Toonami - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on May 1, 2019
  • For many, Toonami was their intro to anime. The Nostalgia Critic is shown the impact one of Cartoon Network's most famous programming segments...with TOM too, of course.
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    Toonami is a television programming block that primarily consists of Japanese anime and American animation. It was created by Sean Akins and Jason DeMarco and produced by Williams Street. Toonami initially ran as an afternoon and evening block on Cartoon Network from 1997 to 2008. In its original run, the block was known for showcasing action anime that became widely popular with American audiences.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  3 months ago +773

    Nostalgia Critic talks Anime? Strap in!
    What are your favorite shows from Toonami?
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    • Kaagh178
      Kaagh178 11 days ago

      Thundercats 2011 was actually fantastic. Doubt Doug's even seen it. What is he smoking these days?

    • Trevor Crooks
      Trevor Crooks 13 days ago

      Bebop and Outlaw Star. Neither of which were in the review, which makes me sad.

    • Keith Copal
      Keith Copal 18 days ago


    • Dragon Blane Z Kai
      Dragon Blane Z Kai Month ago

      Hamtaro forever

    • pedro guerrero
      pedro guerrero Month ago

      For me, it's tenchi muyo and sailor moon

  • sleepys time
    sleepys time 5 hours ago

    That was the title card for naruto shippuden

  • Dezzrik
    Dezzrik 8 hours ago

    Who else wants to see more of the Old Man Nostalgia Critic character?

  • Christopher Carrion
    Christopher Carrion 12 hours ago

    Ben 10 wasn't in Toonami was it? Where Iniyasha?

  • Christopher Carrion
    Christopher Carrion 13 hours ago


  • Joseph Greenhorn
    Joseph Greenhorn 13 hours ago

    i only managed to get into the 400's of one piece til i gave up since its so goddamn LONG

  • Tom Green
    Tom Green 16 hours ago

    Yo I fucking love Jackie Chan adventures

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali Day ago

    Bruh what happened to bleach? They talk about two of the big three with naruto and dbz but left out bleach?

  • DavidTwo2009
    DavidTwo2009 Day ago

    Idk about you, I actually liked Jackie Chan Adventures, HAHA. As a kid at least. As an adult... it's lackluster. But it did make my Saturday Mornings (WB-era) go nicely.

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt Day ago

    Oi no one talks about ppgz
    And no kid wouldn't flip women skirts... Get cnn

  • vtr0104
    vtr0104 Day ago

    Sailor Moon was.. Serena, in the US Dub? Trippy.
    My one praise for that show is that they included Pluto, which the astronomic community has all but given up on. Good to see it represented.
    It's a planet, People!

  • Joss Norton
    Joss Norton 2 days ago

    i actually really like THE batman its good

  • BearDevil
    BearDevil 2 days ago

    Hey! I love The Batman it had 2 great intros and I loved the unique designs

  • astro4397
    astro4397 2 days ago

    No mention of IGPX when Cartoon Network actually co-produced an awesome anime series? Come on now.....

  • Lightning0
    Lightning0 2 days ago

    Little known fact about the powerpuff girls is that the original pitched idea was called "tho whoopass girls" where instead of chemical X professor utonium adds a can of whoopass to the mix. You can't make this up it actually happened, professor utonium literally opened a can of whoopass

  • Shayla Harr
    Shayla Harr 2 days ago

    Does anyone know what show they show the briefest clip of at 54:30 is? It looks so familiar but I have no idea

  • Blueberry Pitbull
    Blueberry Pitbull 3 days ago

    Zoids is WAYYYYYY better than Gundam.

  • Daniel Thien
    Daniel Thien 3 days ago

    DBZ is... Monster of the week? There's literally an entire saga that's just them fighting Frieza.

  • Oliver McCade
    Oliver McCade 3 days ago

    I wasn’t allowed to watch Toonami because my mom thought too violent for me. Thankfully my Grandmom was open to the world and let me watch it, and watched it with me a lot. She even enjoyed some of the shows we watched, besides we even each other out as there was a lot of old cartoon and shows I love watching and she liked some new ones. So neither one of us hate what was on usually

  • Nick Ruocco
    Nick Ruocco 3 days ago

    Imho TOM was the best part of Toonami. I loved the T.I.E. Even though I wasn’t a huge anime fan.

  • daggerfly 00
    daggerfly 00 3 days ago

    ???: GUNDUM!!!!!!

  • Indiana
    Indiana 4 days ago

    Wait, american first airing of dragon ball was 2001?
    In Italy was '89!

  • Sharaku Jr. [Khalil]

    G-Gundam is better.

  • pokehunterhd
    pokehunterhd 4 days ago


  • the punkacedude
    the punkacedude 4 days ago


  • Evan Drollinger
    Evan Drollinger 4 days ago


  • Cameron McKelvey
    Cameron McKelvey 4 days ago

    5:52 escaping work on a tuesday like

  • The krillsterEX
    The krillsterEX 5 days ago

    8:39 wow..... get wrecked

  • Kemdizzzle
    Kemdizzzle 5 days ago

    13:26 Y’all might wanna check that again, there’s no way a SIXTH of the U.S. population tuned into new episodes

  • Johnny Mckinley
    Johnny Mckinley 5 days ago

    the first harem anime I watched was Rosario Vampire

  • Charmednight
    Charmednight 5 days ago

    Tbh I enjoyed Alien force more then I enjoyed the original show. I liked the original but Alien force just caught my attention more

  • RedDragon 482
    RedDragon 482 5 days ago

    I didn't grow up with this but I do love hamtaro it was so funny

  • Andrew Mathews
    Andrew Mathews 5 days ago


  • Martin Duran
    Martin Duran 6 days ago

    Wait Jackie Chan Adventures isn't the biggest show on Toonami it's My hero academia and Lupin the 3rd

  • Bob Freukes
    Bob Freukes 6 days ago

    I remember Moltar starting Toonami. Herculoids, Space Ghost, Birdman, and Justice Friends were nice things.
    Reboot was a great show. I think I have seen it about 4-6 times, NEVER tired of it.
    Sailor Moon is good, real good. It nice action, the only downside is that on the nightly Toonami while it was on twice it was the same episode. I've seen it about 3-4 times.
    Dragonball Z was the top show of all. Two episodes a night and they went in order. They didn't show the same episode twice. I have seen DBZ (non-Kai) about 4-5 times.
    The creation of The real adventures of Johnny Quest was nice. It offered something new. Battling in VR. But it was short lived as it didn't seem to last that long.
    The original Tom was good, the other toms, not so much.
    I remember Tenchi Muyo. When it first aired I never got into it. When I saw it sometime later, I really got into it. It very fun. Lots of action and humorous scenes. Yeah, plenty of possible sex scenes that unfortunately stopped by the nervous Tenchi.
    Power puff girls, never got into. Watched a few eps here and there.
    Samurai Jack was BORING! Never watched it. NEXT!
    When Gundam Wing was shown to enter into Toonami it stopped airing. I never did it on again for many years.
    I never really got into Big O. Never watched it.
    Never watched Hamtaro.
    Justice League and JLU was WONDERFUL. I don't recall them being on Toonami, but I did see them on regular cartoon network. Lot of great stories and great fights.
    Dragon ball was a little odd, but I had a good time watching the original series. Dragonball GT. To me it will always be cannon despite what people say. GT was good, but it did leave a lot of questions. Then when they included the lost episodes, it answered those questions. The intro in GT was AWESOME!
    A lot of the above was played in the Midnight Run. And about the same reasons for shows. The did other good shows. I will list those under this section.
    Voltron, Thundercats were the biggest hitters for me, especially Thundercats. I just really enjoyed it. 4 Seasons The rebooted version the Thundercats SUCKED MAJORLY!
    When Miguzi came about things went south. I think there were only a few good things. When Naruto first aired I did not watch it AT ALL. I had no interest in it. However, when CN ran a Naruto Marathon I watched and saw that I had missed out on a lot. It's a great show. I became intrigued with Garra and then moved onto Orochimaru. I can even impersonate him a little bit.
    I never got into Ben 10.
    I really got into Yu-Yu-Hakusho, but after a while I stopped because it was to cleaned up. I would watch the Uncut stuff on DVD and then watched the cleaned up stuff. Really good fighting show and great action.
    I never got into One Piece. It would stay around JUST for the intro as it was done in the voice of Kaiba from Yugioh, and then to my video games. When they ran a marathon starting at ep 200 I thought it was a nice idea, except after a month's worth, I lost interest as it went over my head.
    Never got into the animated clone wars until just recently, it just never appealed to me when if first aired.
    When Toonami returned in 2012, I got right back into watching it. I fell in love watching Bleach. It was wonderful. Back stories everywhere, flashbacks, great powers and fight scenes and a few crappy ones. The filler arc involving the soul reapers WERE WONDERFUL. The ones with kon SUCKED!

  • Keith Holder
    Keith Holder 6 days ago

    No more of dragon ball themed universe and just more sailor moon themed universe for the first time only for us please and thank you so much for anything you do in the future again mr. N.c.

  • Alexander Annas
    Alexander Annas 6 days ago

    Less Tamara please!!!!

  • michaelkeha
    michaelkeha 6 days ago

    Yeah Sailor Moon was terrible even in it's original form also most of the really great shows on Toonami actually were mid to late 80s anime that only his the States in the 90s they also happen to mostly be mecha anime that weren't called Gundam Wing because fuck that show and yes Macross is better deal with it you fucking horny dipshits. and fuck you solo and rouge one were shit

  • Valerija Štaman
    Valerija Štaman 7 days ago


  • Dredious
    Dredious 7 days ago

    JQ intro was dope, can't deny that xD

  • Fox the Gamer 99
    Fox the Gamer 99 8 days ago

    Someone gave this a buggit

  • Decade
    Decade 8 days ago

    Hm kinda was hoping for JoJo’s bizarre adventure but it’s still a great video

  • Brett Wilder
    Brett Wilder 8 days ago

    i liked it till that one chick took 7 minutes to talk about female representation...i like critic cuz theres no politics in his shows normally but this bitch wants to prattle on for 8 minutes and doesnt even mention sailor earth. Because hes a guy? i assume

  • Brett Wilder
    Brett Wilder 8 days ago

    when that one bitch started talking about sailor moon and didnt mention tuxedo mask/Sailor Earth i wanted to smack a bitch

  • Xeroh
    Xeroh 8 days ago


  • token battel
    token battel 8 days ago

    Powerpuff girls is bad

  • HiddenInTheLight
    HiddenInTheLight 8 days ago

    Did I eat too much glue as a kid or was Code Lyoko in the Toonami lineup?

  • Lonly Wanderer
    Lonly Wanderer 8 days ago

    51:39 One piece is "it's the journey, not the destination" the anime. Luffy doesn't even care what the one piece is or if it's real or not, he's just out for adventure.

  • Lonly Wanderer
    Lonly Wanderer 8 days ago

    49:38 but luckily 4kids was only able to butcher to the end of Alabasta, then someone better fixed it

  • Lonly Wanderer
    Lonly Wanderer 8 days ago

    41:44 Naruto was on Toonami?

  • Dude With a poorly drawn mustache

    Why did they only use footage from the Skypia arc when talking about one piece?

  • Mild Monster
    Mild Monster 8 days ago

    Is Doug seriously implying that the spirit detective shit is better than the shonen action

  • Alchemist Ghost
    Alchemist Ghost 8 days ago +1

    Hamtaro is the first anime I ever watched

  • ss kid buu
    ss kid buu 9 days ago

    Go to hell gt a good seres

  • TK-576
    TK-576 9 days ago

    6:36 Song name?

  • Ben Briefs
    Ben Briefs 9 days ago

    Reboot looks so fucking ugly, fight me on it.

  • Hexalys Walker
    Hexalys Walker 9 days ago

    God I hated Hamtaro.

  • Harles Bently
    Harles Bently 9 days ago

    where is inuyashi?! cause seriously It was so popular that when toonami shut down it was continued on adult swim. where is that shit come on now.

  • James E.
    James E. 9 days ago

    Ginger was the wild card

  • Despiro
    Despiro 9 days ago

    Video:Demons living inside you is cool but aliens are better
    Video:Ben 10

  • Saikex
    Saikex 10 days ago

    Hey Doug, don’t feel too bad about not getting Hamtaro. Frankly many of us didn’t get it either.
    This is just a theory, and I can’t prove it, but the emergence of Hamtaro in Toonami may have been a sign of an internal conflict with Cartoon Network’s producers.
    Perhaps they were getting too many complaints about the violence kids were watching right after school. So this was Toonami’s attempt to comply with the network demands. Clearly it didn’t work, as Hamtaro didn’t last very long in Toonami and later got moved outside the block.
    Hamtaro, as iconic to Toonami’s initial identity as it was, to me will always be an early sign of something that was much worse to come... Miguzi, the watered down, kid friendly block that ruined late afternoons for everyone. Worst part about it (or best, depending on viewpoint lol) is that it didn’t last long either.

  • BlueDragon992
    BlueDragon992 10 days ago

    No one's gonna mention how they once showed the first two episodes of *Neon Genesis Evangelion* of all shows (albeit in a heavily edited form)? Two years before Adult Swim showed the rest of the series unedited, no less!?
    Okay, then...

  • TheMegaGamingWizard
    TheMegaGamingWizard 10 days ago

    I was too young i vaguely ever remember seeing toonami. Then i heard it got canceled i felt like i missed out. Then they put it back on c:

  • PC Budget Race
    PC Budget Race 10 days ago

    I truly truly tried to watch dragon ball z growing up in the 90s when it came out, and I just couldn't. I found it completely ignorant and just felt like I was losing brain cells watching it. To the point I actually lost friends who couldn't seem to do anything after school but watch that crap. I'm not sure if it's because I was too old being 15 when it first showed, that I couldn't seem to get the stupidity of the show or what it was. Every kid and teen around me loved that show. But to me Dragon Ball is absolutely one of the dumbest cartoons ever made.

  • Racool
    Racool 10 days ago

    Thank you guys for educating me about the prehistoric life of the previous millennium

  • Racool
    Racool 10 days ago +1

    Huh so that’s what South Park and Teen Titans Go where referencing

  • ilpalazzo3
    ilpalazzo3 10 days ago +1

    Tamara is so hot in this one

  • werewolf873
    werewolf873 10 days ago

    i'd love to see a kids W.B. next

  • Plushmation Studio
    Plushmation Studio 10 days ago +1

    I love Toonami it had my favorite anime's of all time Sailor Moon Hamtaro Dragonball Z Pokemon Inyusha 💝 and it's forever in my heart forever ^_^

    • Keith Holder
      Keith Holder 6 days ago +2

      Yes I am a huge fan of sailor moon themed universe and thank you so much for anything you do in the future again mr. N.c

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 11 days ago

    Like Doug's ever seen Thundercats 2011. What an idiot.

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 11 days ago

    Sorry, Doug. But the reboot of Thundercats was awesome and definately worth a Netflix continuation. Screw Cartoon Network! And yes, Doug we DO like coming of age or growing up stories. Even in the original Lion O grew up too fast! But only in body not in mind. His brain needed to catch up and he had much to learn to be a hero. Only things that sucked were how much of a dickhead Tygra was as Lion O's adopted brother in this show (a weird change IMO) and Tygra getting Cheetara and not Lion O. WTF?! However a timeskip apparently would enable Lion O to date and eventually marry a grown up and apparently quite hot Wily Kit. Thundercats Roar on the other hand? Kill it with fire! We don't need ANOTHER Teen Titans Go! We have Rise of the TMNT for that!

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 11 days ago


  • Morgan 3000
    Morgan 3000 11 days ago


  • kozioł
    kozioł 12 days ago

    Dragon Ball GT was a black sheep of a show, but it wasn't bad. It was pretty good actually

  • pieonmymind
    pieonmymind 12 days ago

    Sasuke looks nothing like vegeta