The Cholo of Wall Street

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 408

  • AlmostEpic
    AlmostEpic Year ago +1540

    Behind the scenes video will be up on this channel tomorrow morning! Stay tuned :)

    • SP FromNY914
      SP FromNY914 2 months ago


      SAYED SAYEDY 3 months ago

      AlmostEpic GOOD MUSIC.

    • Major Chungus
      Major Chungus 4 months ago

      You are now my favorite funny RU-clipr. Mr. Beast and Pewdiepie have nothing on you. May you become a star!!!:-)

    • Гани Конысбаев
      Гани Конысбаев 5 months ago

      You should better do video in Arizona, cause people are nicer over there!

    • Marc Úlfheðinn
      Marc Úlfheðinn 6 months ago

      03:12 and 03:16 that hair to the side...HA! Do not fool me. And 04:20, the shit most valuable shit which exists. Great video, bro!

  • bb adam 100
    bb adam 100 Day ago

    Lol 2:11

  • James Vibes
    James Vibes 2 days ago

    2:33 a moment of silence please

  • Jose Julian Rodriguez Ortiz

    144p shirt

  • oddizzee
    oddizzee 4 days ago

    Security guard swipes dropped money with his foot.. thinks to himself.."eugh dirty drug dealers money"

  • NecoBlags
    NecoBlags 5 days ago


  • Lorenzo Villafana
    Lorenzo Villafana 5 days ago

    Best piece of picture comedy I've seen.

  • Viswam
    Viswam 5 days ago

    Dude I think u need to make a tutorial on how to whistle like that..

  • Samuel Hernandez
    Samuel Hernandez 6 days ago

    scrapi i need son cash..pasa a dejar algo homi

  • Sahil Mambilly
    Sahil Mambilly 6 days ago +1

    Why are they kicking/stamping money!?

  • Steven Syphus
    Steven Syphus 6 days ago

    I think that dude in the suit at 3:30 is an actor or something ... I feel like I’ve seen him before .. haha

  • Manish Mahajan
    Manish Mahajan 7 days ago

    Channel is very entertaining

  • A.K.A KDOG
    A.K.A KDOG 9 days ago

    Fukin rad ass video and all real money

  • Sakina Jafar
    Sakina Jafar 11 days ago

    Great video. Pls keep music low so that we can hear the words.

  • JCarlosMois
    JCarlosMois 11 days ago +5

    New Yorkers think they’re above everybody’s else.

  • wendy quizmundo
    wendy quizmundo 12 days ago

    everybody gangsta til the real gangsta came

  • A A
    A A 13 days ago

    I’m from Australia, never been to the US. This video is such an eye-opener at the difference between the people in New York vs California/everywhere else Juan does pranks. But I guess if he went to the outer areas of NYC people would be less stuck up.

  • lu - ka
    lu - ka 13 days ago


  • Frank Rice
    Frank Rice 15 days ago

    What a bunch of squares

  • Mystery Buyer
    Mystery Buyer 15 days ago

    I think some of these wall street people need to be poor for awhile. They act very stuck up and arrogant.

  • ViralFrog
    ViralFrog 17 days ago +1

    When you hear "what's going on vato locos" you know it's gonna be a funny video

  • moonnu chamling
    moonnu chamling 18 days ago

    I feel bad for the people who thought it was real money and he gave it to them

  • Jorge Perez Perez
    Jorge Perez Perez 18 days ago

    Is this guy mixed ? 😂

  • Nap Horse
    Nap Horse 19 days ago

    hah a all the girls getting juicy over you bro. lol. right on.

  • Alin TIMISOARA 91
    Alin TIMISOARA 91 19 days ago

    i like how costume peoples act when u try to help them LOL they act so richie rich .

  • male11nov
    male11nov 20 days ago +1

    Good sarcasm, these people always want more, they like to still from poor, that is why he was like, here take more, you greedy bustards.

  • Alejsndro Valdivia
    Alejsndro Valdivia 21 day ago +1

    Man these people are so apprehensive.

  • detik update
    detik update 22 days ago

    Hei whats going on chika ?

  • rock of ages USA
    rock of ages USA 23 days ago

    What a bunch of sticks up their butts ,, Yikes !! .. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with those people

  • Saad Ali Shaikh
    Saad Ali Shaikh 23 days ago

    This was F’in funny 😂

  • Nik
    Nik 25 days ago

    Wow ... people at wall street ... arrogant and rude to scrappy .

  • agentdark64
    agentdark64 28 days ago

    All 1 million shares worth 1 cent.

  • jhon wyane
    jhon wyane Month ago

    Pinchie Juan......estas Bien loco...😂

  • Justin Caldero
    Justin Caldero Month ago +1

    1:00 they were so offended lmao

  • JRproductions
    JRproductions Month ago

    What up chicas that whistle though lol 💯.

  • Henry Mendoza
    Henry Mendoza Month ago

    Omg the doorman from curios George

  • Lavesh Banyal
    Lavesh Banyal Month ago

    Confidance level infinity... 🤣😂

  • Atmospheer
    Atmospheer Month ago +2

    Rich Kid soccer be like 4:10

  • Salwa Seddougui
    Salwa Seddougui Month ago


  • Tribal Player
    Tribal Player Month ago

    Tell to a business man: Take this money, so you can eat this night

  • Ake Asd
    Ake Asd Month ago

    do this:
    Go cholo mode then go jamaican rasta mode lol this would be hilarious

  • A. B.
    A. B. Month ago

    Wow! Compared to your other videos, people in NY are not that easy going...

  • angelthman
    angelthman Month ago

    I would love to see Juan do his regular thing (not cholo) in NY. People here aren't as friendly as on college campuses.

  • Yun Sol
    Yun Sol Month ago

    Hahahaha!!! Amaziiing!

  • Pj0tter
    Pj0tter Month ago

    0:19 Smart guy

  • Matthew Manalel
    Matthew Manalel Month ago

    Big fan but cat calling girls is cringy asf

  • LegitFreeMxdz
    LegitFreeMxdz Month ago

    Vatos locos for ever homes!

  • Jasso Jasso
    Jasso Jasso 2 months ago

    How can your pride be so high that you refuse money being given to you... that’s just dumb

  • kdoty
    kdoty 2 months ago

    1:20 in basically all of ur other videos when u do something like this someone always makes sure you get your money or whatever it is back. This was kind of disgusting. :(

  • Sharat Sirsikar
    Sharat Sirsikar 2 months ago

    The chica and that whistle mannn... that's amazing 😂😂😂❤❤

  • Ryan Lockwood
    Ryan Lockwood 2 months ago

    La Onda essssssssssaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

  • atta hissan
    atta hissan 2 months ago

    That music again!

  • Gibbor Defense
    Gibbor Defense 2 months ago +1

    Why don’t you go to a ghetto and talk like that?! Lol. You will get some epic reactions

  • Studious guy
    Studious guy 2 months ago

    What's the music at background ?

  • Stichwarrior 123
    Stichwarrior 123 2 months ago

    The music lmao

  • Kaynani Khalifa
    Kaynani Khalifa 2 months ago +1

    I don’t care how rich I am I’m takin dat 100 dolla bill😭 that’s jus da hustle in me

  • Sherlyn
    Sherlyn 2 months ago +2

    The people of wall street though, the men there seem judgemental as hell

  • Luka Skogstad
    Luka Skogstad 2 months ago

    Arrogant pricks

  • School Boy
    School Boy 2 months ago +3

    None of these guys in jacket and tie want their face to be shown on a short comedy film
    🤔 Something smells fishy

  • School Boy
    School Boy 2 months ago +2

    Welcome to New York