?

  • Susan Erigero
    Susan Erigero 5 months ago

    Scientists have discovered that at the moment when the sperm penetrates the egg there is a spark of light. Scientists call it the "zinc" spark. I call it the "God" spark or the "soul" spark. I am going to provide a link and I urge all to watch and form your own opinion. Once I saw this video I went from pro-choice to pro-life. I believe these new pro-abortion laws are a stepping stone to future laws where the state can step in and kill on command. Anyway, here is the link:

  • ese hombre
    ese hombre 5 months ago

    Okay so let's say there's a couple. The girl gets pregnant. She decides to get an abortion but he wants to keep it. She does it anyway. What can the guy do? Now let's say the guy wants to have the baby and the girl doesn't. The guy slips something in her drink or food and the baby dies. Now if the unborn baby is not considered a human being until or after birth can the man be charged with anything? I don't think so. But wait until something like this happens and goes to court. I see a pregnant woman being attacked and loosing the baby and the attacker will not be charged. A top notch lawyer will get him off. I can see this happening with a wealthy businessman or politician.

  • Bolly Blob
    Bolly Blob 5 months ago

    Separation of church and state Separation of church and state Separation of church and state Separation of church and state Separation of church and state Separation of church and state Separation of church and state Separation of church and state FUCK!!!!!!!!!

  • Wesley Cruz
    Wesley Cruz 5 months ago

    Financial... thats bullshit and misleading

  • A Shn
    A Shn 5 months ago +1

    You can't kill babies anymore. This is very extreme u guys

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous 5 months ago

    no, that cannot be true. I have to stop watching this stuff...

  • Tyhler Novac
    Tyhler Novac 5 months ago

    I am a proud very proud New Yorker I am so glad that we have a choice for women to make whether or not abortion is right for them it's a third choice and nobody else's choice let's keep abortion choices legal

    • Bolly Blob
      Bolly Blob 5 months ago

      Tyhler Novac It’s a violation of Separation of Church and State. I am also a New Yorker and I am very disappointed by the law

  • Salene Brom
    Salene Brom 5 months ago

    It’s a trigger law to bully the Supreme Court into not doing something stupid
    Up to 24 weeks is legal under supreme court law
    Post 24 the woman’s life has to be danger or she’s going to wind up with severe complications (infertility disability stroke ect)
    It will also be done in cases wher the pregnancy is going to end in a dead baby eny way
    Also 8 months and up are just in duced and useually not to abort but to give docs a chance to save the baby
    Shocking I know/s
    But most at five months on want their baby
    If the child is born and can’t be saved New York will have the child made comfortable but a dnr may be signed as well as an organ donation made to try and save other babies in similar situations (oddly enough this is found to be quite helpful in the grieving process as some part of their child is still alive and helping another child live)

  • Fred Karamanol
    Fred Karamanol 5 months ago

    Who wants this? I believe its called murder.

  • Pat Walker
    Pat Walker 5 months ago

    Kindly stick your churchy nose into your own reproductive organs.

  • phangirlable
    phangirlable 5 months ago

    Five months for elective abortion of already extreme! In most of Europe it's three months and after that only for medical reasons (like, actual medical reasons).

  • Twinky McWaddle
    Twinky McWaddle 5 months ago

    LIFE begins at CONCEPTION.. the seed for the new human being is planted and it is a sacred seed.. I speak as an abortion survivor back in 1950 I As an unloved and abused child and youth I suffered greatly throughout my life and lost everything I ever loved but I would never not ant to have had my life.. Too many good moments in between the bad.. Life is precious and we only get to live it one time and one time only.. Nobody has the right especially not a Mother to murder her little offspring.. If you dont want a pregnancy stop having illicit unprotected Sex and do something about your attitude and sense of responsibility.. Not even the poorest Third Wold Mother would sacrifice her baby for her own needs or wants.. ! Here we are in USA where every form of pregnancy prevention is available and still.. people abort their helpless unborn and now even newborn babies by aborting them.. Make them watch abortion procedures and the outcome before they make such a heinous decision that will affect them and their lives forever.. The guilt cannot be erased and unless you are a heartless monster you will suffer that guilt for as long as you live.. My German Grandma used to say.. Better 5 on the pillow than one on your conscience!!

  • Slav V.
    Slav V. 5 months ago

    this is very disturbing!

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg 5 months ago

    I live in NY State. I use to be pro choice. Something happened to me that changed me forever. I one day had someone suggest to read about a Doctor named Kermit Gosnell. I did and I was sickened by what I read and saw. This law will only create thousands of Dr. Gosnells in this State. Gov. Cuomo is a monster. He needs to be stopped. Full term abortion is murder. PERIOD!!!!!!!

  • RLH 42ndAMD
    RLH 42ndAMD 5 months ago

    Abortion should be a forfeit of life.
    You want a abortion ok... then you kill the woman. I have a new hashtag for anti abortion #take it on the face.

  • Yvette Gottmer
    Yvette Gottmer 5 months ago

    Children who are unwanted or whose parents cannot support them are likelier to become criminals, and there is an inverse correlation between the availability of abortion and subsequent crime.

  • Ralph Calhoun
    Ralph Calhoun 6 months ago

    This is the United States the laws on abortion should be the same in all states.

  • Nathan Andersonmmj SF go mhhqthdabhmsngdn

    Perhaps its hype. The "good" thing about abortion is that it seems to work itself out. You FUCKING IDIOTS that think abortion is ok...your stupidity will die with you. And when you are dead, ill have a bottle of piss with your name on it. Ill piss on your cold dead corpse you murdering heartless wenches who'll burn (happily on my part) in hell.....see you there.

  • Nathan Andersonmmj SF go mhhqthdabhmsngdn

    Im still waiting.... come get me. Kill a baby, ill be waiting for you. That's not a threat, it's a promise. I'll be waiting for YOU!

  • Nathan Andersonmmj SF go mhhqthdabhmsngdn

    I think you worthless fucking barbarian murderers should WATCH AN abortion being performed before you have one. Then, if you still have one. Ill see you in HELL. and ill torture you for all eternity. Looking forward to it. Test me. I fucking dare you. I fucking dare you.

  • James Bell
    James Bell 6 months ago +1

    I hope God destroys the woman who introduced this bill.

  • M Daley
    M Daley 6 months ago

    We are now the same as the ancient Canaanite people who sacrificed their children to the Moloch god. Go look it up. And those civilizations were wiped off the face of the earth.

  • Brendan Brady
    Brendan Brady 6 months ago

    You people a fucking monsters. Abortion should only be legal if the baby is born from insest or it threatens the mothers life. Where do you want to be when Jesus comes back certanly not killing YOUR OWN innocent flesh and blood baby. Society is just gonna get worst and worst. Whats next its legal to abort your 3 year old?

  • dezz0730
    dezz0730 6 months ago

    There's no reason to have to wait that long to decide you don't want a baby if you know you are not ready or do not want a child there are ways to prevent pregnancy like birth control that is why its available to women for that reason pregnancy is preventable but there is always going to be those heartless and insensitive women that choose to not use the methods out there that can prevent pregnancy

  • Ulrica Lindström
    Ulrica Lindström 6 months ago

    Feel free to read up on the subject.

  • AKimmd
    AKimmd 6 months ago +1

    Now it is official: America's feminazis and babykillers turned the country into one, big concentrationcamp for fetusses. Wauw ladies, Adolf Hitler would be proud of you. Also my sincere congratulations to your government leaders with this incredible achievement! I am so glad there is an ocean between us!!!!!!!!!

  • _ _Banksy
    _ _Banksy 6 months ago

    Lies lies lies lies

  • _ _Banksy
    _ _Banksy 6 months ago

    My god you people are annoying
    It is bull shit!
    Lies after lies

  • oak
    oak 6 months ago

    It might be a money motive: bizarre as it may seem it could be to harvest adrenochrome from human blood, to harvest tiny organs that can be then grown for use in elite transplants, and more hideous of all for necropaedophilia....

  • Brandi Holt
    Brandi Holt 6 months ago

    I hope the gay liberals die slowly

  • Pyro G
    Pyro G 7 months ago +1

    Umma go sacrifice this fetus to the gods

  • Luz Ivette
    Luz Ivette 7 months ago +3

    I banned those states. I will not support them in any way.

  • Luz Ivette
    Luz Ivette 7 months ago

    What is the church is doing against this law? I don't see any march, protests, churches, bishops, cardinals are silent. This is the first EWTN video where comments are not disable. We are supposed to be on the streets and the capitol and everywhere protesting.

  • Mike Russavage
    Mike Russavage 7 months ago

    Has America lost it’s humanity? I always thought there was nothing more appalling than a morose delusional politician. Until now, seriously, there is nothing more disappointing or short of appalling how the moral corruption of our American society has become so depraved for extreme inhumane unconscionable and wanton physical cruelty to newly born infants.
    When I found out that under these new abortion laws THEY kill the newly born infants by cutting the spinal cord at the neck with a pair of scissors, It really struck a cord in me, made me start thinking, how inhumane is that, why not just shoot the baby in the head, I’m sure these delusional politicians would be all over the board on which caliber round to use and how many times THEY would need to shoot the newly born infants, five or six times just to make sure newly born infant is dead. Which in turn got me thinking even more they could get a 5 gallon plastic bucket from the hardware store fill it with water and hold the newly born infants head underwater until it quit trashing and it’s little lungs are filled with water, and to speed things along you could also add poison into the water just as long as it doesn’t burn the baby’s eyes, you wouldn’t want to be inhumane. However I’m sure there are hundreds of ways to murder a newly born infant, THEY could pass a bill that the government would need to build a infant compactor and just squish the newly born infants perfectly dead flat, and because the infant compactor would be built to government spec, there would be no need to reprocess any half squished screaming newly born infants.
    It all makes me wonder doesn't any one go to church any more, where is all the religious support, and yes I understand there wouldn’t be muslin support, however what about all the rest of these religions, probably to busy asking for your money to get involved with stopping infanticide.
    I truly believe all these authors of these abortion bills and each and every disingenuous American that has voted for these abortion bills, should all be held accountable, for each and every murder and murder THEY accomplice. Any defenders of these new abortion bills - whether an ethnic advocacy groups, employer groups, Pro Choice Feminists, dumb ass millennials, church groups, elected officials and or medical-based groups, should be boycotted and held accountable, any elected official should be immediately voted out of office.
    Let’s just say because I didn’t want this new litter of cute golden retriever puppies, I cut each of their spinal cords at the neck with a pair of scissors, I’m pretty sure people would want me thrown in jail on some trumped up charge of inhumane cruelty. Let me tell you something I use to believe in reincarnation, however in light of these new abortion laws I have given up on that idea, I could be reborn and killed at birth, YIKES!
    As a veteran, I solemnly swore to protect and to defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, it sickens me America is on such a dangerous slope, being a Vietnam Era Veteran no one ever thanked me for my service, we were told not to wear our uniform in public, it would be like wearing a MAGA hat today. The uniform I was proud of was a trigger for liberal hatred to spit on you, call you baby killers,(and look who are the real baby killers today),
    I apologize, I digress, fast forward to 2019 it's now fashionable to thank the armed forces for our service, as well as first responders and law enforcement, my how things have changed, yet when I turn on any news/media/information source the same American rights and civil liberties we served and our falling friends sacrificed to protect are being attacking 24/7, it makes me wonder what has become of the American I remember.
    I enlisted/volunteered because others could not, because other would not, as a veteran witnessing the disrespect of America's History, the disrespect of the United States Constitution, and blatant disregard of America’s Bill of Rights it’s so much more sickening than being being spit on as veterans we served and died to protect America
    Ask yourself who benefits by the distorting, misrepresenting, twisting, exaggerating, or take out of context, creating disinformation/false information then spreading it deliberately to overstate, understate, and misstate the truth in order to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view, spreading indefensible, unreasonable misinformation specifically designed to “intimidate and or infuriate” the general public.
    I am amazed people today have no depth of knowledge to debate, that they do not read, they do not research, their debates become bumper sticker shouting matches. These same people are the disingenuous American’s that want to turn America into the shit hole that California has become.
    When politics infiltrate journalism it's called propaganda, being spread by hypocritical delusional liberal anti-American news/media/information sources, They are being paid to intimidate and infuriate the public, their intent is to deliberately insult and infuriate America to push our buttons, pull our strings, and keep America off balance and divided.
    So who is to blame for this deliberate deconstruction of America, delusional ruthless corrupt Democrats/Liberals/RINOs Politicians and liberal anti-American news, media and information companies working together to subvert America and each and every law abiding American citizen's civil rights and liberties as they work to transition America into socialism.
    In every war truth is always the first casualty, today propaganda is being manufactured 24/7 on an unprecedented scale. It was once said useful lies are preferred to harmful truths. The law can not protect America from these inexcusable, unjustifiable, unpardonable, unforgivable news/media/information sources, the recourse is to seek out reputable, honest news/information sources. Make no mistake about it's only a matter of time before propaganda will preclude the history of the United States.
    Term limits are needed, bypass Congress and impose term limits on the House and Senate by signing the national term limits petition.U.S. Term Limits Our forefathers fought and died to give us the United States Constitution, and Bill of Rights which works well, it's not complicated or confusing. It is up to each and every law abiding citizen to demonstrate our majority by electing quality conscious competent representative leadership to keep American the greatest country on this planet. Vote stupidity, corruption, subversion and each and every hypocritical delusional Democrat/Liberal/RINO Politician out of our government.
    America needs to stop listening to these delusional ruthless corrupt Democrats/Liberals/RINOs Politicians and liberal anti-American news/media/information companies, spreading indefensible, unreasonable misinformation specifically designed to “intimidate and or infuriate” it is an embarrassment to all Americans.
    These news/information/media sources America once trusted are now skewing America’s perception of Presidents Trumps efforts in Making America Great Again, they continue daily to predict Donald Trump’s political demise coupled with their daily bitterness and abusiveness projected upon the First Family, First Lady Melania Trump and President Trump.
    We need to STOP these corrupt ruthless delusional Politicians, driven by greed of money, power, the illegal use of legitimate authority, used against Americans to subvert America and our American rights and civil liberties. Our only recourse to these corrupt ruthless delusional Politicians is to Vote Them All Out Of Office. Put an end to these delusional ruthless corrupt Democrats/Liberals/RINOs Politicians Vote Them All Out Of Office.
    STOP listening to indefensible, unreasonable, inexcusable, unjustifiable, unpardonable, unforgivable, narcissistic, Democrats/Liberals/RINOs Politicians as say one thing and do another to subvert America and every law abiding American citizen's civil rights and liberties and work to transition America into socialism. America needs conscious competent American representatives to lead America forward, vote these liberal hypocritical corrupt ruthless delusional Politicians out of our government.
    Ask yourself who really gains from stripping the civil liberties and constitutional rights away from law abiding American citizens, from elicit funding, from bank and wall street bailouts, corporate subsidies, new abortion laws, special tax loopholes, non reciprocal trade deals and increasing market power without interference by anti-monopoly enforcement, 35 million illegal undocumented immigrants - all of which have further to depress wages and working conditions and their crony corporations increase profits, it is all reprehensible an embarrassment to all America and to each and every American taxpayer.
    Our forefathers fought and died to give us the United States Constitution, and Bill of Rights which works well, it's not complicated or confusing. With quality conscious competent representative leadership has made America the greatest country on this planet.
    Support our President’s efforts to keep America Safe and Strong. Vote to Keep America Safe and Strong Vote stupidity, corruption and subversion out of our government. Respect America's law abiding citizens Respect America's History and Respect the United States Constitution, and Bill of Rights
    Trump in 2020 Trump in 2020 Trump in 2020 Trump in 2020 Trump in 2020 Trump in 2020 Trump in 2020 Trump in 2020 Trump in 2020 Trump in 2020

  • Redrum Ceballos
    Redrum Ceballos 7 months ago +1

    Their sacrifices to their God.just like back in those dark days of history. Historically it's just repeating itself.

  • Samia Machicao
    Samia Machicao 7 months ago

    Disgusting! What is this world coming to...

  • nick scavo
    nick scavo 7 months ago


  • Brian Volpe
    Brian Volpe 7 months ago

    This is no different then ancient child sacrifices but in the “modern” “civil” world. I bet Pepsi will buy up all those innocent children for their flavoring research!!

  • Nicholas Parker
    Nicholas Parker 7 months ago

    If liberals are ok with abortions then they must be ok with killing any illegals that do not have the proper papers. If they do not have the proper documentation showing that they are legal immigrants then I say that they should be shot dead in the head. They could be a spy or part of an invading army! They are the enemy and must be put to death!

  • Elizabeth Cummins
    Elizabeth Cummins 7 months ago

    Ok,let me get this straight. Gay marriage is legal which is so freaking unnatural but to the dems killing a living viable baby is normal.....PURE EVIL,YOU DEMS WILL FEEL THE WRATH SOON ENOUGH......

  • johngregoryhouse
    johngregoryhouse 7 months ago +6

    "In as much as you've done it to the least of these, you've done it unto me!" Jesus Christ, Son of God.
    Father, I pray that you would destroy every one of these state and federal politicans who support the murder of these innocent children.
    As the blood of Able cried out from the ground to you, may the blood of fifty million babies cry out to you! The line has been drawn and the evil have purposed in their hearts to kill regardless of the law.
    Almighty God in Heaven we know that your desire is for all to repent from sin, yet some, many will not.
    I pray that you spare not a one from destruction who will not repent!
    Righteous Judge I pray you would Kindle your anger against the wicked and remove them from places power and persuasion! In Jesus name.

  • Karney Garley
    Karney Garley 7 months ago

    This is complete stupidity. Why you guys not trying to protect babies, but killing them when they are born alive. This is wickedness against babies.

  • bobby smith
    bobby smith 7 months ago

    It will take mass rallies by the normal folk to demand a change in law! Please please NY do that!! Do it so the whole of western world... that is going to follow along soon... sees and thinks again!! These evil politicians represent no one but their own evil agenda!! They need to be forced out of public office!!

  • Larry Sherrill
    Larry Sherrill 7 months ago

    I prayed middle of last year that those guilty of the conspiracy against trump would be identified and rejected and that happened. Now I have prayed the same thing for those guilty of killing the innocent and abortion should be identified and rejected, I meant those that have political power and swore to protect the people and the constitution. Jesus said he was redeeming them. I understood those that have abortions and can and will repent of this. So I asked that those that have the political office and those that have influence of our children and make war on our children and the future of this country should be revealed, rejected, and removed.
    They have with this legislation and they have been revealed. They make war upon your families and intend them no good. They want political power at any cost. In twenty years they will have killed millions of voters, actual citizens who have rights, and flooded the country with millions of voters with dual citizenship who cannot really care about this country. Then they will take power and destroy the constitution and punish the citizens of this country for the past, real or not. Revealed if you have any common sense at all you will reject them. Now god will reject and remove them...
    They embrace Allah and Homosexuality. Yet when Allah's laws come to any country they will slaughter sexual deviates. Be careful what you wish for.