James Harden: Behind The Beard | E:60 | ESPN

  • Published on Apr 18, 2017
  • E:60 goes “Behind The Beard” to tell the story of how an out-of-shape, asthmatic kid from Compton became the league's most unlikely and unique superstar.
    This is the story of James Harden, including interviews with Harden and his family, highlights from Harden's high school and college career, Harden's journey to the NBA, and more.
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Comments • 1 115

  • Vince Vincents
    Vince Vincents 8 days ago

    remove the beard already, it looks silly and its getting old. IMO

  • Rakshith M S
    Rakshith M S 13 days ago

    Anybody in *2019* ??

  • Kamran Ukhtiyayev
    Kamran Ukhtiyayev 16 days ago

    Harden didnt have a choice but KD did, KD could of won a championship with Westbrook at OKC but he decided to leave.

  • Dana Smith
    Dana Smith 16 days ago

    So handsome ! Nothing like mother’s love to her son

  • Timothy Jacobs
    Timothy Jacobs 18 days ago

    2019 and nothing has changed....
    harden gets his numbers...team still loses lol

  • edng30
    edng30 21 day ago

    His mom seems to be an amazing woman

  • Psychoessentials
    Psychoessentials 26 days ago

    That first part was weird

  • Sean C
    Sean C 27 days ago

    1:29 is not him in real life thats him in 2k

  • Tighty Whitey
    Tighty Whitey 29 days ago

    The miscarriage scene was pretty damn awkward man lets try something different next time ok

  • Godson Eh
    Godson Eh Month ago

    ...Divorce? So she was married to her son?!! Black American Women never fail to amuses everyone on the Cam.

  • Rile Stream
    Rile Stream Month ago

    I don’t know man, never liked him.

  • YvngGoat
    YvngGoat Month ago +1

    6:37 harden use to shoot right handed???

  • YvngGoat
    YvngGoat Month ago +2

    James Harden had the biggest glow up 😂😂😂

  • Robert
    Robert Month ago

    He lost another series fellas 2019

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    This is not adversity. Adversity is being born in africa or being a homeless kid in Brazil.
    its sickening how these rich black atheletes still cannot let go their "victim" status

  • Josh Dindo Chiong
    Josh Dindo Chiong Month ago

    we had the same birthday but i was born on 2008

  • brandonski1
    brandonski1 Month ago

    James Harden's pubic hair is so long, covering his shaft and balls. Only the head of his penis could be seen.

  • Frank Mack II
    Frank Mack II Month ago +1

    It would be crazy if they reunite it OKC! West, KD, Ibaka, Adams, James
    But everything works out likes it suppose to! God Bless
    Win the Championship 2019!!! Since LeBron Can't

  • Vona Buren
    Vona Buren Month ago

    Don't make the beard cry, asshole...

  • King Mags
    King Mags Month ago

    Wow they were dropping a lot of personal shit here. Divorce😂😂😂miscarriage

  • King Mags
    King Mags Month ago

    Wish I had James discipline...and would curve girls like that and focus on my goals

  • Mal Miles
    Mal Miles Month ago +1

    We in Houston thank you OKC

  • Dsharp Shotz
    Dsharp Shotz Month ago


  • LiM
    LiM Month ago

    5:38 im done watching the video. This is all ive been waiting for. Bye

  • cupper box
    cupper box Month ago

    This inspire me to basketball more

  • BPA Dexter
    BPA Dexter Month ago +1

    So that why he travels

  • MichaelD 17X
    MichaelD 17X Month ago


  • Tylarik Realmusic
    Tylarik Realmusic Month ago

    I dedicate my rendition of our National Anthem performed at the Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo NRG Stadium March 4th 2019 to All Americans Deputy Don Kimble is Tylarik. (Google Tylarik)

  • • slude •
    • slude • Month ago

    opening interview question for Giannis Antetokounmpo: “what struggles did you face in Athens when you were selling trinkets on the streets?”
    opening interview question for Harden: “whAT IS YOUR OPINIONS ON CELEBRITIES BEARDS?”

  • lucci B
    lucci B Month ago

    Don't seem like him n his mom's talk much..lol

  • Nhantastic
    Nhantastic Month ago

    Behind the freethrow line

  • hi
    hi Month ago

    its to hide his hideous face. He looks funny without a beard. Plus he wants to convert to the Sikh religion

  • A Soul
    A Soul Month ago

    Harden chokes because of his face pubes

  • Sarina Carbajal
    Sarina Carbajal Month ago


  • sheryar hafeez
    sheryar hafeez Month ago

    ZZ Top... Lol.. he's not a white boy.. all shocked he couldn't think of his beard off top.

  • Panashe Master
    Panashe Master 2 months ago

    unexpectedly very emotional

  • dragonbulley
    dragonbulley 2 months ago

    Okay this dude is making James Hardin look stupid and bad.

  • Diana Elliott
    Diana Elliott 2 months ago

    We still love you in okc u stilll thunder in my eyes

  • GalaGuy
    GalaGuy 2 months ago

    If i didnt keep my guard up the compton crips would have gotten him

  • Athar Mehmood
    Athar Mehmood 2 months ago

    This is an updated version of the same e60 documentary that they made in 2016

  • In Perspective
    In Perspective 2 months ago

    Behind the travel and soft ass NBA!

  • Melvin Mansoor
    Melvin Mansoor 2 months ago

    At 7:00 .... I hope I can look back at something one day and just smile like that.

  • chandler dale
    chandler dale 2 months ago

    Harden's story is definelty more empowering than giannis's.

  • Nick Jaramillo
    Nick Jaramillo 2 months ago

    I will say because of how great of a player James Harden is Kevin Durant and Westbrook is even though I don't like Westbrook he's still a very tough player I am very glad that Oklahoma City who I can't stand and never could, did not keep those three together as well as Ibaka had they kept those for together the way San Antonio did it with their nucleus and they would have built around them,? Today Oklahoma City probably would have about four championships if that would have been the case I believe that

  • Qman Bro
    Qman Bro 2 months ago

    KD,Russ,and Harden need to go to knicks (zion coming during draft)

  • Christopher Monces
    Christopher Monces 2 months ago

    He's like Samson, the beard gives him strength!😂🤣😂🤣

  • Namith goud
    Namith goud 2 months ago +1

    Watching this again in 2019, DAMN OKC MESSED UP.

  • screwheadsammm yea
    screwheadsammm yea 2 months ago

    look at him now back to back league mvp

  • Chris Anthony
    Chris Anthony 2 months ago

    So when KD leaves on his terms..he's a snake..when OKC trades someone who really loved to be there and wanted to be there....just business..Welcome to America

  • Rupert Wilkes
    Rupert Wilkes 2 months ago

    i feel bad for westbrook because his best friend died and he suffered with abandonment issues and then james got traded and KD left him to go to the worriers he has a sad backstory

  • Justin Cruz
    Justin Cruz 2 months ago

    GIANNIS REAL MVP. #HardenSoftasFck

  • Rico SCF
    Rico SCF 2 months ago


  • John Stephanos
    John Stephanos 3 months ago

    If he was born August 1989 shouldn't he be 29 years old instead of 27 like the video implies??

  • Leo Acas
    Leo Acas 3 months ago +1

    That moment…
    "Sorry we love U but we Traded you to the Houston Rockets"

  • Makenson Celestin
    Makenson Celestin 3 months ago

    I feel like he’s more humble than his mom...she’s too khaki

  • KING DAVID’S Ghost Hunting

    I like the beard 🧔 amen 💯

  • Uwaves Music
    Uwaves Music 3 months ago

    That beard is magic!

  • chukwuma otuata Otuata
    chukwuma otuata Otuata 3 months ago +1

    It funny his mom nick named him lucky and he weres unlucky number 13 and dose amazing things in the nba like 32 games of 30+ points second to wilt Chamberlain another player who was #13

  • Tal Samman
    Tal Samman 3 months ago

    The only person who wishes you to be the best in world is MOM

  • Eugene hofmann
    Eugene hofmann 3 months ago

    Him and Westbrook came from the same hood

  • DC youngfly
    DC youngfly 3 months ago

    That's so fucked up y is he hearing this from yall he should be hearing bout the miscarriages from his mom not from a reporter.

  • Joey Sparks
    Joey Sparks 3 months ago

    I didn't know how humble he is. Think I'm a James Harden fan. Now how do we get him on the Celtics?

    DHARMYOG_COM 3 months ago

    They should fire everyone in okc. They had 3 hall of fame players and didn’t cash in on the talent. Shocking

    DHARMYOG_COM 3 months ago

    How could they reveal such info on tv

  • Jovon McCullough
    Jovon McCullough 3 months ago

    I hope to see the beard on an episode of The Shop. This was great. Respect to Harden.

  • illusive_nezzy88
    illusive_nezzy88 3 months ago

    James harden is a testament to the black women. Alot of the times these black women are made to raise us black men on their own, and this just shows the black woman can turn the black man into great things! Superstar basketball player, rappers, actors, lawyers, doctors. The black woman is god and can always turn something into nothing by herself!

  • J Arius
    J Arius 3 months ago

    Hey Harden what's about behind the traveling step back?

    • hundred cs
      hundred cs 3 months ago

      that ain't travel. Get yourself a life

  • Vixx
    Vixx 3 months ago

    MVP Harden is a beast man! im glad he went to Houston so he could showcase his Offensive skills! best in the game right now!

  • Roku Highlights
    Roku Highlights 3 months ago

    Harden was nasty in okc

  • Mohamed Fofana
    Mohamed Fofana 3 months ago

    哎呀妈呀 - Āiyā mā ya = Oh my goodness (Source: Google Translate)

  • TheLegend27 \
    TheLegend27 \ 3 months ago +1

    6:37 right handed shot

  • Hai Lauren
    Hai Lauren 3 months ago

    ASU representing!

  • Austin Coker2
    Austin Coker2 3 months ago


  • Apotheosis
    Apotheosis 3 months ago

    crazy how in high school he was a giant, in the nba he is a midget.

  • Andrew Soto
    Andrew Soto 3 months ago

    Bro shot it with his right hand at 6:37 ???

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith 4 months ago

    He would be a bad actor lmao

  • Phillip Beckman
    Phillip Beckman 4 months ago

    Houston is smart. Adidas is smart. Harden is genius

  • Piosan Salvare
    Piosan Salvare 4 months ago

    I had to stop this vid for a minute, after the little note thing because I was almost crying (not been sarcastic or kidding here) this dude is really extra ordinary hard worker, I thought he was just a super human before this.

  • Cheyenne Calvillo
    Cheyenne Calvillo 4 months ago

    ru-clip.com/video/l6HxkdRNBHU/video.html Please watch my video trying to build my channel ‼️

  • Mar Ko
    Mar Ko 4 months ago

    Keep this paper, Imma be a star :)

  • MNRH investigator MNRH investigator

    His mom deserves much respect from his lovely and talentuous boy because miscarriage is almost death . I kind of wonder the fact he never elevated his nickname to be known by his fans .

  • Limelight Filmz
    Limelight Filmz 4 months ago

    Watch James Harden's sickest moves

  • Lister Bonafus
    Lister Bonafus 4 months ago

    I'm a Jordan fan.
    Next Wade fan.
    Now since Wade is retiring.. maybe he is next. IDK yet.

  • job kazi
    job kazi 4 months ago

    who else liked the mother more than the son?

  • Heir Fang
    Heir Fang 4 months ago

    Cuts out the part he falls asleep

  • Ike Brown1914
    Ike Brown1914 4 months ago

    OKC Thunder Franchise is trash. Look at what they had

  • YaBoi Kyree
    YaBoi Kyree 4 months ago +2

    James Harden for MVP !

  • Saveon Harvey
    Saveon Harvey 4 months ago

    He dropped 61 points last week so I gotta pay my respect #fearthebeard

  • Rachid toure
    Rachid toure 4 months ago

    2019 ??

  • ryandismatsek
    ryandismatsek 4 months ago

    the title should be renamed: "behind the flop".

  • The Ripper
    The Ripper 4 months ago

    I’ve been hating on this man for years for being a ball hog, but this made me a big fan of his. Respect

  • Lebron James23/6goat
    Lebron James23/6goat 4 months ago

    Offbeat but mainstream sounds a lot like blueface

  • SphericalCow
    SphericalCow 4 months ago

    How did the ESPN interviewer know about his nickname and mother’s miscarriages but James did not? That part of the interview was strange.

  • King jaffe
    King jaffe 4 months ago

    Real respect to harden for this video, the bit about his mother having miscarried before and when he said he thought he'd be 6th man at okc forever, to the sadness of okc trading him, I felt for him man, hope okc win nothing at all!!! Ever!!!

  • Aaron Gamble
    Aaron Gamble 4 months ago

    He had braids lol

  • Giant Steps
    Giant Steps 4 months ago

    This man is a living legend. Watching him playing in 2019. 60,50,40 pts performances. It's amazing to see this humble guy on fire!

  • Prashant Prahladan
    Prashant Prahladan 4 months ago

    He scored 61 points today at the Knicks home turf.......

  • AwfulTee
    AwfulTee 4 months ago +5

    And now he a mvp averaging 36 a game crazy

  • Nathaniel UncleDrew
    Nathaniel UncleDrew 4 months ago +1

    I can't understand how all those kids made it from nowhere just like that. How Lucky they were in life. I just do everything I can and I give everything I have to make it myself. I deserve it, but I can't have my chance. I mean nobody supports me. Maybe I'm so unlucky, maybe God hates me. I don't know. What I know is that I want this more than anybody else. I'm able to work 8 hours a day every day, every night...

  • mk
    mk 4 months ago

    Hes actually really humble!!