1 Year Airflow Experiment - The Stunning Conclusion

  • Published on Feb 27, 2018
  • Our 1 year airflow experiment FINALLY comes to it's stunning conclusion - this stuff, it's dusty.
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Comments • 4 914

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 2 days ago

    I have always loved this idea
    Intake air is bubbled through a water tank, trapping al dust and other nasty things, a fine wire filter on the intake would prevent bugs and stuff getting into the water. the air is then extracted from the top of the tank, above the water, into a computer case which his total sealed off from the outside, apart from a 400 fan at the rear, which is doing all that work.
    Cooler the water in the tank, cooler the air entering the case, and if the case were constructed from toughened glass and if the exhaust fan had a flap that sealed it, if the fan stopped. I reckon it could look really cool
    If only I had the time to build one.
    Mineral oil, nice idea, but very messy when you want to rig it a different way or want to upgrade etc. I'l keep to using that on my chopping block thanks.

  • Caden Epp
    Caden Epp 2 days ago

    i can smell dust just watching this

  • DraelinDK
    DraelinDK 2 days ago

    And filter the air coming in from mobo i/o

  • Sethei
    Sethei 2 days ago


  • AquariusPlaysGames
    AquariusPlaysGames 4 days ago

    for you it takes a year to get this many dust but for me it makes 1month

  • Threetree583059
    Threetree583059 5 days ago

    Did the video pay for the power you wasted

  • Pasha Master
    Pasha Master 6 days ago

    so you were talking only about dust in the case. not a word about temp :D

  • McFumble Blaast
    McFumble Blaast 6 days ago +4

    My conclusion is : always have filter in front fan airflow going in duh

    ADOENDRA 9 days ago

    Not a correct test . Not all cases have the same amount of fans on the same spot . I even see one case without fan in the bottom . Oneven conditions have uneven results.

  • Michal_King
    Michal_King 9 days ago

    Linus, Im a bit late but thats not Audi

  • Riyamu
    Riyamu 10 days ago

    So everywhere where there is a dust filter you need to have fans blowing in.

  • Herman Wooster
    Herman Wooster 10 days ago

    Huh, the negative air flow one looked the cleanest.

  • ꧁ ҉꧂
    ꧁ ҉꧂ 10 days ago

    Luke is like that good old friend that i never had lol

  • Pedro Soares
    Pedro Soares 11 days ago

    According to this, top Intake and bottom exaust should yield the best results when it comes to dust, am i right?

  • oldskoolhead0
    oldskoolhead0 12 days ago

    makes me laugh, got a new case yesterday for water cooling, it has dust filters on top and front where the radiators go, not wanting to blow the hot air from my radiators back into the case that makes these filters redundant, the rear fan is also sent from the factory blowing air in accross the nb area (which is what you want if everything else is l/c and there is no dust filter on this fan, what kind of fuckery is this? is my pc just an air conditioning unit to keep my house dust free?

  • ツSc0peZ
    ツSc0peZ 13 days ago

    Who thinks water cooled pc is cleaner? 👇

  • ertauren
    ertauren 15 days ago

    "for this particular case" :D

  • Fahrul Mashabi
    Fahrul Mashabi 15 days ago

    how about the temp?
    which one is better?

  • Nathan Clukey
    Nathan Clukey 16 days ago

    best tech vid ever!

  • Billy Bob123
    Billy Bob123 16 days ago

    I was blowing on the screen the whole time

  • Dangerbrine
    Dangerbrine 17 days ago +4

    There’s a lot, I haven’t cleaned my pc in 2-3 years.

  • Lion 94
    Lion 94 17 days ago +1

    my pc looks dirtier than this in a month.

  • Alexantron
    Alexantron 19 days ago

    Me: Why are more more and more people watching this?
    Queen: Because another one bites to dust.
    VSauce: But does he?

  • chuckyz2
    chuckyz2 21 day ago

    The one that had all out was the best. You just left the intake on the back unfiltered. If there was a screen on that one it would have been much cleaner on the inside. Anywhere air comes in should be filtered. No need for filters on exhausts. And the filters should be able to keep any dust from passing through. Computer filters seem to all be to porous. Yet if paper filters were used, then more maintenance would be required. Flow would be reduced also.

  • Matt West
    Matt West 22 days ago

    Very interesting results! Especially surprised by Inny myself!
    Also, not even joking, In all these cases, that is, with variance.
    This is how much dust I get through / stuck on my air filters on my computer in 1-3 weeks thanks to my parrot lol xD
    It is a nightmare! I even covered up all the chassi holes around the case to force air through the filters.
    Air compressor is a must lol!

  • Robert Phoenix
    Robert Phoenix 22 days ago

    @2:34 "really makes me wonder how it is that people get their computers disgusting enough to be like gummed up."
    Simple: Pets, Little kids, Carpets, Cloth covered furniture (like couches) and running them in a higher humidity environments then a workshop.

  • z1mt0n1x
    z1mt0n1x 22 days ago

    4th year of using two NZXT H2 cases with identical setups of 3 fans in and 1 fan out, a push-pull configuration on the CPU and blower-style GPU fan... The little dust that came through after cleaning the filters once in a while are insignificant. I taped the honey mesh as well as the expansion brackets on the back just to avoid air getting sucked in where its not supposed to get in.
    I live in an apartment with my wife, a kid, 3 cats and some friends visiting every now and then. Think I have opened my PC to clean it 3 times since I bought the case 4 years ago, but I never had to clean neither CPU or GPU. The tiny amount of micro-dust that actually comes through gets stuck on the GPU PCB, which is the only thing I ever clean in my PC. Didn't open PC to clean it, but to replace thermal paste and pads, dusting off the GPU while I was in there just because.
    Good case, NZXT did a great job with this one! :)

  • Fandabidozi
    Fandabidozi 23 days ago +9

    I sneezed 8 times my eyes are watery and I have rashes all over my body from watching this video

  • Aaron Hill
    Aaron Hill 23 days ago

    I wonder how In-betweeny would have faired with intake on front and back and outblown top and bottom...

  • username denied
    username denied 23 days ago

    The Truman Show.

  • icy1007
    icy1007 23 days ago

    Why doesn’t Luke work there anymore?!

  • Ness
    Ness 24 days ago

    Wait isn’t that the guy who got a free gaming pc?

  • LeitoAE HachiRoku
    LeitoAE HachiRoku 24 days ago

    Well.. The inbetween setup definetelly needs dust filters more often to be cleaned, because they work as they were designed to. When you have fans to pull air out of the case you don't need dust filters at all, because all you did with those filters you filtered the air that was going out of the case, and you keept the dust between your case and dust filters...

  • Ahmi Darrow
    Ahmi Darrow 24 days ago +5

    Smoking & having pets in the same room as your pc is where the mad dust comes from in my personal experience of pc repair over 10+ years.

  • T Bone
    T Bone 24 days ago

    I assume that really gross looking PCs come from people who smoke in the house

  • Arian Uddin
    Arian Uddin 25 days ago

    Linus is holding a phone, I wonder if it is for a review.

  • W Rags
    W Rags 25 days ago +1

    Clearly neither of these guys has tried to clean computers owned by smokers with pets. The cig tar turns into a glue almost and the fur becomes like sticky furry dryer lint. It is truly awful. I told my step-father (RIP) to get his off the floor, so he put it up on his desk. Better, right? Well, not if you put your ashtray right in front of the intake fans. And you smoke a ton. After a year the inside was like black honey dripping off everything. I pulled the HDD, threw the system in the trash, and got him buy a new one.

    1) smoking is terrible for you, and not good on your PC either
    2) smoking, pets, and computers don't mix well
    3) trying to clean smoky, furry, tarry computers IS NOT WORTH IT. It can never be cleaned enough.

  • kart0ns
    kart0ns 25 days ago

    best would be to get average temps over this year for all 3 setups, dust is one thing, but thermal efficiency is greatly dependant on how clean fans, filters and radiators are

  • michael mooney
    michael mooney 25 days ago +1

    Linus you have a teleprompter don't you. TOLTT.

  • Loanix
    Loanix 26 days ago

    I HAD A THREE YEAR STREAK WITHOUT CLEANING MY PC, but I cleaned it yesterday. And I can hear a massive difference in the fan volume, and improved performance whilst playing games.

  • /
    / 26 days ago

    Which ones ran the coolest tho

  • Blahue
    Blahue 27 days ago

    this is nowhere as bad as my friends computer that i cleaned i don't even know how her cpu hadn't died yet it basically didn't have any airflow

  • palarious
    palarious 27 days ago +2

    Dang. So..... outie is the way to go, with dust filters on all the unpowered air intakes?
    Didn't see that coming.

    • GreekBoss
      GreekBoss 15 days ago

      how about the temp of outie

  • Pablo David Jimenez
    Pablo David Jimenez 29 days ago

    Worst LTT video ever

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger Month ago

    its what i would have expected, i have an all outie but i use an h100i for the cpu and the gpu has its own outie as does the psu, the gpu runs about 1 degree higher so what? all i ever have to do is pop out the filters on my cosmos II smack them across my thigh once a week and it never even has to be turned off, i dont think its ever been shut down except for updating. the cosmos II is the best home server case there is.11 standard drive slots which is 22 ssd's, 2 hot swaps, and you could sticky tack more drives but why? the space for cable managment is the awesomium process all the guild leaders warned you about

  • Kenchi Yoriyoshi
    Kenchi Yoriyoshi Month ago

    I would never ever let it get that bad. Fuck, if i see as a single spec of dust in my build I Take it all apart blow compressed air into it and clean the shit out of it.

  • Tmraider
    Tmraider Month ago

    Over half of this is worthless crap, most people are looking for information that should only take a few minutes. This is garbage, it tries to be entertainment but it comes off very stupid. Even the background music is annoying AF. - won't subscribe to this shitty channel!!

  • Filip Třeba
    Filip Třeba Month ago +9

    A little late to the party, but:
    a) should've done thermals first!
    b) blowing air in without filter doesn't reduce the amount of dust inside. Who would've thought?

  • Asadujjaman Nur
    Asadujjaman Nur Month ago

    What case did you use for this??? Looks minimalistic and fantastic...
    Please reply...

    • Asadujjaman Nur
      Asadujjaman Nur 27 days ago

      I searched this and looks like the case in the video... Thanks...

    • Felix Zimmermann
      Felix Zimmermann 27 days ago

      not 100% sure : fractal design define r5

  • Rhys Satterfield
    Rhys Satterfield Month ago

    my school never cleans computer for dust

  • John Ayap
    John Ayap Month ago

    can you use the Opolar as a CPU/GPU cooler?? come on.. im late i know that..

  • flyingpigmonkey1
    flyingpigmonkey1 Month ago

    The worst thing you can do for dust buildup is have shedding pets.

  • brian gallia
    brian gallia Month ago

    Just put it in a big plastic bag. No more dust.

  • Dżajkowski
    Dżajkowski Month ago +1

    10 year airflow challenge ?! Made by Linus Jr.

  • Birb101
    Birb101 Month ago

    Try having a bird room with 6 budgies and then place your desktop 1m away from the bird cage and birds get to fly around the whole day... 3 months in and I could make a pillow out of the dust I get in there! The dust comes from their seeds, vitamins, skin, the material around their brand new feathers, the wood pieces on their cage floor, stuff they shred etc. lol Your towers look clean compared to mine after 1 month! lol And my air management is mixed (in and out). I clean my pc every 2 months or whenever my pc starts restarting randomly :D The tower runs only 3 to 5 hours daily! :D

  • Mehmet Gündaş
    Mehmet Gündaş Month ago

    pls nerf luke's cuteness

  • joker Darker
    joker Darker Month ago


  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget Month ago

    I'm thinking of removing my glass side panel, and using a perforated piece of sheet aluminum, cut and drilled to fit and hold a fan on a bracket to suck air as well as from the front, exhaust is top and back, three fans. Planning on also putting a dust mesh on the outside, but my question is, would this be good or bad? The fan would have to be placed perpendicular to the inlet flow from the front, and since the panel will freely flow air, there wouldn't be much "pressure" inside, to allow a particular direction, so would the idea of having the "exposed" side allowing ambient temp air to seep in and exchange freely be beneficial, or should I just leave the glass on and let the air flow of two 120mm intakes from the front do its work?

  • chris ziebell
    chris ziebell Month ago

    nice dust bunny huts

    MCES LEX Month ago

    These guys ate total idiots and don't know how to conduct a controlled test.

  • SkeleHaz
    SkeleHaz Month ago

    I plant potatoes in my setup

  • malkom1123
    malkom1123 Month ago

    fan placement is different...does it make a difference?

  • Aaron Fisher
    Aaron Fisher Month ago

    Luke come baaaaaack

  • spectre vector
    spectre vector Month ago

    I always remove the fine screens for exhaust fans.

  • John Butt
    John Butt Month ago

    You use all in-y except you put filters directly onto the fans. That way all the air that's getting pulled into the case is getting filtered and being pushed out elsewhere keeping the dust away

  • Jo-Erlend Schinstad

    There's probably different kinds of dust on the back of your desk than dust coming from construction.

  • nuke7
    nuke7 Month ago

    the problem with the "inny" is that they should have put filters on all the intakes - like the top of the case!

  • Martin Schou
    Martin Schou Month ago +3

    It could have been interesting if you had weighed each computer (down to milligrams) before they were powered on. See just how much dirt and dust each setup had collected.

  • Azarilh
    Azarilh Month ago

    My PC is on the floor... ! Without the filters!!

  • tommy boy
    tommy boy Month ago

    clean mine every week dosnt take long if you always do a little

    BLKBRDSR71 Month ago +1

    My PC is mostly an outie. I have one 120mm fan blowing out the front of the case. That's it.

  • [GD] Pythonbites
    [GD] Pythonbites Month ago +3

    This is why i love LTT. There are things that i wonder, like this. Then Linus makes a video about it.

  • Ebuzer Taha Kanat
    Ebuzer Taha Kanat Month ago

    best combo according to takeaways: make your in way fans filtered, make most of them outy, make bottom ones outy, make gpu one outy, make top ones iny, which will be like this : top filtered in, sides and bottom filtered outy.

  • mr zoid
    mr zoid Month ago +1


  • M. de k.
    M. de k. Month ago

    Wait the youtube algorithm makes me start at the conclusion? How nice of youtube

  • Alexander Nguyen
    Alexander Nguyen 2 months ago

    my allergies

  • Chris Tobald
    Chris Tobald 2 months ago

    thoses fans are better thans noctuas, in term of noise, at least... i have the same case, but i clean them one time per month, its quick...

  • nobody
    nobody 2 months ago

    all out fans (neg pressure) works great if you do it right, i have it all out the back and a filtered air intake high up on the side (and yes the blower, blowing out on the floor of the case), not much dust gets in.

  • Turrebo
    Turrebo 2 months ago

    I'd say filter the incoming air, but not the outgoing air.
    Eventually the filters for air out will get clogged, thus preventing a good air flow.

    Or you could -dust- just clean the filters from time to time. I don't know. I thought RGB would fix everything.

  • rchew2 TehBecks
    rchew2 TehBecks 2 months ago

    Outy is seriously flawed, you didn’t have any fans in the bottom... so the negative air pressure turned the bottom filter into an intake for Outy

  • Frédéric Jeanbart
    Frédéric Jeanbart 2 months ago

    Quite interesting thanks! To see a negative pressure case staying relatively clean considering where it was (I would've guess that it would've been full of dust). It looks like with a "very" negative pressure, it's sufficient to blow out the dust and keep the case clean inside. 3:20: have you guys open the GC, just to see if there was a dust built up inside (since it looks like a blower card rather than an open card)?

  • Optik-Dust
    Optik-Dust 2 months ago

    That asian have a lvl 80 cammo skill

  • Mysticsayajin
    Mysticsayajin 2 months ago

    Why does this feel better than watching porn? Seeing all those components!!!

  • Master Chief 00117
    Master Chief 00117 2 months ago

    I use static clink sheet for clothes... I get zero dust. Just replace the sheets once every 90 days. problem solved...

  • Free Playz
    Free Playz 2 months ago

    guess what....

    Read more

  • Lane super DUPER Minecraft

    My computer was running for 3 years not cleaned when I was a noob

  • Sam Cartwright
    Sam Cartwright 2 months ago

    "I dont know how people get their computers all gummed up".... add 1 cat into this "scientific experiment.

  • Pamela Husky
    Pamela Husky 2 months ago

    I've seen computers from 20 years ago that weren't opened once that weren't that bad and didn't even need cleaning.

  • hi
    hi 2 months ago

    I left mine on for 4 years, hey want to clean it?

  • DestructiveBurn
    DestructiveBurn 2 months ago

    You should watch the Alienware Aurora-R4 video I did. It was never cleaned. I even had to replace the fans because of cigarette smoke damage. However, the system still works great.
    It was far worse than your disty builds.

  • Rob Fed
    Rob Fed 2 months ago

    This gives me so much anxiety lol

  • Schattenmacker
    Schattenmacker 2 months ago

    Can anyone tell me since when theyve been supporting tunnelbear again?

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S 3 months ago

    Clean your computers, kids

    ΛIDΛN 3 months ago

    I just randomly though of the first video 2 years later

  • revealsins2me
    revealsins2me 3 months ago

    were was the no fan pc?

  • Säsch
    Säsch 3 months ago

    Wow i came 1 year to late. xD anyway ihave an 3000 dollar rig with that kind of price in mind i clean my rig on a monthly basis

  • Swolenator
    Swolenator 3 months ago +1

    I had a stink bug somehow get in my PC. My GPU wasn't working opened it up and a dead stink bug was in my GPU fan think was a 660 so i assume it overheated and died

  • Rab Coutts
    Rab Coutts 3 months ago +1

    so... from this, i have confirmed common sense, balanced airflow and monthly dustings are solid. done

  • lyo0
    lyo0 3 months ago

    Outy partner

  • H Dug
    H Dug 3 months ago

    Pretty sure that "Outy" should mean that there is positive air pressure in the case blowing air out, not negative pressure external to the case sucking air out.