Top 20 Incredible Bridges You Have To See To Believe

  • Published on Jun 24, 2018
  • Bridges are an important innovation in infrastructure and architecture, allowing us to traverse areas in relative safety. Here are 20 of the most incredible and amazing bridges you'll ever see!
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  • A Fig
    A Fig 7 hours ago

    It's funny that China holds records for both the longest and tallest bridges.

  • A Fig
    A Fig 7 hours ago

    Oh! I get it, Moses bridge! Because it's make believe.

  • Mette Eske-Lund
    Mette Eske-Lund 9 days ago

    Øresunds bridge is danish

  • lee senger
    lee senger 17 days ago

    So many facts wrong!

  • James Pyle
    James Pyle 22 days ago +2

    Tower bridge was not built in the late 1900's 😐

    VIKAS P 27 days ago

    No.4 Living Root bridges, India

  • Curtis Barkes
    Curtis Barkes 29 days ago

    The photos of the locations are amazing. That being said, whoever did the "research" of the "facts" in the video is an idiot.

  • Clyde Balcom
    Clyde Balcom Month ago

    You forgot the Brooklyn bridge.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    The Thames is pronounced tems not fames xd

  • jennyyy
    jennyyy Month ago +1

    I live in San Francisco and honestly the Golden Gate Bridge is amazing like if you think the golden gate was beautiful

  • Nikhil Agarwal
    Nikhil Agarwal Month ago

    There are many amazing bridges in india than mentioned in your list!! Some bridges are actually architectural accomplishments. For ex one of the highest altitude bridge is in sikkim, india also there are many such amazing bridges in south india too. You should look into it and may find contents for a full video.

  • Louden Rangel
    Louden Rangel Month ago

    Moses parted the red sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saad Muhammad
    Saad Muhammad Month ago

    Alam bridge built over the gilgit river..... ohhh wait why dont you mention Pakistan

  • Saad Muhammad
    Saad Muhammad Month ago

    400000 euros 😑 REALLYYY!!!!

  • Anthony Adkins
    Anthony Adkins 2 months ago

    New river gorge bridge in West Virginia is my favorite

  • Jules MUHIRE
    Jules MUHIRE 2 months ago

    No 2 bridge

  • Alex Hamilton
    Alex Hamilton 2 months ago

    So many errors in this video 🙄

  • Jack Duggan
    Jack Duggan 2 months ago +1

    The longest bridge is Hong Kong to Macau.

  • Glenn Luxton guitarViolinFiddle and more eh ?

    Never crossed any. :-(

  • Nate Malm
    Nate Malm 2 months ago +1

    My physics teacher showed us this video (because for some reason we're now working with bridges) in class.
    He told us all to subscribe. (If you don't believe me then don't)


    Its pronounced Temz Thames. Odd ya got the harder names.

  • exactinmidget92
    exactinmidget92 2 months ago

    im not from europe but even i know that 400k price tag is bullshit.

  • Peter Eklund
    Peter Eklund 2 months ago +2

    You are fudging stupid dude. All the facts are wrong and how the fudge is that painted Lego bridge on first place. please delete this channel and do something creative and useful with your life.

    • Peter Eklund
      Peter Eklund 2 months ago

      @douglas laius lundgren honedly

    • douglas laius lundgren
      douglas laius lundgren 2 months ago +1

      I agree this fudging dude is stupid, he makes bad content and like all his statements are wrong. I would honedly buy his channel just to delete it.

  • Miss Melody
    Miss Melody 2 months ago

    Removing ear wax

  • oldman
    oldman 2 months ago

    I think the Danyang-Kunshsan Bridge is more an elevated road than a bridge...

  • Srta.TacoMal
    Srta.TacoMal 2 months ago +4

    When he said "1900s" my brain autocorrected to "19th century". Still, I was most bothered by the pronunciation of Thames.

  • Farmboygaming
    Farmboygaming 3 months ago

    what about the y bridge

  • Chriller4life E
    Chriller4life E 3 months ago

    Øresund bridge is Danish...Why, the Danish made it!!

  • Dok Bob
    Dok Bob 3 months ago

    There is a letter T in the number 20. Please pronounce it.

    • Dok Bob
      Dok Bob 3 months ago

      Correction two letters T. Both should be pronounced.

  • Ray Dring
    Ray Dring 3 months ago

    Gateshead UK Millennium bridge

  • Adam Clark
    Adam Clark 3 months ago

    Lego bridge

  • Beautiful Monster
    Beautiful Monster 3 months ago

    German Bridges are best !

  • Thomas Protentis
    Thomas Protentis 4 months ago

    WHAT ABOUT THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE!?!?! its a stone construction that is still standing today. Or the Verrazano bridge?

  • quickfoxxes
    quickfoxxes 4 months ago

    "Fact-filled" in your commentary does not necessarily imply truth!! Moses crossed the Red Sea, not the Nile River and the River Thames is not pronounced THA mes, but TIMS. Geography is not a strong suit of most Americans and few people try to find a correct pronunciation before they speak out. I am a teacher and encounter this all the time.
    People are jealous of how we pronounce the proper nouns in their localities and will correct any tourist, gently, but forcefully, as a matter of pride of place. We Americans do this all the time. Good visuals and compilation in the video.

  • CoinChart0
    CoinChart0 4 months ago

    Number one is a concrete bridge painted like Lego, Golden Gate Bridge, Bridges 100s of metres high and 1000s of metres long are overcome by a concrete bridge painted like Lego, Seriously?

  • Roddingham
    Roddingham 4 months ago

    Wow, you need to redo audio and correct all the errors

  • dkgiovenco
    dkgiovenco 4 months ago +1

    I was enjoying this video until bridge #1. What a sellout!!!!

  • Mary Spain
    Mary Spain 4 months ago

    i think that the most amazing bridge was the natural one made from the tree roots. Moses did not part the Nile river it was the Red Sea and a few other mistakes were present here so i wonder about the one i dint know about . Facts should be checked before posting or at least add an edit to explain the mistakes.

  • Captain Sarcasm
    Captain Sarcasm 4 months ago

    Wow! The last one was incredible. Those others were just silly.

  • Gene Hunter
    Gene Hunter 4 months ago

    Is slaughtering the pronunciation of these places the latest fashion or simply a demonstration of how not to do it?

  • The Badger
    The Badger 4 months ago

    You pronounced “Thames” wrong. It’s not pronounced as it’s spelt.
    Check here for its correct pronunciation,

  • Ken actOFkindness
    Ken actOFkindness 4 months ago +2

    red sea parted not the nile --lol moses bridge, 3.36 into video

  • zoomom
    zoomom 4 months ago


  • kenneth peter oliver
    kenneth peter oliver 4 months ago

    They started to build the Tower Bridge in 1886

  • MoodIndigoNL
    MoodIndigoNL 4 months ago

    I can understand that some names of foreign bridges are hard to pronounce in their native language, but come on... These prenounciations are just sign of ignorance. Or maybe I am expecting just a bit too much...

  • Dale Martin
    Dale Martin 5 months ago

    Red Sea you idiot.

  • April Rye
    April Rye 5 months ago

    The inaccuracies of the narration is a huge bummer. I’ve come to expect more from this channel.

  • PeanutManBros
    PeanutManBros 5 months ago

    Moses split the red sea you idiot.

  • Freddo Flintstono
    Freddo Flintstono 5 months ago

    #3 "The most amazing thing about this bridge is the amount of weight it can take to sustain the transport of both commercial boats and pedestrians." That's a rather unkind thing to say about pedestrians 😂

  • Joe Wiekierak
    Joe Wiekierak 5 months ago

    Lmao "moses parted the Nile."

  • Ted Haas
    Ted Haas 5 months ago

    You forgot the 7 Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys.

  • 10foradollar ramen
    10foradollar ramen 5 months ago

    Many mistakes in this. No research done or the dog ate your homework--every night? The bridge date is wrong. Also the river it crosses over is pronounced "Tems" not "Th-ay-mes". And Moses did not "split the Nile River". According to the Bible, God parted the Red Sea so the Israelites could cross...and escape a pursuing Pharaoh.

  • C. McClanahan
    C. McClanahan 5 months ago

    What the hell happened to the Chesapeake Bay bridge at 5.1 miles long and 130 feet high?

  • Grumpy Grandad
    Grumpy Grandad 5 months ago +1

    Tower bridge built in l late 1900s.....????? Really

  • Fuk Er
    Fuk Er 5 months ago +1

    i hate this guys voice

    • soup
      soup 5 months ago


  • Dj Genius
    Dj Genius 5 months ago

    The Chinese are definitely leading, wow, how the build those,,,amazing

  • Dj Genius
    Dj Genius 5 months ago

    Did he say moses splits the Nile river? Wow

  • Jay McConnell
    Jay McConnell 5 months ago

    Be amazed! I am amazed at the low quality of this production, which idiot put it together?

  • Roo63
    Roo63 5 months ago

    Brilliant, thank you :) Surprised you omitted the "Tees Transporter Bridge" in Middlesbrough, England, built in 1907? You will like that one :)

  • Aphex28
    Aphex28 5 months ago +1

    I'd like to give an honorable mention to the New River Gorge Bridge.

    • paul fidrus
      paul fidrus 3 months ago +1

      Been there plenty of times, It's amazing

  • Stephen Goddard Manchester UK, time capsule blogs

    a knight a fecking knight in 1860 are you insane
    michael knight , idiot, sorry if you are mentally ill, devils bridge more like the shit bridge

  • Andrew Burley
    Andrew Burley 5 months ago

    When you reach the Autistic side of youtube again......

  • steen jorgensen
    steen jorgensen 5 months ago

    You missed the Confederation Bridge that spans 8 miles between PEI and NB canada. It is the longest multi span bridge over ice covered waters. It is one of Canada’s top engineering achievements in the 20th century. Maybe not as historic or unique as the others you have featured but still an impressive bridge to see and drive over.

  • Das Kellerfestbier
    Das Kellerfestbier 5 months ago

    Don't have the Forth Rail bridge in Scotland. Poor video.

  • jasonsmetal89
    jasonsmetal89 5 months ago

    Moses parted the red sea, not the Nile river, dipshit.

  • Don Fields
    Don Fields 5 months ago

    Which bridge amazed me the most?....the one you didnt screw up describing, but oh yes there wasnt one, lol, joke, but seriously do your homework or im done, getting incorrect info is NOT acceptable, if you dont KNOW it as fact, then just dont say it, whats the point?

  • Don Fields
    Don Fields 5 months ago

    And where was the policeman stationed at the bridge? taking a leak, or blazin a spliff?

  • Don Fields
    Don Fields 5 months ago

    I agree, how could you screw so much up on one simple video, and the nile river...shouldnt even have to google that, well you should but most... no. I hope your emberassed enough to maybe fact check your blabber first, grade F-

  • SteelJunky
    SteelJunky 5 months ago

    4:51 Anyone see that ???

  • Lance Boil
    Lance Boil 5 months ago +3

    Tower bridge was not built in the "late 1900's." It was built in the late 1800's. Get it right!

    • Stéphane Smith
      Stéphane Smith 2 months ago

      I think he wanted to say at the end of the nineteen century