Nicole Byer's Helicopter Ride Had Too Much Love

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • 'Comedians of the World' star Nicole Byer got trapped in a helicopter with a marriage proposal.
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Comments • 316

  • Mele Metcalf
    Mele Metcalf Day ago

    Her self rightious humor is getting tired to me and she's got too narrow of an audience. She's on the same path as Monique but without the golden globe or academy award.

  • Dimes for you please

    I love this lady.

  • Tiffy -Jade
    Tiffy -Jade Month ago +2

    Did her podcast bring you here? I still love them both

  • Kandace
    Kandace Month ago +1

    here from the podcast lmaooooo

  • Andrew van Baarsen
    Andrew van Baarsen Month ago +162

    Podcast brought me here for no particular reason ;)

    • FreyjasFaceAndCo
      FreyjasFaceAndCo 17 days ago

      Maybe he was just having an off/bad day, it doesn't seam personal. He seems tired and iritable. He's not the warmest man anyway.

    • Julianna Sauber
      Julianna Sauber 29 days ago +2

      He wasn't *that* bad. But at least the audience appreciated how brilliant she is.

    • Ashley Jones
      Ashley Jones 29 days ago +3

      @Shorty2Die4, same. But then again Jimmy Fallon is a Mr. Peanutbutter type. I bet he likes everyone.

    • Rachel Sisk
      Rachel Sisk Month ago +3

      Same!!! It’s so uncomfortable watching Nicole say things that would make most people laugh while Stephen just kind of stares at her blankly.

    • Shorty2Die4
      Shorty2Die4 Month ago +3

      I honestly thought it be Fallon.

  • Ava Miller
    Ava Miller Month ago

    I can see her with her own talk show.

  • emercycrite
    emercycrite Month ago +5

    Nicole is WAY too much black girl magic for Stephen to handle lol

  • neveen :3
    neveen :3 Month ago

    Hold on. Nicole is on every late show now.. and im loving it

  • yew 2oob
    yew 2oob 2 months ago

    Why do fat chicks act like they matter?

  • Eric Kruckenberg
    Eric Kruckenberg 2 months ago

    I love big black women!!
    She's too funny

  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac 2 months ago

    Nicole Byer is always a treat to watch!

  • Hey Y'all
    Hey Y'all 2 months ago

    Nicole has to fly first class to be comfortable flying.

  • Emily Ledford-McAninch
    Emily Ledford-McAninch 3 months ago

    Holy mother fucking shit, I love that outfit, she looks amazing.

  • Rants And Faves
    Rants And Faves 3 months ago +1

    Funny & super pretty

  • Breanna Dalglish
    Breanna Dalglish 3 months ago +26

    “If you’re gonna bother me, take me somewhere” 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Athena griego
    Athena griego 3 months ago

    what happens in vegas comes back with you!

  • RainingFries
    RainingFries 3 months ago

    O M G

  • K Deloris
    K Deloris 3 months ago +4

    If you're going to bother me take me some where🤣🤣🤣

  • Miss Pipeliner
    Miss Pipeliner 3 months ago

    L O V E 🤣😁🤭🤪😂😅

  • Boo Hoo
    Boo Hoo 3 months ago

    4:23 lmaoooo!!!!

  • Beth F
    Beth F 3 months ago

    I Iiked the music Nicole walked out too. Does anybody know the name?

  • Geena L
    Geena L 4 months ago

    Las Vegas - boring

  • Monica Roark
    Monica Roark 4 months ago +7

    Nicole Byers looks so sexual in this interview

  • Nick Young
    Nick Young 4 months ago

    Ya done!

  • Emily Nolan
    Emily Nolan 4 months ago +19

    I want a girls trip themed movie with Nicole Byer and Aubrey Plaza

  • K. B.
    K. B. 5 months ago

    The audience didn’t get her humor

  • M J
    M J 6 months ago +1

    She's so Myspace 2007, I love it

  • Tory Hamilton
    Tory Hamilton 6 months ago +3

    I love this woman! She’s fabulous!

  • Jadon Carter
    Jadon Carter 7 months ago

    I love me some Nicole but clearly her stylist doesn't. She looks like she's walking on Bananas. C'mon, they could have put her in something better than that to accentuate her beauty.

    • M J
      M J 6 months ago

      She looks good.

    • Erin Grz
      Erin Grz 6 months ago +1

      Jadon Carter she looks incredible love the outfit 👌

  • Dahlia Wilde
    Dahlia Wilde 8 months ago

    God I love Nicole

  • nikki23000
    nikki23000 8 months ago +1


  • Taalneuroot
    Taalneuroot 8 months ago +2

    I was in the audience for this recording. So nice to see Stephen Colbert! It was really funny listening to Nicole.

    • M J
      M J 6 months ago

      Nice! 🌟 🌟

  • Jen Targaryen
    Jen Targaryen 8 months ago +5

    Why won't you date her?!?!

  • Queen of Moderation
    Queen of Moderation 8 months ago +7

    "HOLLY-HOOD" 😂😂

  • Yubanicks Alvarenga
    Yubanicks Alvarenga 8 months ago +1

    I can't find Stephen's claim that it costs $60/hr to live in NYC.

  • Faith Kwaku
    Faith Kwaku 8 months ago

    Why that shoe.. geez

  • christine santibanez
    christine santibanez 8 months ago +1

    Love her outfit!

  • SecondTheScene
    SecondTheScene 8 months ago +1

    Poor audience did not understand how funny she is

  • Gacha toast and potatoes Namatou ANITA

    Love you because because you're like the best

  • Lisa Tiberi
    Lisa Tiberi 9 months ago

    She is my favorite! And those shoes - yowza!

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey 9 months ago

    I adore her

  • SD
    SD 9 months ago

    This was not her audience, she got barely any laughs

  • Ali Bali
    Ali Bali 9 months ago


  • The Rayvolution
    The Rayvolution 9 months ago +13

    That audience doesn’t know what hit them.

    • JoMoe G.
      JoMoe G. 3 months ago +1

      The audience is trash

  • Persona Uno
    Persona Uno 9 months ago

    I wish they cut to the other camera at the end, she did her winning smile to that one

  • habbogigi
    habbogigi 9 months ago

    she's better on Conan, but I still love her

  • D'Afrique Rousseau
    D'Afrique Rousseau 9 months ago

    Her voice is so cute. She should voice a cartoon character!

  • Darion Wilson
    Darion Wilson 9 months ago +1

    This interview is funny af😂😩💀

  • Weirdunclebob V
    Weirdunclebob V 9 months ago

    /shudder 2nd bad guest in a row. Hope they improve, soon! /sigh

  • Georgia L
    Georgia L 9 months ago +10

    She is the BEST.

  • Desmond San Nicolas
    Desmond San Nicolas 9 months ago +6

    The only people i see in comments who don’t like her are white men. That’s so strange, almost predictable?

  • W
    W 9 months ago


  • prismatism
    prismatism 9 months ago +2

    when I grow up, I wanna be like Nicole. (even tho I'm older than her lol)

  • Section Leader
    Section Leader 9 months ago +2

    Those neon kitten heals 😂😂😂 Nicole you can do better 😂

  • Mrs. pancake
    Mrs. pancake 9 months ago +6

    Shes such a character

  • lauren138
    lauren138 9 months ago

    She is delightful

  • Damola Says
    Damola Says 9 months ago +16

    She is the extra aunty I have always wanted to be 😂 ...been watching her since Girlcode glad she is finally getting her shine

  • Alisky
    Alisky 9 months ago

    She's hilarious!

  • Maggie Doe
    Maggie Doe 9 months ago

    Stephens laugh 4:58

  • Jane Kihm
    Jane Kihm 9 months ago

    Funny, funny laugh ... and she makes me laugh!