U.S. Open Epics: Michelle Wie- Breakthrough At Pinehurst

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • It was years in the making when Michelle Wie finally triumphed in a major championship, prevailing in the 2014 U.S. Women's Open at Pinehurst No. 2. But, just like her road to that magical day, there were plenty of hurdles to overcome. Debuted in 2019.
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Comments • 60

  • Cjango Freeman
    Cjango Freeman 3 days ago

    Memories are to be cherished. This will never happen again. The victory that transcended LPGA from its biggest star. Too bad Michelle never took off.
    Hidden in the back drop, it was beside Wie vs. PineHurst but the Wie vs. Lexi Thompson battle. Lexi has just beaten Wie at the Nabisco soundly playing her aggressive game while Wie was passive. Lexi wanted to stomp Wie to show the world that she is the US darling instead of Wie. The after math was Lexi lost the gamble while Wie out drove and outscored her.

  • Ken Jaiklam
    Ken Jaiklam 15 days ago

    wow “ the tiger woods of the lpga “ ... she is one of the most overrated athlete of this era. C’mon. Speak facts. No hype.

    • Tarzanruns J
      Tarzanruns J 12 days ago

      Pls stop pooping about...here and there.....ok ??

  • Athena Ni
    Athena Ni 19 days ago

    Were Michelle Wie's lips bleeding in 3:20?

  • David Rees
    David Rees 26 days ago


  • Phillip Steiner
    Phillip Steiner 27 days ago +2

    Unrealized potential. She should have won many majors.

  • M. Lymann
    M. Lymann Month ago

    One of the most overrated and overpaid(sponsors) in LPGA. 6 titles including 1 US Open in 15 years as a professional is underachieving consider her talent. Compared to other players of her generation such as Paula Creamer/Cristie Kerr, Creamer and Kerr has more titles(11/22 respectively).

    • Micah Jordan
      Micah Jordan 20 days ago

      @M. Lymann LOL! It's ok sweety, looks like someone needs a hug!! So that's 0 then?? :))

    • M. Lymann
      M. Lymann 20 days ago

      @Micah Jordan hey ahole, I'm commenting on how many titles Michelle has won since the public and media placed so much stock on her talent. This video is about her golf talent so I'm commenting on her lack of wins on the LPGA.

    • Micah Jordan
      Micah Jordan 29 days ago

      How many PGA titles have you won sport?

  • Sim Won
    Sim Won Month ago +1

    Thank you for making & sharing this incredibly entertaining, inspirational, motivational, emotional masterpiece of a film!!! WOW!!! 🏌️‍♀️⛳🏆🥇👍

  • coachcashmoney
    coachcashmoney Month ago

    Great to see this inspirational golf video. My golf game needs all the inspiration it can get!

  • Angry Vet
    Angry Vet Month ago

    Anyone else think it's bullshit she could use Fowlers yardage book?

  • Kevin Arm
    Kevin Arm Month ago +2

    Can the USGA Do one of these documentaries on Justin Rose's 2013 US Open?

  • tigerbalm
    tigerbalm Month ago

    Proves that golf is NOT about length....that's wut I keep tellign girls.

    • Sim Won
      Sim Won Month ago

      It's all about getting in the hole with a big stick & clean balls.

  • Marvin Pitman
    Marvin Pitman Month ago

    She gave the weakest fist pump only an Asian could perform

  • TROC Vailima
    TROC Vailima Month ago +4

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. So happy to have watched Michelle winning the US Open. Well done and well deserved. Looking forward to watching more wins.
    Cheering from Samoa

    KRNOLDMAn Month ago +2

    Good for you Michelle! 추카해요! LPGA's most beautiful and classy golfer!

  • Chester Micek
    Chester Micek Month ago +3

    i think Michelle Wie underachieved, but she had a lot of nasty, envious, competitors hating her & wanting her to fail. Michelle had the talent, the beauty, the poise, and the education; yet, she was hated by so many because she had those gifts. I'm glad she won at least one major, because I think she's finished. Oh, well. Maybe, she finished rich. That's something.

  • Henry Tan
    Henry Tan Month ago +1

    Obviously, Wie was trained to focus on the big swings so much that she has been deprived of much needed putting drills. Unlike Tiger, who was trained from green to tee as a kid, Wie was doing the opposite way, and that shapes her career, namely a lot of good swings but only a few wins. If she was trained from green to tee, she would have won many tournaments before twenty.

  • kevin lee
    kevin lee Month ago

    Great production of an Icon of golf

  • Freakin Creeks
    Freakin Creeks Month ago


  • Alexander
    Alexander Month ago +1

    Disclaimer: I know she is one of the best golfers to ever play the game and that there is nothing wrong with it but...Michelle’s putting stroke looks so uncomfortable

  • Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee Month ago +1

    I mean she's good. The biggest mistake in her career is to play at the PGA tour.

  • Team Sports
    Team Sports Month ago +1

    But did Fowler smash though

  • Rufuss Thoo
    Rufuss Thoo Month ago +1

    Wonderful story. Wonderful golfer. May she have many more successes. Go Michelle!

  • Lisa Flah
    Lisa Flah Month ago +1

    I am a huge Michelle Wie fan and was so happy for her. It's a shame she has had so many injuries in her career and I pray we have not seen the last of her winning majors. Just like Phil the Thrill who is along with Chi Chi are my favorite male golfers, Nancy Lopez and Michelle will always have a place in my heart. Congratulations on your recent marriage Michelle and may you have continued success and happiness. God bless you girl!!

  • El Guapo
    El Guapo Month ago

    Wow, a woman accomplished something that an amateur male could have easily done. There are thousands of men in NCAA golf that could destroy what she did and they make $0.

    • habs 76
      habs 76 21 day ago

      @El Guapo youre a stupid fucking clueless idiot. top 10 lpga players destroy anyone under pga tour kid

    • El Guapo
      El Guapo 22 days ago

      @habs 76 pick any sport and the best woman at that sport would lose to the best 15 year old boy at that sport... You gonna cry now?

    • habs 76
      habs 76 Month ago +2

      the fuck you talking about idiot

  • Salvatore San juan
    Salvatore San juan Month ago +2

    Her positive attitude and demeanor is probably what carried her thru. Unbelievable talent. What an inspiration.

  • Gordon Maskell
    Gordon Maskell Month ago +1


  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago

    I'll be honest, I've never watched women's golf but what's to stop a transgender weight lifting track & field athlete from joining these tours. Maybe a new rule should include (God-given vagina).

  • Mike White
    Mike White Month ago +1

    I think golf and golf brands desperately wanted her to be great . Maybe just too much pressure who knows

  • Mil Sneler
    Mil Sneler Month ago

    Bunch of people talking. Half the worlds opinions are just in the first couple of minutes of the video. Not my thing to watch

  • Eric L
    Eric L Month ago +14

    Hope to see one of these documentaries for Payne Stewart’s 99 US Open win.

    • Method Golf
      Method Golf Month ago

      I sure hope they do this. Legend

  • BillMcGirr
    BillMcGirr Month ago

    Amazing video.
    Good stuff.👍

  • A Hol
    A Hol Month ago +1

    Great video usga!

  • wooga booga with the green teeth

    michelle wie , is a great gal,great player and one of the best things to come along for ladies golf in yrs.and shes a pal of one of my favorite youtuber E A L

    CHASE GOLF Month ago

    Man I miss the dominant Michelle Wie..

  • Robert Tsui
    Robert Tsui Month ago +1


  • nobodyaskedbut
    nobodyaskedbut Month ago +6

    She reinvented herself 3 different times to return to the winner's circle which is unheard of at this level of golf. As a jr golfer (under 18) she is unrivaled. Michelle finished in the top 5 of a major championship as many times as all the other girls and boys combined in golf history. She is still the youngest ever to finish in the top 5 of a men's or women's major (14) and US Open (16). At age 14 in the PGA Tour Sony Open she beat the 36 hole score of 47 men including 4 major winners and matched the score of 15 other men including 3 more major winners in missing the cut by one stroke.

    • My Nigga
      My Nigga 29 days ago

      and faded like a pair of jeans. No one will remember any of that you saying - what we do know she never lived up to any of the stuff the predicted PERIOD

  • Getis Realis
    Getis Realis Month ago +1

    So so Happy for Michelle! Well deserved.

  • Trevor Sanso
    Trevor Sanso Month ago +5

    can johnny miller just go away

    • 1Hominid
      1Hominid Month ago

      He is the absolute worst.

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison Month ago +9

    What a simply wonderful video, Thank you USGA for posting it. I am a huge Michelle Wie fan and I watched via Sky Sports over here in the UK and was hanging on to every shot. She played absolutely great golf. Its just a shame her injuries have hindered her playing.

    I can't believe that it is 5 years ago. Time really does fly so fast. Speedier than a flying golf ball.

    The USGA have had some bad press in the past but for those two weeks was some of the best golf ever played imo has it was a fair test of golf and skill. I'd wish they would do of the same in the future. (Courses permitting)

    thank you again USGA for posting this :)

  • Herbert Wingfield
    Herbert Wingfield Month ago +1

    4:15 There is the greatest Woman player

    • El Guapo
      El Guapo 22 days ago

      Being the greatest woman at any sport is kind of like saying you got a toy in your happy meal.
      She would have ranked among the low rankings of college male golfers at that time. She is nothing special.

  • Isabelle Do
    Isabelle Do Month ago +7

    "There was going to be a bomb party if I win" 🤣 I adore her.

  • P Rex
    P Rex Month ago +2

    The commentary makes it hard to watch golf these days.

  • Fredrick  Garcia
    Fredrick Garcia Month ago +1

    Lol I remember when she would putt like that 😨😂

  • Parker Farnell
    Parker Farnell Month ago +10

    I love these videos keep it up I’ll be in one in the future

  • JR King
    JR King Month ago +3

    wtf i never knew she putted like quazimoto

  • O. G.
    O. G. Month ago +1

    Showing the ladies some love!

  • Michael Peterson
    Michael Peterson Month ago +14

    USGA releasing some great content.