WHY Buy a Chinese Phone?

  • Published on Jun 19, 2018
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Comments • 6 622

  • Sermsuk Thanabanjerdsin

    Flame Chinese phone with only one model of them, click bait hahaha

  • GreneBean
    GreneBean 2 days ago

    i've always used apple in my life and i never felt like i was getting the best so one day my iphone broke so i thought hey i'll try something different so I ordered the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 plus the day I unboxed it I was hookedxD

  • shivaji shivaji
    shivaji shivaji 3 days ago

    Lvda and mi

  • Mark W
    Mark W 4 days ago

    wait isn't china in the same hemisphere?

  • Random Stalker
    Random Stalker 6 days ago

    Sigh, I will just ignore the fuck out of all the Chinese haters. Especially the Chinese phones.

  • Jun Yu Tan
    Jun Yu Tan 15 days ago +4

    I think MIUI has a good clean aesthetic. Going back to stock android will be hard. I agree on the bugs and annoyances but they don't bother me. And with weekly updates, MIUI is constantly changing and updating.

  • 謙謙Ysq
    謙謙Ysq 16 days ago

    Because I'm Chinese!

    • silverfoxxer
      silverfoxxer 14 days ago

      how the heck u came across here ? isnt google banned in communist china ?

  • lol
    lol 17 days ago

    to get spyed on lol.

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 18 days ago

    Yikes chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo

  • Jason LeBlanc
    Jason LeBlanc 19 days ago

    Like for example... They're all made in China anyways. So why not?

  • _TooManyBoats
    _TooManyBoats 22 days ago

    Just get a rom lmao

    ALL IN ONEGAMER 23 days ago

    Son of a bitch mi is great on resolution

  • Mad Roadrunnerz
    Mad Roadrunnerz 23 days ago

    Whats the song used when they display the phone

  • James Arias
    James Arias 28 days ago

    Try to understand what linus is saying here. He is not trying to discourage us with these companies, but he is motivating the companies to improve user experience in order to really compete. He did admit his first statement was kinda unfair especially if he appreciates oneplus even though it is made by a chinese company.

  • ch282
    ch282 28 days ago

    there was so much derpware on it

  • Rudrashish Bose
    Rudrashish Bose 29 days ago

    China is on the same hemisphere as Canada, i'm not sure of what Linus means :/

  • Kaushik kampli
    Kaushik kampli Month ago +1

    Ever heard of custom roms?

  • vhaser
    vhaser Month ago

    I like miui 10....

  • Prashanth
    Prashanth Month ago +1

    Same thing happened to me when i got the UMIDIGI S2 PRO! :O :D

  • Nick Usalis Knight
    Nick Usalis Knight Month ago +11

    Xaiomi got rid of most of their junk on the Global edition. It has less bloat than Samsung now

  • Sebi Padeanu
    Sebi Padeanu Month ago

    Why you wouldn't take a look at the Mi A2 that have Android One?

  • Sayan Chowdhury
    Sayan Chowdhury Month ago

    Good videos

  • Alexander
    Alexander Month ago

    My first xiaomi phone was mi 2s. No regrets

  • Angelo Aquino
    Angelo Aquino Month ago +9

    Linus 2018 : samsung still has a lot of bloatware
    Samsung 2019 : Hold my one U.I

  • Jonny Ogg
    Jonny Ogg Month ago +23

    this was the dumbest review ever, barely any research done

  • Akshay Shetty
    Akshay Shetty Month ago

    Tale Alli helu tumbede ninge sulemagne 🤣😂
    Hoogi clean maadsko bolimagne
    Nin muka olle naayi keydiro tullu Tara edeya mindri magne

  • Akshay Shetty
    Akshay Shetty Month ago


  • Akshay Shetty
    Akshay Shetty Month ago +9

    And you are comparing it to smartphones cost double than mi mix 2s
    What a shame

  • Akshay Shetty
    Akshay Shetty Month ago +1

    Don't be a coward to judge these kind of phones

  • Akshay Shetty
    Akshay Shetty Month ago +3

    You said SD 845 but on sheet you wrote SD 835
    even you are not "Perfect"
    And why you suggest people not to buy Chinese smartphones ?
    People are buying it because they give more specs for lesser price
    That's what smart people buy
    Not every one rich as you to buy iphones ,black berry, pixel devices

  • Adarsh Maharjan
    Adarsh Maharjan Month ago +5

    Tell me whose sleeping pillow is that?? 🤣🤣😻😻

  • chingonio a
    chingonio a Month ago

    Everything comes with its cost, we all have to deal with it

  • Loli With A Gun
    Loli With A Gun Month ago

    IPhone user : Android phones have no security
    Also iPhone user : why can't i reply my message directly from the lock screen

  • Rutherfordvan Camerino

    Xiaomi sucks

  • gschaaf713
    gschaaf713 Month ago

    Has anyone checked these phones for backdoors to the chinese government?

  • Jemmabee &Family
    Jemmabee &Family Month ago

    Kiddo why are you so prejudiced about foreign phones. Why don't you do a positive review on foreign tech like unbox therapy. I've seen many, many positive reviews for foreign phones. Why focus on whiny little details? They are budget phones. And many of them much better than the flag ship phones for actual affordable prices that work in America. It is just irritating everytime I watch one of these reviews from you to see you tear apart foreign tech. My kids watch you, and then they get the wrong idea, and want ridiculously prices stuff, that is problematic, but of course "flag ship" brand names. I spend more time sending in our kids Apple products for repair, than they actually use the things it seems like. Rich, name brand companies just cut corners anyhow and yet overcharge by obscene amounts these days, just to get richer. They don't care about the prices we are paying for our kids to have this stuff!!! Seriously, do some research and look around open mindedly, and you will see the foreign companies have great products at great prices!! And you know, nothing is perfect. Not even the rip off $1000 phones. I can show you first hand many things wrong with some very expensive brand name tech!!! Thankyou.

  • Panteley Kolodii
    Panteley Kolodii Month ago

    That's why you get a chinese android one phone, like the Mi A2

  • Le Volpe
    Le Volpe Month ago

    I think we can all agree that the camera setup is a little bit inspired by apple.

    CZ OBLOX MAN CZ Month ago

    Cuz theyr bezt
    IT falled me from Like 1200m+
    And nothing
    Btw i got Xiaomi redmi 4

  • Israel Lai
    Israel Lai Month ago

    "this hemisphere"

  • Minz
    Minz Month ago

    Any NOKIA fans here!?

  • Freddie Green
    Freddie Green Month ago

    can you change to english in languages and input settings on the mi mix 2

  • M B
    M B Month ago

    This is kind of like me switching to iPhone. A lot of small annoyances.

  • John Hooyer
    John Hooyer Month ago

    2:27 I notice that for whatever reason, they copied Apple's setting icon. Weird. That right there makes me suspicious, but then again, just about anything from China makes me suspicious.

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      @John Hooyer the truth is that most of the engineering and designing happens in China, I have had some experience in the branch.

    • John Hooyer
      John Hooyer Month ago

      There's a difference between being assembled in China and being Chinese property. Assembly in China doesn't mean much anyway because that's only one step in the journey of making a smart phone, since the components of a phone are made all around the world. The actual intellectual ownership of the iPhone product is Apple. Samsung is South Korean. Qualcomm is American. Ultimately, these are not Chinese phones because the people who designed them, and have intellectual property rights, aren't headquartered in China. Also, in the case of this particular discussion, I was making an observation of the software on display in the review, and how it struck me as weird; software isn't assembled in factories.

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      It's 2019 every phone is Chinese, they are even build by the same company (foxconn) that builds the phones for apple etc.
      If you want the best camera in a smartphone and build quality superior to anything out there on the market you will have to go Chinese.

    • John Hooyer
      John Hooyer Month ago

      @Roy Mustang Sorry, I'm going off of the video. It's usually my assumption that tech reviews show a product in its out-of-the-box default settings. If Linus is different, well, I only started paying attention to his channel about a week ago, so I don't know his quirks.

    • Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang Month ago

      @John Hooyer but you still accused them of copying the model without knowing the real setting icon on regular theme looks like

  • JustOneOfTheSheep
    JustOneOfTheSheep Month ago

    Review the Xiaomi Mi A1. I have it and its a great phone . Just would like to know what your thoughts on it are

  • Dhruv Burman
    Dhruv Burman Month ago

    what about an android one xiaomi? Mi A2 that is. Not in the flagship sector, but in the budget segment

  • Asad Jarwar
    Asad Jarwar Month ago +2

    And Let The Chinese Government Spy On You

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      I would be more concerned of the Americans spying. BTW the Chinese build practically every phone on the market so they can spy on you anyway.

  • huang junwei
    huang junwei Month ago

    Not to mention the ridiculous and super aggressive ram management.....

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      It's all fixed with the MIX 3, except that thing with the folder which annoys me.

  • Rshnflmsrbllsht
    Rshnflmsrbllsht Month ago

    Ok, Linus, I don't care about that Corsair crap, I want to know where to get that Yoko bodypillow. For research purposes, of course.

  • caongoctunglam
    caongoctunglam Month ago +1

    MIUI keep update and fix all issue and add more wonderful features. I still in love with MI because of this

  • Wang Gary
    Wang Gary Month ago

    1:05 Linus,are you kiding me?The AD is so funny.

  • Aiden Stoudt
    Aiden Stoudt Month ago

    somebody will figure out your pin from that

  • madan mohan Pradhan
    madan mohan Pradhan 2 months ago

    India hate Chinese phones

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      There are no not Chinese phones. And it seems like India will become China 2. 0 since labour cost have risen in China.

  • ShadowX012
    ShadowX012 2 months ago

    Please don't, China legal requires backdoors in products due to their surveillance laws.

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      Just for domestic phones. So only buy the global versions.

  • TVG Philippines
    TVG Philippines 2 months ago

    Annoying notifications?
    Install CM security.
    It has a notification blocker.

    I'm not paid for this tbh.

  • Philip West
    Philip West 2 months ago

    Given that the video is from January 2018 you will probably never see this comment but I'm still posting it. Every phone you review is Chinese. You must know that. All those iPhones are Chinese, even the Samsungs use China made components. So are you people stupid or what? Just say "we like brand phones from the USA and Korea better than the ones from China because that is what our viewers like". Stop playing the stupid games about Chinese brands being bad or something. It is tiresome.

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      People are referring to the company Bering Chinese. This is a new thing since Xiaomi was one of the first phone company's to embrace the fact that they are Chinese not like Huawaii which does everything in its power to look like a western company.

  • Arnab Ghosh
    Arnab Ghosh 2 months ago +5

    why isn't anybody talking about the waifu pillow ?!?!?! 3:38

    • Jack Kraken
      Jack Kraken Month ago

      Ahem that's a Yoko Littner from Gurran Lagann. Yes its still weird.

  • speedracer123222
    speedracer123222 2 months ago

    I think Linus watches my little pony and likes it

  • J P
    J P 2 months ago

    Get a different launcher. Seriously. Evie is 8MB, fast and clean, customizable home screen, dock (which can be turned off), apps drawer, customizable google style news feed, unread badges, it has everything I need. If you want super custom, go Nova. Either one can be downloaded and installed in 30 seconds. I tried the new Pixel launcher in a custom rom. I like it better than any other stock Android launcher and I don't even use it. I immediately download a different launcher. And Evie backs up your settings to your google account in case of reinstall.

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      @J P You can Just use the real Pixel experience ROM.

    • J P
      J P 2 months ago

      Seriously. Evie is like a cleaner Pixel launcher. It's great. Try it. And yes, you can turn off the search bar.

  • Saumadip Das
    Saumadip Das 2 months ago

    Well this phone is definitely not for me. I need atleast memory card support and a headphone jack. The rest of the things can be managed.

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      I get the headphone jack but with 128gb of memory in the entry-level models it's really unnecessary.

  • King Kross
    King Kross 2 months ago

    Yoko is 16

  • Bo Diddly
    Bo Diddly 2 months ago

    You should check out Umidigi phones. I currently have a Umidigi S2 Lite ($150), so if I want to I can buy some other chinese phone for about $150. I have none of the problems you mentioned in this video with my Umidigi. Also, why are you still using corded headphones? Use bluetooth! I have some Bluedio T5 Turbine Bluetooth headphones that work great! (I also have some non brand name bluetooth earbuds that also work great)

    • Bo Diddly
      Bo Diddly Month ago

      @Cyka CheekiBreeki It's all a matter of perspective. From my perspective, 300 Euros is way too expensive for a phone. I have not had any problems with my Umudigi, and in fact, it runs much faster than my previous phone, so it is very much worth paying under 300 Euros for it. As I mentioned above, if I have a need to upgrade my phone in two years, then I won't break the bank buying another $150 or less phone. In fact, if I was that worried about replacing my phone in a couple of years, I could buy another right now as a backup of my current one...but I'm not worried about it, and still pay less than one Xiaomi, five times less than an iphone and six times less than a new Samsung.

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      @Bo Diddly Xiaomi phones aren't overpriced, you can get a beautiful screen a good camera and an SD 845 for under 300€.
      Umidigi cheaps out on many things like the SOC, Cameras, Storage and Design. It's really not worth paying under 300€ for a phones since in two years you will have to upgrade it.

    • Bo Diddly
      Bo Diddly Month ago

      @Cyka CheekiBreeki Xiaomi, like Samsung and other brand names, cost twice as much as Umidigi and are way overpriced.

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      Umidigi is a pretty boring brand, Xiaomi ist inovative otherwise it too would have been ignored.

  • Ihsan rohim
    Ihsan rohim 2 months ago

    because they are great

  • William Kendrick
    William Kendrick 2 months ago

    watching this on my pocophone f1 lol.

  • Vishal Shivhare
    Vishal Shivhare 2 months ago +4

    To expand the notifications, you have to pull it down using two fingers

  • orlando v
    orlando v 2 months ago

    I want to be unique and not flowing all the samsun LG or apple

  • Links Loki
    Links Loki 2 months ago

    Shut up and take my F****g Data!
    ... I mean money.

  • Mukhayriq
    Mukhayriq 2 months ago +2

    I'd hate to see what that body pillow looks like under a black light.

  • 사나이 사나이
    사나이 사나이 2 months ago

    Because they’ll send you a phone from the Wish app

  • Ohh Its Juliet
    Ohh Its Juliet 2 months ago +1

    XDA's Custom Roms 👌

  • Darknight E
    Darknight E 2 months ago

    Because it's good like the pocophone f1 🔥🔥 and why are you saying it's annoying in the thumbnail?? I can understand Chinese.

  • Rakshith efgefgv
    Rakshith efgefgv 2 months ago

    Leave everything else
    Do chinese phones run d same ,with d same speed n comfort even after 2-3 years or are they just slow junk or extremely annoying hang ups
    Am not commenting but asking ,n expecting a reply

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      They will be like every other phone, they use the same hardware and software and are even build in the small factories as apple and samasung phones are.

  • alex gardner
    alex gardner 2 months ago

    Those notification issues are fixable from settings...tbh I've used MIUI for almost a year on my Max 3, better than stock Android for most things.

  • Ravic K
    Ravic K 2 months ago

    Wasn't a Huawei rep arrested for espionage? Ye, I'll stick to Nokia

    • Bassem Zammeli
      Bassem Zammeli 2 months ago

      and let's be realistic here which country comes to mind when you say the word espionage?

    • Bassem Zammeli
      Bassem Zammeli 2 months ago

      @Ravic K yet they don't have one at all 4 countries in total banned the company from selling telecom equipment not smartphones and that's only because the USA threatened them with consequences

    • Ravic K
      Ravic K 2 months ago

      @Bassem Zammeli Still a chinese brand, Huawei is literally banned in some countries, they had to have a good reason for it

    • Bassem Zammeli
      Bassem Zammeli 2 months ago

      This isn't Huawei it's Xiaomi and that Huawei lady was arrested over bullshit they didn't even find anything to charge her for

  • TillTheLightTakesUs
    TillTheLightTakesUs 2 months ago

    Why is he hiding the pin? As if we're gonna go to his house and steal his phone. What a nitpicky thing to do.

  • justin leigh
    justin leigh 2 months ago

    lol the nokia 6.1 dose the same thing on the messgeing app as well now thats on for the books

  • Valorzinski Adventures
    Valorzinski Adventures 2 months ago +2

    What the Western market wants is the Xiaomi A series which is Android One with default Android UI and almost no bloatware

  • Andrei Alexandru Bleorțu

    How long are you going to receive updates for this phone? 1 year at most? Oh and customer support is probably inexistent

  • Andrei Alexandru Bleorțu

    it looks like an iPhone X from the back. Except the fingerprint scanner.

  • GodSmoko
    GodSmoko 2 months ago

    traded my Huawei pro for a black berry key 2 le something about being able to use google maps seemed important

  • Denis21
    Denis21 3 months ago

    All phones are chinese, even iPhone is made in China!

  • Образовательный канал Mayflower

    when u cant afford an iPhone X

  • superdaddys69
    superdaddys69 3 months ago

    I agree completely. MiUi is a disaster. Its fast and lagfree but so many bugs...
    My girlfriend has MI A1 with the Android One. That's totally another story.
    Xiaomi should have more global "Android One" phones.

  • Nick Sazlan
    Nick Sazlan 3 months ago

    linus just ignorant

  • atheosmuzic
    atheosmuzic 3 months ago

    Hope you tried MIUI 10.2, I find it better than Galaxy's.

  • SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
    SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim 3 months ago

    The only good thing in this video is that AMAZING PILLOW !!!!

  • Ginger Bread
    Ginger Bread 3 months ago

    I thought CORSAIR was pretty cool, didn't realize that the company is sponsoring THIS RACIST CHANNEL AKA LINUS the RACIST TIPS; shame on you CORSAIR

  • Ginger Bread
    Ginger Bread 3 months ago

    Linus racist tips ?

  • Linnon
    Linnon 3 months ago

    Chinese thumbnail make me clicks

  • Stefan Etienne
    Stefan Etienne 3 months ago

    I have a pocophone. One of the best products I owned.

  • Feng989
    Feng989 3 months ago

    Korean chinese and japanese electronic product best

  • Dustin Provost
    Dustin Provost 3 months ago

    The IPhone is made in China, too. Just designed by Americans devoid of taste or style. And marketed by an evil, greedy psychopath.

  • Cheeseboi _
    Cheeseboi _ 3 months ago

    0:53 spies

  • Gone Salman
    Gone Salman 3 months ago

    Sucks phone

  • Siafu Linux
    Siafu Linux 3 months ago

    Hahaha, why buy a Chinese phone? I dunno, maybe because I can have my phone unplugged for over 18 hours, with over 8 hours of screen on time and 5 hours estimated left. Fully waterproof, rugged and only cost me $250! And everyone is freaking out over a $1000 phone, the S10, that doesn't come close to this battery. And don't get me started on iPhone!
    Thing is, many U.S. companies have their phones made in China anyway then up the price percentage by hundreds and often with less specs than what's actually available. Why spend hundreds more for less simply because it has an American brand name? Seems stupid to me.
    Good video. Thanks for the quality!

  • dsp4
    dsp4 3 months ago

    That ahegao thumbnail though

  • Tiago Marques
    Tiago Marques 3 months ago

    Bloatware is normal, Xiaomi bussiness model is around services, not much hardware (shocking)
    that's why they can sell hardware at prices of (almost maybe) lose

  • Muhammad Farhan
    Muhammad Farhan 3 months ago +1

    3:38 why... why do you have that

    SYAB YT 3 months ago

    Well I hate the zoom on note 2 xiaomi

  • Polaczeq
    Polaczeq 3 months ago

    But Xiaomi had English support last year. Did u bought Global version?