(OLED TV Banding Test) Vertical Banding Lines / Streaks on OLED TVs

  • Published on Dec 19, 2017
  • Use this test to see if your OLED TV has banding problems. If you have a 65-inch OLED TV, there is a 99.99% chance you have vertical banding. 55-inch TV's are less likely to have noticeable banding. The bigger the size, the bigger the problems. This test can also be used on the 2017 Samsung Q7F and Q9F which have known banding issues.

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Comments • 260

  • modernwize
    modernwize  Year ago

    We created a short 8k HDR 4:4:4 12-bit video for testing. RU-clip compression killed it. Now we just need an 8k 12-bit TV. 🤔 ru-clip.com/video/5BcO6Vwnvd4/video.html

    • Vicente X01
      Vicente X01 6 months ago

      What's the music used during the test?

    • timcinho
      timcinho Year ago

      Hello modernwize. I will get next week my 2nd LG Oled C7. You think this tv will have again Vert. banding? Do all LG Oled have Vert. banding..? I recognized after 3 days. Is it possible that i got it because of the pixel refresher??? Would be nice for a answer

  • Manchild
    Manchild 3 months ago

    mines a B8 and its noticable till about 20 ish %, is that bad?

  • mammad72 fazli
    mammad72 fazli 4 months ago

    hi @modernwize

    My LG OLED C7 has vertical lines From right to left in PS4 Pro Thames it’s visible in red colour and yellow colour Thames! And also it hardly visible in a game with red or yellow ‏ colour. it other content like movie the same result I figure it out the vertical lines only visible in red and yellow ‏! in a dark sense no problem to see and everything perfect. Even in OLED picture test no vertical lines visible! .here’s my question this is normal to the OLED?

  • PhantomRaven
    PhantomRaven 5 months ago

    Just bought the Tcl r6 and was scared that it would have vertical banding like others have mentioned but looks like I got a good one 👍

  • Ian Reynolds
    Ian Reynolds 5 months ago +1

    If vertical lines are discovered, would that warrent a full refund within the 30days?

    • Hikari
      Hikari 5 months ago

      It's not unusual for OLEDs to get returned, even several panels by one person. It's a really annoying thing and LG admits sometimes it's just too much. So keep returning until you have a "good one". But keep in mind that as long you don't have a solid, edgy banding block and the bands are somewhat smooth it's considerer a "good" device. When you notice it more than 5% of the time it will annoy the hell out of you.

  • Motorenbenzin Vergaserkraftstoff

    I have a very noticeable green tint in the right side of my Q7FN. So pity, everything else in this TV is perfect. I'm thinking whether samsung will replace the panel by warranty or not.

  • Daniel E
    Daniel E 5 months ago

    Damn! My Oled tv has no Vertical banding lines. Thanks!! :D

  • djsteven1995
    djsteven1995 6 months ago +7

    Oh my god. This beat... I have to dance!

  • Willi Kampmann
    Willi Kampmann 6 months ago

    My Philips OLED has it pretty badly, it only disappears at around 27% and above. Didn’t notice it that much at first-could it have gotten worse over time? I actually mostly see it when playing Xbox One and always thought it was a low-quality HDMI cable and I should get a better one … I almost never see it watching Netflix but even knowing it‘s there is a bummer! 😧

  • SouthernDude82
    SouthernDude82 6 months ago

    Just curious. I watched this on my iPhone X I saw all the bands but I don’t see it in my normal use what’s this mean?

  • Shivanshu Sharma
    Shivanshu Sharma 7 months ago +3

    Hi, does the banding can get worse over time?

  • dago
    dago 7 months ago

    Lg b7 no bending

  • Simon Deelstra
    Simon Deelstra 7 months ago +3

    That voice reminds me of Rockstars by Nickelback

  • mani z
    mani z 7 months ago

    banding perfect you see on a footballgame or on a yellow background

  • Cobalto
    Cobalto 8 months ago

    Does banding can be fixed through software updates? i have banding but is noticable in just full white images or gray.

    • Simon Deelstra
      Simon Deelstra 7 months ago +1

      Of course not, if it could, it wouldn't have been there in the first place!

  • Miguel Arschlooo
    Miguel Arschlooo 8 months ago

    Ist vertical Banding = dirty screen Effekt?

  • Cr381v3
    Cr381v3 8 months ago

    dat face down in the corner is so funk! make a 10h video! :D

  • David Duarte
    David Duarte 8 months ago

    I have a 65 samsung ks8000 and I didn't get any banding. I recommend to get this tv.

  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach 8 months ago

    Watching this on a s8 with A oled screen and I got no banding:p

  • red crimson102
    red crimson102 9 months ago

    Hahaha I love that voice in the background, it was brilliant. My tv has banding no doubt but I dont think it's that bad. I saw it while playing mega man 2 at doctor wiley castle stage first level blue screen. It is what it is

  • John Lira
    John Lira 9 months ago

    Hey little off topic but hope you can answer it I own a Samsung 5800 plasma but in black scenes If i get really close I can see like static flicker is that normal??

  • VizioN-Scope
    VizioN-Scope 9 months ago

    Just tested it with my 55" q9fn. I had zero banding. watched your test vid 2 time. Thx man.

  • Ab. Su.
    Ab. Su. 9 months ago

    I have Banding on my 2017 Grundig Gos 9798 Oled. I see it at Xbox one X Setting Menu. But its very Small and difficul to see.

  • Ga Me
    Ga Me 9 months ago

    I love how my $250 (3 years ago) 1440p budget IPS monitor looks perfect but my $2000 LG C8 OLED TV looks like ass from 1% all the way through 30% grey.... I mean, what the hell. How are these TV's rated the best money can buy with this MASSIVE flaw!? This is apparently very common as well. I was ready to accept it as one of those things I won't see very often. Then I tried playing The Last of us remastered in 4k and WOW... So much of the game has a grey mask over it when its dark and outside and the banding is incredibly obvious the entire time.. It's laughable really that these TV's are so highly regarded with this kind of problem. I expect a dead pixel or two. I expect maybe a little uniformity issue at grey scales. Not a freaking horror show...

    • JediMindTrix R4Kidz
      JediMindTrix R4Kidz 8 months ago

      be careful playing games too long or you'll really scream with the burn in

  • Matt Rt
    Matt Rt 10 months ago

    My 4 year old LG EA9709 is perfect no banding whatsoever

  • Travis H.
    Travis H. 10 months ago +1

    Great video. I just have won the panel lottery with my E8. Zero banding.
    I just have 'modernwize' burned into the bottom left of my screen now. Only kidding.

  • Dsn13 jcsn
    Dsn13 jcsn 10 months ago

    Banding effects all TV screens! I had it on my Sony bravia lcd and now on my OLED C7

    • JediMindTrix R4Kidz
      JediMindTrix R4Kidz 8 months ago

      You're high, even rtings puts a note about banding on all their best oled reviews

    • Bobby Brady
      Bobby Brady 10 months ago

      Dsn13 jcsn Nonsense. There is nothing inherent to LCD, OLED or Plasma that should cause banding. I have a 12 year old Hitachi Plasma with perfect uniformity. Don’t spread misinformation just to make yourself feel better about a defective TV that you own.

  • Michael Lochowitz
    Michael Lochowitz 10 months ago +3

    I purchased a LG C8 and had very noticeable banding. I could clearly see it during night scenes while gaming. I considered living with it but my wife could tell I was not happy and urged me to return it. I swapped it out for a new set at Best Buy and the new unit is FLAWLESS. Don't live with noticeable banding. I'm so glad I was able to exchange my TV.

  • Ana E
    Ana E 10 months ago +2

    that funky test music, definitely lightened the mood defect hunting. Thanks for another great video!

  • Awkward93
    Awkward93 11 months ago

    Sounds like Stanley Hudson from the office

  • Gerard Rosales
    Gerard Rosales 11 months ago +6

    The other guy's voice is exactly how I imagine my sleep paralysis demon sounds.

  • JD
    JD 11 months ago

    I just purchased the Samsung Q9F 2018 a couple weeks ago. I've noticed some vertical banding. It isn't showing all of the time, just under certain colors, panning, etc. Some movies I don't notice it at all. It's most noticeable during dark movies. Again, it isn't all of the time, just sometimes. Is this normal for most TV's or should I exchange it? I wasn't sure if its very normal and more of how bad it is from TV to TV. If it's rare for a TV to not have it, I'll just keep it. Any advice helps, thanks!

  • NthnLuxury
    NthnLuxury 11 months ago

    I noticed this on my C7 but I had no idea what it was. I thought it was just something that was there whenever I would restart my 1X. Other then that I’ve never noticed them.
    Is there a way, or a video that can help fix it?

  • Delma Trinidad
    Delma Trinidad 11 months ago +1

    Do LED UHD TV get this banding too?

  • Issac Harrison
    Issac Harrison Year ago

    Every time a scene with clouds appear, i see horrible verticle lines.
    I have a LG sk9000, how can i solve this?

  • Jarrett Øath
    Jarrett Øath Year ago

    Can this only be used for OLED?

  • JaCk MeOff
    JaCk MeOff Year ago

    have it on my samsung 65q7 at around 10 to 20 % really in 99% of cases its not noticeable in movies and games so i dont give a flying fuck.

  • Eastwood Unforgiven

    I could see it at every percentage. Is that bad? Once in a while if I'm looking for it. I will notice during a movie. It bugs the hell out of me! I'm looking for answers? It's a new 2018 samsung 50 inch

    KHILADI Year ago +1

    Sone of a bitch, even my laptop has VB

  • PFC Conners
    PFC Conners Year ago

    C8 just passed the test. Guess I’m lucky or they’ve fixed the problem with 2018’s model.

    • Alex TheSaxMan
      Alex TheSaxMan 10 months ago

      I got a 55 c8 and test failed. It's only got a 100 hours though, should I give it more time b4 I return it?

    • JaCk MeOff
      JaCk MeOff Year ago

      Depends on the size 65 inches you will have it

    • Craig Weisbard
      Craig Weisbard Year ago

      I have the LG OLED55C8PUA and I see one bar on the right side from 7 percent on. I do notice banding in some netflix in the sky's and in madden 19 in the sky's. I also have a lot of halo effects in some games. Also have a slight red tint in the center of the screen. I only see that when I am in windows explorer as I use this as my monitor. Is this something I should have lg replace?

    • modernwize
      modernwize  Year ago

      C8 has no issues that I've seen

  • Pokémon Rules
    Pokémon Rules Year ago

    Sony Sucks, says it’s normal

  • Gerard Posch
    Gerard Posch Year ago +3

    I have the SONY AF8, completly free of any bandning and streaks. Had the AF8 for a month. But after all these praising tests and reviews, I decided to return my AF8 for a C8. Ok, the result, I tried two C8, both failed this test massively and the first C8 I had, was even plagued with reverse vignetting on the left side of the screen. The second even had two bright vertical stripes, that was visible all the way up 40% grey. I'm back on AF8, and couldn't be happier. Oh, forgot to mention. AF8's motionhandling is lightyears better than C8, and the near black details handling, the C8 is defekt in that departmartment if you ask me. the Marco Polo test on both C8 was also horrendous.!

    • Leo
      Leo 10 months ago

      You know Sony uses panels from LG right?

    • Davido Butt
      Davido Butt 10 months ago

      Thats bad news i was hoping to upgrade from my c6 to c8
      Ive just re-test this c6 again now and still dont see any banding yet and its 2 years old now
      The only reason i want to upgrade is 120hz 1080p gaming but unless i get a good panel like my c6 ill wait another year.

    • Ping.Shakl Hu
      Ping.Shakl Hu 11 months ago

      What is reasonable expection?

  • MaxPower211983
    MaxPower211983 Year ago

    I don't have any vertical banding according to your test. But when i load up a red screen background like rakuten app i see a vertical band left middle. Whats going on????

  • mrtickle
    mrtickle Year ago

    Useful but this races through the brightness ranges way, way too fast to take stock of what's happening! Can you create a slower one to go alongside this please?

  • Haha
    Haha Year ago

    If you don't see banding on an OLED when it might be present than you dont know what you're looking for or your previous display was garbage and your wowed by the general PQ that you're in denial. The banding is there. On any display. Tested 65C7, 65A8F, 65 A1E and currently have the 65G7. worst so far was the C7 and the G7 is second. I think Sony nit picks its panels from LG and probably pays more for the better panels. just MO but so far that is the case.

  • Paulo Renato
    Paulo Renato Year ago

    moderwize my B7 presents color banding in red , magenta or orange scenes , please guide-me

  • TheConsole Killer

    I was trying HARD to ignore the fuckin banding. It got worse though. To the point it was visible in games most of the time. It was a very noticable brightness change where the bands intersected. I have a best buy rep coming out tommorrow to either fix or replace the shit. Doubt its fixable on site. If they want to replace it then I am going to try and go down from the 65 to the 55, and for the 2018 version. I have a C7 65 inch LG 2017 model. After what you said about 55 inch screens having less uniformity issues I will try that if I am able to get that done. It would save me money on my payments too and the pixels would be denser, sharper picture. 65 inches really did not add immersion at 5 feet viewing distance. 55 was about the limit I think. It just meant it was harder to keep track of shit on screen with gaming, so at this point I will try a 55 if I can get one.
    When I first got the OLED the picture was amazing, still is (aside from the fucking bands). HOWEVER. I did see the bands when I was playing uncharted lost legacy in dark scenes. I was fucking agitated and spent hours on forums and eventually was able to justify it, since I was seeing all OLEDS pretty much have this shit. Learned to ignore it SOMEWHAT. Whenever I did see it, it did fucking agitate me, but I swept it under the rug. Picture was so amazing I knew I wasnt going to get a better picture. Most of the time it wasnt there. But now that it is so prevalent I really cant enjoy the picture anymore. Hopefully I can get a set that is atleast on par with the one I have now, before it got worse. That is as much as I would accept.
    There is of course the enjoyment and fun of waiting to see if they worsen AGAIN like this one did, but luckily I get the 5 year warranties to cover my ass. I had a yellow piss stain on a plasma that formed after a year or 2. So I wont be stressed if its good for now, and if it happens again I do this shit again until its right. Im glad these tvs dont have image retention like I got on most of my plasmas though (except the final line of vt60)

  • TheConsole Killer
    TheConsole Killer Year ago +2

    Interesting. So I guess I should not return the TV ha ha. I am obsessive and I love the picture for gaming otherwise but once you know where they are it does kind of eat at you, or maybe Im just obsessive. Ive also gotten used to gaming on the 65 , so I could maybe use my best buy warranty to go down to the 55, thus cutting my payments I owe down too. If they would accept the return. I would also then have to pay alot again to get ANOTHER warranty from them. So I think it may be best to just accept it as normal.

  • Alexander Chaliovski

    Hi man. I did your test. Is this banding acceptable for 55B7? ru-clip.com/video/p8nH6UXRyJA/video.html

  • Hicksmarine
    Hicksmarine Year ago

    I'm exchanging my LG C7 this Saturday. It's not the banding in general, which is barely noticeable and only in a few special circumstances, but because it has one band darker than the rest. The band is 3-4" wide and about 1/3 of the way from the right edge. Once you see it, you start looking for it all the time. The TV is incredible otherwise, even with the diffuse banding. I hope I don't get one with color problems.

  • lovedisshitrazzer
    lovedisshitrazzer Year ago +2

    Someone should resurrect the plasma technology!

    • arabjude
      arabjude 5 months ago

      My 2009 58" Panasonic still kicks ass.. Stunning picture. It is massive, heavy and noisy but It looks better than my 2016 B6 65 (which I'll be claiming warranty for as it has degraded badly lately in performance). b@crimsontide1980

    • crimsontide1980
      crimsontide1980 6 months ago +1

      I still rock my 2012 Panasonic 60" GT50 TV. Honestly it has as good of color accuracy as I've ever seen in a TV. While it doesnt come close to matching the brightness levels of most UHD TVs,and no its not 4K, it still has an absolutely amazing picture, and the black levels are about as great as any TV ever produced,plus their is no lagging or blurring when theres lots of motion.
      I've went and looked at 4K TVs several times in the last couple of years and I always walk out of there empty handed because frankly,nothing blows me away. One day maybe I'll see a UHD set that does but so far,nothing blows away my trusty Panasonic plasma. The LED TVs colors are brighter but not as rich or as deep. Colors on these newer LEDs sometimes look washed out and faded.
      If I were to spring for a UHD it would definitely have to be an OLED,like the LG B8 or C8,but that's a HUGE chunk of change to drop on a TV that has a pretty decent risk of getting permanent burn in,unless you take pretty strict precautions,and if you do get burn in,warranty does NOT cover it!!! So basically your $3000 set will look like total dogshit if this happens. OLEDs also have a little bit of blurriness when theres really fast motion on TV at times.
      Just cant justify spending a ridiculous sum of money for a TV if I dont consider it much of an upgrade. I think I'll be sticking with my Panasonic for at least a couple more years,maybe by then technology will have made some bigger advances.

  • D.F.W.M .N
    D.F.W.M .N Year ago

    How to fix that shit

    DESCENT Year ago

    well just got a new pannel installed to my 65b7d,
    I had a hard banding edge in the middle of the screen.
    with the new pannel its gone.
    but sadly it also has some banding.
    luckily not as bad as before. but I can def. see it around 5 to 13%
    Its hard to see at 15 to 25% and at 30 its basicly gone.
    not terrible, but well. its still a 2500k tv so....
    its ok.

  • Rodrigues Miguel
    Rodrigues Miguel Year ago

    my iphone x have those bandig lines form 0 to 18 % Grey with low brightness, after that those bandings start to disappear bit by bit, at 50% grey at any brightness it displays very uniform.

  • micdoses1
    micdoses1 Year ago

    Am I supposed to have v ban on my 900e 75" cuz I see it

    TENACI0USP Year ago

    I don’t have it on dark screens but have noticed it ever so slightly on bright white

  • SorikuXIII
    SorikuXIII Year ago

    Song name?

  • koolfnbeans
    koolfnbeans Year ago +1

    New subscriber here. I love your informative videos here! I purchased the C7 a month again and I love it however I did notice banding on my set. I discovered it while playing Resident Evil 7 in some of the dark gray areas of the game like while moving the camera showily across the sky of inside dark area of the house in the game. I also noticed it on Netflix, the loading screen with the logo and black background. In movies I only have seen it once and that was within the first 2 minutes of interstellar. I don’t really notice it other than those instances. I wonder if I should keep it? I don’t want to risk getting another set that is worse. I did however upgrade to 3 years of extended warranty with LG so that’s something! I can send you pictures I took at 2%-20% gray if you would like to see the banding. Thanks Modernwize

    • Alejandra Correa
      Alejandra Correa Year ago

      what did you decide to do? asking myself if return it or not.

  • Sakitoshi
    Sakitoshi Year ago

    banding is an inherent problem of all oled panels when displaying a static gray shade, but that is hardly close to a real world scenario save some punctual instances like the ones you mentioned.
    the only oled screen I have is my vita but in 5 years I hardly notice it while playing unless in a blatantly obvious scenario (menus and such).

    • koticinyourhead
      koticinyourhead 9 months ago

      Vita had an oled display?

    • Allen Daniel
      Allen Daniel Year ago

      What are you two Don't have a great day Where are you at?

  • ThoriatedFlash
    ThoriatedFlash Year ago

    Great test video! I can see very minor banding on my 55" LG C7P model during this test. I don't notice it at all when viewing content even when I'm looking for it, so I can't really complain. I tried the pixel refresh because some people said it helped. It may have made it a little better, but I can barely see them so it is hard to tell.