Could Cardinals trade Josh Rosen to Giants for Odell Beckham, then draft Kyler Murray? | Get Up!

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Mike Greenberg, Adam Schefter, Laura Rutledge and Dan Orlovsky of Get Up! discuss where Kyler Murray could potentially go in the 2019 NFL draft, following reports that he may declare. They also discuss a scenario where the New York Giants trade Odell Beckham to the Cardinals for Josh Rosen, making room for Arizona to select Kyler Murray No. 1 overall.
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Comments • 1 420

  • blake dyer
    blake dyer 2 months ago

    A trash qb for the best wr in the game... 🤔

  • Na je
    Na je 2 months ago

    Update: He’s 5’10..

  • JustAGentleman
    JustAGentleman 2 months ago +1

    You don't trade a young promising QB for a diva WR.

  • Danny Syed
    Danny Syed 2 months ago

    better than baker hahaha gtfo

  • John Diaz
    John Diaz 2 months ago

    Fuck no give up the 6 pick Rosen is better fuck it Rosen is gold and give him Odell and barely .. good night

  • Jim Rhine
    Jim Rhine 2 months ago

    this would be horrible move

  • Elite Scout
    Elite Scout 2 months ago

    Height has NOTHING to do with playing QB!!! Wilson & Brees are TEARING SHIT UP in the NFL! the prototype loving DONKEYS are OLD GARBAGE!!!

  • BrockBGaming
    BrockBGaming 2 months ago

    Watch this happen rEeeaAeKkk

  • Francisco J Ramirez
    Francisco J Ramirez 3 months ago


  • reece breyer
    reece breyer 3 months ago

    Obj one of the best players I know for a potential bust of the year I’m noooo

  • Harrington Benton
    Harrington Benton 3 months ago

    If Murray is sooooo dammed good
    let the GIANTS DRAFT HIM!!!!

  • Lazor _US
    Lazor _US 3 months ago

    Good trade

  • loni garcia
    loni garcia 3 months ago

    Lmao Rosen a bum obj is a proven player in the nfl

  • Anton Hilton
    Anton Hilton 3 months ago

    Stupid is what stupid does

  • Björn Björk
    Björn Björk 3 months ago

    Trading Odell would be a huge mistake. He's the kooky and Saquon is the reserved, and together they form a combo of unparalleled players with complementary energies. One calms the crazy while the other electrifies the sane, and they will both burn you if you turn your head of a millisecond. The Giants need to straighten out their O-line and they'll be fine. Yes, Eli is on the downslide, but give him more time, and give Saquon the ability to run through a clean hole on a regular basis, and they will be able to hang with any team in the NFL.

  • BoDeeN 16
    BoDeeN 16 3 months ago

    Why y'all keep trying to get Odell out of NY ??? He doesn't want to leave NY.... Especially with Barkley there....

  • Jim Churchill
    Jim Churchill 3 months ago

    No knows if Murray is NFL talented until next season no one cares. The teams that drafts him might end up the the greatest bust due to his size and lack of experience.

  • Random sports stuff
    Random sports stuff 3 months ago

    Bro send the drugs you’re on. If you think the Giants are gonna grade a top 5 WR for a potiental bust QB ......... send those shrooms or whatever you’re on my way please

  • Joe Shawcroft
    Joe Shawcroft 3 months ago

    ESPN showing why they are no longer the top football news site. This is ridiculous. If the Giants really wanted Rosen they would have drafted him last year. Rosen was trash last year. Plus they are in a spot to take a franchise QB better than Rosen in Haskins this year and KEEP Odell! They don't have to trade him!

  • Boost Mobile
    Boost Mobile 3 months ago

    hell no Odel a nyg for life

  • Zachary Detzauer
    Zachary Detzauer 3 months ago

    I want whatever drugs they are on..... and anyone saying josh is okay if we trade OBJ How the hell are we going get any were the giants are going to be as worst as the browns and they are talking through their ass if we want a QB we just draft Dwayne Haskins.

  • Dylan Coll
    Dylan Coll 3 months ago

    Odell is a top 3 wr and I wouldn’t even say Rosen is a top 25

  • Robert Mazzarachio
    Robert Mazzarachio 3 months ago

    ESPN = Every stupid peoples network only way OBJ gets traded is to Raiders or 49ers for TWO #1s

  • Justin White
    Justin White 3 months ago

    This will never happen lol Rosen is the guy for the Cards

  • John Sorensen
    John Sorensen 3 months ago

    Dan Orlovsky is even an even worse analyst/commentator than he was a QB in the NFL. WHY DOES GREENY LOVE HIM SO MUCH!??!?

  • Mark Studley
    Mark Studley 3 months ago

    I think it is very feasible that someone could trade their first pick and maybe a third, for Rosen if Arizona go for Kyler. Certainly not Rosen for OBJ though. Kingsbury will kick himself if Kyler is the QB he thinks he is and them doesn't draft him. Cleveland wanted Baker last year when everyone thought they should taken Darnold, Rosen or Allen. Turned out rather well for them.

  • robert stohr
    robert stohr 3 months ago

    Why is the media so obsessed with OBJ getting traded it’s not happening this year, stop it!

  • Daniel000
    Daniel000 3 months ago +1


  • Nationsss
    Nationsss 3 months ago +1

    So were gonna trade a top 5 receiver for a unproven qb that we not even gonna start If we draft one as blueface says "yeah aight"

  • LJ Gaming
    LJ Gaming 3 months ago

    We just need a offence of line not a new QB or WR

  • Pulling Your Trigger Network

    This is the dumbest shit I have ever heard in my life. Ever. Ever. Ever.

    FÜHER FROG 3 months ago

    ESPN running out of ideas

  • William Marquez
    William Marquez 3 months ago

    Yeah right don't make me laugh they can give us their entire team and we still wouldn't give up obj for the any one of their players. Especially not that garbage ass quarterback.

  • Gato356
    Gato356 3 months ago

    This is stupid...damn you

  • SalibaSmash
    SalibaSmash 3 months ago

    If they gonna give Odell why wouldn't they just take Murray?

  • Doug  Fair
    Doug Fair 3 months ago +1

    ESPN is the Fox News and CNN of sports just garbage. Stop saying outlandish statements just for views and actually provide us with well rounded thought out opinions.

  • Ryan Briones
    Ryan Briones 3 months ago

    Lmaaooooooooo! Cardinals would need more than just OBJ?! Hahahaha funny af Rosen is ass

  • Robin Hay
    Robin Hay 3 months ago

    Is that guy actually wearing a hoodie under a suit?

  • Elijah Carter
    Elijah Carter 3 months ago

    This one of the dumbest takes I’ve seen

  • David Canizal
    David Canizal 3 months ago

    Rosen and the first overall for OBJ

    BIG BLUE 3 months ago

    Fuk ata here with This Bullshit that's like 49rs giving up Jerry Rice for the Butt Fumbler

  • Jose Monarrez
    Jose Monarrez 3 months ago

    Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard in my life

  • U Stunod
    U Stunod 3 months ago

    Doug Flutie

  • Derek Guzman
    Derek Guzman 3 months ago

    That trade is so stupid

  • Krumanuk
    Krumanuk 3 months ago

    This guy is an idiot talking Murray is 5'8" and Wilson is 5'11"? Murray is not 5'8" he's 5'11" like Wilson. Some sites list Murray 5'10" but he ain't no 5'8" so that was just a dumb analogy to use.

  • David Vernaza
    David Vernaza 3 months ago

    Kyler Murray may have the intangibles but he won't last in a league were everyone is faster and stronger. He is not built for that kind of punishment.

  • Turtle Tsitoukis
    Turtle Tsitoukis 3 months ago

    Just put Odell at QB

  • Zenoman Knows
    Zenoman Knows 3 months ago

    Hold up, Rosen sucks. This would be a huge steal for Arizona

  • Daniel Vincent morrell
    Daniel Vincent morrell 4 months ago

    The As gotta feel like the guy that told a girl it's okay if she dates other people and then she finds a better guy

  • Timothy Bryant
    Timothy Bryant 4 months ago

    Lmaooooooo funniest ish I've heard in a min

  • Rickie
    Rickie 4 months ago

    kyler is playin baseball....Oakland A's just offered him 15 more million and fast track him to the majors cause he won the heisman trophy, he will be in spring training on feb 15th.

  • James Honore
    James Honore 4 months ago

    Bruh these people get so hype over college QB's every year. Stfu and wait for the season to start. Mayfield will be trash next year watch. Stop trying to compare

  • EnterNameHere
    EnterNameHere 4 months ago

    Welp, there it is....the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard.

  • KAli FA
    KAli FA 4 months ago

    Odell is a proven nfl player. Josh hasn't done shit

  • KAli FA
    KAli FA 4 months ago

    That's right we have a long ways to April. So I don't want to see your bullshit mock drafts. It amazes me how you still have a fucking job!

  • Avidan Rothman
    Avidan Rothman 4 months ago

    this has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

  • Na je
    Na je 4 months ago

    He’s polished , smart , coach-able , why not top5

  • Jake Fitzgerald
    Jake Fitzgerald 4 months ago

    We didnt sign obj to trade him gettlema n said that before this segment even happened and kingsbury said he had been looking at rosen a lot and that he really liked him which is partly why he took the cardinals job. Besides he said that about kyler a year ago. And also rosen wouldnt do shit w our o line and no good receivers saquon cant carry our offense

  • shaneka booker
    shaneka booker 4 months ago

    but everybody said he's too short to be in the nfl and I think that's bullshit if he can play then he can get drafted the height doesn't mean shit if he can throw the ball then he should be a good draft pick. if the dolphins get him then that's cool but I hope the dolphins can snatch josh rosen and then go after offensive lineman and make a line strong enough to protect him. the dolphins can win either way but the cardinals said they will take him with their first pick. if the cardinals take kyler murray and the giants take haskins then we need to go after josh rosen and he will be our starting quarterback trade tannehill and release osweiler

  • shaneka booker
    shaneka booker 4 months ago

    I don't think he will still be on the board but if he is the dolphins will grab him for sure but I think the dolphins should go after josh rosen because he's a great quarterback I like what I see and I would love to see him here in a dolphins uniform. there's a lot of quarterbacks out there but I would consider having him here.

  • giant dome
    giant dome 4 months ago

    Drugs are bad ummm Kay😂😂😂 #OdellStays

  • Rob Vollat
    Rob Vollat 4 months ago +1

    Rosen shouldn't have played in the NFL in the 2018 season. He was 21 years old and behind the Cardinals' offensive line was set up for failure. Darnold and Rosen have the most potential from that draft class; However ESPN always like to include "super stars" in the conversation, honestly it feels like they are being paid by NFL agents to hype these players. There are wide recievers whom are on par skill wise and even more clutch, like A.J. Green in Cincinnati, but you never hear about them because they are from a team with a very small media market. I am surprised Andrew Luck even gets ESPN praise seeing as he plays for the Colts, another small media market of strictly central and northern Indiana.
    I think it's much more likely to see a trade from the Dolphins or Bengals to acquire Rosen, then they let him develop for another year behind their established QBs who both are on their way out and were chosen by the previous head coach.

  • Rob Vollat
    Rob Vollat 4 months ago

    More likely the Bengals or Dolphins trade their 2019 first round pick for them.

  • Zevnn
    Zevnn 4 months ago +1

    yeah bc that trade would happen

  • cisco.disco
    cisco.disco 4 months ago

    Bro this is not fucking happening espn gtfo outta here

  • bolbi
    bolbi 4 months ago

    People talking shit about Rosen are the same people who didn't watch one Cardinals game this year lmaoo

  • Tony Tait
    Tony Tait 4 months ago


  • supacrazy55
    supacrazy55 4 months ago

    Whoever presented this idea when they got together in the morning needs to be fired and the rest need to be smacked. Hard

  • 菜虚鲲篮球大史
    菜虚鲲篮球大史 4 months ago

    Cardinals will needs more than just a Odell Beckham. Fuck you, Odell is the best player on that team along with Saquon, why are we trading our best player for a player that doesn't even shine on a team with barley any talents? Why don't we just sell the team if we are going to do that.

  • Chsrr
    Chsrr 4 months ago


  • Micheal Darosa
    Micheal Darosa 4 months ago

    Only thing that i agreed with was when dan said "if your going to pick a guy at 12 but not 1 why does it matter"

  • Will Fabricant
    Will Fabricant 4 months ago

    This might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard my god

  • David
    David 4 months ago


  • David
    David 4 months ago


  • NJ14 Gaming
    NJ14 Gaming 4 months ago +1

    Why would either of those teams do that Rosen is better than Murray and why would the Giants trade Odell

    BRYClN XD 4 months ago

    He will be a bust

  • danny velasco
    danny velasco 4 months ago

    Eli is better than Rosen. This would be dumb

  • 10GALLEN81
    10GALLEN81 4 months ago

    This is beyond stupid. Trade for a 20 million dollar receiver with the only guy that can get him the ball.....Genius

  • Dylan Gargz
    Dylan Gargz 4 months ago

    As a Giants fan this pisses me off if we signed Odell to a big deal why would we trade our pro bowl 1st reciever for a qb who had an awful season wtf is this

  • ldodson99
    ldodson99 4 months ago

    Rosen trash

  • Seth
    Seth 4 months ago

    I could see the cards trading a 3rd and Rosen for Shepard and a first if the giants had a late rounder. But I really find it hard to believe the giants would be willing to give up OBJ for a QB that hasn’t proven anything when they can draft someone and keep OBJ

  • lucky Seven
    lucky Seven 4 months ago

    Heck NO!!!!!! he has the swag of a ELI MANNING!!!! sorry rosen stay your eli looking ass with the cards

  • Raphael Rau
    Raphael Rau 4 months ago

    These chumps hate NYG and they’re sitting in NYC. Dumb dumb dumb. Nuff said!

  • Raphael Rau
    Raphael Rau 4 months ago

    Lol! Morons! The Giants aren’t going trade their best player for a qb we chose NOT to draft when they could! Dave Gettleman is no fool. There’s no chance. Now Nick Foles on the other hand.....

  • Kale Amparan
    Kale Amparan 4 months ago

    I mean everything is a possibility. There's even a possibility that I'll live if I jump off the empire state building.

  • Jose Eduardo Castillo
    Jose Eduardo Castillo 4 months ago

    FUCK ODELLS BITCH ASS NOBODY WANTS HIS DIVA ASS IN ARIZONA plus murray’s smurf looking ass hell na your gonna grade a pro ready qb in rosen to a murray who runs ? that shit is stupid af !

  • Christopher Hawkins
    Christopher Hawkins 4 months ago

    New York Giants fan no

  • Philip Mouhi
    Philip Mouhi 4 months ago +5

    Next up on ESPN: Chiefs looking to trade Pat Mahomes and Tyreek Hill to the CFL in hopes of signing Johnny Manziel in a 5 year 150mil contract

  • Philip Mouhi
    Philip Mouhi 4 months ago +1

    Yes ESPN the Giants will definitely trade Odell Beckham one of the best wide receivers in the league for Josh Rosen. I mean it’s common sense. Plus the Giants are looking to release Saquon Barkley to get enough cap space in order to sign Johnny Football to a 100 million dollar contract

  • Jus Class Dior
    Jus Class Dior 4 months ago

    Giants not that crazy to trade Odell for sorry ass Rosen lol

  • snyc42
    snyc42 4 months ago

    This might be the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Like this is so stupid First Take should go off the air for a month to contemplate this headassery.

  • Tim Horvath
    Tim Horvath 4 months ago

    Dwayne Haskins must be the most overlook and disrespected QB to ever play in the Big Ten

  • TruBlue82
    TruBlue82 4 months ago

    I only clicked because this Shit sounds so stupid and I wanted to hear this Fuckery!

  • Dave Duffy
    Dave Duffy 4 months ago

    If that happen i would laugh

  • Winston Virgo
    Winston Virgo 4 months ago

    That's a stupid trade iv ever heard of Giants are not trading no13.Haskin to rescue behind Eli.

  • Jack
    Jack 4 months ago

    What a horrible take, how does this stuff make it on the air smh

  • Thomas Mulligan
    Thomas Mulligan 4 months ago

    Giants would have to pay more than 50 mil to Odell if they trade him that is so dumb

  • Jval
    Jval 4 months ago +1

    How about no

  • Jack Wagon
    Jack Wagon 4 months ago

    That would be a severely lol sided trade OBJ is a lot more valuable than an unproven QB.

  • Jack Wagon
    Jack Wagon 4 months ago

    Are You mad? Josh Rosen is not a proven player and OBJ is one of the best receives in all of football.nNO TRADE,NO TRADE !!!!!!!!