• Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Welcome to this installment of "Is she okay? No, really... is she okay?"
    check out joe!!
    organizing my electronics for the 1st time!
    trying to pull my life together!
    dumped for the dumbest reason!
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Comments • 11 558

  • Sammie H
    Sammie H 44 minutes ago

    this TRIGGERS me lol. Let me help you girl 😂

  • Jasmine Walker
    Jasmine Walker 7 hours ago

    I’m currently reading The Girl on the Train😂

  • Mc31liam
    Mc31liam Day ago

    when you make a video about cleaning your book shelf and it turns into a mail time video

  • Aracely Garcia
    Aracely Garcia Day ago

    Me: *sees Fiernhiet 451* Oh wow just got done reading that book in school.

  • Alexa Morgan
    Alexa Morgan Day ago

    All of these cleaning videos are really inspiring me to go home after school and clean

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time Day ago


  • kyriadraconus
    kyriadraconus Day ago

    What is that big black trilogy set?! It looks super interesting but the camera doesn't focus on it enough for me to read what it is!

  • Ashley Espinoza Salazar

    She sounds like she mad 11:45

  • Jess RWE
    Jess RWE Day ago


  • Blu Hampton
    Blu Hampton 2 days ago

    Pause at exactly 11:35 you will not be disappointed

  • sadie sills
    sadie sills 2 days ago

    i love how Gabbie has 4-5 of her own books in the background

  • rainbay tormsay ourfay

    Ever read a book so good you aggressively flip the pages full speed?

  • carameldrops08
    carameldrops08 2 days ago

    "I just didn't do good at them" oh we can tell

  • Simply Lia07
    Simply Lia07 2 days ago

    These videos really help my anxiety lmao so please keep filming the process of cleaning ur apartment. Ily gab😻

  • Sadie. Godes
    Sadie. Godes 2 days ago

    who else saw a audible ad while watching this video...........because I did!!!!!

  • Abigail Grigsby
    Abigail Grigsby 2 days ago

    omg no joke i have the same shirt as gabbie
    great minds think alike

  • Coriander McGreevy
    Coriander McGreevy 2 days ago

    Ear wax vid please!

  • Noelle Alia
    Noelle Alia 2 days ago +1

    *but is it green eggs and ham*

  • Rainbow Rose
    Rainbow Rose 2 days ago

    OML Gabbie, you have a Pokemon Handbook, I have the exact same one~! Granted I have no freaking idea where on earth it is, but hey! Hopefully I'll find it when I'm helping my parents clean/move house!

  • Shannon S.
    Shannon S. 3 days ago

    Love the doll story! What a great memory

  • Lyndie Best
    Lyndie Best 3 days ago

    "Your erroneous zones," is an awesome book!

  • Colleen Dawn
    Colleen Dawn 3 days ago

    Graceling is actually a really good book. There’s two other books called Bitterblue and Fire

  • Yaidyn Diesch
    Yaidyn Diesch 3 days ago

    I’m cleaning my dirtttty ass room while watching this videos to motivate me

  • Its Just Pam Cake
    Its Just Pam Cake 3 days ago

    Can you do a cleaning the bathroom video????

  • Rachel Levin
    Rachel Levin 3 days ago

    Gabby needs a guy who’s easygoing and listens to + does everything she wants lmao

  • life on the deep end
    life on the deep end 3 days ago +1


  • Gacha Sisters
    Gacha Sisters 3 days ago +1

    I have AR and Im in middle school. I have 230 points

  • Lyvia Walden
    Lyvia Walden 3 days ago

    I went up like five shades of a week in the sun no actual tanning just being in the sun

  • Stephanie Hernandez Maria

    Omg gaby my room is super Duper messy every single day but I was watching your videos of cleaning and you really inspired me to clean my room 🤣🤣🤣

  • Megan Milchanowski
    Megan Milchanowski 4 days ago

    If Gabbie is 28, she MUST be going through her Saturn return right now.

  • Nichole Tysoe-Short
    Nichole Tysoe-Short 4 days ago +1

    I think it's more like 10%....

  • Nichole Tysoe-Short
    Nichole Tysoe-Short 4 days ago +2

    "And when I say before I mean the past 28 years"


  • Jerika Hall
    Jerika Hall 4 days ago

    Might be easier for you to get rid of some books if you do a giveaway.... That way you feel like it's DIRECTLY passing it on....kind of like letting a friend borrow them 🤷

  • K8
    K8 4 days ago

    Why am I living for the cleaning videos

  • Tabie Wolstencroft
    Tabie Wolstencroft 4 days ago

    Graceling isn't that good. You made the right choice. Auther's going at writing though just wasn't a good idea. In my opinion...

  • Brittany Arford
    Brittany Arford 4 days ago

    Also you're apparently supposed to do a bunch of maintenance to your washer/dryer and refrigerator that no one ever told me about but a RU-clip video did.

  • Brittany Arford
    Brittany Arford 4 days ago

    Omg you're me! I'm a year older than you and I've been trying to get my shit together. I actually had a medical bill go to collections because I legit never saw the bill or the collection notice because I didn't have my shit together. But I've got it mostly together now. You got this. I also just vacuumed my vent hahaha.

  • Princess Cupcake Bitch

    Full face of botox and you still look hideous

  • Lanay Goodwyn
    Lanay Goodwyn 4 days ago


  • L Jaw
    L Jaw 4 days ago

    Atlas Shrugged? nuke it from space! there you are done!

    CLAWZGALAW 5 days ago

    I don’t know who the hell you are and how I got here but I love you ...... and I love Joe. 😩😭😭

  • Tangledreamz
    Tangledreamz 5 days ago

    Aw. Love the doll story.

  • Tawnee Denning
    Tawnee Denning 5 days ago

    Can I just say I loved your story about your grandma and I love your beliefs 💚💜

  • Amanda HaleStorm
    Amanda HaleStorm 5 days ago

    Chuck Palahniuk is my fav author. I totally agree that the movie Fight Club is better than the book. Choke, Invisible Monsters, and Lullaby are my favorite ones. I really like Snuff and Haunted but they are pretty vile lol

  • Sunny Holmstrom
    Sunny Holmstrom 5 days ago

    It seems lile he annoys gab 💁

  • Gillimar Alves
    Gillimar Alves 5 days ago

    Her videos give me anxiety. How do you live like this? 😭

  • Annies Gators
    Annies Gators 5 days ago

    16:08 got me confused as hell because literally same. watches jessies video today and never heard about cleaning the vent before her and then on this video heard it wtf

  • B Neal
    B Neal 6 days ago

    FIRSt OFF I LOve your doll story.
    SECOND, you have Graceling,, my bf (soon to be fiance) gave me that book it means so much ahhhh.
    OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it's actually so good. I thought the same thing though when he gave it to me... so I held it for like 3 months and I finally felt guilty for not reading it so I did and now its my fav book lol.
    Also I took the sword cover off I didn't like the cover lol.

  • Autumn Suto
    Autumn Suto 7 days ago

    The girl on the train is the best book I’ve read, the movie was shit!! Snm

  • romani johnson
    romani johnson 8 days ago

    Omg i need the fault in the night stars book ive been trying to look for it and cant find it ANYWHERE!!!

  • Dee ElderPrice
    Dee ElderPrice 8 days ago

    Ok I didnt watch these when they were posted and now I'm moving and having to get rid of stuff and these are so fucking therapeutic

  • Rae J
    Rae J 8 days ago

    "Ooh i forgot i had plants" SAME. 😂

  • middnightsunn
    middnightsunn 8 days ago

    You should make a video of making candles using your old candle jars.

  • Ugly Lyfe
    Ugly Lyfe 8 days ago

    Clean off the front and inside of fridge

  • Jordan Dick
    Jordan Dick 8 days ago

    Different air filters are different times. My household has 3-6 month filters.

  • Rylee Spangenberg
    Rylee Spangenberg 9 days ago


  • Ceren Saltan
    Ceren Saltan 9 days ago

    Gabbie: i have dust allergies
    Also Gabbie: i haven't dusted since december
    Also Gabbie: i never cleaned the air filter

  • Alondrasings
    Alondrasings 10 days ago

    Gabbi not being able to get rid of books is ME

  • Red Balloon
    Red Balloon 10 days ago

    John: Do you have green eggs and ham
    John: Then why is anyone gonna care?
    Me: So nO DoCtOr SuEsE?!?!

  • Tabby_cat
    Tabby_cat 10 days ago

    Gabby deadass said 'i word the name Guidden'

  • Trinity Deleon
    Trinity Deleon 11 days ago


  • Omar Tello
    Omar Tello 11 days ago +2

    Bruh I can just imagine the air quality In gabbie's apartment after she Cleans the air vents👌👌

  • IlovePenguins 163
    IlovePenguins 163 11 days ago

    She can’t hear us, she has Airpods in!

  • rosa carvajal
    rosa carvajal 12 days ago

    Graceling is a great book:)

  • wittle_gacha
    wittle_gacha 12 days ago +1

    DONT even act innocent I will leak your channel your not all innocent your a mischief you not all nice you tried to get a girl to kill herself honestly when you get older I hope you go to *HELL*

  • Bella Sosa
    Bella Sosa 12 days ago

    Do the ear candles!!!

  • Batata Mama
    Batata Mama 13 days ago

    I put art supplies in my big candle jars

    KIMIN3M 13 days ago

    Gabbie, I know most people are over it by now, but I hope you will do that DNA test for a vid! I think it would be really fun to see you learn what your actual heritage is! :)

  • Kayla Goodrich
    Kayla Goodrich 14 days ago

    Gabbie: and everyone told me
    Ad: take you dreams to the next level

  • Iris Beatle
    Iris Beatle 14 days ago

    Your twice my age exactly #FebruaryBirthday

  • Kameron Douglas
    Kameron Douglas 15 days ago

    Ayn rand is a psychopath and her books are severely over-hyped, hard pass

  • Mr. Watson
    Mr. Watson 15 days ago

    Clean yo vents

  • Theresa T
    Theresa T 15 days ago

    go ahead and do the ear candle thing, just make sure you have someone who actually knows what they are doing help you

  • Maddy Chong
    Maddy Chong 15 days ago

    I hope the books were donated!!!

  • emma casteel
    emma casteel 15 days ago

    That fridge doe

  • The Cupit Fam
    The Cupit Fam 15 days ago

    Definitely do the ear wax candles!! I've been wanting to try those!

  • pressed &pasted
    pressed &pasted 16 days ago

    Don't feel bad about not getting rid of books. I save ALL of my books and now I have a pretty decent library of my own that most people my age don't have. And anytime I get rid of a book it's because I genuinely can't even with it. Lol

  • Paisley Elrick
    Paisley Elrick 16 days ago +1

    #gabbie I love you so much youareso weird like me

  • Kassie_ Queen
    Kassie_ Queen 16 days ago

    We still have AR points

  • Deanna Hammitt
    Deanna Hammitt 16 days ago


  • TheLifeOfVex
    TheLifeOfVex 16 days ago

    I got excited when I noticed we have the same shirt, then I realized I am wearing the shirt.. I'm shook 😂😂

  • Kataya Drehmel
    Kataya Drehmel 16 days ago +1

    17:35 when he is FINNALY funnier then Irene (I hope that's how u spell it if not srry)😂😂😂

  • McKenzie Paris
    McKenzie Paris 16 days ago

    I got chills when you told that story about your grandma.

  • Lily Ann
    Lily Ann 16 days ago


  • Willow Summers
    Willow Summers 17 days ago

    I'm the same way with jars lol

  • ashleigh hayles
    ashleigh hayles 17 days ago

    Please sort out your fridge magnets 😭

  • ashleigh hayles
    ashleigh hayles 17 days ago

    I am exactly the same when it comes to books. Why?!! 😭😭 Can’t throw them out whether I’ve read them or haven’t read them, books from the same author have to be the same size, movie characters shouldn’t be on the cover. Like honestly. This is scary. 🤣

  • Mackenzie Hardy
    Mackenzie Hardy 17 days ago

    Finds keys “ the fuck” - Gabbie 2019

  • TheVioletCat
    TheVioletCat 17 days ago

    *wonders why it's so dusty so soon after dusting* "that was three months ago!" "yeahhh... yeah"
    A WHOLE mood. Literally me.

  • SettleDown
    SettleDown 17 days ago

    Your great-grandma story is the most relatable content on RU-clip.

    • SettleDown
      SettleDown 17 days ago

      Also, Codependent No More is fire.

  • ZuZu Songs
    ZuZu Songs 17 days ago

    Some people may call me a soulless freak, but I never cried during "The Fault in Our Star." I think it was because there was to much pressure to cry while reading. Or maybe I'm crazy.

  • Cookie Dream
    Cookie Dream 18 days ago

    Please, please, pleeeeeaaaaase organize your hording room!!!!!! (PLEASE!)

  • stillmikaela
    stillmikaela 18 days ago

    please do that ear wax video

  • Nevaeh Bell
    Nevaeh Bell 18 days ago

    Legit me when asking anyone about that show "pair of kings" i loved that show but it just disappeared and no one remembers it but me as far as i know

  • Kaitlynn Barker
    Kaitlynn Barker 18 days ago

    Gabbi I think we're the same person and I f'ing live for your content.

  • Maddy Rose
    Maddy Rose 18 days ago

    Gabbie: what the fuck was that?
    Gabbie: *picks up spray bottle as if it made the noise but it DIDN’T*

  • -Queen Gxcha-
    -Queen Gxcha- 18 days ago

    13:29 noise
    Gabbie: *thought it was the cleaner because it was on its die but it was on its side before the noise happened*

  • Ashilee Carter-Reagan
    Ashilee Carter-Reagan 18 days ago

    I watched this and realized how many of these books I've read... I need a life

  • Evie Warnaar
    Evie Warnaar 18 days ago

    okay but why did i relate so much with always going to the bathroom with my phone lol

  • Madison Baird
    Madison Baird 18 days ago

    Literally just bought your book because of this vid 😂👌🏼